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  • *pops in* Speaking of systematic racism in US police departments, this is relevant: NYPD cop secretly records supervisor pressuring him to racially profile black men

  • Posted? You can hear the Song of Time at the temple if you speed up the stream:

  • Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Showed Few Warning Signs Of Radicalization, Investigators Say : The Two-Way : NPR Quote: “As investigators probe the background of Omar Mateen, whose attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando left 49 people dead, they say he bore few warning signs of radicalization. Mateen had allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call during the attack, as The Two-Way has reported. But as further details emerge about the shooter, investigators say Mateen's profile is more like tha…

  • Jim Sterling has weighed in with his usual sarcastic and swear-laden flair: The short version: Jim doesn't care if Link remains a guy (and Breath of the Wild looks utterly amazing), but the given reasons from Aonuma for why there will be no female protagonist are completely daft. The first time I read Aonuma's statement, I missed that he also said this to Kotaku: "The Triforce is made up of Princess Zelda, Ganon and Link. Princess Zelda is obviously female. If we …

  • Not my GIF, and sorry if it's already been posted, but: s3HuOas.gif That enemy AI! (Notice how not only does the first Bokoblin attack with a flaming club, but the second Bokoblin takes the opportunity to light its own club with the fallen torch. That's some impressive attention to detail.)

  • Lucretia wrote: Quote from Lucretia: “This guy infiltrated and live-tweeted a Trump rally | SBS News ” Here's the Storify - it has a few Tweets that weren't included there: A Trump Rally in Greensboro "Anger in here is palpable" (with tweets) · case_face · Storify Absolutely terrifying madness. It's like Lord of the fucking Flies.

  • I fell asleep after watching the trailer last night because I was tired and also needed to get up at 7am for an appointment - booooo to Australian timezones and adult responsibilities. >_< I'm going to have a binge-watch of the entire treehouse stream this evening though. Everything I've seen so far is incredibly promising.

  • Quote from Silent Storm: “E3 2016: Why Zelda: Breath of the Wild Won't Have a Female Hero - GameSpot I will never doubt Aonuma again. Glad this nonsense has been stamped out and will end. In hindsight this was pretty silly xD, I agree, but I stand behind Aonuma on this and him saying Zelda would have been the best option but not really with why it probably won't happen. I still want to control Zelda in a game one day. ” Lmao, that is some incredibly bad reasoning. "If Princess Zelda is the hero,…

  • 9:00 AM PT Reggie Kicks Off E3 2016 for Nintendo 9:15 AM PT Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon 10:00 AM PT The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Introduction 12:25 PM PT The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 'The NES Connection' 2:10 PM PT The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 'Beyond the Plateau' Gameplay

  • Direct feed trailer for those who want to see it without the choppiness:

  • I really applaud them for acknowledging that - also the rainbow pin on Reggie's coat.

  • Quote from KeeSomething: “What's the link to Nintendo's stream again? ” Twitch: Twitch Youtube:

  • itshappening.gif

  • Quote from Oisin: “Is the Pokemon Sun and Moon stuff before the Zelda stuff though? Crazy how this game has nearly 50 of us online here all across the world in excitement. ” Yep, Pokemon first, then Zelda.

  • Quote from Silver: “I don't even know if the UK Torygraph is that brazen.” This was the Telegraph's front page cover in the buildup to the last election: 1376020356310.jpg And a notable Sunday edition: ScreenHunter_27-Sep.-02-14.40.gif

  • The "journalism" of Australia's The Daily Telegraph, folks. (Hidden Content)

  • Zelda U Delayed till 2017.

    Asta - - Modern Zelda


    Quote from jrungus: “E3 2015: "We aren't showing Zelda U this E3 because we are only showing games coming out this year." E3 2016: "Zelda U is the only game we will be showing this E3, which has been delayed till next year."” oSCkEme.gif (Not my gif, but I thought it was hilarious.)

  • For what it's worth, this is Aonuma speaking after the Zelda E3 trailer: Quote: ““Ultimately, Link represents the player in the game. I don’t want to define him so much that it becomes limiting to the players. I want players to focus on other parts…and not specifically on the character because what the character Link represents, again, is the player.”” Aonuma confirms that Link was the character featured in Zelda Wii U&#039;s debut video - Nintendo Everything Personally, I'm pretty cool with the…

  • Most fun PS4 games?

    Asta - - General Gaming


    Quite a few images here so I put them in a spoiler box: (Hidden Content)

  • @R3B3LCAUSE (Hidden Content) Quote from Great White North: “Except this misrepresents the issue as a purely American problem that can neatly be explained away as a legacy of American slavery and KKK hate. It's not. Black over-representation in violent crime is a fact inevery single country on Earth, even in black majority countries and Ethiopia, which has never been colonized.” This is kind of a mindboggling paragraph in numerous ways. First of all, I seriously have to question your statement th…

  • Quote from R3B3LCAUSE: “I know exactly what ad hominem means. Your post seemed to me to be focused more on the person you were responding to being a hypocrite rather than actually trying to invalidate his argument or make your own. It seems like an attempt to divert attention to a largely irrelevant minor detail.” It isn't a minor detail, but something that's been pointed out repeatedly by many. I've already addressed the way that "black culture" in America is fundamentally intertwined with lega…

  • Quote from R3B3LCAUSE: “I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure most notable school shooters meet the diagnostic criterion for an array of mental health problems, but regardless you're doing a marvelous job of evading the actual points that have been made. What are you actually trying to prove here? That black cultural values have nothing to do with black crime rates? Or that the people you are debating are so pitifully inept and hypocritical that their arguments aren't worth addressing? I don't kn…

  • Quote from Bill: “The poster child for gun control, for example, is never the inner city black, even though that is where most of the violence occurs. It's always the insane/mentally ill white child who shoots up a school, or, of course, the real bogeyman the progressive so desperately needs to exist--the racist NRA redneck.” Quote: “The white middle class progressive is essentially programmed to explain that any disparity is due to socioeconomic factors. However, that is not the full story. Val…

  • The legacy effects of systematic racism and slavery disproportionately affect African Americans in the United States more than any other ethnicity. Due to the ripple effects built up over generations of racism and slavery, it is impossible to look at raw data and pinpoint one single socioeconomic statistic to account for racial disparities in crime in America. The effects show up in virtually every aspect of life in the USA, as the country is heavily segregated. The effects of unemployment, lack…

  • Scientific Evidence Doesn't Support Global Warming, Sen. Ted Cruz Says *tears hair out in frustration*

  • Ah sorry about this, I only just noticed the post above my previous one and think I need to leave a Mod note (and final warning for the thread): Quote from Sick Fury: “Religion is a poison of the mind, and it's popular, very appealing to the weak. Funny that we're all born atheists isn't it, so it must take some extreme stupidity to start believing in nonsense, why couldn't god stay in the realm of fairytales like Santa and the Easter Bunny? At least they brought you shit.” Criticising religion …

  • Quote from Bill: “The response from the left was so callous, so misguided, so divorced from reality, that I will be voting Republican in 2016.” One of the front runners for the Republican candidacy for President is Donald Trump. This is the solution he's proposing: CVpwL7hU4AAPwF4.png:large D4HbU0h.png I'm genuinely curious if you'd still vote for the Republican party, should this man end up being its Presidential nominee.

  • New York's Daily News is not holding back: CVRCFgaUwAEk03l.jpg

  • Trump crosses the Nazi line: Maybe Muslims should wear special ID badges "The Republican presidential frontrunner refused to rule outrequiring Muslims to carry special identification showing their faith — which the Third Reich required Jews to do with a yellow badge that resembled the Star of David." Wow. That is terrifying.

  • Heya, it looks like things are getting a bit too personal in this thread (ie. people who have Liked a post or not), so I'm leaving a general mod note to request that the conversation not be centred around that particular angle. Ta!

  • 26aJEJFA.png A photoshop (not mine) demonstrating how much more the world "pops" with a better lighting system.

  • (I'm also laughing so hard at this signature. xD) Quote from KeeSomething/Khao: “I just realized that this is a wonderful opportunity to steal some usernames.” VtDkW.gif

  • Twilight Princess HD

    Asta - - Modern Zelda


    I do wish that they had at least added better lighting - the difference that it makes is quite spectacular (although I'm not a fan of some of these textures):

  • Twilight Princess HD

    Asta - - Modern Zelda


    People may find this interesting: N5cggPE.png The left image is TP running in a Dolphin emulator. The right image is TP HD. It looks like there is a small amount of creative licence going on and not solely a texture uprezzing. Source: Twilight Princess HD officially announced. - Page 15 - NeoGAF (Still, I would have preferred a bigger difference.)

  • I for one welcome my new, shitty signature.

  • Oh, right, a signature. JWJKmSO.png

  • I personally don't think that anything new from Zelda U will be shown - but Twilight Princess HD will be officially unveiled. All aboard the hype train! zelda-and-link-dancing-o.gif

  • On the KKK leak, if Klan members are involved with politics and law enforcement (some of them likely are), that's extremely worrying. However, I'm also cautious, because I don't trust that Anonymous are doing this in an ethical way. For example, how did they come up with the list? Have the names been independently fact checked? This could go so badly. There are already fake lists going around that are accusing people such as Mayor Madeline Rogero (a Democrat) of Knoxville: CS1DE3fUAAAbuVI.jpg

  • I certainly wouldn't mind the game looking a bit...greener. For example, this is a screenshot grabbed from Reddit, using a fan-made texture upgrade and shader injector: v2k1Tb2.jpg

  • Twilight Princess HD remake: wish-list

    Asta - - Future Zelda


    I'm not expecting any major gameplay changes or additions - really just a graphical overhaul. My hope is that it will at least be based on the GameCube version with the correct map orientation (or that there will be an option to flip the map depending on whether the player selects GC controls or Wii controls).