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  • Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance, i am barely into it since i haven't been reading much lately but i love the author and i absolutely loved the first book The Way of Kings. I am also in the middle of the first book of the Wheel of Time series Eye of the World, about half way through and fully aware of how people feel about the later installments, so far i am enjoying it. John Carter of Mars is the third book i started only a few chapters in but it is cool and it's fun to be reading somethin…

  • Quote from Hoopy Frood: “Really? As soon as it was put on I was entranced by how pretty it was. Yubaba is terrifying and Haku looks a little generic, but everything else is gorgeous. Fuck, I could rewatch it right now just to appreciate how gorgeous it is again.” Well i was i don't know... i might've been ten or so, i wasn't watching anime at that time. Now i love the style of Miyazaki's films. Spirited away is a great movie which is why i was asking myself why i didn't watch it when i was young…

  • Quote from Hoopy Frood: “Oh, hey, I just saw Spirited Away last weekend! That movie was fucking fantastic. Miyazaki is a wizard.” I never watched it when it was on Cartoon network when i was younger cause the art style never appealed to me. The only reason i really watched it was because of my friend. I made her watch Howls Moving Castle though. The other two movie were great too. I was getting angry at the characters in Nausicaa for what they were doing. Got to love it when a film has that effe…

  • Since i've been stuck at home for the past three days i've been catching up on the anime films i should have watched long ago and enjoyed them all. Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Seriously why didn't i watch them earlier i don't know but i'm glad i did cause they were awesome.

  • Watched the first episode of Magi. Looks like it will be a good one.

  • Started watching Chrono Crusade.

  • Watched some Yes! Precure 5 today, and the new episode of Binbougami ga! another funny anime for the season.

  • Romeo X Juliet, it is much more interesting than what it is based on.

  • The Legend of Korra

    Pandora21 - - Entertainment


    I'm going to cry at how everything ended, this episode was just to awesome for words. And the kids were so awesome i love them, so cute and deadly.

  • Just rewatched some episodes of CardCaptor Sakura, i love this series and CLAMP. CLAMP is amazing.

  • Quote from teamfive: “Does anyone here thinks that Naruto is becoming boring lately..? No offense to Naruto fans but I really think they should focus more on Naruto's battles.. I just noticed it that they just keep on making flash backs.. >.< But still, I love Naruto no matter what.. Anyone here read on the latest Fairy Tail where Natsu tries to challenge a guild master..? xD” Well i'd say Naruto started getting boring again after all that stuff with his mom, which i actually found somewhat inte…

  • Quote from Raddy: “^ I still need to FINISH Fate/Stay Night. Haven't been able to watch ANY. Anyways, I'm slowly continuing D. Gray-Man, and watching more Spice and Wolf. I gotta say, Holo is... something else.” I watched Fate/Stay Night just to watch Fate/Zero. D. Gray man is pretty awesome too. Last anime i watched was probably the newest episode of Morestu Pirates.

  • Fate/Zero, so much better than Fate/Stay Night.

  • The Legend of Korra

    Pandora21 - - Entertainment


    I really wanted to see some Avatar state action but i guess we still have to wait, oh well it was still an awesome episode.

  • I got back to watching Fate/Zero , watched from episode 7 to 9. I'm really enjoying this show it surpasses Fate/Stay Night in every single way possible.

  • Princess Tutu and i'm loving it, defiantly not your usual magical girl anime.

  • Quote from GARlock: “Woohoo, I'll have a look. I could just read the Manga, but from my past experience, it's horribly paced to the point of wanting to rip your hair out, and most likely the reason there was so much filler in the first place. As for Eureka Seven, you must have been. The ANN folder in my rss feeds haven't gone a few days without larping on about some new promo XD” I read the Bleach manga, most of the time i just skimmed through the fights that didn't interest me, but i still like…

  • I finished Fairy Musketeers yesterday, such a fun show, i want a sequel even if it doesn't need one.

  • I'm reading the Ranger's Apprentice series , currently on book 2, i like it, I was looking for something similar in style to the Inheritance Cycle and this one is pretty close, and they're pretty short books compared to what I've been reading lately.

  • Quote from Lysis: “can't deny his feline nature!” Of course, no cat can. Well, Black Rock Shooter is ending this week and Rinne no Lagrange is ending this week(at least until summer), thats 2 less shows to watch each week. Well that sucks.

  • Quote from Lysis: “there are too many adorable characters in this show too many” Yeah but out of all of them i think Sakamoto has it the hardest, trying to act the mature part but always falls to what cat's do, which is being a cat.

  • Quote from Lysis: “987loiF44ms just started watchin' Nichijou it's pretty hilarious i'm crackin' up” I love Nichijou mainly because the name literally means "My Ordinary Life" but of course there is nothing ordinary about it. it get crazier later on though, and i love Hakase she is adorable.

  • The Legend of Korra

    Pandora21 - - Entertainment


    Yes! Now i'm really excited for this, that is much sooner than i though it would air, now i can go to school tomorrow and tell my friend this awesome news, this just made my day. Oh and that trailer was pretty awesome too, gotta love new trailer even if you've seen most of the scenes in it already.

  • Just finished Inheritance a few days ago, now i'm reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

  • Just finished The Beast Player Erin. Finished it in about 4 days. Defiantly one of my favorite anime's now.

  • Toshokan Sensou or Library wars. These kinds of anime always interest me.

  • Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter, finished the first season in about 1 day, a fun show about classical music. why didn't i watch this sooner.

  • I have a good patience and tolerance for many things. Last time i snapped was awhile ago, i just wasn't having a good day or week, everyone was getting on my nerves and it was on purpose(at least i think it was), and it was my little brother, no i love my little brother but he'll do something that makes me want to hit him, and this was one of those time. I wasn't doing anything at all, we were cleaning and i already did what i had to for the moment, i was reading something on my Nook, the others…

  • I like every song, but Smile Smile Smile was just amazing, i'm enjoying the songs in season 2 more than in season 1 right now.

  • Anime you're currently watching?

    Pandora21 - - Entertainment


    I want to watch The Vision of Escaflowne, but i can't find any good quality subbed episodes that work. I'm also on episode 3 of Speed Grapher, but don't know if i'll continue it.

  • I like the song at the beginning of the episode, i liked seeing how far Pinkie would go to make a friend and make the smile.

  • Inu X Boku SS its okay, thinking of re-watching Soul Eater again.

  • Quote from Fluttershy: “Pandora! You be lurking all the time but you never be posting! Seriously, you should introduce yourself to the rest of the class. My friend is convinced that every single episode revolves around a tea party and every single character cares about nothing but boys and fashion. And he refuses to acknowledge the clips I try showing him that will prove him wrong. I got my cousin to watch Party of One and he hated it, but whatevs. I'll try again in a year or two when I think he…

  • I don't hate Shounen, its just after watching and reading different genres of manga and anime, shounen doesn't hold up my interest like it used to, i stopped watching Naruto, never watched bleach, but i do read them. Shounen is just the same thing different series. Recently when i watch DBZ on TV i have no patience for it, at all, i don't hate it though. I just find myself enjoying anime like Kobato., Birdy the mighty, and even Soul Eater( i know its shounen but its awesome). Oh and i couldn't e…

  • Quote from Eternal Legend: “Same. 124785866.JPG I haven't gotten far into it though. So far so good it's been a pleasure to read.” I'm about 200 pages in, its a part with Roran, seems boring at first but quickly becomes interesting.

  • Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, the final book in the Inheritance Cycle, I want to speed through it but at the same time i want to savor the end of a great series.

  • Quote from Kikari: “Mm, yeah I just finished it and it played at the very end. What's the episode release schedule for BRS? What day of the week do the episodes come out on?” Looks like the next episode will come out around the 10th, it really sucks that it will only be 8 episodes though, though it is probably better with that many episodes.

  • Quote from Kikari: “Ohh, I can't can't wait to see it. The first episode didn't have the opening and I'm still on that. The first season of Tegami Bachi had tons of filler. Almost all of them were episodic and essentially the same. The second season wasn't too bad but it left a lot of unanswered questions. Which leads to the manga being much better... As usual. I suppose, but at least in online communities it doesn't get much active following.” I believe the op was the ending of the first episod…

  • Quote from Kikari: “Thanks:3 Just took a look at this seasons anime listings. There's a Tegami Bachi OAD on the list~ I'm glad it's still getting attention in some form. The anime and manga are both really good but it has such a small following.” The op to BRS is the Vocoloid song, i noticed it almost immediately, couldn't really get into Tegami Bachi but if is has 2 seasons it has to be pretty popular.

  • Quote from Kikari: “Oh I completely forgot about the Black Rock Shooter anime series starting D: Can you link me a list of this seasons anime series?” Sure here [removed] The good thing is you don't have to watch the OVA to understand what its about, but the OVA was still awesome.