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  • I’m 232 as of today. Pants aren’t much tighter, and I still have a little vascularity in my forearms (my measuring stick for when I need to cut down is when it’s all gone). I’ll need to cut down to 210 or so when I get back to the States, first time going home for a family reunion in a decade this summer and most extended family haven’t seen me since I was in the 140s. Trimming the waistline couldn’t hurt lol.

  • Decided to start playing Pokémon Ruby, as I never played the R/S/E games back in the day. Boom, shiny Zigzagoon first route just after getting the Poke Balls. Only other game I found shiny pokemon was Gold. Koffing, Bellsprout, and Dratini.

  • I’ve been feeling a bit unfocused in the gym the last month or so. I used to be able to really amp myself up before a heavy lift, and always knew it was show time when I’d get that chill down my back (makes the weight shoot up). Nearly on-command chills/adrenaline, but I’m honestly feeling bored now. I’ve been doing low weight/high reps which feels good for a pump, but progress is coming very slow at this point.

  • Took about 5-6 days off because my wrist and back were acting up. It was only a week earlier than I was planning for my usual week off every two months, so didn’t really affect my plans.

  • RE letting the community vote: I generally don’t participate much besides voting for the fitness guru and best facial hair, but when I read that it would only be staff voting I was pretty confused, and basically wrote it off mentally. I don’t know how there could be any surprise as to why it (apparently, as I didn’t bother to keep up with it) wasn’t a success. There’s no incentive to participate. Again, I don’t have any skin in the game so I don’t have strong feelings either way, but I can see w…

  • Savings or put it toward paying off property.

  • @GuardianFIN The best way for me to implement a new habit is to mentally make it a part of my routine, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. I started thinking of it as a doctor appointment or something I wouldn’t just NOT GO because I didn’t feel like it. Also if there’s any possibility of going from work straight to the gym, that makes it a lot easier. Don’t let yourself get comfortable haha. I’m pretty good at starting new habits if I want to, but terrible about cutting out bad ones, e…

  • Planning a new tattoo.

  • My favorite OCONUS gym, and it was just me and one other guy in there. (Hidden Content) Love me some dust in a tent gym, it’s unnatural when it’s squeaky clean.

  • Google “TDEE Calculator” and enter the required info (height, weight, gender, activity level). EDIT The app I use is MyFitnessPal, it’s a simple calorie tracker that’s really easy and quick to use. Don’t bother tracking the exercises portion, these apps are notorious for overestimating how much you’re actually burning. Best bet is to figure out your daily needs, and add or subtract a few hundred calories per day for a couple weeks and see how accurate it is. If the scale didn’t move, adjust it a…

  • She goes to the gym pretty often, though I doubt the intensity is the same as me. And yeah her TDEE (amount of calories needed to maintain) is probably right around yours, and since she’s trying to lose weight, 300-400 calorie deficit is what works. On both sides of the spectrum people severely under and overestimate how much they actually eat lol. I don’t go out of my way to give advice to people IRL because 9 times out of 10 they don’t want to hear that they need to change their diet. Everybod…

  • I was 50/50 happy and torn at the announcement of the Link’s Awaking remake. Happy that it was a thing, and torn because it means I’m going to buy a Switch for one game. Unless they do the same for Ages/Seasons. It’s a bit much to ask, but doable if they use the same game engine/character models. After seeing the trailer I’m about 70/30.

  • Calories in, calories out. Once I started thinking in terms of cash flow it got really simple. Not easier lol, just simpler. I used to be super skinny, and way overestimated how much I was eating. “I eat so much but can’t gain weight.” Turns out once I started counting calories I was only eating 1600-2000 calories. And while forcing myself to eat more (easiest by eating more frequently and not when hungry) was difficult at first, it works. And the same in reverse, if you are consuming more calor…

  • Lying in general, eh. Difficult to say. I am, however, great at telling when someone is feeding me some bullshit. As a general rule, if an excuse is overexplained, it’s bullshit.

  • I’m enjoying FE6 quite a bit, difficulty is up a notch from FE7/8.

  • What are you buying?

    Bartimaeus Sex - - General Chit-Chat


    I’ve still got the 7, but I do recall missing how small the 5 was comparatively.

  • Girl asked if I was in a relationship/married today. Apparently her friend saw me in the chow hall and wanted to talk to me. However, this is the same girl (the one who asked me) who decided to do hip thrusts super close and facing me when there was nobody on the other side of her bench last night so she might have been asking for herself. Gyms going well, nothing crazy happening. Slowly building my lifts.

  • Contractor who I was working with to start building my house this year isn’t going to be able to now. It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just trying to get something going while I’m overseas has been tricky, so it might not be finished by the end of the year.

  • The last week or so I’ve been sleeping amazingly. Like 2 minutes from getting in bed to falling asleep, which is very unusual. Coca Cola pleases me. (Against my will. I was doing pretty good on the no-soda train)

  • Quote from Guinea: “@Bartimaeus Sex Is FE6 the one called Sealed Sword?? And I'm still playing BotW like mad. ” Binding Blade from what the internet tells me, though being translated it could probably be Sealed Sword too.

  • Finished FE7. Going to start FE6 (translator patch) next.

  • I’m the middle of traveling, so I haven’t been to the gym in a few days. Hoping to get back at it soon, I haven’t been to this particular gym I’ll be using in a couple years, I hope it’s still as great as it was then.

  • I’m still chipping away are FE7, a chapter every week or so. Only a few left, then I’m planning a FE6 (w/translation patch) run! I’m heading overseas for work again in the next few weeks so it’ll keep me busy during my limited free time. ALTTP will happen eventually, it’s still waiting for me.

  • Second playthough of my Pokémon Colosseum 2D project, with Espeon as the starter this time. Re-randomized the rom so different wild Pokémon would be available. Something to note: Even though I made legendaries unavailable aside from the static ones, one of the in game pokemon trades on Cinnibar Island became a "Trade me your Pigeotto for my Regirock" so I couldn't resist. Dakim rematch at Realgam Tower (Hidden Content) Nascour: Elite Four #2 (Hidden Content) Greevil from XD Gale of Darkness fill…

  • -33 here and the parking lot is packed. These are some dedicated people.

  • @Rambo That brown puddle form of his deals some ridiculous damage too. My most hated boss in the game. I’m getting angry thinking about it lmao My favorite boss fight is either the Spider Guardian or Quadraxis later in the game, there’s a lot going on in terms of strategy in both of them.

  • Aspiring CrossFitters have taken the gym by storm and they’re stealing the dangerously knurled barbells that I love. My grip was iffy today because I had to use a severely worn one.

  • I've been editing a FireRed rom to make the gym leaders/elite four the Cipher Admin, Team Snagem, etc. from Pokémon Colosseum. Levels are adjusted to the approximate levels they would normal be in FireRed/LeafGreen. Available Pokémon are randomized (excluded legendaries with the exception of the static ones like Zapdos and Mewtwo). A couple of XD Gale of Darkness bosses are in here as well. I'm doing a playthrough now to see if there's anything too easy/difficult. I'll probably do at least one m…

  • Went to the gym and took my New Years Eve gains. New rack pull PR; 565x5. Probably going to consume several cheap beers tonight. Can’t let my body be too efficient, or I won’t have to work hard! Haha

  • Randomized Pokemon Colosseum run is going well. My party as of now: Swampert Lv 41 Metang Lv 41 Aggron Lv 41 Machamp Lv 41 Squirtle Lv 43 Flareon Lv 43 Just caught Squirtle in The Under, so two more levels and I’ll have a Blastoise.

  • Quote from Bartimaeus Sex: “Started a randomized Pokemon Colosseum run after watching a YouTube series of one. All I can say is I’m getting smacked around pretty good, way worse luck than he had lmao. ” Miror B had a Koffing as his shadow pokemon and it used Selfdestruct before I could snag it :<

  • Started a randomized Pokemon Colosseum run after watching a YouTube series of one. All I can say is I’m getting smacked around pretty good, way worse luck than he had lmao.

  • Ehh, no particular meal plan, just some recipes I cycle through week to week while meal prepping. I just try to get my calories in for the day however I’m able.

  • Was -22 Fahrenheit today and the heat in my truck is being wonky.

  • Creeping along with FE7, haven’t been playing too much. Hope to finish by the end of the year, and get back with ALTTP. TTYD run with my gf is moving along, midway through Chapter 2.

  • Haven’t updated on weight here in a while, but I did rack pulls (knee level) for 4 reps with 565 lbs today. I may or may not have been talking shit to the bar under my breath as I walked up to it (I’ve had mixed results with this tactic), but it was easier than expected. It’s been a couple weeks since I went heavy, and I think the break helped. I’ll be taking a week off soon, I like to do that every couple months. Also have my PT test coming up (beard is gone :<) so running is going to be a thin…

  • Donuts or pizza?

  • About 90% of the way through Fire Emblem 7. As much as people talk about FE8 being too easy, I’ve had even less trouble on this one. Lyn died once early on, but I haven’t had to reset for a character death since. Taking a break on A Link to the Past, I’ve been messing around with Ages doing some rom editing. Planning to make a short game with some new areas, probably 4-5 dungeons that I’ve made adjustments to. It’s been a while since I did anything related to programming, but it’s been interesti…

  • 3D remakes of the Oracle games with TP style graphics. There would probably be some hurdles with making certain areas 3D, and some boss fights would need new strategies, but I think a 3D Veran/Onox boss fight would be pretty cool.

  • Doing great Brett! Gone from ~165 lbs to ~215 in the last 3 years, night and day differences in social interactions. Was always hoping you’d be back. The last time we talked you told me you were looking into the Mounted Police, it’s great to hear that you got involved with it! It’s great to have you back.