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  • Haha yeah I tend to have a decent amount of free time. XD And loving Mario 64. Made a lot of progress today. Up to 60 stars. And tbh Ocarina's not even in my top 5 Zeldas. But that's for another topic. :3 Though anyways playing Mario 64 on a the classic controller pro feels a little...awkward. I don't know why, just feels like his movement are much more "loose" I wanna say.

  • So I did a 100% of Super Mario Sunshine. Didn't really give me any issues aside from locating some Blue Coins. Ended with freaking 25 or 26 lives. Nuts XD So after finishing that I started up Super Mario 64. Currently got 20 stars. Going for all 120 stars here also. I've only played for maybe an hour and a half so with being unfamiliar with the game (Well, compared to Sunshine at least) I think I'm doing alright. The trickiest parts will be the 8 red coins in the Bowser stages, but even should b…

  • PlayStation 2 hands down. Even if you're just into platformers or RPGs (especially RPGs. Dear god the PS2 had HUNDREDS). You had so many great things like Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, Final Fantasy X, .Hack, Ar Tonelico, Grand Theft Auto 3, etcetc. The list is virtually endless. Its just a beautiful library of games. Many of which are loved still to this day. I do think that was the peak of gaming's greatest moments.

  • Geeze...that Ouya project on Kickstarter is over $3M already. O.O; I'm honestly stocked to see where this'll go. And for only $100 it seems like it'd be a good sysem to pick up. :3

  • Just finished beating God of War: Chains of Olympus. It took me around a week to beat it which I guess isn't terrible. Great story, fun weapons (even if a certain one is WAY overpowered!), and good challenging battles. Albeit the final boss was sort of a letdown. I honestly had way more trouble with early monster encounters than with the final boss. The patterns are predictable, health is easy as heck to come by, and just overall the final battle just lacked any real challenge. But aside from th…

  • Started on Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded. Currently fighting Hades in Olympus Colosseum. Lost twice so far. Apparently he's weak to ice, but I don't have any ice attacks. >_> Guess I level grind a bit. Almost had him beat and I think with 2-3 more levels I'll have him down. I'm kind of sad at how short each world is, but considering its a port of a mobile game, I guess its to be expected. I'm looking forward to going back to KH: 358/2 Days after this though.

  • Probably going to go back to Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded soon and try and knock out that, BbS, and 358/2 Days before KH3D releases next month.

  • I can't stand Call of Duty or Halo. Overrated junk imho.

  • Less than 2 hours to go. *rubs hands together* WHAT DO WE GOT WHAT DO WE GOT

  • Quote from leftyrock91: “Yeah, Nintendo's is tomorrow morning. Is there anything after Nintendo's show, or is it all just floor stuff after then?” Just Nintendo tomorrow and wed. its all just floor stuff aside from that.

  • Still no Last Guardian. Fuck everything.

  • Quote from Pietro: “So now that its done Ubisoft>Sony>EA>Microsoft miright.” Pretty much, yeah.

  • That Need for Speed game actually looks fairly good. Might pick it up.

  • I think the Fable game seemed decent. But its not a shooter so they cut its screentime in half.

  • Is Spike hosting Nintendo's conference? I'm pretty sure I read they're hosting Microsoft's and Sony's but not sure about Nintendo's.

  • Just finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney last night so I'm on a gaming break until E3's done (don't want to have anything on-going during E3). Though I'm debating between these: Super Mario 64 Assassin's Creed Mutant Mudds Legend of Legaia Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Pokemon Rumble Blast

  • E3 Bet 2012

    Eliskor - - General Gaming


    How about a bet of "Will Nintendo Confirm Pandora's Tower For North America?". I know that the Wii U's going to be at the front and center of the conference to build up hype for its release later this year, but that's not going to be the ultimate death of Wii. Sort of like how the PS2 was still going very strong for 2-3 years after the launch of the PS3. So some final Wii game announcements could be a good move for Nintendo since not everyone will get a Wii on launch or even shortly after. You w…

  • All aboard the NintenHype Train: 3iys6.jpg Chugga Chuggaa (Conroy? Nah, not this time)

  • Sony Planning In Game Ads to Interrupt Gameplay - YouTube I'm not sure how many of you are subbed to AlphaOmegaSin but he puts it perfectly.

  • ITT: I want FFVII to rip-off of Xenoblade and not have its own unique identity. That's what I got out of the post. Yes, it could add stuff but you're asking for it to do everything exactly like Xenoblade which would be horrible. Mind you, I love the hell out of Xenoblade, but people love FF7 for what it is, not what it could be. If it started copying Xenoblade Chronicles that'd piss off the FF7 fans. Up the framerate, totally rebuild the graphics for HD and sell it. That's all that's needed.

  • Super Paper Mario really disappointed me. Don't get me wrong, its a good game, but growing up I loved Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD. They both blew my mind, so when I heard about Super Paper Mario, I was stoked. I even had it pre-ordered (iirc) and I beat it and sure it was good, but it just didn't have the same charm as the previous 2 titles. I'd still replay it, sure, but not over TTYD or Paper Mario 1. Which makes me glad to see they're going back to their roots with Paper Mario 3D. I gues…

  • I'm not worried about this at all. Its just Motorola throwing a temper tantrum that they're not as big as they used to be.

  • Really been pounding away at Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Embarrassingly enough, I didn't get to play it till last year when a friend loaned me it. Then I took a break till just like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I'm on the final case and on the first trial day. CONTRADICTIONS WHY CAN I NO FIND YOU?!?!?!?!?! Its really the only game I've been playing as of late. I have so much respect for Edgeworth though. He's freaking hilarious (and my friend told me he gets even better in later games :D). Just kind of s…

  • This is what would make E3 for me: Nintendo: Starfox + Metroid crossover officially announced Paper Mario 3DS title + release date (I'm personally banking on 1st or 2nd week of November) Wii U specs (well, DUH) Final Fantasy XIV (it'd show off how well Wii U can handle MMORPGs which would help for the future imo even if FFXIV is a damn joke) New Super Mario Bros. Wii U/Mii Pikmin 3 Pandora's Tower and Earth Seeker (as a proper way to say goodbye to the Wii) Kirby's 20th Anniversary Luigi's Mansi…

  • Kingdom Hearts: Roxas vs. Sora

    Eliskor - - General Gaming


    Having played all of the Kingdom Hearts games I'll have to say Sora. Those saying Sora has no character development haven't really looked too deeply into the story. He has grown tremendously over the course of the series. And KH3D really shows his growth (I'm waiting till its NA release to play it but I do know some tidbits) and (Hidden Content)

  • Not sure but I hope we hear more on Rayman Legends or whatever it'll be called. Looked pretty good from that first trailer.

  • Times posted for some E3 conferences: Monday, June 4 Microsoft - 9:30 AM Electronic Arts - 1:00 PM Ubisoft - 3:00 PM Sony - 6:00 PM Tuesday, June 5 Nintendo - 9:00 AM Those are all PST times so be sure you know what time it is for you! Source: E3 2012 - updated conference schedule | GoNintendo - What are YOU waiting for?

  • Now just for Microsoft and Sony to reveal when they're holding theirs...

  • Nomura - Square-Enix making movement next Kingdom Hearts outing, announcement soon | GoNintendo - What are YOU waiting for? KH3 might be announced soon anyways. I can't take this wait any longer...

  • Quote from Demise: “Why would they first remake that before VII? Are they ****ing stupid?” Because: A) Its just easier to remake it. They would literally have to rebuild Final Fantasy VII from ground up to make it HD. Final Fantasy X already HD worked into it from what I've heard. So its more just upscale it, throw in international version (if they're not idiots) and sell it. So would you really rather them make FF7 from ground up and you done see it for another 3-4 years and also delay again on…

  • Quote from Pinkie Pie: “So, are they just totally forgetting about Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Volume Two? Pinkie Pie's okay with that.” I doubt those are forgotten. I sure the heck hope not at least! Would suck. DDDDD:

  • Quote from Kostya: “What if it's a new game in the Chrono series? I think the twentieth anniversary is next year.” oh, Chrono I'd love it.

  • Brand New Square Enix Game To Be Revealed Monday | My Nintendo News Let's look at what's possible: Kingdom Hearts III: This one of the more unlucky titles to be announced (I'd not expect it to be announced until middle of next year at the earliest) since not all regions even have Kingdom Hearts 3D yet. Only Japan does and the KH team is busy at work with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Final Fantasy X HD: Again, unlikely since they said it'd be a brand new announcement and this was already spoken of …

  • Sony's E3 Problem

    Eliskor - - General Gaming


    ITT: I hate Sony so I'll make them out to be the only bad ones at E3! As others have said Nintendo's guilty of it also. We knew a lot of what was happening for Zelda's 25th yet they still made a huge fuss about it at the start of the conference. The only real 'shocker' they had in recent E3s was DKCR, which was more of a nostalgia trip than anything.

  • Games that should exist

    Eliskor - - General Gaming


    Quote from Totakeke: “Say it with me: ANIMAL CROSSING MMO” why does everything have to be an MMO? Pokemon, Animal Crossing, what's next? Pikmin MMO? Metroid MMO?

  • Have they revealed when each conference is? I really don't want to miss Nintendo or Sony.

  • Seeing as Fire Emblem is going to be the first big title to support DLC on a Nintendo platform I don't see any region not promoting the living **** out of it.

  • Just another money squeeze from Capcom. What's new? And I guarantee you if it does release the demo won't be free. They'll ask for $7-$10 for it. Because they're Capcom and they love to squeeze every last penny out of us they can.

  • Let's Play Recommendations

    Eliskor - - Creative Corner


    Eliskor's recommendations: Dario8676 MrWaterWraith gtjio Batman9502 Those are 4 everyone should check out. :>

  • Quote from insaney: “Speaking of rumors, I heard FFVersusXIII is also going to be a WiiU and PS3 game, hence the delay.” If you believe that then: SSB4 and KH3 come out summer of next year.