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      -Lets fly the dragons all willy nilly. Yay!

      -Lets not send out scouts and just display ourselves for idk a possible ambush?

      -They saw the huge scorpion device that almost hit one dragon in season 7. Even a 10 yr old kid would be smart enough to think "hey maybe after all these months, days have passed... maybe, JUST MAYBE the enemies have created more of those 'scorpion' thingies, so i need to be more careful when doing my dragon rounds up above... yes? make sense!"

      -Tyrion trying to convince Cersei was laughable, like really what exactly is the point here?

      -Gendry appointed as the lord of storms end is history repeating itself when Aegon appointed Orys Baratheon his champion (wasnt it rumored that Orys was a bastard?)

      -Another Baratheon turned down by a Stark. lulz

      -There's a new prince of Dorne. Waaaw i didnt see that coming? :lol:

      -Varys was the only one making good sense and no one listens to him.

      -I love Lena Heidey's acting in this episode, that's it.

      Good god is this season sinking into rock bottom soap opera shit every episode or what. Right now, im just watching it for the sake of watching it. Hopefully the books are handled better.


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    • I enjoyed the first half far more than the second.

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      As I thought a terrible strategy has been implemented, now we're down to one dragon and two dozen unsullied.

      Seriously, why didn't anyone check with Bran what Cersei's forces are up to?
      Enough people have been creeped out by him, Tyrion even had a proper sit down with him. They should know what he's capable of. Sneak attacks should be a non-issue with him on your side.
      It'd just lead to the simple strategy of bunkering down and letting the fight come to them, while sending Arya to assassinate/replace Cersei. But good sense doesn't make for good television I guess.

      To make it worse it came about because Benioff thinks Dany would forget about the Iron Fleet. Her and her whole council apparently.

      Also feels like too many people are treating Dany too harshly, I mean she's suffered a great deal and is in the midst of a war. It'd take a toll on anyone, it shouldn't make her advisers turn on her so quickly.
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      I mean this season just isn't the same as the rest. It's not.
      Part of that is definitely because the writers of the show are not going off a book structure and all of the careful set-ups and its changing the feel of the show. It's too bad.

      I don't like that they made Brienne cry and beg for Jaime to stay that was soooo out of character, sorry.

      Unless the Starks had an off-screen discussion and have a plan in motion, I'm really disappointed in Bran's lack of anything. I get Sansa telling Tyrion about Jon, but I also don't, because look what's happening. I mean she wants this to happen but also stop making things harder like can't everyone just ughhhh

      I can understand and empathize with almost every character, but I also hate their reactions and what they're doing.

      Like I get why Sansa doesn't trust Dany but I hate that she won't try to support her or be a little less smug about certain things.
      I get Dany's absolute rage and need to press for her throne, but I hate that she's not listening to reasonable opinions.
      I get Vary's and his dedication always to the realm first - we've always known this. But I don't get his immediate eagerness to switch alliances and instant lack of trust. He's not even trying.
      At least Tyrion is attempting to stick by Dany. We can tell he has serious doubts but he's doing the right thing. She needs council more than ever now and he sees that and is trying to be there for her.

      Jon is a mess. Just walking around brooding everywhere idk now that the NK is defeated I feel like he's floundering and is chilling more as a plot device. Snoozers. But I've always been a bit -whatever- about Jon Snow COMPARATIVELY to some other characters. I liked him better seasons 5-7 but now I'm bored again. Same with Sam he's really become eugh to me this season.

      This season feels like fan service. Even with the deaths it feels like fan service. The battle and the resulting deaths definitely were. We're probably getting some version of cleganebowl. If anyone is surprised about Rhaegal dying I'm surprised at you. No way any of the three dragons are making it out alive and honestly I've been expecting them to go any second. Sad but boring. Also not surprised Missandei died either - it was bound to be her or Grey Worm in some way, some time. It sucked hard, but like... its thrones.

      And honestly if Jaime is going back to just die with Cersei that really ruins his character arc for me. And trust me I've read all matter of opinion on what they're going to do with him, from him being the valonqar to him not getting over his addiction to her and all manner in between. I get it. I just really dislike a great 4 season build-up leading to a full circle with him just trotting back to Cersei. I really do think he's better than that, and I like to believe he left Brienne that way so she wouldn't follow, as he believes he will die killing Cersei.

      Nobody in any romantic storyline has stayed happy. It doesn't happen. Look at Shea and Tyrion. Look at Arya and Gendry (lol what an idiot "you can be the lady of storms end" dude play to your audience) look at Catelyn and Ned. Look at Ygritte and Jon and even now Dany and Jon. Dany and Drogo. Grey worm and Missandei. Robb and Talisa. This show to me is -NOT- about characters getting together and romance working out I don't think it's ever been about that. Thrones isn't about happy endings and while love and romance and HUGE plot devices and make up a lot of the show, it's never intended to be the real focus. It's about relationships between people sure, and alliances, but it's always been about who, in the end, gets to rule (if anyone). The night king I thought would matter more, but unless the show gives us some craaazyyy plot twist (Bran being the new Night King theory, or something else similar) then the night king was just a secondary plot to the throne.

      I'll fully admit I let the Jaime and Brienne ship get to me because it's my favorite thing in the show (aside from Dany's arc Seasons 3-7 and Theon's redemption). Their dynamic and understanding and growth was everything and honestly they didn't even need to go full on sex-mode just knowing they're deeply in love was enough for me.

      It's fun to theorize but in the end who the hell knows where these last two episodes are going to take us. I think by the end I'm going to feel more disappointed than anything. I don't think there's much of a way to wrap this show up to make me feel satisfied. Even if my favorite characters get good endings I don't think I'll be happy? The show changed, the things that made me realllyyy love and feel obsessed with the show only come in moments, and there's no way to come back form that. I'm happy I'm still so reactive to things - my anxiety levels the last month have been insane and the fact that a show can give me such strong feelings for character and plot is awesome. And I'll always respect GoT for being that good at toying with our emotions. It's just getting too sloppy for me.

      Last unpopular opinion: I loved Littlefinger's death but I miss him. He was one of the most interesting characters and he honestly always left me guessing. Without him things feel less dimensional. I hated him, but he also intrigued me. I kinda wanted to see him get ahead in a twisted way? He really knew how to play the game for a long time. Plus I miss his banter with Varys.

      TL;DR - I feel like every character is way more two dimensional, I feel like this season is a ton of fan service, a lot of things aren't explained or seem kindof random, and I'll be pissed if Jaime actually goes back to be with Cersei and not kill her.

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      The problem is that the show has made certain characters’s “arcs” so obvious that if it doesn’t pay off in a particular way the fans will be annoyed that the arc got derailed. Unfortunately if every arc pays off as expected, it’ll feel vanilla and fanservicey.

      That said, everyone has their own expectations of what would make a good plot. Here’s the terrible fanfic I’d do:

      • ⁠Jon persuades Dany not to rain fire, Varys is happy, Varys says this is why we need him as king, Tyrion says this proves she listens to reason
      • ⁠Euron sails his ships down Blackwater bay to shoot at Drogon, Drogon is wounded, mahoosive battle ensues in which Euron dies, killed by Jaime
      • ⁠Golden Company comes in and turns the tide in Cersei’s favor
      • ⁠Daario and the Second Sons show up out of nowhere to save the day
      • ⁠Dothraki and Second Sons start sacking/burning King’s Landing, Dany doesn’t stop them, Varys is not impressed
      • the heroes enter the throne room, Mountain looks ready to fight to the death, Cersei smiles, tells him to stand down and surrenders specifically to Jon Snow
      • ⁠Dany wants to kill Cersei, Jon insists she must stand trial, Dany and Jon’s relationship gets strained but Jon defies her as he says Cersei’s his prisoner and he’s not killing her without a trial (like Cersei was counting on, Jon’s honor is unshakeable)
      • ⁠Cersei shows up in court, Dany asks how she pleads, Cersei gets a little speech in where she rips into everyone like DAYUM and then demands a trial by combat
      • ⁠Jaime volunteers to defend her - whatever she’s done, she’s still family and he needs to try and save her. But she names the Mountain as her champion
      • ⁠Hound volunteers to be Dany’s champion, threatens to kill anyone else who’s considering volunteering
      • ⁠Mountain dies
      • ⁠Dany sentences Cersei to be burned alive. Jaime demands to stand with her, confessing every crime he’s ever committed. He tells Cersei they’ll go out of this world the same way they came in - together
      • Cersei says “get this traitor away from me” and burns alone
      • Bran tells Jon he’s cool with Jaime, Jon says House Stark seeks no punishment for Ser Jaime
      • Dany is DONE with Jon. Shacks up with Daario
      • ⁠Varys tells Tyrion that without Jon’s good influence on her, and Daario the cutthroat feeding her ego instead, she’s definitely gonna be a tyrant now
      • ⁠Arya decides to return to Braavos. Her list has been fulfilled, that was the only thing keeping her from committing to the Faceless Men
      • ⁠Tyrion approaches the Faceless Men for an assassination. Jaqen asks who, Tyrion cagily points out that Dany is heading down a dark path, and Jon has a level head on his shoulders. ⁠Jaqen says a Lannister might always pay his debts but even he can’t afford what the FM would charge for killing a queen. Tyrion says he’s not talking about killing Daenerys
      • Jaqen gives Arya (now No One) the still-mysterious-to-the-audience job
      • Later, Daenerys discusses business with her small council (Tyrion who has returned, Varys, Qyburn, Daario). After the meeting Daenerys and Daario make out and Dany says she’ll see him later
      • ⁠Daario is chilling out when Arya appears from the shadows to kill him but due to some unforseeable stroke of bad luck it isn’t as clean or as quiet as one would hope, Dany forgot something and blunders across the murder. Grey Worm and the Queensguard kill Arya
      • Dany sees Arya was the assassin and assumes Jon and Varys are “obviously” plotting against her, orders them to be executed.
      • Jon demands trial by combat. He’ll defend himself. Daenerys names Drogon as her champion and says “dracarys”
      • ⁠Drogon breathes fire but Jon is unburnt
      • The crowd doesn’t understand what just happened. Jon announces who he really is - people are SHOOK
      • ⁠Daenerys says the fight will continue, tells Drogon to feed. Even without dragonfire, Jon is no match for Drogon
      • ⁠Jaime, one of many onlookers at the trial, starts striding purposefully towards Dany as people watch the fight.
      • Guards move to block Jaime. Jaime draws his sword and fights them. Dany and most of the crowd is too distracted to notice, as Drogon kills Jon.
      • To Jaime’s surprise Brienne uses the confusion to cleave Daenerys in two
      • The guards including ⁠Grey Worm kill Jaime and Brienne
      • Gendry is now the only person in the world with a claim to the throne, and Tyrion acclaims him as the new king
      • ⁠Seven Kingdoms split apart as Yara already negotiated independence. Sansa refuses to kneel to a non-Northerner now that Dany is no longer a threat. Vale and Riverlands declare for Sansa. Dorne was never really into being part of the Realm and declares independence. Bronn has no desire to be a king (too much of a target on your back) and declares for Gendry, so does Tyrion. Though none of the new factions are hostile to each other, “The Realm” is no more.
      • Sansa tells Tyrion she will consider a political marriage to Gendry in exchange for a list of conditions including making Winterfell the new capital. Tyrion takes the offer to Gendry. Gendry doesn’t care about the secessions; with Arya dead he doesn’t care about much anymore.
      • Grey Worm and the Unsullied were only here for Dany’s sake so they leave for Essos to protect the slaves.
      • Dothraki decide to stay in Westeros and see how it goes
      • ⁠All surviving characters watch the sun rise on a new world order
      I’m probably the only one who would like this but that’s my point: at this point everyone has a fanfic in their head about how this all should end. The show will find it impossible to satisfy everyone.

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    • Season 8, Episode 4

      Guhhh I feel like I'm back in earlier seasons again where things are just happening because they need to in order for xyz to happen in the next action sequence or sHoCkInG moment. I didn't feel like much of this was unfolding like organically or paying off earlier schemes or character moments or anything. I'm fine with the parade of endless set backs for characters I like, but a lot of this was just not even narratively satisfying to me...? Contrivance after contrivance...and as the days go by it is still just stuck in my brain driving me bonkers.

      Things I liked:
      • "Dracarys" - I like this choice for last words
      • Smiley drinking Brienne
      • Sansa's Stark pin on Theon was good
      • Daenerys feeling weird about this whole dealio at the feast
      • Jon telling Sansa and Arya his secret right after they are straight up tell him they don't trust and don't like Dany and are 1000000% #TeamStark is peak Jon
      • The bit where Varys is like "how could she not feel special she walked into fire and made dragons" was fine, but like...just that bit.
      What I didn't like/other assorted musings:
      • Legit thought they'd just like....send a messenger to Cersei lmao. Or plaster it all over the streets. Or something. We already did a dumb contrived meet in the dragon pits last season like...whatever. Remember in earlier seasons where they'd just send their cousin to do this sort of grunt work? I can set aside the lack of "logic" in appearing as they did at the gates like they did (which seems to be what everyone is moaning about online), but like...this scene was a waste pretty much...? The explicitly stated goal of showing the small folk that Cersei rejected mercy is not accomplished (or at least not shown the way they staged this...but its okay maybe they'll just tell us next episode in a clumsy scene that the small folk all heard that). You can have a dramatic end for Missandei without this specific and weird staging...idk what this was, but it was dumb.
      • Everyone still loves Lena Headey and don't get me wrong, she is great even without saying a word! But like....has she had more than 6 lines of dialogue this whole season? She used to be a POV character in the long ago times.
      • Mannnn the show did Rhaegal wrong. I get that they needed to kill another dragon so she's desperate and I get that they wanted to remind us of the ballista and show us they're more capable than ever so they wanted it to die by ballista specifically, but like....Euron comes out of nowhere and then disappears after he ruins the boats (like...he didn't just take dragonstone so they'd have no base? ugh whatever) and then we cut from that whole battle almost immediately with no beat to really be sad about the dragon for a second...we're immediately moving onto Missandei. I get that it will never be as shocking or as heart-breaking as the first dragon dying but like....not even a second to be sad? I would have preferred he bleed out from his wounds at the last fight. :/ I am a baby and I cried when Viserion got speared, this time I felt NOTHING. What??? Dragons mean nothing.
      • Ghost gets the shaft. I get that part of this is book bias, as the direwolves are way more involved and integral to the story in the books than in the show but like....Jon just straight up leaves him...? I can deal with him sending him north to be free or whatever and I get that they wanted to get the Wildlings outta here, but like...Jon couldn't dispense a quick, respectful pat or shoot a wistful glance his way? Whatever. This is garbage.
      • I still don't understand Sansa. Like...I get why she is now doing what she is doing, but all the stuff leading up to this before his lineage is revealed is just....what is this?? I don't understand quite what is motivating her or why she is acting out in these particular ways still...? I don't need much just like, eugh...a line here or there please. Its not like Cersei, if left on the throne, was gonna leave the North alone forever...does Sansa think they can drive her off...? What the fuck.
      • Also I wanted to like Sansa and the Hound's little reunion because I actually kinda like their weird not-quite-friendship?, but like ehhh. I don't think I'm as mad about it as some people are, but it was just not deftly done imo and didn't even need to be there ultimately. If they were gonna explore why Sansa needs to believe this to be at peace with what happened to her like.....I think we need more time than this.
      • I was mostly neutral on the Jaime/Brienne thing, I'm cool with them hooking up or just being respectful knight bffs, but like....everything leading up to them doin it was weird to me? I don't feel like this late-stage Tyrion would say that in his game but okay whatever I can deal, call back to the last time they played this game and a girl got mad....Jaime's whole approach was weird to me....I wish they had built some real tension like they had in previous seasons and then cut right through it with the kiss, this scene just didn't work for me personally....and then we get no time with them at all, like not that I need the sex lmao but we get no talky bits, nothing....and then just sobbing mess Brienne which I am torn on tbh...I have no doubt she would be devastated (his speech to her is pretty weird tho), but I think she would have acted differently leading up to the bawling at the very least. Like, I actually am fine with Jaime leaving her and I guess even being "mean" when he does (presumably to keep her from following?), but the whole thing was kind of a mess. Just disappointed...especially since I was impressed with how well they handled the knighting scene! That was my everything. This was just...eugh. Pretending this straight up didn't happen.
      • Are D&D just sUbVeRtInG eXpEcTaTiOnS with Jaime? Are they playing it straight like he's going down there to love Cersei again only to have him kill her like fans want....or are they actually just flushing literally his entire arc down the toilet on a whim to ruin reddit's desires...? Both options are dumb.
      • Only half the Dothraki were killed? Really?? Oookay.
      • Euron is not even a person. He is literally the pen writing the story in the hand of the writers at this point. He breaks the illusion.
      • Is this the 50th or 60th time all of Dany's ships have been destroyed?
      • Bronn shouldn't be in this show anymore, but whatever.
      • I know Bran is a problem but like...does he/will he do anything?? (Answer: nah)
      • Sam gone for good????????? uhhhhhh
      • Is winter over?
      • DANY IS CRAZY LOOK AT ALL OF HER CRUELTY oh wait what has she done lately that was crazy? Nothing? Okay. Like I get that she burned the Tarly's, but that was way less "evil" than crucifying the masters. Also.....what happened to all those troops that bent the knee? >_> ANYWAY IT DOESN'T MATTER IF CERSEI BLEW UP THE SEPT, DANY IS CRAZY WE MUST DEPOSE HER
      • Just get married this is dumb
      • Marriage is a political tool, they've already established this in the goddamn plot
      • Propose marriage and free me from my suffering
      • I don't even see your chemistry but just get married
      • .......has Dany still not been told about the whole Jon resurrection thing?
      Like...I really do sympathize with D&D, this is a weird spot to be in! They seem over it, they have to end it, they don't have the source material to adapt, there are 10million different competing expectations among everyone.........but like, this episode straight felt as stupid as some of the worst Walking Dead, what @Lady Sunshine said really resonates with me:

      Lady Sunshine wrote:

      I don't think there's much of a way to wrap this show up to make me feel satisfied. Even if my favorite characters get good endings I don't think I'll be happy? The show changed, the things that made me realllyyy love and feel obsessed with the show only come in moments...

      ...This show has been and has proven it can be better than this. :( I don't mind a downer ending, I don't mind some characters doing dumb things for reasons that make sense to them, I don't mind things playing out in ways I don't want them to....but this feels sloppy and dumb. I could definitely hate the outcomes of what happens and it could still be narratively satisfying.

      And the fact that there's only 2 episodes left makes me both sad and relieved...and its weird to feel like that.

      Ah well.
    • Well that was...a lot.

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      I've always sort of suspected it would come down to this. Dany's whole arc, as aimless as it seemed at times, particularly in the early seasons, has always been about preparing her for the Targaryan Test - would she be like her father or would she be the breaker of chains and liberator of the oppressed? All of the difficult choices she faced in her journey to and while in Westeros gave evidence both ways, going all the way back to when she chained Mirri Maz Duur to Drogo's funeral pyre so she would burn with him.

      The difference between then and now is even when Dany indulged in her more Aegon-like tendencies, she was surrounded by advisors who believed in her, who loved her. Jorah, Barristan, Missandei, even Daario. While they did not make decisions for her, their presence and counsel constantly reminded her what kind of ruler she wanted to be, and helped her define herself as the Mhysa to the cities she conquered.

      That's been stripped away ever since she moved to Westeros, and while Jon may have been able to fill that role, his true identity and inability to keep his stupid mouth shut pushed us closer and closer to this moment. In way, in feels inevitable.

      But woof, it was a lot. It makes sense, I can understand it...but it's a bit disappointing that this whole episode was about the culmination of challenges and trials faced being put to the test, and that test being failed. It's possible the finale could pull some sort of switch on us, reversal of what is set-up here. I'm not hopeful, though.

      Let's talk about Cleganebowl, which basically a smaller version of the same issue. But fueled by an internet meme, so kinda worse in a lot of ways.

      Sandor Clegane's desire for revenge against his older brother has been a throughline for his character from early on in the show, but moreso in the background. The Hound's journey evolved beyond that pretty quickly, pairing him first with Sansa, then with Arya as a way of starting to temper his harsher instincts, as well as harden both of their softer ones (mostly for Arya). He desire to kill his brother was there, but it was just a part of his overall personality and character arc.

      By the time he's nursed back to health following his bout with Brienne and hanging out with Ian McShane, it feels like his arc had moved well beyond a single-minded desire for revenge. When he digs a grave in frozen ground for a pair of peasants he previously left to die, we knew that while the bark and bite may have still be as nasty as ever, this wasn't the same Hound of the early seasons. So when The Hound and Arya left Winterfell last week, I hoped against hope that the reunited pair would take everything they had both learned on their respective journeys since their previous parting, and pay it off in a satisfying way. IE not Cleganebowl.

      To their credit, they almost got it. The Hound convincing Arya that personal revenge against Cersei isn't worth dying for was great. But when he asks if she really wants to end up like felt like he was asking her if she wanted to end up like him from season 2. Not the Hound we've seen for the past few seasons. The one who fought for her and almost died for it, bastard though he was leading up to that point. The one who would have realized the same thing about his desire to kill his zombie brother.

      But instead he fails that test, same way Dany failed hers. And while it's certainly not satisfying (and difficult to watch the Dany we've watched grow up and grow into herself turn into something so monstrous), it also feels less interesting and ultimately a pretty cynical way to end the show (barring some sort of brilliant reversal next week, but I'm not hopeful).

      Because, like Varys said, when a Targaryan is born the gods toss a coin, and he wasn't sure where Dany's coin had landed yet. Now it seems we know, and to an extent it does feel like a toss of a coin. That despite everything Dany has gone through, the counsel she's still came down to a 50/50 chance that she'd pick fear over love.
    • I enjoyed the episode, but the "rushed" feeling is definitely there.

      Highlights for me

      Display Spoiler

      I love how terrifying they made the Mountain to the point that he's a medieval fantasy Terminator that had to be dropped in the lava to die (Fire in this case). They gave Hound his "technical" win by out skilling him with a sword, but what do you do when Zombie rules don't work? lol

      Qybern's death...then Cersie casually walking away was lulzy.

      Getting some acting from Lena Headley was nice. I hate she didn't have more lines this season.

      Jon Snow's, Tyrion's, and Davos' reactions to Dany flipping cray cray.

      Vary's death is justified. Glad to see he turned out to be a consistent character in being for the people.

      Some of the throwback's to earlier season's. Pretty sure the House of the Undying vision had the throne covered in snow, but they'll probably spin it as an ash vision next episode.

      Greyworm was really enjoyable. He sold that satisfaction in seeing Dany unleash hell. Almost thought we'd get a Jon Snow and Greyworm fight for a second. He definitely eye'ed Jon trying to pull back soldiers.

      Tyrion-Jamie moment when Jamie is captured.

      The lighting

      There's other things as well, but keeping it short

      Display Spoiler

      I really wish there were more episodes to transition these arcs to their resolutions in a better way.

      The way Jaime and Cersie died seemed a bit rush. I wish there was more to it than just a few lines then buildings being blown up and the tunnels collapsing.

      Drawn out Arya slow-mo moments. I enjoyed her roaming the streets during Dany airstrikes, but there were times it seems the slow mo was being milked.

      Wish we could've had a Davos actually speaking to Jon moment. I felt like he would be one to snap Jon out of his shocked state.

      Despite the rushed aspects, I'm looking forward to the last episode. Hopefully, they bring back some prophetic tid bits for fun and don't just close to be closing.
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      I'm unsatisfied, and I'm not sure it's because my own hopes and expectations were dashed, or because this season feels so different from previous seasons and the storyline is rushed. Maybe a combination? I wasn't -surprised- by much honestly, just disappointed. Honestly kind of fine with Dany burning everything in my own twisted way. Fuck it. Also turns out the spoilers online for the season have all been true, and I'm a dumbass and read them last week, so if they're true for the finale.. bleh.

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      The visuals were so spectacular but... it was too much of a roller coaster ride of emotions for me.

      First off, I'm actually still in shock Dany straight up burned the peasants of King's Landing. She was doing well getting all the soldiers, but then she turned on the populace, and my mouth was gaped open the entire rest of the episode. To me, it felt like such a break in character. To me, Dany had always fought for the little guy, hence why she had obtained the title "breaker of chains". Of all the people she had to execute, they were people who had wronged her personally, or were about to. This woman went from basking in the love of her people who called her "Mhysa" to a conquerer who could care less if a soul had a name even. Danaerys went after King's Landing as if the peasants had wronged her more personally than Queen Cersei did.

      I understand why Arya and the Hound were there, but with Dany's shift in character, their motivation for being at King's Landing have been very diminished, and it feels as if the only reason why they were there was just so that Clegane bowl could happen (which was underwhelming. Brienne put up a better fight) and that Arya could develop a personal vendetta against Dany. Also, where did that horse at the end just come from? I hate convenience.

      I'm also kind of shocked that the battle went so quickly. A handful of Euron's ships could take down Rhaegal and scare off Drogon, but all of Euron's Iron Fleet and all those scorpions couldn't handle one Drogon.
    • Season 8, Episode 5
      Episode 4 somehow became even more stupid in retrospect lmao.

      I liked this episode better, but I don't think they were successful in building any of these conclusions (except Jon lol). It's really too bad they were so utterly done with this show...should have been 10 episode seasons (and should have been more than 8 total) to give stuff time to breath and give us some perspective on the interior lives of these people as previous season have.

      If Jaime's story is one of failed redemption, I'm fine with that! It's not the ending I wanted for him, but its thematically fine and I can see it happening...but I do not get the sense of like WHY he went full Season 1 in a snap. Less than a full second of screen time of him staring into a fire post-sex does not convey this lmao. I don't think this was earned at all. Show me some inner turmoil or something at least? Like...I don't even understand what triggered him going to KL. Cersei hiring someone to kill him? Sansa telling him Cersei is fucked ? Like...duh...? You knew that when you saw DRAGONS in action...? Does he really think Cersei can win and he can go back to her and live happily...? And I'm fine with him being stupid but like...what even.

      If Daenerys' story is one of someone giving into her dark impulses or finding a way to sit the throne despite her weaker claim or OMG SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY, I just don't think the 2 seasons leading up to this have really conveyed that she would do this quite as it played out. I honestly thought when she looked at the Red Keep she was just going to fly there and burn it down, hostage civilians be damned and that would be our uncomfortable moment where she embraces ruthlessness and fear because goddammit she has waited long enough! or some shit. This was just kind of stupid? And we get absolutely 0 idea of how she feels/what she is thinking while she intentionally roasts 90% of the city for no reason. I can think of like 50 ways to get us here in just the past 2 seasons (or just THIS ONE) that would have been more satisfying than this, but it doesn't matter. She's an inhuman monster now, fine. Whatever. Just end this show please.

      Tyrion walking through the dead soldiers at the gate can fuck right the hell off. This character isn't a literal baby, he knew WAR would kill SOLDIERS...if he's horrified by the manner of death, then man oh man has he really come around since he intentionally killed a whole navy with wild fire! His scene with Jaime was fine.

      Gratuitous Euron fight scene is the most boring thing I have ever watched play out. Big whatever @ Cleganes as well.

      I say episode 4 is now worse, but like seriously: imagine watching these things back-to-back! over the course of like, maybe 40 minutes the Ballistas go from god-mode, 3 perfectly accurate consecutive shots, fired at a moving target from moving BOATS to....completely ineffectual, slow as fuck, can't aim from LAND, etc. lmao

      Ready to get this over with.
      Bring on episode 6.

    • Its like they hired Blizzard's writers. Danny is Sylvanas, Jon is Saurfang, and Tyrion is Baine. The season up to now was bad, but not so bad it couldn't make a stumbling landing on its feet.

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      There's no coming back from this. I'm not upset at Danny's heel turn, I'm upset that they didn't have an actual provocation for it. Like, have the citizens screaming how she's a targaryen witch that needs to die or something. Have her try anything to feel like part of Westeros and fail and feel alienated because of that. As it is she tries nothing, shows up, tells literally everyone "Work for me or burn to death" and brings absolutely nothing to the table. She's fucking useless. She doesn't have a moment where she realizes how fucking pointless her takeover is. Her "Everyone has betrayed me" attitude is fucking retarded too. Jon telling his family was stupid but understandable. Danny refused to even think about why Varys lost faith in her.
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      Dany burning KL was provoked, but not by Cersei and not by the people. It was provoked by Sansa and Varys.

      Earlier in the episode she said that Cersei was using the people of KL as human shields because she had misinterpreted Dany’s desire to liberate people as weakness. Dany was desperately afraid of appearing weak: Dany had one dragon left and people conspiring to poison her. Nobody was left in Westeros who was loyal to her, and it seemed like people were lining up to take her down.

      Burning KL wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. When Jon doesn’t kiss her back and she says “let it be fear then”, she had already decided. She’s doing it to frighten all the schemers like Sansa into line: the message is “Daenerys Stormborn is not a pushover and when she gives you the chance to bend the knee, you do it or you burn, no last-minute takesy-backsies”.

      When she and Drogon are sitting on that wall and the bells start ringing, that face she makes is not her going crazy, it’s her being horrified that what she has already strategically decided to do has gone from “morally questionable” to “outright murder” and desperately psyching herself up to do it anyway. From her perspective, this is the only way to stop people from conspiring against her. Is she wrong? Absolutely. But she’s not crazy. Her decision to burn King’s Landing is less Aerys and more Tywin: less insane, more ruthless.

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    • @ibLeo

      I totally get that interpretation, but I think you need more time and better writing to sell that. The schemers especially needed more time and better writing, I've been bitching about how they've been doing Sansa wrong this whole season, it feels under-supported and lacks the subtlety and smarts she's presumably picked feels cartoonish. Daenerys needed more time leading up to it. You're making comparisons of her actions to past characters but like...we're not getting actual characters in the show reacting to her in proportion to any of that...Tyrion is horrified before anything morally questionable even happens! They're all working to depose her before Cersei is even off the throne ffs...something the show (in order to keep stakes???) has gone out of its way to SAY again and again is not inevitable. Characters just keep saying she's x, y, and z and its just not reading like that in all the recent episodes leading up to this...the inclusion of that Targaryen coin-flip line as a call-back/shorthand is also bad in this context.

      This could have been good, but it just did not work for me. Maybe they'll pull it off next episode to make me buy it in retrospect, but I doubt it. :\

      If this is GRRM's plan, I am eager to see him finish it...I trust he'll bother to do all the leg work to get there.

      EDIT: Even Varys feels under-supported. He had an encounter with Melisandre last season where she could have planted a cryptic seed in his brain and they didn't even do that. -_-

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