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  • Hm, I don't agree with putting the all blame on the studios either (unless there is some very compelling evidence). Hollywood is known to be liberal. Do you think women aspire to be film directors at the same rate as men? I think no. I saw a similar issue during pilot training: maybe 10% were female, leading to an extremely male-dominated industry. The training institution saw this as an issue and made the selection process easier for females. But I think we should focus on changing (particularl…

  • Hey, RE2 is the highest-rated RE game since RE4, well over a decade ago, how about that! 9/10 on Metacritic for PS4. I can see this (like the original REmake) go down as one of the best remakes ever.

  • In what way are women not being enabled to work on (nominated) films? Not saying I disagree btw, but I'd like to know what your thoughts are here, as you quickly called it out. And yeah, criticising the Academy for not nominating certain genders/races is indeed pointless, as there's obviously something bigger at play.

  • @Abyss Master (& @Pietro) I only went into more detail about the 2016 election because Mike was calling me out for not doing so, and presented a graph that the media *supposedly* said more bad things about Clinton as counter-evidence that the media doesn't lean left. ...and now I get called out that using the 2016 election & negative stories on Trump/Clinton isn't good data.. I'm not focussing on Trump in the media. The last graph in my previous post indicates that the public perception was that…

  • Quote from Mirren: “Solo getting nominated for best VFX is absurd. That movie's visuals were more dreary than a Zack Snyder flick. ” It was all a bit grey and dark. But the practical and special effects were excellent, and I think that's what the 'visual effects' nomination mainly looks at. Not colour grading and whatnot. @Galedeep any female directors you think should've been on it? It's a shame First Man didn't get any of the 'big' nominations, nor the soundtrack nod (it was super good, wth). …

  • Games I played besides OoT.

    john_marston - - Classic Zelda


    I also think tAoL is underrated, it's a really solid NES action-RPG. I think people don't like it because it's such a different (and hard) Zelda. Which is fair enough. Do think the Oracle games are overrated though. They feel like elaborate LA rom-hacks to me, and lack the charm and quality of LA. Still not bad games, though I do particularly dislike OoA and its Jabu-Jabu Belly.. Quote from Guinea: “I want to say that BotW is now my favorite Zelda game. But I still really love Majora's Mask and …

  • Odd Gaming Habits

    john_marston - - General Gaming


    Odd? hmm When entering a new area with branching paths, I also go for the route which I *think* is a dead-end and not the route the game wants you to go in order to progress. I am then disappointed when it was the 'correct' route for progression, because now I have to at some point decide to turn around and check out what that alternative route lead to... always playing mind games with these games

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “Quote from john_marston: “Still not enough credible evidence to refute my claim that the bulk of major North American media leans left. ” You have post-secondary education. You understand how burden of proof works. You made an assertion. Your options are to either back it up or back down. I'm glad to see you chose the latter. ” I don't. You didn't even reply to some of my main points (hey is that not in that rule too, @Viajero de la Galaxia?? hmm posted by mike himself…

  • Zelda Videos: Post 'em here~

    john_marston - - General Zelda


    Cool video, lists are always fun. Spirit Temple and Forest Temple are in my top 5, surprised none of them made your list. Also wouldn't have Kokiri Forest so high, above the likes of the Lost Woods theme.

  • Quote from Common Knowledge: “I'm always curious to see what the leftist version of Fox News is, and I'll always remain curious, cause it doesn't exist. ” Change the 'F' with a 'V'? Both are nearing the bottom of the barrel when it comes to biased news imo (Hidden Content) The incident took place in North America, and (as I have been pointed out to here in the past), the majority here are from North America so that's what we're focussing on. AllSides seems to consider themselves center, btw. Fur…

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “Quote from john_marston: “After all, the bulk of popular media leans left. ” Cool, prove it. ” Well, first of all, I thought it was common knowledge that the media leans left? Why would right-wing people like Trump try so hard to discredit the media, if it wasn't left-wing? makes sense? If you've ever been in a media degree class, journalism course, film school, or other arts degree class; you'll find that the *vast* majority of people are left-wing. Some num…

  • Although I admittedly haven't played master mode, simply beefing up the enemies' 'level' is not fun game design in this case, and I don't think I'll bother with it. It's frustrating to me that a lot of the mid-late game difficulty could be fixed by limiting Link's health-healing items in the inventory to, say, 3-5 slots. It's so easy, towards mid-game, to cook up dozens of hearty meals, making you practically invincible if you can survive one hit.

  • Quote from HeroOfTime5: “Let’s not pretend that the right wing media doesn’t do similar tactics as well. I know one may claim “whataboutism” but it’s concerning that CNN and left wing media gets labeled with “Fake News” whereas Fox News is the foundation of modern day yellow journalism. ” Oh definitely not! Right wing media is full of biased shit too. But that doesn't mean left wing media gets a free pass to cherry pick information to fit their narrative, especially when they pass it off as unbi…

  • Quote from RealmWings: “Do you believe that the right leaning media was right in its full and constant defense of the students? ” Haven't read right-wing (leaning) media report full and constant defence, I don't follow any on my social media. But I have seen the big ones like CNN make a massive fuss about it, you really can't miss it, it's everywhere. Comment sections and YouTube made me check out more than just that 10-second clip. No surprise to me that they took out all the context and framed…

  • Typical that the media cherry picked that image from the stream to start a witch-hunt on these MAGA teens, when the situation was a lot more nuanced. No doubt a lot of the boys were being dicks, but they were arguing with a group of African Americans who were preaching all the anti-LGBT things in the book, when the indigenous man approached the boys. But that doesn't fit the media's narrative, they want to exclusively tell the story of a white man with a MAGA cap getting right in a minority's fa…

  • You say it's unlikely for 2019, but then you say yes, a ''REALLY BAD ONE'' could come out in 2019? In case you didn't read the thread title or OP, it says ''a'' new Zelda. Nobody is exclusively talking about the next ''GOOD'' Zelda...

  • The Nintendo Switch

    john_marston - - General Gaming


    Digital Foundry made a good video about it a couple of days ago. Definitely looking like they're releasing a redesign this year. The Switch has a lot of small things they could (and should) improve, but for me, I want: 1. a lower price 2. the screen to fill the display, i.e. no/minimal black borders. It looks like an iPad gen 1 atm. So either a bigger screen or a smaller Switch.

  • What a load of crock, Germany is the biggest contributor to the EU. I haven't heard this. Technically, the 2016 referendum was advisory and not binding. At this point, they're not compromising democracy is they say fuck it and remain, imo. Alternatively, I could see Scotland yeet out of the UK and become independent and a part of the EU, and let England and Wales sail their Brexit ship into the ocean. They clearly think differently about it: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from The Original Fierce Deity: “We would expect a Zelda game to come out in LATE 2019 or EARLY 2020 if you follow the Zelda game release pattern. ” Follow what pattern? The past 8 years, 8 Zelda games have been released. If you ''follow the pattern'', it actually suggest a Zelda release this year is likely. So idk what you're on about, but you're not making yourself look exactly good here, buddy PS I don't use patterns when it comes to these things. But if you do wanna look at them, a Zel…

  • Americans pronouncing niche as ''nitch''. I generally don't mind American-English pronunciations, but this one sounds so wrong to me

  • Played my first Ultimate game today. 3-stocked him, incl 2 falcon punches I think I might buy the game this week and just play it at a friend’s. It’s literally the only game I’d buy if I had a Switch, so not gonna buy a Switch, but really wanna smash rn

  • Saw a PS1 classic in a store for the first time today, with demo and all. €119 lmao how about no. Sony got just about everything wrong with it. Airport prices I guess. Played Prime 1 and 2 yesterday on the Wii U (haven’t played them in years). And wow, these games look good. Especially coming from a bunch of PS3 games with sub-30fps, Nintendo GameCube games were rocking a beautifully smooth 60fps. On top of Prime in general being gorgeous for the early 2000s. And the gameplay is equally as good,…

  • lol so there's a Steelbook Edition, Deluxe Edition, Collector's Edition, and Premium Edition. Thanks Capcom, very cool!

  • It looks really good, and the graphics are amazing! I was never a fan of the tank controls of RE1. But haven't played the original RE2 tbf. Think I'll skip it and stick to this remake

  • finally, found an ASMR that butters my croissant

  • yeah FOD can have some lag. 8-player Smash on that stage is a good example, as the framerate dips below 60 a lot. So I get why they'd ban it. They're considering even banning it for singles from what I heard. But it is a beautiful stage

  • Well yeah, ok, party games. But a Zelda title? That would be a bit lame not to play it in portable mode. I think TWW HD and TP HD have a better chance of showing up on the Switch than a SS remaster

  • I would not pay much attention to Ultimate tier lists at the moment. They're still speculation. Proper tier lists will come up when enough tournaments have happened, and pros start figuring out the meta properly.

  • The Nintendo Switch

    john_marston - - General Gaming


    I hear people saying Odyssey is more about adventure. I thought 3D Land was the most boring thing ever, and Galaxy was just OK (well-made games though). Is Odyssey really different?

  • Quote from MVS: “ which will be an investment that they later can reuse in the "SS 2.0" that releases at the end of the Switch's life in like 2023/2024.” Good lord, please no. I'm so done with motion controls (gyro can be good though) Quote: “And it already exist Switch-games that doesn't work in portable mode, so I don't see the big deal. There also exist portable-mode-only-Switches in Japan, so Nintendo is obviously not that picky, and it wouldn't surprise me if it will be released outside Jap…

  • Basically we all got suckered into over-paying for phones. imo the iPhone 5/6/SE is more than adequate to do everything a smartphone should do. But the industry pushes *hard* for consumers to upgrade; you are kicked out of the ecosystem if you keep your old phone too long.

  • Quote from MVS: “@john_marston Not sure if I understand you correctly. I don't think SS HD will be a 2019-title. This year we will get a 2Dish Zelda. ” okay I thought I'd offer it anyway. I'm not gonna wager for something to happen or not in 2021 Along with what I mentioned, I think the controls could be a problem for SSHD. Wouldn't be surprised if they'd have to program all the controls from scratch (*if* it works for SS--Joy Cons don't have IR pointing), which sounds like a headache for SS–alt…

  • well it's primarily the smash community just being pretty competitive, and a crazy combo like this is something you'd want to know about in detail if you're serious about wanting to win tournaments (as Luigi or not). I don't even know if they'll really patch it out. They have shipped loads of characters in the past that they must've known had crazy stupid combos. But this zero-to-death combo seems way too consistent, they have to

  • meaning to watch it too. Alfonso Cuarón is a master of film

  • yeah of course GOTY editions tend to be the most updated versions. Doing some Googling, some Greatest Hits releases do come with extra patches or even in-game content. Though it's tough to find which games and what the changes are. Idk maybe I'm nitpicking, but I'm thinking in terms of preservation and what the 'best' version on-disc/cart is. As even some Nintendo Selects releases come with extra patches apparently. For when the servers are down, these will technically be the best versions to ge…

  • Hm idk about SS HD Switch. Aonuma could've been trolling. Most of all, I don't think SS is all that great and I think Aonuma and team know this too. MVS, I'll take up that money wager for SS HD not being released in physical form in the west in 2019 (as, if it's released, this would be the year I reckon, and I'm not waiting 2 years for a bet).

  • The Nintendo Switch

    john_marston - - General Gaming


    Quote from Please Understand: “Don't take their words literally. They just meant they don't see how they can make an F-Zero that will actually sell. It is a risky investment. They could obviously make 10 F-Zero games per generation if they wanted to, but if they don't see a strong enough audience, it is hard to justify from their standpoint. Quote from Happy Person: “^ Wii U was mostly bought by hardcore Nintendo fans. ” Because "casual gamers" on the console market nowadays were brought up with…

  • I wouldn't buy a brand new iPhone if it was my money. But I got a 4S (when that was new) as a present from my parents, which lasted me almost 6 years. Now I've had an 8 for over a year. So I am happy with Apple because they last long and the software is very good. I would go with their more 'cheaper' options, though, $1000+ for an X is just stupid. My MacBook has also outlasted all my previous laptops. They are quality computers if you don't care about gaming and whatnot. But it's satisfying to …

  • Sounds like you need to replace that 5S battery Winnie, if you still wanna use it. Old iPhones are still good phones, but them dying so quickly is a battery problem that Apple doesn't want you to fix

  • You could also get a second hand Wii U, it's quite a bit cheaper (if you find a good deal)