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  • Hello.

    orchid - - Newbie Central


    Hiya! Welcome to the forums! ^^ I know you said you haven't played many other game series, but I'd still like to know which ones you have played. I haven't finished many of the Zelda games myself, and my game history seems small compared to other people I know. It's nice meeting you too! If you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me or check out the adoption lodge.

  • Mine was my nickname in French class. Our teacher let us pick French names to be called for the semester, and Nicolette fit my middle name so I just went with it. I've thought about changing it, but I've been called Nicolette/Nico here for so long that being called something else would be strange.

  • My mom turned the big 40 the other day, so everyone bask in her beauty. tumblr_mdx7n2AvU01ryny2ko1_500.jpg meeting Peter Steele - probably the 3rd or 4th happiest day of her life 1619502_1446131338938644_1693280217_n.jpg

  • Where do you post and why?

    orchid - - General Chit-Chat


    I mostly stick to Nayru because it's like my internet home. :> However I lurk the heck out of the rest of the forums and occasionally post here and general gaming. I'd like to post more in the latter but I am consistently behind in new games and I never have anything substantial to add anyway. Oh, and of course I post in NMB. Everyone should really post there every once in a while.

  • I have adopted daren700! ^^

  • Welcome to ZU! I'll have to check out that channel of yours when I have a chance! I love finding new and relativity unknown music to listen to. ^^ I hope you enjoy yourself here!

  • Hello

    orchid - - Newbie Central


    Hey there and welcome to ZU Daren! I think you'll eventually find yourself spending a lot of free time here, even if you're new to forums in general. x3

  • I can adopt you!

  • I finished Hotel Dusk the other day. Thank god DS games aren't region-locked because I am so ready to waste money on ordering the UK import of the sequel. I've also made the mistake of starting a game of Fable II at my best friend's house. We haven't even actually hung out the last few times I was over -- he just chills while I play the entire time.

  • Actually it looks like you got it in the right place! ^^ I was thinking it was something artsy, which is why I pointed you to the creative boards. You're welcome for the welcome, haha! If you ever have any questions about ZU, feel free to ask and if you're super lost you should check out our adoption program. It's a great way to get help whenever you want and make a new friend in the process!