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  • Writers and readers of all kinds: voting for the current writing contest has begun! Go do the thing!

  • The Zelda Universe Writing Contest, January/February 2019: Voting! The submarine fun continues! Five brave seafarers entered this writing contest, and it is now time for Neptune to judge their works! (And by "Neptune," I mean, "ZUers." Bear with me here!) The prompt, in case you forgot, is "Hidden beneath the ocean." Hence this paragraph's maritime theme. Go forth, young fishes! Vote like you've never voted before! (Actually, please vote exactly as you've done before....) Here's what should infl…

  • Writing Contest entries are due in about 8 hours! I have four entries so far, which is great...but the more the merrier! The record number of entries in the past year is five entries; just two more entries this contest would beat that! Let's do it! There's no minimum word count, so feel free to write up a quick something that fits the prompt! Visual Art Contest entries are due a week from this Thursday! Do it do it do it!

  • Writers: Two days left to get in your Writing Contest entries!

  • In case you missed it, Kirby's Adventure is now available on Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online as of today! I've had the joy of playing this game on Wii (Dream Collection) and on emulator, as well as the GBA remake (which was my first Kirby game), and if you haven't played it, you are in for a treat. Compared to the remake, it's hella dated, particularly with regards to the controls—you have to press up to float; double-pressing A does not work—but it's still a super solid p…

  • Animal Crossing Switch!

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    But it's so cute! ...Which is all it has going for it so far for me, as an owner of LADX on 3DS. (I should get back to that sometime...) I'm so bitter about lack of AC mentions. Like, at least show Tom Nook—actually, screw him; don't do that; his face is scary. At least show Kapp'n!

  • My most recent short story, "Now and Then," is now (finally) available on Tumblr via my blog! If you'd prefer to read it in Tumblr rather than on a forum...well, I wouldn't blame you! And now you can! Also, there are just over two weeks until the deadline for Visual Arts Contest submissions and Lady Sunshine hasn't received any yet, so please do start getting those in! Do it for Lady Sunshine, at least!

  • D&D players: I have CAPD (central auditory processing disorder), which makes me quite a bit slower than average at processing spoken language. I just started playing a campaign with the new D&D club at the school—this is the first time I've ever played D&D—and it's a lot to take in, especially since the only visual aids we have our character sheets. Does anyone have any suggestions I could pass on to the DM and/or the other players that would help me wrap my head around everything that is going …

  • Unfortunately, no, you can't skip the Spirit Flute stuff. Assuming you don't have an issue with your GamePad's microphone—you can test it in System Settings—it may be an issue of timing. When I played ST, I had no trouble until the very last Spirit Flute "challenge," but on that one, I spent about 45 minutes trying to do it. Then it turned out I apparently needed to match the rhythm of the song approximately—it wasn't enough just to play the right notes in the right order—because as soon as I st…

  • One week remains for submissions! I have three entries now, so the show will go on, but it's always fun with more!

  • (This is a board I don't frequent often enough lol.) I started watching the Jack Whitehall series Bad Education the other day because I saw that both Mathew Horne—whom I know from The Catherine Tate Show—and Michelle Gomez—whom I know from Doctor Who, as well as ...Sabrina—are in it. And I'm absolutely loving it. It's almost violently British, and it's a distinct reminder of why I prefer British comedy to American comedy. The kids are hilarious, as is Whitehall himself, and it's just so well-wri…

  • I got back into Oolite yesterday. It's an open-source clone of the original Elite game, and it's so much fun, especially with mods (OXPs). Highly recommended for anyone who likes retro gaming and/or space sims. Best part is that it's still under active development after 15+ years. Check it out; it's free! There's an OXP (Oolite Expansion Pack a.k.a. mod) called ooCheat that will come in handy if you're into the open-world sim genre but don't like all the credit farming or space combat. I use it.…

  • I hate having to write papers by hand. I'm so perfectionistic about my penmanship that I erase and rewrite a lot, and it's even worse in Japanese. But he makes us write all of our Japanese papers by hand. In order to minimize anxiety, I actually type the whole thing first and then transcribe it on paper. I just wish I could turn in the typed version, as that would save a lot of time.

  • There are cat photos in this thread, so count me in. I'm not sure what single fact about me to use yet, though. I'll sleep on it.

  • I know that someone could make a decent case for memes as art, but they don't really fit the kind of content that belongs in the Creative Corner. If you are a graphic designer and want to throw some of your own memes into your portfolio thread occasionally, that's fine, but a whole thread of memes is far better suited for the Clan boards. Or Tumblr lol. I appreciate the enthusiasm, though!

  • If you'd watched through video #4, you'd have been able to translate that yourself. (Well, minus the "demo" at the beginning.)

  • It's finally time to introduce yourself in Japanese! This is the first lesson with a theme, and I hope that the added context will help with learning and enjoyment. There's quite a few topics covered, so give thanks to the media deities for rewind. ADDENDUM: You never refer to yourself using honorifics. @BackSet-Chan's username is incorrect when he's introducing himself lol.

  • Hello ZeldaUniverse!

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    Welcome, Jako! Seems you've already found the Creative Corner, so I don't need to plug it for you here lol. I'm in charge of that board, and Lady Sunshine and Violetlight help me out when they have the chance, so if you have any questions pertaining to posting your written works, feel free to reach out to one of us! Thanks for gracing us with your presence! Oh, yes, and happy birthday!

  • Shameless plug: Writers! Entries for the current Writing Contest are due on Sunday, February 17, and I've still only gotten one so far! Even if you've never entered before, we'd love to see you involved! For more information, check out the official info thread.

  • Hey, cats! I'm just popping in to plug the January/February Writing Contest, which is currently accepting submissions! If you have the ability to write anything fictional and/or poetic in English, even if you've never entered a contest before or published anything, I welcome you to give it a go! I entered my first ZU Writing Contest almost nine and a half years ago, and even though that was my first time entering any sort of writing contest, I got runner-up; they're a great source of inspiration…

  • Two weeks remain! I've still only received the one entry...

  • ^That's pretty much what I've always experienced. Like, I'm comfortable wearing masculine clothing—well, particularly elderly masculine clothing lol—and not having hair down to my shoulders, but I have always cringed internally at overt references to my masculinity. That's pretty much where my nonbinary identity came from. You are welcome to explore labels or just forget about them altogether! Whatever helps you feel comfortable in your own skin as an individual!

  • Ellen Page is a hero. Her emotions are contagious. I almost started crying in the middle of the cafeteria.

  • Hey, life happens. If you can tell your teammate, even in a quick message, do so, but sometimes that's not possible. You should keep going with what you have because it started out very strong!

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

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    NOTE: The feedback thread has been merged into the Hub thread because it doesn't make sense to have two threads. So you can leave feedback in here from now on!

  • Here's my feedback! Hope you find it more constructive than mean! lol (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • I wrote feedback for all four teams. I'll post that here later today!

  • I hope the most recent lesson didn't confuse you too much! I've decided to go with a theme for the next lesson: introducing oneself and others. This will include honorifics, the no particle for possessives, demonstrative pronouns/adjectives, present/affirmative-form of adjectives, and how to give information like age, place of origin, etc. Hopefully this will be less scattered and also have more practical use lol. For the next lesson, you should be able to read kana pretty well, since I'm rarely…

  • I also play a wide range of genres—even some M-rated horror/adventure, which often shocks some people to learn lol—though I find it very hard to go wrong with sandbox and simulation games. Garry's Mod, Powder Game, The Sims 3, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, OpenTTD, Starbound, Battlecruiser Millennium... I can't stay away from these games for long. (I'd mention Minecraft, but I go years without playing it without dying, so I can't count it lol. But that's also a good one.) I just love freedom in games.…

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

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    Since he doesn't touch the forums lol, I will confirm on his behalf that he's since gotten a better microphone. You can hear him use it in his closing for the roundtable in the episode itself.

  • Sneaking through is more fun. :3 Anyway, I'm here to complain about my school's café. So last year, they had this amazing dessert, the Bean Blaster, that was basically a thick milkshake with mix-ins. That stuff was amazing (and terrible for one's health lol). Fast-forward to last semester, and they never got the ice cream necessary to make it. I was very confused. Fast-forward again to this semester. I walk in, and now it's "proudly serving Starbucks." I look at the menu, and it's basically just…

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

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    Go check out the new episode, plus the unabridged roundtable! I'll leave @Pietro to write actual stuff about it and links and stuff because I've spent the past 2.5 hours getting these prepared for release, and my brain cannot words. And because you visited our forum-based HQ, have an exclusive treat: an extended blooper reel from our November/December episode! Also, it's Segment Host Randy's birthday, so go spam his wall with birthday well-wishes @MrWrite!

  • The ZUCast 2018 Hub

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    Hours remain...

  • I despise snow. Reposted from Nayru: I was just out running some errands for an hour or so, and about 45 minutes in, the snow started to stick to roads. On my way back to school, I ran over a curb while turning due to lack of traction. The impact from hitting the street again has my leg and back a little sore now. Then, two minutes later, I was turning at an intersection, and I almost hit one of the cars waiting to turn off the street I was turning onto. I didn't, but it was close. FRAK. SNOW.

  • Playing through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on my Wii U as part of the Trilogy. I already played this game on the Wii, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my second playthrough. I will echo the common complaint about it being too hand-holdy compared to the first two games, but I'm mostly playing for the atmosphere, music, and that sense of awe that each one of the game's spectacular environments instills within me. I'm optimistic about a HD MPT release on Switch. I hope they keep the motion controls but…

  • Zelda II Appreciation Thread

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    ^Same! This game is absolutely abusive already, and I'm only in the second Palace. Luckily, it's the fun kind of abuse lol. Also, frak Goriyas.

  • Three weeks remain to get your submissions in! I have one, so I need at least one more to get this thing going!

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    Glad you figured it out!