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  • Yeah, that was all I could find too, and unfortunately it has the wrong meaning for what I want :/

  • I don't suppose that anyone knows a good antonym for Apotheosis (as in "becoming divine"). My current project is dealing heavily with belief, religion, and how they affect the lives of my characters as they go on their adventure to save the world, so I'd like to have a nice opposite term to knock them down off their pedestals and remind them what it means to be human. (Honestly, I just want a pretentious chapter name )

  • I'm beginning to think seriously about running in the next election in three years. I won't be doing it to win, I live in a safe seat and as a dual citizen, I'd have to resign immediately if I did win. I'd be running as a joke candidate, like lord Buckethead in the UK or The Rhinoceros Party in Canada. I'd likely run under the banner of it being illegal for me to win and how dumb that is. I'll probably propose radical climate change policies and elevate Emus to First Class Citizens, as they dese…

  • So, I started at a new job earlier this year, and they have a web profile where employees can manage stuff like emails and bank account details and the like. I was having a poke around at all the options, and I found a page asking if I was part of any minorities or ethnic groups. The usual Australian options were there (Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, etc), but I was surprised to find that an option for LGBT+ was there as well. Now I'm wondering if I should tick it or not. As I've said here…

  • I'm trying to write a biblical-style passage for a fantasy story that explains the concept of how praying to a god to do tasks for you is futile (e.g. If you don't plant seeds, god won't make your crops grow anyway). The purpose of it is to explain to the protagonist that just because there's a chosen one out there, that doesn't mean that everything they do is the correct decision. Anyone have any suggestions that isn't just ripping off the bible?

  • I am the worst when it comes to descriptions. All my life, I've had difficulty with visualising details, facial or otherwise, and that has translated into my writing quite a lot. I get around it by giving some general details, like hair colour and obvious plot relevant features (e.g. scars), and leave the rest of the details (like skin colour) to the reader to fill in themselves. If I can get away with it, I use mental images that I can assume my readers know about to describe the characters. Fo…

  • (All these problems could be solved with some family counseling and good mental health practices, plus maybe taking a year or two away to a place where the hero is unknown so they can go unnoticed and be a child without expectations)

  • I think it's that the hero-ing lifestyle tends to not be a good fit with parenting. In star wars, Leia did a lot of political work and Han kept being Han. In Avatar, Aang's first duty was to the world, and his family would have to be pushed aside. I can't speak for Harry Potter, because I refuse to read Cursed Child as I have better things to waste my life on, but his goal in school was to become an Auror, which is dangerous work and I would imagine it would keep him away from home a lot. Added …

  • 20 (doesn't respond immediately because I'm inactive)

  • 16 I think I can be officially classed as an inactive user now :/

  • Hey, so NaNoWriMo is back on again this year, and I'm going to be taking advantage of it to write an original story I've had on the back burner for a while (not my first choice, but with my fanfic frozen in planning limbo, progress there is limited). While working today, I got into a discussion with my boss about potential massive projects that humanity could potentially undertake. We had some back and forth about the viability of one such project, and accidentally came up with a setting for a s…

  • Meanwhile, I had written around 25k words for my story over two years, and had to scrap all of it due to one bad idea. Pro-tip: Learn to recognise when your ambition outpaces your skill and when to reign ideas back a tad. Saves time.

  • Every time I think my opinion of America couldn't get lower, Trump finds a way to dig a new sub-basement. It's so frustrating being an ocean away from a lot of this. When Gay marriage came up in Australia, I did as much as I could to help. With matters like this, my ability to act is limited, and I hate it. I can't even vote against it, all I can do besides throwing even more money at the problem is provide moral support, which just doesn't feel like enough

  • 7 Return of the Obra Dinn. Turns out it releases at 3am, not 2am

  • 5 Turns out steam uses the kind of timers that actively lie to you about how long is left before a game releases. The kind that says an hour, but 'an hour' later you come back and it says 'Less than an hour' No, I'm not bitter

  • 4 It's back. Time to disappear again.

  • 2 YouTube's dead.

  • Quote from Colu: “how does someone start writing with absolutely no experience? ” As someone who failed English in pretty much every year level, spent most of my life hating the idea of writing, and only started writing because of a fear response to a realisation of my own mortality, having experience is unnecessary. The only advice I can give is to learn to recognise what parts of your writing isn't very good, and when to rewrite them to be better. Good editing can save a story.

  • Quote from BackSet-Chan: “And then there's recursive fanfiction. Fanfiction that's popular enough to spawn it's own fanfiction. ” *cough* I... um... totally didn't completely abandon my Zelda Story because I got distracted writing spin-offs of a friend's fanfic. And the fact that I have three stories in my repository that have Test Subject One in the title is just coincidental naming, I swear!

  • Anyone have any advice for writing story plans? Normally I'm rather good at having an idea of where everything is going, but I've been trying to write this fanfic for almost three years now, and thanks to the idiot that was 'Illness-Axius' entertaining a terrible idea and making it a central plot point, I have no idea what events link together and how I'm supposed to get to the end state I want anymore

  • 2 When I last visited ZU a month ago, I was struggling to figure out the plot for my story after the many plot rewrites and scraped ideas from the last three years. Nothing has changed. Carry on.

  • 1 Mine used to be bigger. So much so that Silver had to tell me off and made me shrink it

  • 8 Well, the mistake were, but not limited to: Bad writing. Bad acting. Bad filming. Bad pacing. Bad emoting. Running out of budget and time so half the scenes in the movie are missing the CGI they required. And of course, the pebble-dance SL93L.gif As it's the original creators back in charge and M night Shyamalan is nowhere in sight, I think they have a good chance.

  • 6 Avatar The Last Airbender is getting a live-action remake on Netflix. With the original creators in charge of the project. And a promise to not repeat the mistakes of the movie!

  • 1 It's nice to be posting stories again after so long, even if it's just a small distraction project while I'm working out the kinks in my larger story

  • I've been meaning to watch that video. Need to remember to do it when I'm not busy Quote from Ruki: “ Quote from Axius27: “So, as a distraction from my main writing projects, I'm writing a vampire story. I'm having trouble establishing that the main character is a vampire. I don't want to just say "she's a vampire", but if I dance around what she is I risk not making it clear beyond the fact that she self-identifies as a monster. Any advice is welcome. ” Use context clues. Maybe have a scene whe…

  • 1 Me: Hmm, the thread looked busy today. I wonder if they got anywhere... *3 minutes later* Me: DAMN IT ALL!!!

  • 1 I've only been gone a day. Why is everything burning?

  • So, as a distraction from my main writing projects, I'm writing a vampire story. I'm having trouble establishing that the main character is a vampire. I don't want to just say "she's a vampire", but if I dance around what she is I risk not making it clear beyond the fact that she self-identifies as a monster. Any advice is welcome.

  • 8 One of my characters got hit on the right side of her head and now has an injury there, and it is proving to be incredibly difficult for me to visualize. I'm just too used to having injuries land on the left side of the body, having them get hurt on the right side feels weird :/

  • Statistically speaking, going off the Same Sex marriage vote last year, a bit over half the people in my area should hate me for existing. And I'll be honest, I've heard gay as an insult more times than I care to count. But interestingly, whenever I correct them that I'm not gay, I'm asexual, it kinda deflates them. It's not a response they were expecting, and whatever list of insults and jokes at my expense they had ready to use on me suddenly don't apply anymore. I wish that I worked that out …

  • 4 I just wrote a scene where a character tells a bunch of lies disguised as half-truths (He doesn't know where it happened, because we're on a rocky ball spinning through space, so everything is always moving. That sort of thing), and for the sake of my poor memory, I marked each one with notes in the comments. However, one of my beta readers doesn't want spoilers, so now I have to juggle the notes and lies between separate docs. Why do I do this to myself?

  • Most people I mention it too seem okay with it. It's not really that unusual, I just don't want to do one part of a large variety of human interactions that makes up a society. Not everyone wants to drink beer, not everyone wants to spend the weekends partying.

  • Same. I wonder if it's worth cashing in my dual-citizenship for a Canadian passport now, or if I should hold off for plausible deniability if I ever get involved in politics.

  • I can't write from a prompt most of the time. I've never been particularly skilled with the written word, and most of my work is a battle of attrition and slow refinement of words until I have something I don't hate. Ask my brain to just "finish the sentence" or "write whatever comes to mind", and I just lock up. With that said, I do tend to respond to visual prompt better (*cough* Art and Story links *cough* *cough*), although the actual quality tends to vary :/

  • Gonna need to add another number to this song:

  • Quote from epixtar: “Sometimes I'll give important character's names meaning, but other ones just come from springhole's random generators ” Same, although sometime I blunder straight into meaning by mistake. E.g. I gave one character the fake name of Dalila, and only afterwards realised that Dalila has links to the Old Testament, and given that character's christian background and her own personal experience, Dalila fit incredibly well

  • 1 In case anyone is wondering, I made it out of the hole. Moral of the story, don't autosave in a hole with a respawning rock on the top then fall off a tower :/

  • 12 Welp, so much for my master mode run. Help. EDIT: Fast Travel. @#$%ing Fast Travel was the solution

  • Quote from Guinea: “31 Season 3 is so good, idk why so many people are hating on it. ” 39 Probably because the story of Attack on Titan is flawed in many, many ways, and it doesn't matter how well they make the show, those problems are going to keep bleeding through