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  • [vote]Tippi Linkle[/vote] cuaa3PE.jpg

  • Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “Do you think everyone has the capacity to be a leader? ” *Thinks about the obnoxious, terrible sorry excuse for a president that's really just a mutated, over-sized cheeto with awful moral values disguised as a person* XkGSPAV.jpg OH, HELL NO.

  • The Nintendo Switch

    Lord Vain - - General Gaming


    Rumor: Nikkei claims smaller Switch is coming, Nintendo planning new service for this year So, this is a thing that's come up now.

  • Doesn't look like anyone else has brought it up yet, so just to be safe, I'll put this here. WARNING: PIRANHA PLANT CAN CORRUPT SAVE FILES IN SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE Seems some potentially major concerns were also caused by this most recent update, and if that is indeed the case, hopefully another minor patch that fixes this matter comes soon.

  • Oh, if it were actually possible to, believe me, I would be all over it...and I'd probably start with that over-sized, obnoxious orange cheetoh, he's only continued to prove how much of a sorry excuse for a human being he is. Things over here in Canadia aren't exactly perfect either, but I'd still rather be here than over there, how much more difficult he has made things for people over in the States is quite infuriating and I can't help but feel bad for the friends I have over there. For all th…

  • Corrupt people in power.

  • What are you buying?

    Lord Vain - - General Chit-Chat


    Well, the other day I pre-ordered a Proplica Keyblade... (Hidden Content) So, that's exciting, it releases near the end of the month, alongside the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3. Part of me feels like it's something I should try to hang on the wall, but I don't think I have room for it currently, I'd have to figure something out if I were to go that route. lol Oh yes, and just at the end of last year, I also put in some pre-orders for figures of both Joker and Arsene, his beginning Persona, from Pe…

  • YwNoFlD.jpg New set-up I just finished throwing together earlier, I'm pretty happy with it.

  • [vote]Linkle[/vote]

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    Lord Vain - - General Chit-Chat


    It's Ren Amamiya, code-named Joker, from Persona 5...I mostly know about the game through other people, but he always stood out to me the most and now he's been confirmed to be the first DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is pretty awesome.

  • Awww, I'm kind of sad I wasn't let in on this, Winnie is awesmazing. lol I guess I'm not too active nowadays though, so eh, c'est la vie. SAA1CXt.png Hey, congrats though, Lieutenant, this was much deserved and a long time coming. You put in a lot of effort in making ZU a better and more enjoyable place and it certainly does a lot of good, I hope the remainder of the year treats you well and that you always treat yourself well too. 4AnYhQH.gif

  • I'm thankful for my friends and the overall community here, the Twitch community I'm a part of on Discord and the good friends I have in it, my best friend that I have in person, the wonderful graphic artists who has and continues to make me my sets from time to time, my family and our dog Earl, just all the people who have heped me along the path of life in one way, shape or form really, Super Mario Sunshine and all other video games I have and have yet to enjoy, pizza, tacos, ice cream, cake, …

  • @Linkle First off, I'm just gonna put this here... bmQFNFj.jpg I guess it may be too late to say this, but even so, figure it's worth throwing your way regardless. Life's rough and sometimes things happen that are hard to get over, I honestly feel dragged down by some of my own stuff from a few months ago even and don't imagine this lingering feeling will be going away anytime soon, we can't control the way we feel at times, all we can do is try to power through the tough times the best we can. …

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    Lord Vain - - General Chit-Chat


    tumblr_okxawk2PNN1t5ntxfo1_500.gif It's Qrow Branwen from RWBY, one of my many Spirit Animals.

  • Oscuras or Oscuros That's Spanish for "dark".

  • Favourite actor? Easily Ryan Reynolds. Favourite voice actor? Charles Martinet, of course. Favourite musician? Adam Levine hands down. Favourite comedian? That's a bit tricky, but I'll say Kevin Hart, he comes to mind right away and I do appreciate what he does.

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    Lord Vain - - General Chit-Chat


    S3ZeEtx.gif It's Dr. Franken Stein from Soul Eater.

  • Everyone? No, like some who have previously posted, I'm of the mind that there are various things that are far too grave to simply brush aside under any circumstance. Now, when it comes to lesser matters and the person actually makes a sincere attempt to apologize or make amends somehow, on the other hand, I do feel giving them a second chance is acceptable and within reason. However, I also do agree that it's a person's right to choose whether they give said chance or not, when you've wronged a…

  • My spirit animal? That would be the wolf, no contest...well, or wolves, since I'd say that I have two. One that's silver and another that's black.

  • Cats, dogs, the setting sun, a clear night where you can see the moon and some stars, taking a peaceful stroll through light or moderate rain, just the sound of rain and storms, having a nice drink to take the edge off after a busy and/or stressful day, playing games with friends or just interacting and having fun with friends in any way period, video games just on their own are pretty awesome as well, making life better for other people in any way, caterpillars and butterflies, bunnies, good mu…

  • That's fine, so long as I didn't scare you off or anything. lol

  • I'm a Witcher who has befriended a few Witches in my time, so yeah, I do most certainly believe in this sort of stuff and have even done some stuff with Tarot Cards for a bit now--the readings I've gotten thus far being quite accurate towards various factors in my life and, when doing readings for someone besides myself, the lives of others. Also, I am what is known as an Empath, which is the closest thing I have going for me as far as supernatural abilities go. I can easily understand and feel …

  • Quote from Snurtlicious: “Can I have an example of what you mean? ” Sure, this is just how I've given requests to other graphical artists elsewhere for years now. (Hidden Content) Yeah, it is pretty much just a thought through request outline, it's a habit I grew into doing with this stuff, since I always hated to have the graphic makers change things that I forgot to specify. Granted, majority of the time it never seemed to be an issue and they had offered to change anything I wanted changed in…

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    Lord Vain - - General Chit-Chat


    It's Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs, of's the full version of this artwork of him though. (Hidden Content)

  • Hmmm, do you accept really in depth request outlines? :p I've had a few different set idea on my mind lately, but I feel like seeing what you could do may be interesting for at least one of them, you do have an interesting way of creating designs, after all.

  • QhpXZux.jpg Do you know where the Book is?

  • For awhile now, I've said that I feel 100+ on the inside...I'm just a wise, old Witcher at heart, sick of the world's bullshit and trying my best to help others put up with it too. I've gone through my own share of shit in life, but on top of that, there's been the painful stories and experiences I've heard from all sorts of other good people I've come across in my time, and in a lot of instances, I've even helped some of those people make it through other tough times that eventually came up whi…

  • @Dark Link Reigns You glorious bastard, you better come out of this alright, otherwise I'll be listening to "My Heart Will Go On" while sobbing in the shower...seriously though, Dark, I really hope it all goes well for you and that we can see you here again soon. You're a good man. @Katrielle You looked great and it seems like you had a lot of fun, so I'm happy for you, it's good and you're def someone who deserves the best, especially when it came to such a special day. Here's to many happy yea…

  • [vote]Sol[/vote]

  • I just have to grin and bear it myself, due to it mainly being an occurrence at my job, but it's so...unnerving...and also alarming at times, because you can just be doing whatever, then out of nowhere you hear someone shouting at another person about whatever and it's like hearing an alarm going off in the morning.

  • People who are just unreasonably loud for no good reason annoy me... KTWuhVY.gif Like, it's not necessary for them to be so loud at all, but they just do it anyways.

  • Seeking a reason for living

  • Quote from Dreun: “Hello! I'm totally new when it comes to Zelda Universe and online forums, so double the newbie! haha I would love it if I was able to join Nayru clan. Thank You! ” rmBzqmk.jpg Although, at times instances of wisdom in there can be...few and far between. lol Still, we all do know how to have a good time nonetheless, so hopefully you'll have fun.

  • I feel like this is collectively all of Nayrule right now. lol

  • Man, I didn't even get to carry out my disappointing. Time to drink...MORE.

  • Nayrule...gone...just like that? 35kr0w4.jpg

  • -2 nryJV78.gif I'm the Digital God of Peace and Self-Destruction, I aim to spread peace and ward off destruction of any kind, you couldn't have honestly thought me to have not aligned with the Angels...anyways, I still have work to do, so I'm not here to stay regardless.

  • -1 IqHPcrI.gif I've been at work, but it seems I missed a few calls...who summoned me here? It's been years since that last happened.

  • Hoping for a better future.

  • There's a long list of characters I could choose from, since a majority of the time, the avatar and sig sets I use on here involve characters I feel I can relate to quite a bit...but for a long while now, there have been three specific characters who are right up there on top. Pain from Naruto, Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher and Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)