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  • Uh, are you responding to my quote? Because the flood was caused by the Gods, not a child making a Triforce wish. What I love about that quote is what it reveals about Ganondorf's desperate character. But this is a good time to say that a reason that the Triforce was left with Farore's creations was so they could have hope, and learn to use it worthily and for good. Link is the paragon of his kind, the example to all mortality of how to rise to the virtues of the Triforce and use it for the pros…

  • "What did the King of Hyrule say? That the gods sealed Hyrule away? And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule? "How ridiculous... So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool... What they can possibly hope to achieve? Don't you see? All of you... Your gods destroyed you!"

  • Just as another touch of guidance, Zelda stories are often foremost a snug blanket that fits over the gameplay, serving as a thin veneer of in-universe justification for whatever random thing Link is doing. The best parts of Zelda stories, especially prevalent in the major console titles, are when the developers take time to use the world, characters, and even gameplay elements, to create a coherent theme and lesson for the player. Things like the Triforce, Hyrule, Zelda, and the Master Sword, f…

  • Yea wow that's a rather radical shift on Zelda's character.

  • The wild is so beautiful, Link! Not as beautiful as you.

  • Out of curiosity, since I'm leaving on my mission in 3 weeks, how far'd you guys get with it all?

  • Yes I did include only a part knowingly, that's why I put an ellipsis at the beginning and linked to the discussion I was drawing it from. And I concur with MLK's message as I stated earlier, that we are to neither be complacent and idle nor violent and hateful. The way of love is indeed more excellent. The reason I quoted only his statement concerning the latter attitude was because that was the part most applicable to the conversation -- people were expressing what appeared to be not just disc…

  • Considering the way HH establishes Ganon's obtaining of the Triforce in the DT, we don't know that he really had a balance of the virtues. Additionally, he doesn't appear to have the capacity to use the Triforce beyond his initial wish that created the Dark World, which would support the idea that he's still without a balance of virtue and that trying to touch it again would split it. I think one of the most poignant messages of the Zelda series is that true power is a matter of having true, goo…

  • I'm not convinced on the definition of Hylian being "people who lived in the land of Hylia", because that would make it nearly a synonymous term with Hyrulean and would include non-humans.

  • Where are you getting this idea that I'm calling MLK a "moderate"? The very letter I'm quoting has him state he's radical, in that his approach and his principles are radically different from those of the two forces he's describing -- the "white moderates" and the "force of bitterness and hatred".

  • Zelda Headcanons

    logicalpencils - - Theorizing


    (The greatest discovery of my life was finally understanding that when Navi said she couldn't get close to Ganondorf because muh dark magic, she actually meant "you can't target him lol".)

  • MLK Jr. seems apt here: "...The other force is one of bitterness and hatred, and it comes perilously close to advocating violence. It is expressed in the various black nationalist groups that are springing up across the nation, the largest and best known being Elijah Muhammad's Muslim movement. Nourished by the Negro's frustration over the continued existence of racial discrimination, this movement is made up of people who have lost faith in America, who have absolutely repudiated Christianity, …

  • Look, just telling you now, those House seats you got were from suburban areas where people were still somehow convinced that the Dem base cared one iota about moderation, civility, or charity. It'll be interesting when they discover that isn't the case.

  • Yea yea, that's cool, I'm sure if you say bull like that enough times you'll convince those evil racist Nazi dogs to accept your ridiculous policy proposals (or lack thereof).

  • Oh, by all means, get more angry, get more radical. The day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship.…fc15189d86cac207e4a882aa1

  • I'll take the trade in the House for a stronger Senate any day. Pelosi is detestable but she isn't going to be stopping judicial appointments anytime soon.

  • Wait, which 'they' are we talking about now, that "didn't call themselves the chosen people of Hylia"?

  • First time eligible to vote, and I'm a PA resident so it'll be great to see if we kicked out Casey from the Senate. This thread's gonna get real... exciting tomorrow.

  • They aren't the chosen race among humans, they as humans are the chosen race.

  • Do we actually have confirmation that all Hylians are literally blood related to Zelda? Because they might also just be called Hylians because they were the chosen people of Hylia. Round ears is simply a trait indicative of having lost the magical traits inherent in the original Hylian race. This new ear shape wouldn't require non-Skyloftians to exist, though. ~~ Yea, no it's ridiculously unlikely that there's a Sky People in OoT that would be available to give help to the King when Ganondorf is…

  • I knew it was you with that SS fic, @Setras, you sly dog. Also I'm okay with taking all the guilt for the theme this month; Ruki was just strung along like the Right Hand in the poem I actually intended to enter this one, but didn't finish it in time. I'll post it on its own thread in the next few days.

  • Hyrule is far too different in WW from what it was at the end of OoT to suppose that the same Hyrulean king from OoT could still be around in WW. OoT honestly implies the King of Hyrule was murdered at any rate. I've seen conflicting reports on the text of WW Ganondorf's blades -- HE says "genuine/the real thing", and I've also heard "Koume/Kotake". I'm certainly kind toward ideas of Ganondorf being a corrupted soul, but I hardly believe it was a passive manipulation; Ganon became the Demon King…

  • I mean, where else would the Gerudo come from? We know that the Sheikah were set aside for specific duties and services for Hylia long ago, and HE says they came from "another world"; but otherwise the humans of Skyloft are the only humans in existence at the time of SS. So unless the Hylian race is specifically restricted to only include those who are directly descended from Zelda (in which case the Gerudo are just outcast Hyrulean humans), the Gerudo must be some subset of ancient Hylians that…

  • The first thing I'd like to point out is that, while guardian deities and minor gods have appeared in many forms in the Zelda universe, both Hylia and the Golden Goddesses are depicted as having female human forms. The Sheikah, who are Hylia's servants, are also human. One reason for the humans being Hylia's chosen people, then, is simply that they are the beings Farore created in the image most like the Goddesses, and that being stewards under the authority of Hylia was a birthright of theirs. …

  • I mentioned this in a totally unrelated thread, but what makes Link's role appear so different in this game is that his objective isn't a conservative one like it is in almost every other game -- he's not trying to save or preserve something, he's trying to destroy the world. But I believe the comments of the Wind Fish and Marin show us what makes this destructive motive nevertheless the moral choice in this circumstance. Marin speaks repeatedly about desiring to move beyond the sea, which when …

  • (Reminder to @Ruki that the theme is "Guilt", not "Grief" -- the entries both seemed to focus on the latter to the point of overshadowing the real theme, which is something I criticized)

  • I'm certainly attracted to variations on the concept of a second Zelda being present in SS, given that my long-standing headcanon is of a timeline split caused by the game's ending. However, I feel like the writing takes far too long to speak something of itself; the majority is just a quotation of in-game events. And as for the short portion that speaks of the death, I find a lot of emphasis on grief and loss, but not so much guilt. The writing is good, workable, but there's nothing special or …

  • It wasn't the Master Sword at the time the pedestal was made but whatever. There's a distinction between a language being exclusively sacred and sacredness being exclusive to one language. The purpose of the TP script was for writing down certain sacred things, but that doesn't mean sacred sites can't use the common language at other times where appropriate. The holiest site in Hylian religion, by the way, is Sky Keep, where the Triforce rests.

  • The Interloper War (what you've termed "Twili War") did not happen between OoT and TP as you seem to be implying. Ganondorf was at best a few decades older than he was in OoT when he was banished to the Twilight Realm, a place that had clearly housed the Twili for much longer. In fact, the details of the Interloper War that we do have suggest that it occurred during a time before the Triforce was sealed away from the knowledge of the people -- that is to say, before the time of Rauru. The common…

  • The map screen literally calls it Spectacle Rock. Like, we didn't pull that name out of thin air.

  • (Fun fact, the official chart for the Gerudo Alphabet from OoT actually titles it "Geldo's Alphabet", interpreting the "ru" from the Japanese as an "l".) There is a... slight trouble with this theory.…ranslations/Skyward_Sword You'll find that both the Sealed Temple Doors and Sky Keep contain the TP Hylian script. Granted, these instances don't translate to any English words, so we can't know what they're there for, but the symbols themselves clearly predate the Ge…

  • You speak to your mother Princess Zelda with that mouth? You come in here with a very honorable BoW profile pic and say the story was "pathetic" smh.

  • I probably love the story more than most people do. I'll just say one thing about Zelda: I'm a real sucker for moments of frailty from main characters. Link crying in SS when Zelda sealed herself away was captivating; when I see BoW Link dying I finally feel that colossal death that the Calamity caused; and in those rare moments that I get to see Zelda in real, personal distress -- hurt, weeping, unable to stand -- gosh, nothing gets to my heart more. Breath of the Wild really drives home the po…

  • I was greatly honored to have been considered first as the story lead for this project, and I have had a lot of fun in just reading and brainstorming a small segment of ideas. I'm sure stuff like an underground hub, solar eclipses, salamander companions, and a unique, open-air dungeon set-up will stick in my mind for a long time, and inspire my future creations. I must confess that, as I am preparing to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I've come to the d…

  • (Actually, no, no we don't. We need to focus on the freaking game itself. I've been working on a layout for the swamp tower dungeon.)

  • I very much appreciated that remix's faithfulness to the original style -- most people toss away the intended instrumentation and feel for the sake of "epicness" which ruins the nature of that song.

  • I... didn't see that divide about Link's clothing. There were some people who tried to make it into a "play as a girl" issue, but most everyone else took it as the distinctly Japanese kind of joke it was.

  • Meh, it removed everything that made the theme distinctive -- where's the Eastern winds, (heck, almost any woodwinds), the piano, the moving holds and pauses, the humming bass? There's some change to be expected, given that the setting is radically different in Smash. But this is the standard orchestral downgrade you'd expect from a small YouTube remix channel, not Nintendo. heck, this was great, too:

  • Wait why not have prejudice and racism in the dialogue? That sort of tension between the Hylians and Gerudo in OoT was great, honestly, and it would make little sense for these races to act prejudiciously to each other if they didn't talk like it. Gerudo have a different language, yes, but I'm not aware of any other standard race having their own spoken tongue.

  • Quote from FroyoDragon: “And throwing sexual remarks at someone who doesn't want them nor asked for them is literally the definition of sexual harassment... ” (And sexual harassment is literally not the same thing as rape and does not make you a rapist, even if the charge is true which nobody knows.)