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  • Do the best that you can. If you mess up, move on and do better next time. Try to leave the world and everywhere you go in it at least a little better than you found it. And really just enjoy life and do what matters to you.

  • My username was originally made by combining the names of two of my favorite Mega Man X bosses: Axle the Red from Mega Man X5 And Slash Beast from Mega Man X4 I like to think its taken on new life in the many years since though; no one even recognizes where it comes from (and the few Mega Man fans that guess it only think of Axle the Red, not Slash Beast). I've always liked the name "Axle/Axl/Axel", and I've always loved animals and…

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    Axle the Beast - - General Chit-Chat


    Bellum baby. Grand squid-daddy of Phantom Hourglass.

  • New zelda game?

    Axle the Beast - - General Zelda


    Quote from Moe: “I would however enjoy a spin off game of the Hero's Shade. I always loved the character when playing TP... ” But... we already played an entire game as the Hero's Shade.

  • I am an independent extra-dimension eyeball/tentacle terror that don't need no corporeal mortal guide.

  • Quote from A Link Between Hearts: “You sometimes hum Farore's Courage without realizing. ” Actually on that note whenever I start humming it's always Epona's Song. I don't even like Epona's song that much so it's kind of weird. Almost like there's... another reason...

  • This might be cheating since this is the same pick I would have given last week but it's honestly the only real choice: Devil May Cry is an old friend that was due for a homecoming and the DMC5 announcement was one of the best news of this E3 for me. Every time I rewatch the trailer or listen to this song it just gets me happy. Doesn't hurt that this song is genuinely sweet and extremely well in line with some of my favorite kinds of music; stylish, aggressive, a …

  • You STOP trying to obsessively cut down all of the grass/pick up all the rocks in an area.

  • Yeah, frankly they would. Not at first though. The Wind Waker's artstyle, Spirit Tracks' trains, and Breath of the Wild's voice-acting are just some of the features Zelda fans have complained about either over the years leading up to a game's announcement (BotW), or right after it (TWW/ST), but all of these features became perfectly accepted once the game actually came out. At the end of the day Zelda is an extremely varied series with enough wide-appeal titles like Ocarina of Time to make odder…

  • I'm a big boy! I don't need no adoption! D=<