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  • 2020 US Presidential Race: HERE COMES BERNIE This thread is closed and has been subsumed into the thread linked above.

  • Also just a quick note that I've removed this line from the OP: Quote: “Discussion relating to the direction of the Democratic and Republican parties and the feasibility of policy ideas should go here: 2020 US Elections and Electability ” I felt like having two separate threads would ultimately be redundant and that the two topics should be merged into one, this thread will trend into that topic at times inevitably. So feel free to discuss electability of candidates and their policy ideas in her…

  •…-million-just-three-hours Just donated my $27 to his campaign

  • Oh so Joe Biden is running then? I came into this thread expecting good news, like Bernie dropping his next mixtape

  • There are plenty of legitimate uses for the Emergencies Act and throwing it out in its entirely would go too far in the other direction and potentially paralyze the US in its ability to react to actual emergencies. It can obviously be abused, as in the example of Trump where he fully admitted his action wasn't addressing a true emergency, and the courts should overturn that order - but climate change is an immediate emergency in every sense of the word, it's a much more valid use of the Emergenc…

  • So Trump has called a national emergency to redirect federal funds to his border wall, and now that he himself has stated it wasn't a true emergency there are several legal challenges waiting in the wings. While the move has been universally panned from the left, the hesitation from some on the right is more interesting because of a simple fact: a democratic/left-wing president could take similar moves for their priorities. I think it would be frivolous for a left-wing president to take unilater…

  • I was going through some old books and pamphlets in my apartment, and I happened to come across this pamphlet titled "Foundations of Freedom" which contains the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Ten Commandments as an added bonus. I'm guessing it's something I was given while in boy scouts or in high school. Looking at it more closely I see it's from the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice), and while I'm pretty big on secularism and not too hot on including the ten comman…

  • lol no way in hell would I spend $60 on the LA remaster/remake - I've never particularly been big on the handheld Zeldas in the first place (after all this doesn't appear to be a remake as far as the gameplay goes), but if it's in the $30-$40 range I may give it a shot.

  • I dunno if I'd count on Harris having a bonus with black voters, she has a background as a prosecutor and in particular pioneered criminalizing parents of truant kids: Laws with an unnecessary emphasis on criminalization unfairly target minorities and my guess is that they won't take too kindly to her rhetoric, which is not a one-off for her

  • Also in the case of Derek Black he's made combating racism a centerpiece of his life work, similar to the former neo nazi who now heads an organization committed to deradicalizing nazis and fighting racism/antisemitism in general. To my knowledge Northam hasnt done any of those things, and that's the difference between him and Derek Black.

  • "The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro's friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political "football game" that is constantly raging betwe…

  • Howard Schultz's reason for being in this race is to preserve his own wealth, he laments "revenge politics" but it's obviously very personal for him because the only policy idea he's offered so far can be summarized as "don't increase my taxes"

  • For me the joycons and especially the single joycon are just too cramped and the buttons tend to stick after enough repeated hits, the pro controller is more spacious and better suited for fast-paced gameplay

  • I also bought a pro controller because of Smash, I was fine with the joycons for BotW but you're definitely at a disadvantage with joycons in Smash - it's too easy to press wrong/multiple buttons with the joycons in Smash, and god forbid if you're playing with a single joycon lol

  • If it's a portable-only version of the Switch then I don't think early adopters are even missing out, most likely it's intended for parents who want to buy the system for their kids but are turned off by the $300 price tag of the original Switch.

  •…n-same-sex-marriage-case/…utm_campaign=news-opinion Kim Davis, meet the underside of a bus

  • The Nintendo Switch

    Viajero de la Galaxia - - General Gaming


    Quote from GregariousTree: “But I think we're all holding out for the dream of GC virtual console. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of confidence in Nintendo on that front, haha. ” I don't have much confidence in Nintendo when it comes to handling their backlog either, but using the Wii as an example it released with N64 titles on its Virtual Console, and the N64 was right at 10 years old by that time. Compare that to the Switch which is 10 years younger than the Wii, so under the precedent esta…

  • NES games just don't have much appeal to me in general. I don't know the best way to describe it, but the game physics of many NES games I just find too awkward/annoying/etc to play more than five minutes. A lot of retro sidescrollers seem to have unclear/confusing hit detection boxes on players and NPCs too. I keep in mind that I'm playing these games with a switch pro controller which isn't the original control scheme, but I don't think it should make a big difference. SNES, N64, and on up is …

  • Quote from Ty.: “Honestly, I’d they update the NES games regularly enough, and add SNES, I’d be perfectly happy. ” This is one of the few frustrating things about the Switch (another is voice chat not being integrated into the Switch itself and needing a smartphone app). It needs to be opened up to N64 titles and beyond too, especially the GC library which was never represented in the virtual consoles on the Wii or Wii U.

  • Also I think what infuriates me most about the Biden speech is that you constantly hear Democratic pundits claim Bernie's not a real democrat because he chooses to caucus with the democrats while keeping the independent label, but out of Biden and Bernie one of them goes out their way to campaign for democrats while the other works to destroy them - we should be questioning Biden's democratic credentials and not Bernie's.

  • I have been getting bombarded with Kamala Harris ads on YouTube, almost single ad-enabled video I've watched today was pushing the same Harris ad >>

  • This doesn't make for a good SD topic I'm afraid - you've outlined your philosophy on existence (which I have a hard time following) but I fail to see what there is to discuss so I'm locking it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

  • 2020 US Presidential Race: HERE COMES BERNIE Just a heads up that there's now a SD thread specific to the US Presidential Race, so take any future discussion as it relates to Democratic Primary entrants or Trump's re-election campaign over to that thread

  •…_5c4ba15de4b06ba6d3bd0a29 Bernie Sanders is about to announce his presidential run for 2020, so with that I'm also creating this thread that will serve as a hub for all discussion related to the presidential race. A few guidelines: - Discussion that is specific to Trump but not his re-election campaign should go into other threads - The tone for this thread will be similar to the War Room: one-line reactions to current events (e.g. posting links to unfolding develo…

  •…_5b928d30e4b0cf7b003f3321 The arrests continue, probably the most satisfying one so far

  • john_marston is banned and there's no point in responding to him here in this thread.

  • Mod Note: Since I know there are some members who may not be familiar with SD norms, just a reminder that if you have feedback on a moderator acting in a moderator capacity (e.g. me quoting the SD or forum rules) that you should respond via PM and not in thread. For future reference if I know you're aware of the rule then you may be subject to infraction.

  • Quote from john_marston: “Still not enough credible evidence to refute my claim that the bulk of major North American media leans left. ” There are SD forum rules against doing this: Quote from Avalanchemike: “6) Ignoring Evidence/Arguing in bad faith (Added 2018-03-01) By posting, you are agreeing that you will participate in discussion, not to simply state your views or ignore evidence present. [You are entitled to believe what you like and you are free to post that, but you are not entitled t…

  • Quote from Aquamentus: “Furthermore when you access MSNBC online:…63843?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_ma you get some fairly "non-center" content including the "The Art of the Failure to Make a Deal" or if you scroll just a smooch down you have a headline "Low Energy Trump works less than most Americans" or the many many articles that involve reps and or other various individuals including DACA recipients stating a claim that is generally opposing the current Administrations''s…

  • Curious why The Guardian is in that list, they're technically based in the UK. Should also include BBC since they too have a US presence. My issue with that list is that it's all from a US perspective, of course nearly every source is going to be left of center when the US is your datum. The AllSides data also contains a lot more nuance that isn't shown in your list - you can see that there's disagreement over the liberal/conservative bias of many of the sources within the community feedback. Fo…

  • I've seen plenty of "left-wing" outlets report on the updated video footage, they all seem to agree that it gives extra context (though I disagree with the Huffpost headline that it complicates the narrative)…-students-native-american…_5c455270e4b0bfa693c4d1e1…n-second-video/index.html Nothing in the new footage absolves the kids who were being assholes, it just shows that there were other dicks in the p…

  • Yeah the MAGA hats don't particularly help their case that they were unwilling participants in a confrontation on the way home from their anti-abortion rally

  • Colleges should take a good look at all the students in that video, a lot of them look like they're of the age where they're applying

  • Did the Conservatives rule out another Scottish referendum (which they shouldn't since the circumstances since 2014 have changed)? Though with oil prices so low there may not be the majority support within Scotland for leaving the UK, but I could be wrong.

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “What if someone with real progressive bonafides attempts a run? Someone like Barbara Lee? I doubt most people know her outside of California or neighbouring states, similar to a certain socialist Jew once upon a time, but what if the extensive crowd of candidates leads to people we really should want to see in positions of power elbowed out before they even have a chance? This is not an unrealistic possibility. Though part of me wants there to be about a dozen centrist…

  • The more entrants in the primary the better. Get the media attention on the democratic side for once, which may work itself out since the RNC appears to be taking the path the DNC chose in 2016 by anointing Trump.

  • The point I was making in that quote was not about policy issues but rather tactics - Republicans when in power never made rules changes that made it more difficult to pass their tax cuts, they did the opposite and bypassed statutory PAYGO law put in place by the Obama administration (which would have triggered automatic sequestration for entitlement programs if they hadn't).

  • Here's a very recent example of Democrats crippling themselves needlessly: The worst part is that only two progressive representatives (Ocasio-Cortez and Ro Khanna) have explicitly said they will oppose PAYGO, the other members in the progressive caucus have indicated they will vote in favor of the rules change, which will institute austerity and pre-emptively destroy progressive policy proposals for the forseeable future. Austerity economics…

  • Missouri, like many other red states that lost centrist democratic seats, had progressive ballot initiatives that won clear majorities. Democrats don't need to run to the right or embrace gradualism, the US electorate is largely center-left and is in favor of progressive policy proposals. The same logic you're using to justify Kamala Harris is the same that the democratic establishment used to justify Clinton over Sanders, which led us to Trump - you can argue that we can't know for sure that a …

  • I wouldn't count on it, I expect this shutdown to last for weeks. Unless senators, representatives, and the president have their paychecks and assets frozen while federal workers go without pay they won't be in any rush.