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    Quote from Malia: “kasuPONY lmao xD” force-choke-o.gif

  • Mafia XVIII Hub

    KasuPony - - Mafia Archive


    A Star Wars mafia? Our forum can't repel posts of that magnitude! Does that count?

  • Quote from Evran_Speer: “If I want to kill my two-year-old son, can I do that because in my religion, life doesn't start until he's five?” For one, your two-year old son can, biologically, survive outside of your body. Gestation isn't quite the same as your...intellectual exercise. People put so much stock into a group of cells, but I don't see anybody prohibiting the purchase lotion and tissues in the same stroke. Seems disproportionately pitted against female-bodied individuals, honestly.

  • I'll throw in a treat. Something special that's resulted in nationwide discussions: the case of Fred Martinez Jr. right in my own home town of Cortez, CO. It's over a decade old and it's still talked about because of what a horror it was for our community. Our seemingly hospitable home was marred because of it, and it remains a difficult subject both for LGBT people and the identity of our community. Hate crimes are acts of terrorism on a personal and communal level, at minimum.

  • Going to talk about some sensitive topics in this post, so be forewarned. Quote from AzureCobra: “What Christian terrorists? I haven't seen Christians blow people up. ” Firstly, read up on terrorism. It's not simply "blowing people up". There's a lot of comparison between violence and oppression in what I'm going to say next because they're oftentimes mutual for obvious reasons. A great portion of hate crimes against people based on sexuality or gender expression are caused by religious extremis…

  • Quote from AzureCobra: “She mentioned that the KKK is a domestic terrorist organization, which was true eighty years ago, but we have so many Islamists in the states that the KKK shouldn't be a problem right now.” Considering that McCarthyism royally screwed my people over (shoutout to my boy Reagan), I'd like it if you didn't, you know, be so unreasonably xenophobic by generalizing all Muslim people as problematic, since they're not. You're causing more harm than good by doing it. Quote from Az…

  • The game is over, so I guess I can say that I decided to investigate Stryder in my last night alive. Because I knew he was town, this last day's actions were hilarious to watch unfold. I hated keeping my mouth shut but my god it worked out so well. Also I want to apologize to @Khao for lying about our relationship as cop and deputy. I needed a believable story, so I fabricated one from a previous misfortune. But I was good, so it was in mutual interest to do so, despite how frustrating it must h…

  • Quote from AzureCobra: “China built an even larger wall that stretched +13,000 miles, so why can't we build a wall that's only a couple thousand?” I don't know how much you paid attention in social studies, but the Great Wall of China actually isn't all that great. The notion of a wall to keep out immigrants is a grand, xenophobic and hypocritical idea that doesn't quite hold up to reality. Yes, it could theoretically be done. It's just insanely expensive and ignores the problem that we created …

  • Question about Timeline

    Kasutony - - Theorizing


    Only technically. With Majora's Mask it's more certain as (I believe) there's a minimum of three time jumps to complete the game through normal playthrough, and each of those would split the timeline as it did when Zelda sent Link back in time (creating the child and adult timelines). But that's not the same as what you're suggesting. You could theorize that at any point in any game, Link slipped and cracked his head, but personally it doesn't have any value unless it has official confirmation.

  • Thanks, guys. I'm a bit bummed I'm out, but I'm not surprised. Still, I'm confident in a town victory, so I'm glad to have played my part. Just scatter my ashes over the white house lawn when you bring President Waluigi home.

  • Good luck, guys. (Hidden Content)

  • THEBESTCULTISTS (6): Bombchu Girl, Kasutony, SacredSturgeon, Stryder, THEBESTCULTISTS, Xyphon Kasutony (2): LeedPredator95, Linkle Not voting (3): AzureCobra, Mercedes, Orion

  • Also if you're going to take up the mantle of keeping vote records, at least include who voted whom so that people can verify your claims.

  • So Pietro was defending Linkle p. hard the past two days. Just pointing that out. Quote from AzureCobra: “*2 according to Kasutony” Stop with the "according to Kasutony". It's factual. That killed me in my last game with Malia, I would know.

  • Wow, Pietro was literally my direct opposite. With our little time left, I'm going to look back and see his interactions.

  • Quote from Kay Faraday: “Struggling on deciding what to do? Well, this is just my thoughts on the subject, but you should probably lynch the mafia.” Thank.

  • Oh and of course I'll post one last screencap of my spreadsheets before the day ends so that you guys can replicate it and continue it once I'm dead.

  • Quote from Orion: “So we'll need another person to vote to keep you alive Kasutony, what person stikes you as most scummy?” Quote from Orion: “Also, just in case you die tonight, can you give us a read list on what your opinion is on everyone?” I've said before that I don't like readlists because they can be way too unreliable, but if I had to say those that stuck out most were Bombchu Girl and Pietro. AzureCobra's also been doing his best to slip under the radar and appear agreeable, despite po…

  • Quote from AzureCobra: “I'm pretty sure you and Khao aren't the only cops in the game.” Typically, yes, there's only about one cop in the game. I got a deputy to work with in this one, presumably because of the action movie premise. I'm putting myself out here for the mafia to come kill me in the night so you as a town can focus on someone else today. Take the chance while you have it.

  • Look, if you manage to kill off the constable forces, I'mma start rooting for the mafia to win this because you'll have earned that. Khao was my deputy. He was killed off by someone, I don't know, but now I'm alone in this. The other person is Xyphon, who could confirm what's up. Why the results came back the way they did.

  • Let's spice it up a bit. I'm Coptimus Prime. I had a PM line open with Khao and we were meant to work in unison. Our abilities covered what the other lacked. I won't give much away about what we could do, but suffice it to say that we discovered that Mercedes read as pro-town and Xyphon read as inconclusive.

  • Quote from AzureCobra: “now to rally up today's current votes: Kasutony (5) THEBESTCULTISTS(1) Am I off, Malia?” Kasutony (5): AzureCobra, Bombchu Girl, Linkle, Orion, Pietro THEBESTCULTISTS (2): Kasutony, THEBESTCULTISTS Not voting (7): LeedPredator95, Mercedes, SacredSturgeon, Stryder, THEBESTCULTISTS, Xyphon, ZoraLuigi I have a full spreadsheet for this. If you want vote counts, just ask. Quote from Xyphon: “I also agree the vote hopping there was really suspicious. I'd also consider looking …

  • Sorry Malia. :u Quote from Xyphon: “I disagree. I'm almost 100% sure that a bandwagon forming THAT quickly at the end of the day has at LEAST one scum on it, possibly 2 or more. I can feel it in my balls.” Looking at my notes, the only one who was on both bandwagons was THEBESTCULTISTS, who is, not surprisingly, missing in action. [vote]THEBESTCULTISTS[/vote]

  • Quote from Xyphon: “I find it really interesting that you're more concerned with people who put some pressure votes on Linkle to get things going when there was nothing to go off of than all of the people who jumped on the Miss Mojo bandwagon instantly right before the day ended.” They were unnecessary votes on Linkle. Linkle could still be scum, I don't know, but I deliberately went after Linkle while acting as if she was the best lead. (She wasn't. Moreso now once you see my role.) Miss Mojo m…

  • @Bombchu Girl Same for your post today. I was over it and almost made a post just for it. :y

  • Fair enough, I suppose. Quote from Orion: “As I've stated, no one man should have all that power. It happened with Gant in Phoenix Wright, we considered him to be trustworthy just because he had created some of the more thought out posts, but in reality, he was Mafia. Don't. Trust. Anyone. Always be suspicious. You may think I'm fixated on you, but I've trusted people and have been fooled too many times.” For a town like this which simply screams "disorder", yes, it's necessary for someone to ri…

  • Quote from Pietro: “Why? I don't understand why voting for Linkle makes them suspicious. I don't think Linkle is scum because it seemed to me after Please Understand's death that someone was trying to frame her” X Try to keep up.

  • Quote from Mercedes: “I have a small question; the Vigilante who we assume killed Khao. Will they be a third-party like Dr. Delt?” Vigilantes are usually town-aligned. Serial Killers, however, are not. ---------- I am a townie. I am not a townie.

  • Must you all be so boring? You're all edgy and unhappy about me being a leader, so I gave you the tools for today and yet you're still fixated on me. Last time I'll go over this, since not everyone got it: Day 1, we go after the least active to force people into activity. Once people are posting more, there's a greater chance of them slipping up. It's simple and efficient. Town have nothing to hide, mafia do. We had to roll with the punches because you messed up by not listening to me. You didn'…

  • Quote from SacredSturgeon: “Kasutony could you give us the current post counts of everyone?” tumblr_nwlq8mUAF11qdi08ko1_500.png (Hidden Content) Quote from Bombchu Girl: “Why has the Mafia not made it their priority to take out the "leaders" of the town during the night sessions?” Same reason you and I didn't go after Foo and Mike until later in the game when we worked together in Discworld. You know why, so the bigger mystery is why you're pretending not to. You speak with confidence that we ha…

  • Alright, just finished rearranging the spreadsheets to be reader-friendly. If you need summaries or information, ask. Linkle, have some TV Tropes. I'm not here to be amicable. I'm here for whatever it takes to end this in a town victory, and all my actions should show that. If you want to contest that, by all means, but do try to take it objectively and score point-for-point the things that I have done to lead this town towards coherence instead of being hung up over my discussion about the meri…

  • Quote from Linkle: “Excuse me? No one townie is any less important to us. We need each other. If we lose a townie, whether less active or more active in our voting, we're still losing a townie -- a member of our group, an ally to our cause. Loss is loss. No matter who it is, if we're down by just one more person, it's not good. It's bad, and it's damaging for us.” How is it that you're certain AzureCobra is a townie? How were you certain that Miss Mojo was a townie prior to her death? While I'm …

  • Quote from Linkle: “"Y'all?" Shouldn't it be "we"? Is it because we voted "no lynch" and you don't consider yourself responsible for that, or is it because you're not one of us?” Bombchu Girl was all over this yesterday. It's inane to think scum would let them slip with such simple vernacular given they know they're intended to maintain the pretense of being pro-town.

  • Regarding AzureCobra and valuing others: every action is a risk. Everything is a gamble, so I don't know why you're surprised about this. I already explained why it would have been least damaging to lynch him. Regarding Miss Mojo: it was effectively a policy lynch. Her move had "scum" written all over it and I wasn't about to dance behind excuses. If your motives aren't to progress the town, you're not helping and by consequence your value decreases. Still reviewing things myself. I'm keeping up…

  • Quote from AzureCobra: “It is currently Day 3 and 4 people are dead.” Not out of the norm. Quote from Pietro: “There were two people killed last night so does that mean there's a serial killer and if so why did only one person die on the first night?” There's multiple possibilities. 1) Server issues on night 1. 2) Even-numbered night vigilante or SK. 3) Paranoid gun owner was targeted by Khao, resulting in his death. Other things could have happened, but y'know. Without any true knowledge of wha…

  • Quote from Malia: “you will survive tone by being bootylicious” (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Malia: “ONE HOUR LEFT.” One hour? That's ages! What if I get bored, or need a television, couple of books? Anyone for chess? giphy.gif

  • Not buying it. Your issue isn't that you voted at the end of the day. It's your push to kill nobody at the end of the day. The town's only way to win is to lynch one person at the end of each day. If you flip red, we'll know how to handle Linkle.

  • Quote from Miss Mojo: “Lol, I knew it. I'm quiet during most of the day and when I suddenly want to vote I'm suspicious. It seems to me like you're just shooting in the dark here.” No. You cannot vote No Lynch now. Not so close to the end of the second day. You need to go down for that.

  • Quote from Bombchu Girl: “Also, could someone do the math on how how many mafia we'd have in a group of this size?” About 1/3 maybe? Maybe 1/4. (5.6 or 4.25)