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  • oh wow. Crazy to think I joined here before some of the youngest members were even born.

  • Quote from Emerald Isle: “Quote from Hoju: “old man Hoju turned 35 today. 35.. holy crap.. lol ” Oh for some reason I thought you were older... is there someone out there in the forums who is just a bit older then me so I can feel better? ” You just might be the grandpa of ZU I do think there are a couple people here in their 40s that are a close second.

  • old man Hoju turned 35 today. 35.. holy crap.. lol

  • Good evening Tead. So it looks like my whack a mole game was on point today. We took the kids to a Christmas light festival and they had a few carnival games. One was a 12-16 player whack a mole game. First one to 150 points wins the round. So I ended up winning a couple prizes for the kids. All that gaming over the years gave me the reflexes of a cat it seems, lol.

  • GOP supporters must be getting desperate to find any dirt on the dems if they are criticizing some rather tame dancing. I'm sure her dancing music video tops all the sexual assault allegations against multiple members of the GOP...

  • Sell soul? This would be me.

  • I've done a few level so far and it's been very fun. I've always enjoyed fps games. My pc shooter skills seem to be on point still in my old age, haha. Now I just need to decide on a daytime game to beat that's more appropriate to play when the kids are still up.

  • Yep. We bought them for "the kids" lol.

  • We got the kids a few Switch games for Christmas. Smash brothers, Mario Party and Pokemon Let's Go Evee. Smash Bros and Mario Party have been a blast to play as a family. I also picked up a new Xbox One X to compliment our new 65" 4k tv. I haven't played too much of it yet but the wife has been enjoying RDR2 in glorious 4k.

  • I've decided to kick the MMOs off to the side for a bit and play more fulfilling games that can actually be beat. Last couple nights I've been working on Wolftenstein The New Order.

  • I can't remember specifics but I'm sure I've had some dreams of me playing something on the computer. Last night I had a dream I was up late watching TV deciding that I should probably go to bed. Then just as I was going to turn the TV and go to bed my alarm woke me up this morning. Fortunately I just had to drop the wife off at work and could go back home (i took today off).

  • Best of 2018

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    My favs of 2018? Seeing my favourite video game cover metal band Powerglove live again for the first time since around 2013. And also being guestlisted to see the show for free. The perks of knowing the band members Selling our place and buying a better place closer to work. Life is improving with such a shorter commute this place is better in nearly every way. Instead of a carport to park the car, we have a two car garage so now we can park completely indoors and have more storage for our crap.…

  • 2018 Reflection

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    2018 was a very tough year but did end on a more positive note. I'll start with the bad. Back in February, My brother in law, one of my wife's three brothers had passed away. It came to a shock to all of us. Sadly he succumbed to his addictions (addictions we never realized he had). I've been so close to the family for so many years that I felt like I had lost a brother too and had known him since he was a kid. The summer had brought what was supposed to be very happy news. On fathers day my wif…

  • I think we got our first family computer in 96. It was an IBM Aptiva with the 166hz Pentium Processor, I believe a 1.8GB hard drive. Maybe 16MB ram? Can't remember exactly. It had good ol' Windows 95. I think we got internet closer to year 2000. I remember being in high school when we finally got internet. I've of course tinkered with DOS, Windows 3.1 and pretty much every windows OS under the sun since then. I suppose I'm one of the older folks here (not the oldest though! lol). I joined here b…

  • Quote from N64: “Happy Holidays ZU. Forgive me that I think I might have to drop out of the forums since that I have stopped playing any Nintendo games or whatever games due to monetary restrictions due to being unable to keep up with the rest of the conversations about games that we used to chat on. Sold off my games and consoles to a second-hand shop to be able to file several cases against my ex spouse and even that still couldn't cover all legal costs. I finally got a day off for 25th this y…

  • Help with New Laptop Research

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    What's your budget? There's lots of gaming laptops out there and some decent ones that aren't absurdly expensive. The gpu will be the big factor over how it will pump out the frames. Personally I'd try not to go any lower than a GTX 1050 TI gpu but it will depend on your budget.

  • Not a major accomplishment, but today I was out with the family at the mall and we demo'd the new Smash Brothers game at a Nintendo booth. Some young kid waiting behind me as I played said, "wow, my dad isn't as good as this dad." Well I'm a Smash Brother's veteran after all...

  • Quote from GuardianFIN: “@Hoju You can grow old, but never grow up, it's a trap! Or then do it right (Hidden Content) How old are your kids? I have 2 sons with my ex-wife, 11 and 8, and now a 1,5yo daughter with current wife. Trying to survive in full time job in foreign language, with shifts. It's hard, but doable ” My son is 8 and my daughter will be 5 in a couple days. Life definitely keeps me busy. Quote from Keyaki: “So for those who have full-time jobs... How the hell do you guys do it? I …

  • Quote from N64: “I don't know what to think about that, @Hoju. Here where we live, that comes off as sneering at people. If I were to use that quote here, they'd see me as rude. Please correct me if I am wrong. ” By definition the word 'immature' usually has a negative meaning. But the quote itself was taken from a TV show and was used as more light-hearted joke about not growing up.

  • Quote from GuardianFIN: “I guess people grow old and have no more time for ZU There comes family in the picture and ZU fades away. Work, other hobbies and finding a partner and you are all drained to contribute. I try my luck now and I can say one move makes it way more challenging when there's a 1,5yo, wife and work taxing your time ” Tell me about it. I faded from here for a long time then sort of had a midlife crisis and started to remember the good ol' forum days and all the friends I made b…

  • I'm no expert in the US political system but from what I understand, 1 person doesn't always equal 1 vote. I believe whatever changes made to the system should result in the winner actually having the popular vote.

  • What are your internet speeds?

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    Necro'ing another thread to show off my a latest internet speed. It's fast... I suppose...

  • How's your commute?

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    I'm necro'ing this thread to say my commute time is now only 10 minutes since I moved. yay!

  • ZU'er of the Month - TruEdge67

    Hoju - - Community Central


    Congrats @Winnie! Your month is well deserved

  • We were lucky enough that a few days before the move we shipped both kids and the cat to the grandparents place. That allowed us some more focused frenzied packing, lol.

  • We finally moved into our new home. What an exhausting week it's been. Now the unpacking begins. At least we can do this at our own pace.

  • Beating Halo 2 in Legendary difficulty with the wife. I swear, Halo 2 was the hardest Halo game in that difficulty. If you died in Legendary in coop, both of you still had to restart the checkpoint. No spawning on your partner. If you died too often, sometimes the game would throw you back a checkpoint.

  • The Parenting Thread

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    Caillou... burn it with fire... lol

  • Quote from Colu: “wet laundry. so much heavier than dry laundry. ” Especially blankets and towels.

  • When I got the hang of parrying in Dark Souls and would parry those Black Knights. I felt like such a bad ass. Going back many years in my primary school years, I was at an arcade playing Street Fighter 2 against of a bunch of older kids. Little did they anticipate what a Street Fighter addict I was back then. I think I schooled all of them, haha. I used to be ridiculously good at Smash Brothers Melee using Fox. I rarely lost a 1 on 1 battle against any of my friends that challenged me. I'll pos…

  • [Poll and Discussion] METROID

    Hoju - - General Gaming


    I don't think i've played more than a couple hours of the original metroid to be honest. I should give it another go. I found it a hard game to really get into. Super Metroid though, I beat that game several times.

  • Plans for the holidays

    Hoju - - General Chit-Chat


    This should hopefully be a more chill holiday season for me since i should be all moved into my new place (that's only 10 min from work). So it should be less stress and chaos without trying to squeeze in all that holiday shopping I barely had time for. In the last few years I've started to really not like this entire month. Usually there's so much going on, birthdays, work Christmas functions, all that shopping, that it just doesn't feel like Christmas. Though that might change this time. It wi…

  • Quote from Emerald King of Guardians: “I like your attitude Serenity. once you grow up everything looses its magic and you are judged on what you like and how mature you are which makes us hide things about yourself, though its true that all of us are a child at heart, hell I still sometimes have a game of Hide and Seek with family, sounds childish? well who the hell cares!? its fun dammit! I may be old in years but I be young in my heart! my broken back ain't gonna stop me from sailing across t…

  • So Trump is now blaming the Canadian lumber industry for contributing to the wildfires? Apparently if they picked up fallen trees off the ground instead of importing Canadian lumber the fires wouldn't be as bad. Is he actually going to help the situation or just keep pointing the finger?

  • I'm in the same boat. After spending time with the family and getting the kids to bed I want some me time and will usually sacrifice sleep every night for it, lol.

  • I should go to bed earlier most days but free time always wins over sleep.

  • Quote from Tead: “@Hoju, it has been such a long while since I have a chance to say hello. The Holidays are nearly here, and I hope for the best for you and yours this Holiday season. What are your plans, Hoju? Have you found a new home? Best of luck to you. Hello Zelda Universe! Tead. ” Hey Tead! It has been a while, how have you been? No major holiday plans. I might just chill and enjoy some time off over the holidays. We'll likely have Christmas dinner at my in-laws and maybe see more family,…

  • I'm out of whiskey but have plenty of rum. I'm only out of whiskey since I brought it to one of our rockband parties. I usually don't drink much. It lasts forever in our liquor cabinet.

  • Quote from Emerald King of Guardians: “Wait the whiskey or... ” whiskey

  • Crown Royal Maple is pretty good.