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  • Sorry if this should be in advertising... I wasn't sure so I put it here... *ahem* anyway... So tonight, upon watching Vinny from Vinesauce on Twitch, he introduced this new game called Adventure maker. Apparently, it's a development tool/game that allows you to make gameboy-zelda-esque adventure games. There's apparently a way you can even add in custom assets. I haven't looked a whole lot into this yet, but this sounds like a really fun tool to play around with.

  • Quote from deathtrappicnic: “OoT soundtrack is like therapy to me, very pleasing ” Particularly Shiek's theme.

  • Winning a game of Settlers of Catan twice in a row with beer + pizza on a Friday night!

  • 1) The sheer amount of progress I made on my FF11 Online character. 2) the sheer amount of progress I made on my FF14 Online characters. 3) Getting server third/fourth (I can't remember) on Alexander Savage floor 1 for FF14 on my old static and doing top dps most of the time in said static. 4) Making a 90%ish accurate recreation of Hyrule Field from Ocarina of time in Modnation Racers and putting a track over it which incorporates the geography of Hyrule Field into it to the best of my ability. …

  • The Minecraft server was still very frequently active and New Hyrule was being worked on more regularly

  • It's funny. The core of this game is amazing, but there are tiny quality-of-life nitpicks which bug me more than they probably should like the inability to ensure that you play 1v1 online or the needless switch between the order of stage selection and character selection. A lot of weird GUI changes that are like "but why, though?"

  • I hate when people try to downplay someone's problem because person X halfway across the world has it worse. It's like "oh, you drank too much last night and now you're having stomach problems? You know, some people in the world are DYING OF DYSENTERY you know!" or "You have a chronic disability that's making it hard for you to focus and need therapy? You know, you should be more grateful! Some people in the world are DYING OF AIDS! How DARE you complain that healthcare in America could be bette…

  • Quote from Please Understand: “Quote from VrahnkenEisenbach: “It's fundamentally bad game design to use such a control-scheme for a fast-paced PvP centric game where 1-2 seconds misjudgment means death to have to worry about clicking on teeny-tiny cumbersome targets, keep track of your cursor in the graphical clusterfuck that is LoL, and not accidentally click out of bounds which causes your character to run toward the enemy team for some ungodly reason. ” Except it isn't fundamentally bad game …

  • Quote from Please Understand: “Quote: “ ” The PC is perfect for LoL's mouse controls, I don't know how you could possibly think that a WASD scheme would be better. It wouldn't actually work at all. ” I'm saying the choice to go with LoL's RTS-style top-down camera gameplay is a mistake in-and-of-itself. It's fundamentally bad game design to use such a control-scheme for a fast-paced PvP centric game where 1-2 seconds misjudgment means death to have to worry about clicking on teeny-tiny cumbersom…

  • LoL is a fundamentally badly designed game on so many levels and makes me question why it receives so much praise. I think the large reason it does is because its success was carried on the back of the DotA custom map from Warcraft 3, but also leads me into the big flaw with League. LoL's control scheme was inspired by DotA's, but DotA's control scheme is ancient and draconian in nature and the only reason it used such a control scheme is due to Warcraft 3's limitations (which, btw, with some cl…

  • While it's quite an ambitious suggestion, it would have been really cool if we got some dynamic dialogue akin to the 4 protagonists in ff15, but with the champion spirits as well, and they would be having conversations with each other inside Link's head during certain parts (Think TeamFourStar's Nail and Kame inside Piccolo's head), though maybe only a little bit. If you've ever played Bravely Default or Bravely Second, it could be like those wonderful little dialogue "slice-of-life" sequences b…

  • I honestly just use whatever fits the situation: - Full set of double-upgraded climbing gear for when I'm climbing a lot (mountainous regions) - Full set of double-upgraded barbarian gear for combat - Full set of double-upgraded shiekah gear for sneaking/traveling faster in the night - Full set of double-upgraded zora gear for swimming - and sometimes some other gear when I need resistances

  • So I'm not buying this idea that over 10,000 years ago, hyrule had progressed to a state of advanced technology by shiekah scientists and then the king was just like "no" and exiled them, and then all the shiekah were like "you know what? I'm kinda bored of this whole 'advanced technology' thing. Let's just not do this anymore." and everything returned to Medieval/Renaissance tech for THOUSANDS of years. Seems like rather odd world building to me. Maybe I missed something that explains this more…

  • Locations within BotW

    VrahnkenEisenbach - - Modern Zelda


    I found a really cool homage to TP in the Gerudo Desert the other day: (Hidden Content)

  • Challenge Run ideas?

    VrahnkenEisenbach - - Modern Zelda


    Hi, so the typical challenge parameters for Zelda games has been a 3 heart run, shieldless, swordless, or hero mode, and with Twilight Princess we had Ganondorf amiibo mode, however with Breath of the Wild, there are quite a few things you can do to make things interesting. What are you planning to do for your first "challenge" run? Personally, right now I'm deciding between a selection of parameters: - 3 hearts - No stamina upgrade - Armorless - No armor with defense of 20 or more - No weapons …

  • I'm always at a loss when naming these kind of things, so I named mine Sadaharu, which is a certain pet dog in Gintama.

  • Alright, I'd rate this game somewhere between a 9 to a 9.5/10 from what I've played, and I'm a good ways into it. My nitpicks/flaws are: Missed Music Opportunities: I understand the reason they made the sound design this way, but IMO it would have been excellent to have like one 1-5 minute "more intrusive" and majestic introductory tune that plays once and doesn't loop each time you enter a different region or discover a beautiful scenic vista. It would have been a really nice idea and I feel li…

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    Nintendo needs to do 2 things for the Switch to be successful: 1. Market the hell out of this thing for the west. There's great appeal to be found in this console, but people need to know what this thing is and many are skeptical of Nintendo after the fiasco that was the Wii U. These people aren't going to do as much research on their own to figure out why they might want this so you have to give the info to their face. People need to know that the reception for those who have actually tried it …

  • So, my brother may be starting a kitchen sink modpack server with pixemon added and some other mods. Anyone interested in joining in?

  • I preordered from a small local gaming store and was 7th in line, so hopefully there will be enough in stock for the first shipment for me.

  • EDIT: nvm got help

  • Minecraft Feed the Beast modpack is perhaps the deepest, most complex, and most compelling sandbox gaming experience I've ever had the pleasure of being part of. There have been many games that have promised full, universal depth with very few to no map bounds and a complex system of rules to govern its universe (Spore and No Man's Sky come to mind) and give YOU, the player, freedom to build upon it and make your own story, but these games never quite delivered. Minecraft with a Feed the Beast m…

  • My controversial, patented, fedora-tipping LoL playstyle that wins games but nobody else understands.

  • Surprised nobody mentioned these yet: This game is hauntingly beautiful. This game is also hauntingly beautiful. Also: This game had really beautiful visuals, theme, and mood to it, and the soundtrack still continues to be one of my favorites in gaming history.

  • What do you people think is a proper parent/child relationship? Personally, as a person who's always been rather rebellious towards traditional indoctrination in order to walk the path of truth and willingly do so even if it causes pain, I think both the child and the parent is subject to truth, and the truth of the matter is that when a parent has sex, gets impregnated, and has a child, that parent is signing a contract to that child to take up the mantle of parenthood and carry the burden. A c…

  • 7.5/10 It's a generic love song but I like the soundscaping.

  • 8/10 Strikes a good balance between emotional, catchy, and relaxing. Quite possibly the best game remixer on OCRemix. The layering is so deep and the way all the loops work together is a real work of art.

  • Chill 8.5/10 Still one of my favorite pieces from Radiohead. So beautifully, deeply layered, trippy, and entrancing. It's like a wave of sound going over me like the ocean. (sadly I can only seem to find remixes of the song now on YouTube but this is the closest in spirit to the original I can find. the original's not supposed to have the song playing on top of itself in a different spot)

  • 8.5/10 Pretty kickass. I'll have to add it to my "get hype" playlist. Probably my favorite prog rock group:

  • 8/10 pretty effin metal Personally, I prefer the classics.

  • Quote from Silver: “Quote from Great White North: “ ” So we're in agreement then that the alt-right is largely composed of racists, anti-semites, fascists, neo-Nazis, and other such lowlifes, then. I'm glad we established that. Quote from Great White North: “ ” ” Quote from Great White North: “Just as much as Black Lives Matter is composed of bonafide criminals, terrorists, and white hating racists. Quote: “ ” ” aaaaaaand this is why I don't side with either. Basically, what it comes down to is …

  • Absolute Acronyms

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    Awesome Stinky Harold Ends National Socialism COFFEE

  • Absolute Acronyms

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    Shoulder Aches Can Kick Butt Oh Yes ZIRCON

  • Absolute Acronyms

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    Driving Randomly Until Nobody Knows PLANT

  • So.... I recently watched someone play through Metroid: Other M and while, coming back to it, it still has some flaws, I think I have a bit more clarity on some things and gave me some ideas on what a proper Metroid game with Samus' voice acting and personality coming to light could be. The problem with Samus' character was not that she was a badly done character per se, but more that it made no sense in the chronological point in her life. Samus had already gone through hell and back many times…

  • So basically, think of any game series you think needs a boost or any you've just always had ideas for but could never really do anything about it but hope, and post an idea for a new installment in that series here. I'll post something else when I'm in the mood because I already have some ideas but let's start with our other esteemed threadgoers! What series do you think needs a new game and what would it be like?

  • (Hidden Content) Soooo comforting. Best thing ever to wind down to.


    VrahnkenEisenbach - - General Chit-Chat


    Sometimes crunchy, sometimes smooth. Depends on my current mood.

  • Yeah. Do Make Say Think is amazing. Maybe my favorite band of all time. 8/10 - It's like an even chiller version of Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like it. Just a convenient time to shamelessly advertise my brother's music lol.

  • 6/10 not really a pop music person usually, but the song is still well arranged.