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  • Don't really have a lot of time at the moment to do a full-fledged review, so I'll just say I enjoyed it very much (8/10) and talk about a couple of things that I loved about the movie (warning, mild spoilers within): (Hidden Content)

  • I've been playing Wargroove, and loving it to bits. Getting so mad at myself when I fail to think ahead and make tactical errors. Feeling so good when I complete a mission in the campaign and get three stars.

  • Mod note: This thread is about THQ Nordic hosting an AMA on 8chan, not about the credibility (or lack thereof) or history of someone who commented on the issue. Talk about what they said on the THQ issue, or don't bring them up at all.

  • It's funny how conservatives suddenly started caring VERY VERY MUCH when Brie Larson made some comments that they deemed to be "too political", and that was all they needed to start "boycotting" Captain Marvel. Chris Evans has been tearing Trump and Republicans to absolute shreds on Twitter for years now. Mark Ruffalo has been politically active for years now. But somehow, a boycott of Avengers Infity War last year - or even Avengers Endgame th…

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is easily my top pick.

  • RE: discussion on business and profits Well, the drive to always increase profits is the exact mentality that fuels the efforts of companies like EA and Activision Blizzard to constantly chase growth, even if it is to the detriment of their games and their employees.

  • Never been particularly impressed by people who get so bent out of shape by something that they start doing "activism" in the form of loud and obnoxious boycotts. I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel in a week's time. I'm no comic expert, but I do know about the Skrulls somewhat and it'll be cool to finally see them in the MCU. I'll have to do some reading into the Kree though.

  • Just got fooled into thinking a Pokémon Direct was gonna happen tomorrow. I blame my flu-ridden body making me slow to read timestamps on tweets. Anyway, the Pokémon channel on Youtube has been showcasing the individual regions every day for a few days now, starting with Kanto and then going through the lot. Tomorrow will be Alola's turn. We'll see if it leads to anything.

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate Celeste

  • Quote from GregariousTree: “So, I think we're gonna get a PS4 soon. I've got quite a list of games I want for it, but I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for must-have games? Here's what on our list: Red Dead II Horizon Zero Dawn Spiderman Bloodborne God of War Last of Us What do you guys recommend? ” From this list, I'd probably add Uncharted 4 (and the Uncharted collection of the first three games if you haven't played them).

  • Can't really say his reign of terror has just begun when terror has been reigning for a while now.

  • Mod note: I've gone through the past few posts and removed some parts that pertained to the use of the term "trap", which is a slur word and will be treated as such in line with other slurs that one would expect to not be acceptable around these forums. Personal feelings will have no bearing on the matter. I'm leaving the rest of the posts up because I think important points have been made in this discussion, and I'd prefer to let them remain up for people to read and consider. I expect this to …

  • Monster Hunter World Pokémon Let's Go Mario Tennis Aces Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Assassin's Creed Odyssey Red Dead Redemption 2 God of War Spider-Man Celeste Octopath Traveler Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    One triumph of Radiant Dawn's story in particular is that the shifting viewpoints make for a better understanding of what the state of the world is like during the game. Who knows how more interesting Fates would have been, for instance, if instead of playing three different versions of a story where you only follow Corrin, you do away with the player avatar and the three storylines and just focus on one story that has you see the war from the viewpoints of both Nohr and Hoshido.

  • I started playing the first Kingdom Hearts. I think I hate this game. Decided to go watch a summary of the story instead.

  • Friend Code: 2045-1407-3915 Switch ID: TomOlav Timezone: GMT +1 Match preference: N/A

  • You're equating being negative towards Trump with being left-leaning. This ignores the not insignificant number of critics that Trump has that would consider themselves on the right. And this is the crux of the issue. If you determine that someone is on the left solely by whether or not they oppose right-wing talking points and politicians, you're gonna get nowhere. Let me demonstrate; Several right-wing people are homophobic - if you're against homophobia, does that mean you're left-wing? Not n…

  • The ironic thing here is that, by electing to just stare down Nathan Phillips with what can only be described as a taunting smirk, the kid in question made it pretty much impossible to interpret his actions as anything other than downright disrespectful. Actions speak louder than words, after all, and in a video where lots of people are shouting and chanting at once, it can be really difficult to determine what's being said (nevermind who's saying it). But placing yourself right in front of some…

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    I moved the posts related to Octopath Traveler to the appropriate thread.

  • Quote from MVS: “Skull kid acted like a wimp because he was a wimp. It would be one thing if Skull kid was a compelling villain to begin with (like Zant or Ghirahim), but he wasn't. Just an annoying imp. ” The Skull Kid is easily as compelling of a villain as either of those two, given how he enters the story and how he remains relevant throughout. He may start off as an annoying imp, but the whole point of Majora's Mask's intro and the building menace of Skull Kid and his mask is that he's beco…

  • Hello ZU. Adding to the recent trend of threads that complain about certain story aspects in Zelda games, I'm here to talk to you about something that grieves me about Majora's Mask. I touched upon this briefly in a separate discussion elsewhere on the forum, and it got me into thinking about what my problem actually was and how I should best articulate it. So here goes. --------- For those who either haven't played the game (what are you doing here) or haven't played it in a long while, let me …

  • It's 2:50 AM right now and I can't fuggin' sleep. I'm gonna start a new replay of Breath of the Wild.

  • My favorite game of 2018 is undoubtedly Smash Bros. I mean, come on. It's Smash Bros. But there's been a fair share of other games this year. I'll talk about them briefly, as I really can't be bothered getting into long dissertations on each one. Anyway, here we go! - Octopath Traveler: I really enjoyed this one. Put lots of hours into it and had a great time playing. The individual stories were of varying quality but all on the good side, with some being merely pretty good and others being real…

  • Putting this in spoilers, cuz there's a lot; (Hidden Content)

  • You're making assumptions based solely on precedent. "The one time they've used this tactic" is not really an argument against reincarnation, because it being done in that manner once is no guarantee that it will be done in the exact same manner again. If you'd been applying this logic back in the early 2000s, you would never have seen Wind Waker's Ganondorf coming. You would have expected the developers to do the exact same thing they did in Ocarina of Time, because at that point it was "the on…

  • Quote from Setras: “Quote from Abyss Master: “I disagree strongly about retiring Ganondorf. While I do think his best iteration remains Ocarina of Time, I don't think we've seen the full extent of what can be done with him as a character or as an antagonist in the series, and Wind Waker is hardly the peak in terms of what can be done with regards to motivation or agency. ” But there's the rub- in WW, Ganondorf is dead, and hasn't appeared since, with PH and ST bringing new antagonists in to repl…

  • I disagree strongly about retiring Ganondorf. While I do think his best iteration remains Ocarina of Time, I don't think we've seen the full extent of what can be done with him as a character or as an antagonist in the series, and Wind Waker is hardly the peak in terms of what can be done with regards to motivation or agency. What I do agree with is how you describe the nature of Calamity Ganon and the role it plays in BotW. From the very start, as soon as you lay eyes on the castle and see the …

  • Mod note: Let's get back on topic, namely what games we're currently playing. Thanks. EDIT: I'm playing Civilization 6 on the Switch. Yes, really.

  • The Stand-Up Comedy Thread

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    If you're someone who likes comedy of the crude and offensive kind, you can't do wrong with Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle. He doesn't seem to have any official Youtube channel with clips to use, but he does have a website where you can listen to three different volumes of his stand-up. Here's a review of the first volume, from the Guardian.…review-edinburgh-festival

  • The whole idea of letting you go straight to Hyrule Castle to fight Calamity Ganon is that it's supposed to be something you actually can do, just not easily. The boss gauntlet is an effective way of doing that; it may not be your idea of fun, but it very easily demonstrates the advantage of defeating the Divine Beasts, beyond just cutting down Calamity Ganon's health before the fight against him begins. I think the game would have suffered for it if it felt more like the Divine Beasts were a do…

  • Played some four-player FFAs today online. Loads of fun, even with the occasional lag. When it hit, it hit hard. Got an arena up and going. If you got me added, you can join it.

  • Let’s talk about JRPGS

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    Xenoblade games have a sort of rhythm to the combat that you eventually come to understand as you proceed through the game. Xenoblade 2 in particular is easy to get into as it takes its time with letting you get a feel for all the different aspects of combat, starting out with just using plain arts and then eventually graduating to fighting alongside other characters, and then onwards to using Blade and Driver Combos. And honestly, past that point there's not much more to learn. You have a lot o…

  • Quote from Mirren: “There's another perfect example within the series, itself -- Ocarina of Time. The Hyrule of 7 years later isn't harrowing because Castle Town is destroyed, Zora's Domain is frozen over, Kokiri Forest is overrun with monsters, etc. It's harrowing because we, as the player, experienced those areas when they were enjoying peace and prosperity. We walked through those very parts of Hyrule before they went to hell. That jarring shift in atmosphere is far more dismaying than the si…

  • Let me put it this way; I had to watch the Norwegian dub and I still loved it to hell and back.

  • Let’s talk about JRPGS

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    I can agree that at least FFXIII didn't require you to watch a movie to understand certain aspects of the story, but I still think FFXV has it beat in terms of having a coherent narrative, because at least in FFXV you won't be completely lost in terms of knowing who's who, what's what or where's where within the first fifteen minutes. Even without watching Kingsglaive, you can still get the general gist of what FFXV's story is about. With FFXIII, you have to read entire pages of datalogs just to…

  • Speaking of still being alive, I'm glad to see familiar faces around here. Gosh, it must have been quite a while since I last participated in roleplaying. I remember having a concept in mind back then, but I never got so far that I managed to really get it going.

  • Hi ZU. I don't think I've ever shown you my dog, but she got herself a new plushie for Christmas and instead of trying to rip it to shreds with her teeth like the other ones, she's just been cuddling it while laying in her favorite chair. (Hidden Content)

  • [vote] Pokemon: Let’s Go Dragon Ball FighterZ Pillars of Eternity II Octopath Traveller Far Cry 5 [/vote]

  • Quote from Ruki: “Define alive. ” Sure. Do you feel anything when listening to this?