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  • Quote from Guinea: “35 @Monika, what are some of your favorite games? ” 43 I love Persona 3, 4, and 5. I also love the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.

  • 34 Holy crap you guys pinged me a lot. And yes, no matter what they post a user with few posts will reset the count. It's devious, I know.

  • Out of context quotes

    Monika - - General Chit-Chat


    "They are like babies... that I sit on."

  • 48 Randomizers have logic to them so that you can beat the games without any glitches. You would have to specifically turn on a "no logic" option in order to possibly need glitches.

  • 45 (Summoning @Big Daddy Biggles so he can see how many people love his randomizer outside of his thread) Yeah randomizers have lots of settings for what gets randomized. For example, you can have dungeon keys stay within their dungeons or be included in the general pool of items to be randomized.

  • Quote from TingleMakesMeTingle: “I'd love to try out ZOoTR at some point. ” I'm doing one right now, actually. I kept getting stuck at points because it's been many years since I've played the game, but also because there are a lot of business scrubs I never knew about because they only old trivial items like red and green potions. I made the mistake of including them in the randomizing pool, and as such I found Zelda's Lullaby about 6 hours after I was first capable of finding it. :c 31

  • 29 Instead of speedrunning (which only momentarily held my attention maybe a year ago), I've gotten really into randomizers recently. It involves a deep knowledge of where things are in the game and how it works, unique ways to solve problems that you may not be able to solve in the traditional way the game intended, and really good players can utilize glitches (most of which would never be used or be unnecessary for speedruns) to make even more interesting randomizer runs.

  • 16 is also a thing

  • 11 Oh and I'm not talking about myself.

  • 9 Are you guys ready for a new resetter to enter the battlefield? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 12 Good morning, everyone~

  • Best thread: Big Daddy Biggles Plays ZOOTR (Zelda Ocarina of Time Randomizer)

  • Ban the user above you! v.4

    Monika - - Forum Games


    Banned for being lost in thoughts all alone.

  • Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “So I'm finally playing a Persona game - P5. I have a question that may or may not seem odd depending on whether it's standard for the games. So I'm still early on (just going through Kamoshida's palace). I finally found the Treasure room then went back to the real world to send the calling card. Only probably was that it was the day before the deadline so it was game over. Then I started a week before the deadline and went in 2 days before the deadline (as Morgana …

  • Hunger Games Simulator

    Monika - - Forum Games


    Screw you, District 5, for being good at this game. EDIT: Got ninja'd. Apparently they were doing too good so Tru needed to nerf his own team.

  • Hunger Games Simulator

    Monika - - Forum Games


    ... Well that escalated quickly.

  • Hunger Games Simulator

    Monika - - Forum Games


    I'll have my (male) partner be Joker Also I wanna be district 8 pls

  • 21 My resets are always the ones that hurt the most.

  • You skipped a number. I always notice.

  • Quote from Guinea: “41 I am here to talk about life, and love. ” 48 I'm here to talk about Love Live!

  • Quote from Emerald Isle: “7 I know I was being dumb, I don't understand it either. ” 2 There's nothing wrong with taking anything about a person being dead seriously. Even if retrospectively it's obviously a joke or untrue.

  • I didn't think I'd end up away from the computer this long but here we are :v

  • Trish continues eyeing her victim's body with a smirk, but addresses the party. "Of course, if you all wish to stop me from ending this wench's life you can try all you might. I don't intend to do this as a show of loyalty or allegiance to any of you, nor is it a full demonstration of my abilities. I just want to get rid of this problem."

  • Aftera long period of silence, the silver-haired woman snirks under her hood. "You all are pretty fucking boring and clueless, aren't you? You're clearly out for blood to save yourselves, but can't manage to think of any solid footing." Trish then reaches around Ar-Neferu's waist and draws the foreign woman's curved sword, simultaneously sweeping her leg to bring the woman on her back. [gladiate]Dr. Gazooks[/gladiate] "Anyone who accused Sir Gallagher of 'taking control' yesterday are automatica…

  • Quote from korokpeach: “"If Trish didn't wish for the Kutter to die you have weird way of showing it... considering she's dead. If you three wanted her to live you could have done that. Why not? Does dead Tracker maybe make Trish's... job easier?!" ” "I'll say it once," Trish scoffs, smirking while looking down her nose. "People really had it out for Kutter, over twice as much as anyone else. If you're gonna blame one of us, you have to blame all three of us. And if we had managed to lynch a tow…

  • Quote from korokpeach: “ Tredap feels it is important to consider two ways of finding the maybe bad people: the bad people who thought Kutter guilty, and the also bad people around to see confession but did nothing. The people in the first group all try to get by by saying they not around when the clock struck lynch o'clock, while the second bad people group have... what your excuse @Monika and @ Table (I'm already quoting you so that should already bring your attention to this post) and @Gregar…

  • 13 Now I wonder who went to bed first...

  • Quote from theunabletable: “No pillow talk was intended. As a man of God, I am eternally loyal to my beautiful wife. But I have heard rumor that something interesting was found atop your pillow in the night. Would you like to share?” "Let people talk however they'd like. My bedroom secrets are not-" Trish stops and blushes slightly, keeping her smirk and eye contact. "Er, I'd hope to keep my private knowledge to myself." Quote: “(Regarding the encounter rolls: It is objectively best for the town…

  • Quote from theunabletable: “(That's cool @zoraluigi. If everybody agrees with my reasoning, that it is objectively best for town to vote as a unanimous block. Note that we learn who received the bonuses, e.g. we know that last night, zoraluigi and korokpeach did not roll with the town. This gives us some power to actually police the rolls. Not rolling with the town is, in an essential way, anti-town. Thus I propose the following policy: <policy> Roll With the Town: Those who sign this policy agr…

  • *Monika taps some stuff into a laptop and then looks back at theunabletable* "Oh, yeah. Your code is right. I just didn't quite understand by glancing over it and a lack of tabs. My B."

  • "Good to know that guy took one for the team," the woman with silver hair says, sleepily. She wears a tight leather suit, presumably that she slept in, and brings her hand up to her mouth as she yawns. "I mean he was probably gonna die before we finished this job. Best to just pack up and head out without thinking too hard about it."

  • *Monika taps theunabletable's shoulder at the game table* "It's gonna round up, since we're talking about 'more than a percentage of failures' with discrete numbers. So 9 people need to fail. We only need 5 to pass." "You code also doesn't break out of the loop after failure += 1, so you are adding lots of unnecessary failures."

  • Quote from BackSet-Chan: “Religion in the game effects nothing except certain NPC and party conversations and certain random encounters. ” A shame, since in real life religion also boosts motivation for those who follow one. 47

  • Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “You are voting Sir Galagher with no reasoning whatsoever and based on your posting, you seem very eager for him to die. This seems fishy to me - almost as if you have been laying low, posting enough to get by and jumping on the popular wagon with no explanation. ” "My... you certainly know how to charm a woman. If you point a finger at one before asking her name, I hope you have no plans for marriage with her." The woman with silver hair tilts her head with her eye…

  • For the record my character's name is not Monika.

  • She winks at Sir Galagher, her black iris contrasting with the white teeth she flashes, then when she turns away she pantomimes vomiting with her mouth and index finger (and keeps her vote).

  • The woman with silver hair clasps her hands above her head and leans backward in a stretch. She grunts lightly. "Ah... I sure to hope this pompous prick gets what's coming to him."

  • "You are all interesting folk. Can't seem to make up your mind whether you want blood over the dead guy or not. You should either shut up and put your fingers away or I hope eventually you all build up the resolve to do something about your accusations." *Monika raises hand* GM, can I have my character casually using her actions to ready the "Dodge" action in the event a bloodbath starts to break out near EOD?

  • To be fair he did say we set out on the road once more. He did, however, fail to say whether we had stopped moving, are continuing to move, or what time of day it is. I prefer to believe this is all happening while we are traveling and all of a sudden so many of out party members just appear under trees to introduce themselves and then continue walking/riding.

  • 0 I have updated the angel victory count.