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    Okay, speak to me people!!! (ALttP's difficulty)
    • Okay, so I've played every 3D home-console Zelda and Mario. I'm on a mission to include the ones on the SNES as well. I've alredy finished SMW and SMW2: YI (pirated GBA version my friend lent me).

      I recently ordered the GBA version of ALttP off of this local auction site (not pirated this time, I promise :-)). I didn't want to get the original because I don't have a SNES (wish I had, retro games were truly epic, unlike today's pseudo-epic). I didn't want to get the VC version because I only have a GC controller for VC games, and having to always use the D-pad on that thing would be somewhat uncomfortable. Also, I read that the GBA version does some things better than the SNES version.

      I pride myself on how good I am at Zelda puzzles (I quite enjoyed OoT's Water Temple :P and MM's Great Bay Temple, haven't played through Stone Tower though). However, the gameplay of the retro Zelda and Mario games is, from what I've seen, extremely reflex-based. I died lotsa times on Mario World (but I still killed Bowser), and the number of times
      I died on SMB3 prompted me to quit halfway through world 4 (I probably could have gone on, but I just didn't have the willpower to put myself through that frustration).

      What I want to know is, how hard is the game in relation to OoT, MM, WW and TP? I'm thinking it's harder.

      How hard is ALttP compared to SMW and SMB3? Because I quit halfway through the latter and barely finished the former.

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    • I can't really say how challenging it is compared to SMW and SMB3, since I haven't played those games in a long time.

      However, in relation to those other console Zeldas, I can tell you that I found A Link to the Past much more challenging. This is due to the fact that enemies take away a lot of Link's hearts with each hit, whereas the other Zelda games were more forgiving in this area. One slip up, and you can easily lose half of your hearts within seconds.

      It does become easier as you become more skilful at dodging enemy attacks, however. The boomerang also helps. It's not frustratingly difficult to the extent that it becomes unenjoyable, by any means, but it is certainly the most challenging Zelda game that I've ever completed.

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    • Oh, not at all!

      I think it's actually good that it's more challenging than those other Zelda games you mentioned, because it forces you to improve your skill level drastically, without sapping away the fun of the gameplay by being impossibly hard.

      As a matter of fact, when I played through the game a second time, I didn't die nearly as many times as I did on my first playthrough.
    • Why not try the VC version anyway? I find it very comfortable to play 2D Zelda games with the GameCube control stick. Keep in mind that the controller does have little "jacks" for each direction as well as the diagonals for easier control. The Wii Remote's D-pad, just like the NES D-pad, makes my fingers hurt. The Classic Controller is not that bad due to its larger D-pad but I still find the stick to be more comfortable :)

      As for difficulty; I find ALttP to be incredibly easy, but then again, I played the NES games first so I might've had an advantage there. In general, I'd say it's about as hard or easy as OoT. There's plenty of heart pieces, fairie springs where you can fish some fairies and potions are plentiful. With a total of four bottles in the game, the dungeons are pretty easy. It's easy compared to SMB3 (The original NES version, not SNES) but it's about the same level of SMW.

      Apart from adding WW Link's voice and generally better text, I don't see why people find the GBA version to be superior. The screen is smaller, which means more scrolling in each zone (visibility suffers) and you use the R-button to pick up stuff, which makes no sense IMHO. I do prefer the console Zeldas way of picking up stuff with the A button, but that's just me.

      Good luck.

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    • ALttP is easy. I completed it while still in primary school (Irish version of elementary school). It's the NES Zeldas that are ridiculously hard.

      You'll die a few times in ALttP, sure - but not to any great degree. Aside from bosses, I doubt you'll die in the same place twice. The puzzles are where the challenge comes from.

      In conclusion: it's not hard at all, quite fun, and the puzzles are challenging. If uou compare it to games like Ninja Gaiden for the NES (hardest game ever made, IMO), then you could even say that it's ridiculously easy.
    • For me, personally, ALttP is the most difficult Zelda title ever (except maybe for the original, but that one was more confusing than difficult because there was no guided gameplay). The puzzles are tricky, the game is quite fast-paced (as most of the 2D titles were), and the dungeons are huge and some even maze-like. What probably makes ALttP so difficult for me is how fast-paced it is. I'm not used to playing those kinds of games where enemies across the screen are upon you in about a second and a half. While you're already busy fighting off other enemies. Another reason this game is so difficult may be that, unlike in almost every game since OoT, there is no partner character giving you hints every 5 seconds. Yes, Sahaslarah does give you hints occasionally, but they are usually riddle-like and, I mean, how many times do you hear from him at all anyway? Like 15? Compare that to Navi, who probably gives you at least 100 hints throughout OoT (not counting asking Navi for info by pressing up-C).

      Let's just say that, compared to the games Double A is asking for a comparison to, ALttP is much more difficult. As well as different, since all those games are 3D and in a totally different generation of gaming. I can't say anything comparing it to MM, though, since that is one of the 5 or 6 Zelda titles I haven't played at all.
    • I find the SNES Mario games way harder than ALttP. In ALttP, I was actually able to make it to the last dungeon. In SMW, I can't get past castle 6 and 100%-ing is another story entirely. Ever tried reaching the secret exit on the Cheese Bridge? Good Lord. In SMB, I can't get past world 3 unless I use the cheap shortcut in world 1-2. In SMB 3, I can't get past world 3.

      Well actually, there's one exception. Yoshi's Island I was able to beat (it's SMW2.), but it only gets hard at the last two worlds. Before hand, it's pretty easy.
    • Double A wrote:

      Whooooooaa boy.

      It looks as if I'm in for a challenge.

      People are repeatedly telling you ALttP's not that hard (and it's not).

      There's one major thing I hate about the GBA port of ALttP:

    • Double A wrote:

      Whooooooaa boy.

      It looks as if I'm in for a challenge.

      it's not that difficult. It was my first zelda game, I had no idea what it was like before. I beat it in about a year (It took me about a month on my second playthrough) and I died over 300 times (on my second play, i died about 40). The GBA version is better to get than the SNES if your a theorist, because the GBA is more canon then the SNES version.
    • It's more difficult than any of the 3D Zelda's (except maybe MM - I need to replay that again and get a good feel for it) but by no means is it stupidly hard. At no point will you die and feel as if it wasn't your own fault, and the difficulty is surprisingly gradual, starting easy and getting harder, rather than just starting easy and staying easy (i'm looking at you, TWW). The difficulty I feel comes from failing to learn enemy attack patterns and not initially being able to handle many enemies at once; the puzzles aren't ever massively hard, and in my opinion even TWW has more complex puzzles. The difficulty pretty much comes from the overwhelming upsurge of baddies you get bombarded by in the Dark World.

      ALTTP is, in my opinion, one of the purest pleasures of Zelda. It has puzzles, it has backstory and it has atmosphere, but it excels in the way enemies and bosses are designed.