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  • Hollowman, there is nothing you can conceivably present to convince me that you shouldn't be lynched. @SacredSturgeon: Tell me here and now: why did you say Kay Faraday and Napstablook?

  • @HollowmanOfEoL I highly doubt the notion that you'd be a vanilla townie, we've already lost one in such a small setup.

  • Quote from Napstablook: “I don't think mafia can nightkill other mafia (actually, can they?) ” They can kill anyone who isn't bulletproof, including their own. @HollowmanOfEoL needs to claim now. We are set to remove at least one mafia by tomorrow morning. I'd place my lot of money on Ruki next, though I don't trust you either, Blooky darling.

  • [vote]HollowmanofEoL[/vote] If anyone has investigated boxes and found something suspect, now is the time to speak up. We can't afford a mislynch. TwOnwRQ.jpg It's time to avenge our brethren. Let's do this, Hollowman. Speak up, claim now.

  • @boxes what happened to your promise?

  • Quote from Ruki: “A question for English while we're at it: who did you recruit last night? ” tumblr_lnvekwVNsV1qjqz6co1_r1_500.gif I'm sure that's a perfectly innocuous question with noble intentions, particularly so close to the end of day. Only mafia want to know the answer to that, as it paints a target on innocent players.

  • Three votes? That's a cute underestimation. (Hidden Content) The silence is bothersome, but we'll have information to look over tonight at least. Promise of Hollowman's death. We're looking at a potential to knock out two scum. A potential that I'm positive we're not going to see. Tomorrow, there are a few obvious moves, but we need to stress those who haven't voted and, for that matter, contributed.

  • (Kay's a female.)

  • Quote from boxes: “Can you quote the post(s) in which Kay lied? I didn't notice. But tbh I have had to re-read her posts several times due to my brain skipping over the V's, I may have missed something.” It was just the post in which Kay started using Ws instead of Vs. It's a negligible falsity imo. Unless, for whatever reason, Ws and Vs are important.

  • @English: Well, you did generally stay with me for yesterday's votes, so I'll be willing to at least make the votes even and see how far this goes. [unvote]Sabbo[/vote] [vote]Lucretia[/vote] Cdot9eT.gif Let's finish this quickly.

  • English, care to rationalize your vote? I don't necessarily disagree, but I also don't think we should be tossing votes in every direction.

  • Last message was three hours ago and the servers aren't even misbehaving right now. (Hidden Content) Come on, it's time to speak up and get caught lying.

  • The notion that the Mafia's factional kill was towards Foo is, at least, unorthodox. Speaking frankly, he isn't someone that I'd target to kill, considering he's the bandwagon leader the town went with and the go-to logic is that a minor participant will keep the executor under the radar ("Alberto Principle" or whatever we're calling it these days). I have to wake up for an early meeting tomorrow, but I'll leave these for everyone's consideration: (Hidden Content) [vote]Sabbo[/vote] Night, lovel…

  • @boxes did you attempt/succeed in a kill last night?

  • (Hidden Content) This is cumbersome, I wanted to lead a Foo vote today and get the chance to wrestle with him in a fantastic show of glimmering muscles and wit. Next game, man of many maths. Did anyone come across any useful information worth sharing?

  • Day 1 be looking like giphy.gif ----------------------------------- May 19th 2016, 5:50pm ----------------------------------- Quote from boxes: “I'm guessing it's a BB problem all around. ” From what I understand, it was an issue with the server, not necessarily BB themselves.

  • There's people voting Sabbo, and people (Ruki) protecting Sabbo by banding with his vote. Then there's Blooky who's just wasting the vote. I have a precinct meeting tonight, so I'm likely going to be away during the EoD. I'm sticking to Sabbo, don't end today foolishly. EDIT: Peeps being all "let's vote an inactive" and yet not voting Sabbo. I see, I see.

  • Could you link to where Sturs voted Sabbo? That's my only discrepancy with your list. Here's a list of vote hoppers: (Hidden Content) I'm not liking the swing of momentum. Y'all guilty af and it's going to bite you. NOTE: My (Tony, in case it happens again lol) post was merged into English's for some reason, so I'm reposting.

  • Quote from Napstablook: “why wait? If you're the vig, you could kill him tonight! ” Bring it.

  • Gonna lose bishie points for this, but it's for true justice. [unvote]boxes[/unvote] [vote]Sabbo[/vote] ----------------------------------- May 19th 2016, 1:23pm ----------------------------------- @Foo: Don't confuse correlation with causation. I'm not punishing activity, I'm punishing poor behavior. That criticism is remarkable as you don't seem fond of the inverse, either. Punishing those who are hiding in the sidelines, not producing any substantial content.

  • It's 'k boo, I've played scum before and I know how one defends by trying to discrediting the other. You're my #1 to be certain, but Sabbo's my #2 bae. You're just more likely to be around than he is.

  • @Ruki: Hollowman is going to be absent for a while (see hub), so bandwagon pressure there won't do much good. Quote from boxes: “Discussion doesn't hurt either way. ” Quote from boxes: “Well, I'm currently suspicious of those who only answer with "I want to kill scum" ” boxes, now we got problems, and I don't think we can solve them. Now we got bad blood. Earlier you were asking empty questions. Napstablook called you out on it, and you gave the most laughably flimsy excuse for using them. What …

  • Quote from boxes: “Foo had multiple reasons for choosing English, one of which was that he was in a Western time zone and would be around to address the situation. ” Being in a western time zone is not an indication of being around. It's an indication of likelihood, but it was the very first post, so English had no chance to be around in the first place. We may be splitting hairs, but my gut doesn't like it.

  • Since we're talking about post counts anyway, I made myself a spreadsheet and I'll share what I have. (Hidden Content) Things went a bit pear-shaped as HollowmanofEoL responded before I wanted him to, but I guess now is as good of time as any. [vote]boxes[/vote] EDIT: included Boxes' post just before mine.

  • Quote from HollowmanOfEoL: “I don't see an actual question in there.... :3 ” Because it wasn't.

  • Quote from boxes: “in lieu of that I'm OK with Foo's strategy of choosing people who are around. I also think however the wagon situation turns out, we should all discuss an alt lynch well before days end (a few hours at least) so we're not scrambling after a role claim etc. We have a lot of backups so there's no point going after totally inactive players as they'll be replaced. ” Except that wasn't Foo's stated plan, and not why he chose English. Your twisted facts have been noted. Quote from H…

  • English wrote: Quote from English: “As to my arrival time, I am not late. ” A bishie is never late, nor is he early, he bishies precisely when he means to make you swoon. ----- My sagacious babes, let us make one thing clear: I'm confident that we will weed out the truly radiant bishies from the impostors with the gaudy, prosthetic sparkle gifs. The distinction can be difficult to discern, but a carefully drawn eye can spot the minutiae. Considering that I have the best animation around, it will…

  • It might benefit me personally to wait until stability swiftly comes, so I'm thinking that.

  • Tomorrow is a thing so I'm going to be away for most of the day. I'm doing a day in a town like 1.5 hours away and then I'm coming back to do a safe space coalition meeting that evening, so I won't be able to contribute much. But I will be making the world a safer place for bishies IRL and that's what counts.

  • That depends. If it's for certain made by Nintendo, we have a page for that. If it's only published by Nintendo, there's a page for that too. Mentioning "an erroneous reference" doesn't fill me with much confidence, but there's definitely pages for it!

  • Quote from HollowmanOfEoL: “ - Like the sail cloth. Zelda makes it for you but claims that Hylia gave one just like it to her hero. - The Imprissoned also talks about only battled one of your race before.” It should be common practice to expect citations to claims such as these, because it's too easy to slip into misconceptions and it really doesn't help the image of a community of theorists when misinformation is passed around freely. Credibility and the ability to rationalize based on factual …

  • What if Hitler cured Cancer

    Tony - - Serious Discussion


    Conversely, I think you should consider Alfred Nobel and the story behind the Nobel Peace Prizes.

  • The most ideal bathroom in my mind is simply a neutral bathroom that has facilities for people who wield penises, vaginas and other external genitalia for which to expel waste. Urinals, toilets, "feminine hygiene" dispensers, so on and so forth. Also simply using barriers to separate each disposal station. There are rare situations in which genitals may be in view, but it's not in a sexual capacity. Children should be educated on what genitalia are and that it's not a big deal that someone has o…

  • I think this video touches on the topic of transracialism. Effectively, no. If you're white with a white cultural background (vast as they may be, I'm speaking from an America-centric point, which is much more generalized than European concepts of "whiteness"), you have no real place trying to adopt the culture of another ethnicity. It trivializes the experiences that they face without being held to the issues of prejudice, discrimination, what have you. It's appr…

  • Mafia XXI Hub: Duelist Mafia

    Tony - - Mafia Archive


    Quote from Pennington: “Oh, small question for those who thought it: what was it in my playing as Mako that made you think I was scummy/suspicious?” Something of note is your tendency to go balls-to-the-wall at the end of day during high-risk situations (like with the cop). That would ping on my scum radar.

  • Mafia XXI Hub: Duelist Mafia

    Tony - - Mafia Archive


    Quote from (MF)_Yusei_Fudo: “@(MF)_Ryo_Bakura Will you be able to get on Dueling Network around this time tomorrow? We did talk about a duel, and I'm not one to back down.” Quote from (MF)_Ryo_Bakura: “OK so I made a separate account. This time tomorrow. ZUBakura. Everyone is free to come and watch me beat you ;3” I myself am 200% down to duel, if anyone wants to join in with me or these fine fellows. My account is "TriforceTony" and I'll be available near the start of the day.

  • Quote from Three Pendants: “A game where I think it is plausible that Link and Zelda are brother and sister is OoT. Zelda says the name "Link" sounds familiar and the Composer Bros. mentions that Link looks a lot like Princess Zelda, which would be an odd thing to say if it had no further meaning.” More accurately he says, "What? You again? Somehow, you remind me of... Princess Zelda..." Which isn't exactly the same thing. EDIT: Also there's a big problem with the war and Link's mother…

  • Quote from CosmoCortney: “Is this character actually unused? I can't talk to him. He is just running around an carrying this pot. CY5ya9AWcAAtwCG.png:large” Yon dudebro is a character running around in Castle Town. Also "beta" is a term met with much disdain, especially among TCRF.

  • If that's your rationale, that's cool. Zelda Wiki's rationale is concrete and separate from that; I've stated what it is and why, so whether you agree with it is up to you. (Also could you perhaps format your posts in a more alternative manner with line breaks and the like? It's harder for people to follow long walls of text.)

  • I'm not certain what definition of "official" you're operating with, but both the CD-i games and the cartoon series were officially licensed products. They're not part of the main series or the canon, but that influences nothing. Nintendo are not proud of the CD-i games and have historically opted to not acknowledge it in professional contexts, but that is absolutely irrelevant. You likely don't want to consider them based on their quality or who was involved in production (or "faithfulness"), b…