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  • Thank you ZU scrapbook, for giving me an excuse to make more people look at my adorable idiot. tumblr_nnfnwdsoLp1ryny2ko2_500.jpg tumblr_nnfo6bnR341ryny2ko1_500.jpg

  • Quote from Ahluk: “So, I am not good with words, many people know this. I'd just like to give a quick shout out and loves to Nicolette. One of the more recent people I started talking to. I gotta be honest, I was a bit shy when we first started talking, but after a short while, it felt natural. I can talk to you without holding anything in. WE HAVE SOME STRANGE CHATS, I WOULD QUOTE, BUT ZU IS NOT READY FOR THEM YET. Just, thank you. For talking to me, making me laugh, giving good advice, and jus…

  • I HATE THE PREDATOR'S SECOND PERIOD HOLY SHIT If we don't win the cup (which we probably won't lol,) I'd like to see Ottawa get it. Idk, I just feel like they deserve it. (Also heyyy I'm a new hockey fan and this is my first time watching the playoffs!)

  • Quote from BlayAndHowlie: “I choose... You! PIKACHU! No? Hmm... I choose... Hylia! Nay? hmmmmm....... I'll be a Nayruese. It was a tough choice. The Dinnies and Farorians seemed cool too, and MAN WOULD I HAVE LOVED TO BE IN A HYLIA CLAN, I still choose because I like nice peeps.” Quote from chemywords: “Hi! could I join nayru please?” Quote from Mynx: “I think i'm ready to join a clan again. Lets try out Nayru shall we?” Quote from Vespy: “I would like to join Nayru clan please.” You are all sma…

  • Welcome to Nayru, Gladonost!

  • [insert thread title]

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    Welcome to the forums! ^^ What kind of music and comics do you like? I haven't been reading a lot lately, but I've been slowly going through Saga and the old Ultimate Spider-Man series. Hope you have a good time here!

  • Generic Intro Thread is Generic

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    Welcome to the forums Dannie! Let me know if you ever have any questions or need help with something -- I'll do my best to help.

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but, the post lag seems to have caused me to get a notification for my own reply to a PM conversation about 5 minutes after I sent it.

  • just a fellow zelda fan

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    Welcome to the forums! ^^ Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever have any questions or need help figuring something out. I'd be happy to help!

  • Quote from Evan Galea: “I think Nayru clan is best for me, thanks.” Quote from Sloth Lord 5000: “I'd like to join Nayru pls :D” Quote from TheWalkingReDead: “i would like to join Nayru pls” Welcome to Nayru!!

  • Looking for friends!

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    Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to chat with across all of the boards. ^^ Feel free to send me a message if you need help with anything or just want to chat!

  • Quote from BanjoKazooie: “Also, could someone explain the clan thing?” You can read up on clans (and a lot of other things!) in this guide to ZU.

  • We don't and I'm not sure if there are any plans for one. However, feel free to suggest it here in the FSQ. Staff is currently focusing on fixing/tweaking this beta version of the forums but I don't see the harm in making suggestions for down-the-road things too.

  • Quote from awesoness113245: “I have played Legend Of Zelda since 2010 and I have gotten addicted to the game series my favorite game is Majora's Mask. I am stuck on wood fall” Oh man I'm pretty late to reply to this but we have guides here in case you are still stuck or get stuck again! I haven't played that one in a while, otherwise I'd try to help you one-on-one.

  • Hey count thread! Long time no see That dress drove me crazy last night. I was the only one in my house that didn't see as blue as first, but it looked blue by the end of the night. I still don't know why people are arguing about it though because it's definitely a blue dress, just a terrible picture.

  • Hello

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    Welcome to ZU! Let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns about the forums or how to use 'em. I know you said you've been a member of them for nearly a decade now but we just moved to new software and everyone is still getting used to it.

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but quoting someone that has other quotes in their post is kind of a pain now. Quote from SacredSturgeon: “Quote from Peekay: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Quote from Wendolene: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

  • ZU Chat/IM Quotes

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    Quote from Ahluk: “subscribing with a post” I'm also subscribing with a post featuring drunk Devon. [2/19/2015 10:41:38 PM] Devon: BUT SID IS A FOOFOO [2/19/2015 10:41:45 PM] Kith: sid a bellend [2/19/2015 10:41:47 PM] Devon: i guess u could say [2/19/2015 10:41:48 PM] Devon: hes [2/19/2015 10:41:49 PM] Devon: ma foofoo [2/19/2015 10:41:50 PM] Devon: LOL [2/19/2015 10:42:06 PM] Coreena: and devon is now hammered [2/19/2015 10:42:17 PM | Edited 10:42:38 PM] Kith: and keith is now jealous

  • Posts with multiple (large, unspoiler'd) images have a TON of empty space after the signature. This was taken at 50% zoom lol YUBRRq8.png EDIT: I'm using Chrome if that's at all helpful. I don't have any other browsers installed, otherwise I'd check the thread in them too.

  • I'm fairly sure I had 20k+ points the other day and they've been cut in half since then. I actually don't even know why my number would be that high in the first place but anyway, It appears that none of my threads are showing up on my profile, so they aren't being counted as points. I'm not sure what would have caused them to disappear but I don't think this is just a problem for me. Like, I just checked Sabbo's points and he only has 1 thread, which I highly doubt is the true number. This is h…

  • Quote from GCPads: “I sure would like to be Nayru, but I am not sure I qualify. I am family oriented and have a eye for small details (i.e. Nayru is by far the best clan). I could be a valuable asset to this group. How am I doing?” You don't have to qualify to be in any of the clans. You choose us, not the other way around! Welcome to the clan, man!

  • Show me your pets!

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    (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Hey guys..

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    Plenty of new members put their first threads in the wrong place, it's nothing to sweat over! Anyway, welcome to the forums! I think you'll have a great time here once you get the hang of things~ ^^ EDIT: Haha, those links probably don't work because we recently moved software. I'll have them fixed asap

  • Did you get "the talk"

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    My mom had a basic version of the talk with me when I was 6/7. I guess to make it more "child-friendly" she mentioned that only married people had babies. I took this literally and actually got into an argument with a friend in 1st grade because he told me his cousin's girlfriend was pregnant. She gave me a more detailed sex talk around middle school, and in high school I basically got the same information, just in a formal setting. I was lucky to have really cool substitute for health class tha…

  • The meme-game

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    i wouldn't be surprised if @Nyook made this it even has a wink in it omg (Hidden Content)

  • Halp Q~Q

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    Yeah, the mobile version seems to missing a few features at the moment. For now, try following this link for your avatar. And this one for your signature.

  • Welcome to the forums! Let me know if you ever have any questions and I'll do my best to you help you out! We have some pretty big things planned for our Advertising section, so be sure to post those controllers of yours there once we get things rolling. ^^

  • Speaking of using the source function, hovering in the text box turns it a blue/grey color which, at least for me, makes the contrast between the text and background even worse. This obviously isn't a huge deal when typing but it's kind of a pain when scrolling through/highlighting text in long posts. If the source code text could be made darker, or the hover thing disabled, that would be awesome! Screenshot just because: (Hidden Content)

  • Another returnee

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    Welcome back to the forums! You really should give Majora's Mask another shot when you get the chance. Easily one of my top favorite Zelda games, despite having a bad experience with it too, haha. I accidentally turned the game off in the middle of a boss battle and didn't touch the game for a long time after that. Finally got around to beating it last year and absolutely loved it!


    orchid - - Newbie Central


    Hey there! Welcome (back?) to the forums! Hope you enjoy yourself here~

  • Quote from insaney: “Don't know if both are because of Firefox 35.0.1” This also happens to me in Chrome.

  • Quote from Stulluna: “It looks like here is the place to post the clan you pick? I'd like to be in Nayru, please.” Quote from Bonzi Buddy: “I would like to join "Nayru Group" please! Thanks buddy!” Quote from "Young Link": “Hello, I would like to be in Nayru please? Thanks...” Quote from The Green Shield: “I was thinking of joining Nayru, they seem to be the clan that fits me.” Welcome to the clan!!

  • Welcome to the forums! If you need someone to show you around before getting adopted, feel free to come to me -- it's what I'm here for. ps - Rather than "forum users" we tend to refer to each other as "ZUers" ^^

  • Quote from Dr. Delt: “I'd like to join Nayru.” Quote from Scribe of Spirit: “As for me, Nayru it is as well.” Hey, hey! Welcome to Nayru! You two should go introduce yourselves to the rest of the clan by posting in our welcome thread. Ignore the links in there though! They're currently broken and I haven't had a chance to fix them yet LOL The cottage is our chat thread, so feel free to pop in there and talk about whatever you want! We love new faces!

  • Hiya!

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    Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll find plenty of people that would love to discuss theories and such with you. If you haven't already, I suggest checking out the Graphic Design board! You'll be able to show off your work and get requests all in one place. Hope you enjoy your time here!

  • I got a fatal error screen when trying to open this thread. I know those were "normal" when we were still waiting for the forums to go live, but I really don't think we should be getting them now. This was the code it gave for the admin: 87dfcf2bb5c22b172dccd6460e57f85bdf2c3cb5

  • The center box was also greyed out for me when I was uploading a signature earlier. For some reason, it still centered in the preview so I just saved it and chalked it up to as a weird hiccup.

  • valentine's day is tomorrow, so here's me and my favorite boys THESE SMILIES ARE SO CHEESY I LOVE IT tumblr_njks3lQb7Z1ryny2ko3_500.jpgtumblr_njks3lQb7Z1ryny2ko2_500.jpg

  • I just thought I'd throw out there an example of a forum that blends the minimalistic design such as the tiles and such with artistic elements. I think if we adopted a few ideas from their layout it would be nice compromise between those of us that want a more minimal layout and those that want to stick with the temple one. For example, rather than list boards in the index as they are right now, with the latest post showing as a tile on the side, we could simply list the boards as tiles themselv…

  • Quote from SugarCookie: “Are there social groups on this version of ZU?” Social groups are one of the old features that got cut. I recommend checking out this thread if you haven't already!