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  • Paradox Thread

    Avalanchemike - - General Gaming


    Been doing a bit of a run as England. I chose them on a whim. It kind of turned into an achievement run for A Night In Paris + Anglophile and a number of other recent (aka which weren't in the base game) achievements. I haven't been hunting for any, it just kinda happened: lJ3Uubn.jpg igNMpew.jpg My empire in Europe, along with allies and vassals: 3eCNCx2.jpg My idea sets: ygnVIKA.png I avoided the War of the Roses crisis mostly due to luck. I wanted to avoid war with France initially so I gave …

  • Quote from Pietro: “He doesn't have to beat the Conservatives for this to hand the next election to the Liberals, he just needs to peel off even 5 percent and I think he has the potential to reach closer to 10-15%, leaving Conservatives in the mid 20s. ” I'm not saying you called it ... DliQgeMUUAExo6B.jpg ... But you called it. From an online poll with 1000 Canadians. I'm curious if these numbers will hold up with phone polling but call me cautiously optimistic. We'll see if this is just a hone…


  • Quebec 2018 election blog

    Avalanchemike - - Creative Corner


    No, Quebec is p fucked tbh.

  • I'm not celebrating yet; splitting the party requires personal popularity OR policy chops and I'm not yet convinced that Bernier has either. The Reform Party split occurred at a time when there was significant regional discontent in confederation; the West felt overshadowed by the East. Manning worked with a number of other like-minded individuals in creating a party one which was dedicated to a set of ideals, principles and policies. Whether or not you or I like Manning, we cannot deny that the…

  • you know what would probably help you with that? if you didn't go out of your way to look at political sub-forums

  • This needs to stop!

    Avalanchemike - - Serious Discussion


    you're right, comparing nazis and people who want to punch nazis does need to stop as if either of those two things are comparable

  • A white supremacist asked the Prime Minister in Quebec the other day a loaded question while her white supremacist pals were videoing. When the Prime Minister accurately said to her that "your racism has no place here." So naturally the Tories are defending her.

  • LogicalPencils: The idea that the media is the only factor in an election is either ignorant or naive. It's ignoring literally thousands of volunteers who go door to door, who do phone banks or who are engaged in GOTV efforts. It further ignores both the parties and their ad buys which they invest millions of dollars into each cycle, as well as the planning they do at regional, state and national levels as well as the millions more they generate in fundraising. Thirdly the statement makes no ack…

  • Trump is absolutely in violation of Twitters terms and services and has been dozens of times. The reason they don't ban him is because $$$. Trump on their platform generates clicks, views and people talking. That is, largely, the reason so many companies in Silicon Valley don't act when bad actors like Alex Jones break their terms and conditions. These people bring them money. Why would they hurt their plump little cash cows? The only reason these companies are banning Jones now is because it's …

  • Quote from john_marston: “And I'm genuinely impressed a ZU SDer could understand that people would take issue with a major platform outright banning right wing content. ” And yet I'm unsurprised that you can't tell the difference between "right-wing" content and Nazis.

  • Quote from john_marston: “Furthermore, what does perma-banning Alex Jones accomplish? It'll make the far-right that followed him even more radical. And the rest didn't watch his videos unironically anyway. ” Also you're literally wrong.

  • Quote from john_marston: “As much as Alex Jones is a clown, I don't like how YouTube/Facebook/Spotify/Apple are handling their definition of hate speech (by banning such people). YouTube has been on a demonitization spree the past few years of right-wing/edgy content. And effectively shutting such channels down (financially or by outright taking down videos). While promoting the 'TV' channels and shit like Logan Paul (until the media hated him), turning a blind eye when they violated the T&C–sho…

  • Quote from Pietro: “Posted this on slack, but I think its a good topic of discussion or free speech on privately owned platforms. After looking into it there would be some legitimacy in the free speech argument if Facebook were just banning people for being conservative. held that people do have the right to free speech even on private property if its a space that is used by the public as a meeting space which facebook, twitter, etc argua…

  • the issue is you cannot cast healing word and cast magic stone on the same turn because actions cannot take the place of bonus actions in 5e if we are level 3 and my friend is novaed on the first round I can heal him with healing word without immediately involving myself with the dudes who knocked him previous to my turn but i cannot cast magic stone so that, on my next turn, i have the opportunity to dish out some damage to those dudes as well and if my friend goes down again in the next round,…

  • Quote from Foo: “2. Bonus action bullshit ” Same, brother.

  • Must be hard to always reflexively grab low hanging fruit.

  • Arry Potta

    Avalanchemike - - Entertainment


    As PROFESSOR Dumbledore, Michael Gambon leaves a bit to be desired, yeah, but as the WARRIOR Dumbledore I think he does fantastic. Richard Harris is the perfect Dumbledore for the early films, capturing the whimsy and wisdom we expect, but I have trouble imagining him the Dumbledore we're introduced to in the latter half: one who goes toe to toe with Voldemort in a duel, who makes him feel fear and forces him to retreat.

  • Arry Potta

    Avalanchemike - - Entertainment


    allow me to rephrase: ron is the worst regardless of medium

  • Arry Potta

    Avalanchemike - - Entertainment


    ron is awful irregardless of medium

  • The Nintendo Switch

    Avalanchemike - - General Gaming


    if the details are vague enough any leak can find some truth lol

  •…t-against-rosenstein.html Fuck the Republican Party.

  • I remember ZU when...

    Avalanchemike - - General Chit-Chat


    wow asia didn't even mention me i am salty she is not my best fried chicken

  • 'Far Right Trolls Disingenuously Target Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and More Over Twitter Jokes'

  • Quote from Keith: “Following on from James Gunn's termination at Disney, Dan Harmon is now being targeted for a video he made 9 years ago where he parodies dexter as a pedophile. He's deleted his twitter. ... ” This is not going to stop with these two. Bautista was quite right in calling these folks cybernazis in his defense of Gunn. Who hasn't made a joke that they regret? That they have grown past? For many people on this forum, and the internet in general, there hasn't been a time when they h…

  • they're not voldemort you can say republicans

  • Vote early and vote often!

  • i mean, honestly the idea that you cannot vote on an election day as a citizen because of some arbitrary registration date is absolutely astounding to me my mother and i voted at the same time in the provincial election in june. we've voted in the past three (federal, provincial and municipal) elections without issue and because we share a residence we share the same polling station. for an unknown reason, she was removed from the poll registry - it took five minutes longer for her to vote than …

  • Quote from Zoran Hero: “I really don't see how this would have any effect on turnout during the midterms. Everyone who already cares about Trump and Putin's relationship almost certainly voted in the election and have been F11-ing their browsers for any dirt about this since Trump was president-elect. If "Trump is bad/did bad things" didn't work for HRC, why should we expect the same strategy will contribute to a blue wave in any way? ” I think there were a number of people who were convinced Cl…

  • DiP_abbWsAEZFMh.jpg eyes_1f440.png I wonder which POLITICAL PARTY has ties to GUN RIGHTS ORGANISATION

  • Quote from Red Dingo: “To be fair, if but for the want of a nail history could have just as easily ended up with Asians, Africans, or Native Americans being the ur imperial race that stained the world with blood. The Caucasians just luckily got the continent with wheat. ” We are having a conversation based on reality not on fantasies.

  • Quote from Leslie73: “@John @Avalanchemike: I think that both of your posts are missing the point, since I don't believe he claimed that Finland is entirely free of racism and discrimination. He was responding to the claim that all white people are imperialist monsters by correctly pointing out a white country that has never engaged in the many acts listed which supposedly provide support for this claim. As such, the conclusion (white people are all monsters because they all do or have done this…

  • [vote]Kae[/vote] *extremely pedro voice* vote for kae and all of your wildest dreams will come true

  • Going off John's post, Finland does discriminate against the Sami people the indigenous peoples of the Lapland region.

  • Yes, he did give his reasoning in the post. And his reasoning was, paraphrased, "I'm less upset about genocide than I am about the failure of Korean diplomacy because this proves there is no plan and Trump is a moron." We have known for literally years Trump is a moron. Everyone knew that his Korean diplomacy was going to fall through the moment he left the far east. Leo is trying to make things look better because he spent days arguing that Trump deserved the benefit of the doubt when he didn't…

  • Yeah, I know you were just making light, no problem. To me though your post pointed out an attitude exemplified that shown by Leo, and frankly speaking a lot of white people in western society, so I felt it was a good segway to my next point. It reminds me of a thread I saw on twitter earlier. Erstwhile allies of people of colour are content to sit on their hands and wait on the Mueller investigation or the mid-terms in November and we have to ask ourselves is this enough?

  • i mean ... people have been saying for literally years there was no plan and that everything Trump has done has just been chaos for the sake of a grift. I'm not sure why this thing in particular is what it took to convince you of that. I honestly feel like you should have realised this like ... 2 years ago. I'm not sure this is quite the revelation you're making it out to be. Quote from LeoBravo: “Also, I’m just going to just try to clarify: “cracka” is an acceptable insult to throw at people in…

  • Quote from LeoBravo: “I don't even know why the NK thing irks me more than the kids in cages... ” tenor.gif

  • I wasn't going to respond to you because, frankly, I despise you, but I'm going to limit myself to one response because how fucking wrong-headed you are with your white-knighting. 1) I will absolutely attack motive. I will attack motives because they fucking matter. If someone places more value on dollars or guns than human lives I'll be explicit in pointing it out. If they don't like it they can change their values so they will no longer feel shame over them. 2) There are a number of things we'…