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  • Podcasts You Listen To

    Galedeep - - Entertainment


    I love podcasts. I love that the barrier of entry is low so anyone can do one as a creative outlet. I love that there's a podcast for probably every subject and niche. I love that there's no standard format, no standard release schedule - some of my favourite podcasts release weekly, some only once a year. They're great. But a few months ago I found myself getting burned out on podcasts. I wasn't listening that many (relatively. More than what's been posted in this thread so far, but far less th…

  • Stranger Things Season 3: Let's Go to the Mall!

  • James Gunn has been re-hired to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Firing him was a bone-headed decision that never should have happened, but this is still surprising.

  • Quote from I)ragon: “It's as if the directors are trying their hardest to make a female that can show up the male hero's and mop the floor with Thanos all on her own, because girl power! Luckily, Endgame will be handled by the Russo brothers, and they haven't led us astray yet. ” I'd wager that nothing about Carol Danvers' power level was done without Kevin Feige's sign-off. It may or may not have anything to do with how Feige and the other MCU wardens want her story to continue in Endgame. I wo…

  • Campaign Management. So I've been running Princes of the Apocalypse (mostly on-and-off) for about two years now. And I've gone through a few attempts at steamlining my management of campaign notes that haven't really been successful. I started out trying to use Scrivener as a one-document/app shop for dumping all my notes, backgrounds, encounter sheets, etc. But since we switch up our hosting location for our game, hauling my computer around wasn't really feasible and I ditched that pretty quick…

  • I just finished I'll Be Gone in the Dark. My overall thoughts are that it's a solid showcase for a true crime writer just starting to hit her stride, and it's really sad we'll never get any more work from her. It is hampered by the fact that it was unfinished and had to be assembled from notes and half-finished chapters. It could have used more editing, but I don't second guess the instinct to try to preserve as much as Michelle's voice as possible. But it ends up not being as strong as it perha…

  • It's Wakanda FOREVER, not Wakanda FOR AWHILE. I'll change it when the mood strikes.

  • Relevant. Just kidding. Apparently he turned down a cameo in the final season cause he's busy working on the next book.

  • Winter is coming. One last time.

  • I read the second book in the Gentlemen Bastards sequence, Red Seas Under Red Skies. The first book was a political/gangster caper set in Fantasy Venice. The second book is a casino heist and rollicking pirate caper set on a Fantasy Coastline. This series is very much my shit. If you're looking for a fantasy series to get really invested in only to realize that the author hasn't released the next installment for six years and there's no sign of it being close to done, I really recommend it. Rath…

  • Quote from TheAegisofTime: “This isn't the only thing she has ever said. ” As far as I am aware those are the comments that are being pointed at by those criticizing her. Happy to look at what specifically you are objecting to, if you'd like to provide it or point me in its direction.

  • Let's just go ahead and pull the whole original quote! Quote from Vanity Fair: ““Am I saying that I hate white dudes? No, I’m not,” she said, per Deadline. “What I am saying is if you make a movie that is a love letter to a woman of color, there is an insanely low chance that a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie and review your movie.” She continued. “It really sucks that reviews matter, but reviews matter,” she said. “We are expanding to make films that reflect the people who b…

  • Why would anybody use the number of randos on the internet who click a "don't want to see it" button as a metric for their own desire to see a movie? I'm excited for it (as much as I get excited for superhero movies these days at least) because a movie that had a good story and good characters that also had something to say resulted in the best MCU movie to date, so maybe it can happen again.

  • Red Dead Redemption: 2

    Galedeep - - General Gaming


    Quote from nomen nescio: “I get the impression that RDR is a lot more focused on story than GTA. Would you say that is true? ” I'd say yes, though it operates much the same way as most Rockstar games in terms of open world with story/sidequest markers that you go to explore, and in between missions you can sort of do whatever. I'd say the key difference isn't the amount of story, necessarily, but how seriously it takes the story. GTAV was farcical (as is the entire franchise for the most part) s…

  • Red Dead Redemption: 2

    Galedeep - - General Gaming


    @Lucretia very good read and analysis! One that I agree with and played in the background of my mind when thinking about the game, but you really managed to capture and articulate it well. I'm curious about how you view the stories of Sadie and John in relation to how they placed on the spectrum of performative masculinity? To me John's story obviously has Dutch and Arthur (along with Abigail) as the Devil and Angel on his shoulder, but Sadie is an interesting case as her life is shaped by the v…

  • Time for my annual OSCAR HOT TAKES - While a of the consensus I've seen (and the five year high ratings) seem to indicate the hostless Oscars was a success, I agree with Mike Ryan's take that, while efficient, they lacked any sort of personality. The cycle of Award/Speech/BP Montage/Song Performance in various configurations kept things moving along but...the whole thing was kinda bland. Even the montages for each BP nominee felt like trailer recuts rather than actual highlight reels. - Upsets t…

  • This is what I ended up putting down on the night (more or less the same as what I put above): Best Foreign Language Film: Roma Best Live Action Short: Marguerite Best Animated Short: Bao Best Animated Feature: Into the Spider-Verse Best Documentary Short: Period. End of Sentence Best Documentary Feature: Minding the Gap Best Visual Effects: Avengers: Infinity War Best Sound Editing: First Man Best Sound Mixing: First Man Best Original Song: "Shallow" (A Star is Born) Best Original Score: Black …

  • I can't be the only one who is hoping for a viral video of Cody yelling at earnest schoolchildren tho.

  • Watched through all of Russian Doll this week, the Groundhog Day-esque series from Amy Poehler and star Natasha Lyonne (Nicky on OitNB). Pretty good series. Natasha's performance is the highlight, but the concept is fun and goes to interesting places thematically and the music is pretty aces as well.

  • Mostly what I'm pretty confident will win. The only category where the winner is someone I would vehemently disagree with is Rami for lead actor.

  • My ballot is probably going to look something like this: (Hidden Content) I thought this year was going to be a hot mess with the combination of no host, categories being cut from the live show, and only having two of the five song nominations being performed, but they gone and folded like a bad poker hand so now it's just no host. So instead of being a trainwreck it'll probably just be a boring year again.

  • It's been fun to read along through your film journey! Hope you continue to share if you tackle another list down the line. A friend of mine was using the AFI list to fill some holes in her pop culture repository and we realized that AFI sort of missed their chance to update their list again last year like it seems like they should have. Only having one movie from the 2000s onward on it is kinda bonkers. I was thinking of taking on a list that takes critic and audience data as a metric like this…

  • Quote from Pietro: “Fox news has banned an ad for one of the Oscar nominated short film which made up mostly of footage of the Nazi rally which took place almost exactly 80 years ago in Madison Square Garden, which about 20,000 Americans attended. ” For anyone interested, you can watch the 7 minute documentary for free on YouTube.

  • ...Ok, Danny Boyle. If you say so.

  • Libraries are great! Some of them even have video games and video game consoles you can rent. Music, movie, TV series...and a lot of libraries give you access to online services that let you stream movies/tv shows/music and comics and magazines. Love the library.

  • Former Canadian Prime Minister "extols 'populist conservatism'" in video for PragerU The Right Honourable Jackass Stephen Harper, everyone.

  • The other side of this conversation has been banned, but I'm still going to respond to his points because with the latest post it's looking incredibly likely this conversation was begun in bad faith. First, note that the topic is shifted from the argument that the film industry does not allow for women to direct films or promote films by women that may be contenders in awards season to how many female directors there are in general. So the initial point I was making was likely not the intended f…

  • Broadly, the same institutionalized sexism that holds women back in many industries. Specifically for the film industry, that sexism manifests as studios either a) not attaching female directors to prestige projects that would receive a push come awards season and/or b) not financing female directors who bring their own potential prestige films to the table so they can't get their films made in the first place. Combine that with most studios moving toward making fewer but bigger budget "tentpole…

  • My point (not well articulated I'll admit, I tend to write these bullet takes in relative shorthand) was more that there's an overall lack of female directors being enabled to work on films that receive nominations, not necessarily that there were any specifically overlooked. There's not much of a point criticizing the Academy for being a beast created by the imbalances of the film industry. The complaint lies with the industry itself. But, for specific instances of female directors that maybe c…

  • Best Picture nomination, I mean. Superhero movies have been nominated in other categoriesm(VFX, Sound Mixing/Editing, etc) - Heath Ledger's posthumous win for Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight is probably the most notable.

  • Oscar Nominations are out! (Hidden Content) Takes and Takeaways: - No female directors again, huh? - But surprisingly LGBTQ+ inclusive in nominees and subjects, so there's that. - This is about as predictable as last year in terms of Best Picture nominees. I guess there's some news with Black Panther being the first superhero movie to get a nomination. Won't win, but hey. - No Sorry to Bother You, Eight Grade or Blindspotting in the screenplay categories feels like a snub. - Shocked Won't You Be…

  • 2018 Albums

    Galedeep - - Entertainment


    Hey @Michael long time no see! Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy were on my radar this year but I never got around to checking them out. I'll try to get to them in the early part of this year before new releases start flowing in.

  • Could be worse. Could look like this high schooler who is definitely not at least 25 years old: main-qimg-90f4632b55e4cd0ad155cb4474926fb0

  • I dunno if it's just cause I used to read a lot of comic books, but the fact that Spider-man is back after Infinity War is no surprise? Beyond the fact that this movie was announced before IW even came out? Like, the MCU has always taken a lot of narrative/structural inspiration from comics, particularly when it comes to the more crossover-y installments; heroes dying and then coming back is pretty much par for the course. Trailer looks like pretty standard MCU fun. I liked Homecoming and this i…

  • Red Dead Redemption: 2

    Galedeep - - General Gaming


    Finished the "main" part of the game (ie up to the end of chapter 6). Likely taking at least a few days off before getting into the epilogue. Arthur Morgan's story is amazing. I'm processing and writing a bit to work through my experience with him, but wow.

  • it's here, just a bit further down the page: DC Cinematic Universe

  • Quote from Galedeep: “Ugh I gotta watch Roma. ” I did this and now I can't stop thinking about it. Such a beautiful film. Everyone should watch Roma.

  • Quote from Lady Sunshine: “Mossflower ” Nice. Since the last time I updated here, I finished The Lies of Locke Lamora which got really good about halfway through and I ended up enjoying quite a bit by the end. I've got the second book in the series on audio lined up for sometime this year. I've more or less committed to audiobooks as my primary form of "reading" since sitting down and actually reading is something I only have time for when on vacation. So I've got a bunch from the library lined …

  • Y'all ready for some hot spicy Golden Globes Takes?? The Show - Considering that Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg had maybe four weeks to prep, they did a pretty good job of hosting. Not as memorable as Ricky Gervais or funny as Tina and Amy, but they did a good job with what they had. - Perhaps the worst directed Golden Globes I can remember? So many cutaway shots left hanging with empty seats or subjects obscured, or having to cut to a co-star/actor when a winner was talking about a director or spou…

  • Arry Potta

    Galedeep - - Entertainment