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  • And media consolidation continues unobstructed. Like I'm glad that now most of the Marvel properties are held by Disney and the same with Star Wars, but the consolidation continues, until eventually there will be "the entertainment company" that creates all entertainment. Hopefully the US gets a president that puts some teeth in antitrust laws and forces Disney to sell off some parts of their company.

  •…-treaty-with-indian-tribe Wow, Gorsuch actually did the right thing and ruled in the decisive swing vote that Washington state government had to abide by the treaty the Yakama nation signed with the US and allow them to transport their goods freely on public highways.

  • Quote from Winnie: “I just saw Captain Marvel and loved it!! ” Same, just watched it today. Such a great Marvel film.

  • Quote from Advance: “Hey everyone, I've got a kind of interesting question and favour to ask if anyone's interested. My girlfriend is visiting me for a month this summer and she's barely so much as loaded up a mobile game but is very much interested in sharing another hobby with me, so some of our time will be spent on a kind of 'crash course' introduction to video game literacy and I guess the industry's evolution. She's really serious about it, she suggested it! What games do you think I shoul…

  • Quote from GuardianFIN: “I think as long as email was a thing, we got email addresses from teachers. It's not as intrusive and you have more contol over it. Except if you link it to your phone and keep notifications on, then it's just as annoying as texting ” I'm not that old, the internet was a wide spread thing for most of my schooling and I didn't get a single email address from a teacher.

  • I guess its the way it is now, at least your teacher gives a shit. Honestly I'm in the same boat as you, I would never text a teacher (even if I had a device that was able to send a text message to a cellular telephone.) Feels too intrusive to me, but I guess I'm already old fashioned and I'm still young.

  • Is that what the teachers are doing now, giving kids their phone numbers... Man what ever happened to a person's workday actually ending?

  • Indeed, please get back to the topic at hand, the terrorist attack that occurred in New Zealand.

  • Honestly if someone I was dating sprayed wine from their nose and then rushed out to escape the popo, 100% I'd want a second date. I'd have to see where this went XD . Don't be too hard on yourself, the guy probably had fun

  • I mean if the US were to ban these sites they'd just start hosting the sites in another country. We've been through this with torrent sites like Pirate Bay and others that are less well known that I won't publicize here. I don't care either way about the future of 4chan considering the role it has had for its entire existence in promoting crime at varying levels of severity, make them have to move to another country but we have to keep our eyes on the actual issue at hand rather than symbolism. …

  • The Democratic primary has been criticized as too crowded by some, but most of the candidates based on polling and lack of notoriety have no chance of making a significant inpact. The Republican field (though much more monstrous) was also deeper in number of candidates of significance. For fun I'll make a little power rankings thing of those who are running and Biden who hasn't announced so far. Democratic primary power rankings: Tier 1: Are in a great position to win 1. Bernie Sanders 2. Joe Bi…

  • I have seen no compelling evidence of deplatforming reducing the spread of racist thought or making racist thought become more extreme by being driven out from public scrutiny. Considering I have yet to see any evidence I believe that it has a neutral effect on the spread of racism until proven otherwise and if private businesses don't want to be associated with racist statements they have the right to remove it. The fact that private businesses are deleting expression of racism shows that the l…

  • I posted about this after the 2016 election but the National Vote Interstate Compact continues to gain steam.…r_Vote_Interstate_Compact Colorado just passed it, New Mexico and Delaware just require the governors to sign it. I can see within a few years them being able to get a majority of the electoral college votes agreeing to this and making the system irrelevant.

  • The Nazis aren't underground, they're in the White House. Donald Trump and his former advisors including Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon. Their messages are spread on successful media platforms like Fox News and Breitbart. They're in congress members like Steve King. In Australia the Nazis have a party (One Nation), in Italy the Nazis are currently governing in a coalition (the League), in the last French presidential election the Nazis placed second. These ideas and ideology aren't just confin…

  • This is really bringing back memories and sadness of the Quebec City mosque shooting and will you look at that the Australian shooter is a fan of Trump and called him "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose". Bissonette who did the Quebec City terrorist attack also loved Trump. Turns out if politicians continue saying that a certain community is a danger and threatening the survival of the majority (usually for cynical political gain instead of genuine concern), eventually some ra…

  • The college admissions scandal is interesting because the main reason people are so appalled by the scandal is that it violates the ideal some people have of the meritocracy. Those who were deserving of a space in a university based on their grades or athletic performance were passed over because rich families bribed their child's way into the school. Its the same reason some people give for hating affirmative action (and though a lot of it is racism I'm sure a lot of people also genuinely belie…

  • I'm not American, but I supported Bernie Sanders and even though Bernie performed better overall in caucuses as opposed to primaries, I still think its a dumb system and should be replaced with open primaries with same day registration across the country with the delegates distributed proportionally. It was a few years ago so maybe my memories are a bit fuzzy, but I remember TYT reporting on the Iowa caucus where one of the volunteers was having trouble counting people and writing the number of …

  • Quote from Ty.: “@Pietro do you have the MCC? I wanna do a campaign run. Also @Big Daddy Biggles ” Yep, I have it on XBox One and will get it on PC when it launches. Quote: “I think the other Microsoft PC titles with online require Xbox live too, but only a silver account which is free ” Oh awesome!

  • Quote from Viajero de la Galaxia: “Also if Microsoft follows the same standard as its other PC releases then you won't need Xbox Live Gold ($50/a) for online play - hopefully that doesn't change. ” That's actually an interesting point because on the steam page it says that it requires XBox Live, so its possible. In any case I already subscribe to XBox Live Gold so I don't really care

  • I bought a bunch of gameboy games at a Value Village for 5$ a piece. Some were doubles but I bought them anyways because all these carts were immaculate and all but one in the original plastic case. There are still deals to be had at thrift stores, you just have to be vigilant and lucky, when you finally get that deal it feels so good. I got: Super Mario Land 1-2 and 3 (Wario Land) Tetris Tetris Attack Dr. Mario Asterix (interesting thing about this game is that it was never released in North Am…

  • Quote from FroyoClaus: “Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “Quote from Guinea: “Halo is the best FPS game, imo. ” Tied with Siege. ” And Goldeneye 007 *cough* ” *cough* Perfect Dark *cough* Timesplitters 2 *cough* ... wut?

  • Brexit: The Setting Sun

    Pietro - - Serious Discussion


    What do you think is more likely, a no deal Brexit or a new referendum?

  • So excited for Master Chief Collection on PC, its ridiculous.

  • Last week a new episode of the revived ZU Cast was launched and included great segments including an interview with Youtube Lets Player Chuggaaconroy in which Cody and Chugga discuss Zelda, Lets Plays on Youtube vs Twitch and whether Cody is the Kramer of the Internet or the Jay-Z of Minecraft. A question which you can discuss and vote on yourself here Who is Cody Davies? Other segments included what we hope will be included in the Link's Awakening remake which was recently revealed, a plea to r…

  • Here are the results for the side awards! Best Supported Old Game: Civilization VI- 1 Rainbow Six :Siege- 2 Shovel Knight- 1 Most anticipated 2019 game: Animal Crossing Switch- 1 Resident Evil 2 REmake- 1 Devil May Cry 5- 1 Ori and the Will of the Wisps- 1 Game with most surprising moments: Marvel’s Spider-Man- 1 Hollow Knight- 1 God of War- 2 Please stop (industry trends that need to stop): Everything becoming Battle Royale- 3 Everyone creating their own streaming services and subscriptions- 1 …

  • 9th annual NES Marathon with donations going to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. Go watch and if you want send them a donation

  • I left it open for a bit longer since it was the last round, but there haven't been any votes in a while. So by a vote of 6-5. The winner of ZU's GotY 2018 is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Agree, disagree? What is your personal game of the year, feel free to post about it here!

  • Who is Cody Davies?

    Pietro - - Community Central


    Its a very divisive question Cody. This might split ZU forever.

  • Who is Cody Davies?

    Pietro - - Community Central


    The newest episode of the ZUCast recently launched and there were a number of segments that were quite interesting including looking at Zelda fashion in games outside the main series and a plea to revisit and re-evaluate Spirit Tracks, but I was left with one question after listening to the podcast. Who is Cody Davies? The Jay-Z of Minecraft or the Kramer of the internet. (Hidden Content) I will leave it to you, the community of Zelda Universe to debate this very important question and come up t…

  • I watched Alita Battle Angel today and I really enjoyed it, my biggest issue was that the world building was kind of weak. I wanted to know more about the world and what happened to it, but it was kind of shallow and didn't give me enough. Apart from that a very enjoyable movie.

  • Zelda 2 was very popular at the time of release, people have only come to hate it in retrospect because its as hard as many NES games were at the time. To me Zelda 2 is still one of the best NES games, very well designed and rewarding game. As for the NES as a whole, it was a great console but there was also a lot of garbage put out on it that make modern games we consider garbage look like masterpieces.

  •…es-on-gog-star-1833122831 Warcraft 1 and 2 are also coming to GOG soon

  • Guys... YES! Finally, now all they have to do is release Warcraft 1 and 2. So happy about this!

  • Funny thing is you can actually play Super Famicom games on an American SNES (the only thing preventing it is a couple of plastic tabs in the cartridge slot that prevents a Super Famicom game from physically fitting in the console, remove those tabs and a super famicom game will work in an American SNES, same with Japanese N64 vs US N64.) There is nothing on a hardware or software level that prevents playing Japanese games on an American system for both consoles, just a couple of pieces of plast…

  • I'm not sure though, if you want to be sure just google some images of Super Metroid boxes and compare it to your copy, also compare the cardboard texture to games you're sure are authentic. Also open up your games to be 100% sure. (Though it is possible that someone would put a genuine game and manual into a fake box for display.)

  • Quote: “Are those boxes real? Because I know they sell box replicas around where I live. You think you see a gorgeous mint box and it's actually a printed copy. ” To the bare eye the boxes seem real, but then again this is seeing them from one side without being able to touch them.

  • Funny thing is 300$ for Earthbound loose isn't even a deal. I've seen it at the swap meet for 200$ CAD and even at that price they don't sell, this is because Earthbound actually had a wide release, its not a rare or very uncommon game. Nintendo pushed this game hard, people just didn't buy the game and it ended up being sold at liquidation for 30$. Those Square, Natsune and Enix games had a much lower production run than Earthbound, yet for some reason are cheaper, Earthbound is way overvalued.…

  • Man, I would've gone wild in there and gotten everything (provided they allowed me to open up carts to verify their authenticity or at least closely inspect every cart and open at least one of the more expensive ones at random). I honestly find it suspicious that someone walked in with a selection of the most desirable SNES games CiB, I mean Breath of Fire II, Lufia II, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Soul Blazer. But it could just be that someone with such a banging collection came in to offloa…

  • Nicola Zingaretti won the leadership of the Democratic Party of Italy, defeating Martina who was the centrist Renzi replacement. I really like what I've been reading about the career and positions of Zingaretti and for the first time there is a leader of a major party who I can support in Italy. The Renzi era is over and the Democrats finally have someone on the left leading them. Meanwhile the 5 Star Movement is collapsing and right now about tied with the Democrats (which they deserve for form…

  • Quote from urnotlikeme: “I more curious how you expect a single junior congressperson to completely upend the health insurance industry with medicare-for-all. EDIT: If someone was able to win based upon the idea that he would be a wall and make Mexico pay for it, I am willing to believe in anything at this point. And so should you. ” AOC isn't the only person in congress pushing for medicare for all...…