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  • Crossplay

    Hoju - - General Gaming


    In light of Sony finally adding crossplay into Fortnite, what are your thoughts on crossplay? I'm hoping it really takes off and we starting seeing more and more multiplayer titles make use of it. Not being locked to a specific platform would just make it so much easier if you and your buddies have the same game but on different platforms. Here's a few scenarios I've experienced Crossplay with: Final Fantasy XIV. I grabbed it for both PS4 and PC. I mostly played on PC but once in a while I would…

  • I'm up to level 99 on my Death Knight. Just playing casually right now. It seems like I leveled pretty fast because it doesn't feel like I covered a whole lot of Draenor and now I'm already starting Legion content. I might go back to the Draenor content at some point for the sake of lore and completion. If any fellow horde players want to add me. My blizzard tag is: Daimonos#1750

  • Ah.. home bathroom repairs... Attempted to take apart the piping under the bathroom sink to clear a clog in the drain and the damn pipe broke on me. The base of the pipe is still stuck in the threaded part of a bigger pipe in the wall. And now we have a plumber coming in a couple days to fix it. I should have just gone for the draino...

  • Just browsing some comments on Facebook groups and even some people on my friends list (who i'm considering removing/unfollowing) it's been rather disheartening to see how predictable the conservative responses are becoming. Just flat out denial, suggesting these accusations are simply political conspiracies, brushing it off by pointing out Ford's partying past etc... It's sad to say this but we almost need a scandal like this to occur to a left swaying democrat to finally get conservatives to s…

  • In What Ways Are You Basic?

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    Turns out my son likes pumpkin spice but my daughter doesn't. So both my son and I are stereo typical white girl basic, haha.

  • Baby pink.

  • Giving World of Warcraft another shot.

  • House progress report. We've had 3 viewings of our home and 1 offer. We ended up declining the offer as they started way too low and their counter offers were only marginal increases in price. We also have another viewing today. Wish us luck

  • I just resubbed a few days ago. I'm running through the Warlords expansion content right now at level 93 on my DK. So far it looks pretty good. I'm actually seeing a few of my old buddies still playing it so that's encouraging. Was tempted to grab BFA and do the instant boost but I also don't want to miss the content as I've always loved the Warcraft lore. If I'm still having fun by 110 I'll grab BFA and continue.

  • Just realized my month is almost over and I have questions to answer still, sorry for the delay! Who is your favourite oldie and newbie in ZU? This is a toughy. I've never been one to pick favourites among people haha I like a lot of the old crew so I really don't know if I can pick a fav. Plus I never really got to know a lot of the old crew here back in the day as I wasn't super active here back then and i've only gotten to know them better in a last couple years. For the newer folk, while he'…

  • I would think that proper due process would be to hold off on any vote for this guy until an investigation is complete and actually take this matter seriously. Brushing this off lightly and not taking the accusers seriously is why so many victims don't come forward (and the death threats made by Trump's greatest fans don't help either). Also, regarding a point made earlier. If the Republicans feel demonized by being looped in with racists, sexists. Immediately defending the guy and not taking a …

  • I'm kind of tempted to go back and try it. I left off with a level 90 DK in the mists expansion. What can I expect to look forward to if I go back to it?

  • Dark Souls Remastered. Not often I don't feel like praising the sun, haha. I ended up playing 20 minutes of Destiny 2 before bed last night. Regarding the doobie comments about BC. Yeah, I can attest to that. I live in Surrey BC. Across the street from me my neighbor has a 420 address on his outdoor shed. You can probably guess what goes on in there, lol.

  • More on my list. Quake Not a strogg sequel to Quake 2 or 4 but going back to the world of Quake 1. Pilotwings I enjoyed just chilling out and flying my gyro-copter around mini America in the N64 version. I'd love to see a reimagined Pilotwings with larger locations to fly around and explore.

  • Well I just had one of those evenings where I actually had some time to play something (a good couple hours available to me) and I couldn't decide what to play... lol. I logged onto ESO briefly but logged off. I even launched Dark Souls briefly but I don't even feel like playing that.

  • The Nintendo Switch

    Hoju - - General Gaming


    I'm glad switch owners will finally get to experience "Praising the Sun." Dark Souls is an amazing game. I finally subscribed to the online service. I'm hoping they'll bump up the NES classic library. I would love to see them expand to snes or n64 or at least offer those games on the eshop. I had hoped to see a thriving classic library on the Switch by now... Ah well, at least my family can play Splatoon 2 online again.

  • This weekend is actually feeling like a weekend. The wife and I watched about 5 episodes of anime last night and slept in a bit today. I probably wouldn't even leave the house today if it weren't for having to take my daughter to a birthday party in a little bit.

  • Quote from Keyaki: “Quote from Hoju: “I find it strange that it can preordered now but we don't know what the other 15 games are. As cool as it would be to have, I'd like to know what games it has first before I decide to spend any money on it. ” Yea really, Nintendo revealed all of their games for both the NES and SNES Classic. The fact, that you can pre-order it now while not knowing all of the games seems incredibly shady ” Sony is going into Loot Crate territory if they're allowing purchases…

  • I find it strange that it can preordered now but we don't know what the other 15 games are. As cool as it would be to have, I'd like to know what games it has first before I decide to spend any money on it.

  • Describe the sequels that you're still hoping to see. Here's mine. Mario RPG 2. I'd love to see Nintendo and Square-Enix collaborate again for another Mario RPG. While Paper Mario was good, there's just something I absolutely loved about the original Mario RPG. The music, the art, the battle system, it just had a certain charm to it making it one of my favourite rpgs of all time. Give me a similar looking game (just HD version of the art) and make it a much longer game and I'll be happy. Star Fo…

  • House progress report. Met with our realtor today and signed papers. Getting our place photographed (and listed) this Wednesday. We weren't sure if they were photographing today so we absolutely busted our asses the last couple weeks getting it ready. Now I have a few more days to perfect the house and actually take it easy. Not sure if I should take a nap or have some caffeine.

  • Nah, my brain is too tired for a busy work day. I have more to do when I get home so I'm in no rush lol.

  • We're about a week away from having our house officially listed for sale. I am exhausted.. I hope it's a slow day at work today.

  • In What Ways Are You Basic?

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    I do like pumpkin spice coffees.. haha I think Fall is my favourite time of year, so it could be related.

  • If you could live in any city/ location which would it be? I haven't really travelled much to it's hard to say where else I'd like to live. I love the Vancouver area in BC (where I currently live). It's very beautiful around here, but also stupidly expensive... If you could do something in your life different would you and what would it be? I would have never stopped drawing and never slowed down my guitar practicing so much. I'm nowhere near the level I had hoped to be. What’s your ideal career…

  • ZU'er of the Month - RUKI / ARWYN

    Hoju - - Community Central


    What's your favorite fast food restaurant? (If you don't eat it, still gotta pick one you'd stop at) Hmm.. I'd actually say McDonalds. I rarely eat the burgers but I get the all day breakfast and coffee for lunch more times than I probably should admit, haha. What's your favorite animated series besides the simpsons? Oooh, a tough one. I just start getting into Rick and Morty, I think it takes the crown for non Simpsons favourite cartoon. If I were to vote for a classic, it'd either be Ren and S…

  • The left probably seem more outraged as they are typically outraged with important issues like racism, police brutality of POC, heavy handed deportation of immigrants that split up families, separating children from their familes, pushing for laws that allow discrimination against LGBT etc... Actual suffering of people. Much of this is happening with the current administration. Of course Trump isn't leading white nationalists in the streets but he's not being very loud in condemning it (he proba…

  • Advice on gaming headset

    Hoju - - General Gaming


    if you have the first gen xbox one controllers you'll need the stereo headphone adapter. All new xbox one controller designs have the correct audio port just like the ps4 controller and should support most analog headset inputs. My cloud 2 supports both USB (ps4 and pc only) and analog inputs (ps4 and xbox). You can probably save a few bucks and get the cloud core which is analog only. I bought one to replace my wife's cloud 2 when the cable on her headset got a little warm and the audio started…

  • Quote from N64: “I wish I can sleep for at least.. more than four hours everyday. Which I had been not getting of ever since more than a year ago. ” Yeah it can be pretty rough in the younger years. I assume you're implying that Adam is keeping you up a night? My son took quite a while to sleep through the night as a baby then was just rigid with bedtime routines in his toddler years (needing a bedtime story etc..). He's been pretty good with bedtime now in the last few years. My daughter comple…

  • I think it's been years since I slept in until noon. Probably due to my kids being not quite old enough to serve themselves breakfast in the morning.

  • How is vinyl sounding these days? I don't think I've heard a record since my mom played her Deep Purple records for me when I was little.

  • Quote from TruEdge67: “Congrats once again Hoju! I look forward to learning more about ya once questions start. In fact why not start them now? What's your favorite food? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite kind of music? What's your favorite movie? ” Food: I'd say it's a tie between Tacos and Pizza. Colour: I've always liked blue Music: Heavy Metal! \m/ Favourite Movie: Oooh, that's a toughy. I'm happy watching any cheesy action movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. His one liners a…

  • I'm not sure if we can put an offer on a place until we've sold ours. Or at least it's probably more complicated doing it way, financially at least. Once we get an offer on our place then we'll know for sure exactly what our buying power is for our new place. In selling our place we can put in a subject that gives us a few months to half a year to acquire a new place before we have to vacate. I'm finally relaxing for the evening. Was doing more cleaning and running boxes to storage. Time to star…

  • We've seen some listings we're interested in but can't do much about them until we've actually put our place on the market and sold. I think it should go pretty smooth once we've sold. We're hoping to get our place listed for the fall market so it's a bit of a crunch to clean everything up, paint rooms and all that. it'll be worth it in the end. My current commute in total is over an hour. Usually half hour in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon. I also carpool with the wife back home so…

  • So glad that tomorrow is a holiday. We're prepping to sell our house so there's been a lot of cleaning and projects around the house. It's been a busy weekend. I can't wait to move but not looking forward to the move, haha.

  • Advice on gaming headset

    Hoju - - General Gaming


    Is wireless a major requirement? I have a Kingston Hyper X Cloud II which I can direct connect to the controllers for both PS4 and Xbox one. They sound pretty good. The controllers are wireless, are you already know, so close to a wireless setup.

  • I've decided to start playing Elder Scrolls Online again. I had originally removed all my MMO games but this game satisfies the single player element enough that I can just relax and quest if I don't have the time or motivation to run the group content. And I got my wife back on board to play it with me, so that always helps.

  • Aw.. thanks everyone! There's always been something special about this place that keeps drawing me back. I've popped in an out throughout the years (it's been many years, haha) and will always make this place my home. I'm looking forward to sticking around more and getting the know the fine folks here a little more

  • Just a friendly mod note regarding the rules on debating in good faith: By posting, you are agreeing that you will participate in discussion, not to simply state your views or ignore evidence present. [You are entitled to believe what you like and you are free to post that, but you are not entitled to dismiss or ignore evidence contrary to that.] Carry on and play nicely.

  • My kids have their backpacks picked out for school. I think these were a good choice.