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  • celle did nothing wrong

  • R.I.P Corzin and Celle. B.F.Fs till the end

  • Quote from Rambo: “I did get the "Circle is Complete" trophy glitch which made me do it again (you have to do them during the campaign rather than backtrack). It wasn't too much of a hassle though. ” this is why i didnt plat Doom still working on the DQ11 plat, it's taking up most of my game time lately. want to just get it done

  • Red Dead Redemption: 2

    goronmario - - General Gaming


    Yeah it really was fantastic. I was actually torn at the end watching it

  • Ah well. Not much to be done now, and something to keep in mind for the future. I have some ideas for a future game but I’d like it if someone ran another game first (so I can play ;P)

  • Also, Sabbo, the summon was only usable under a set amount of conditions. Not only did GregariousTree need to be dead, but Mordred needed to be alive, and Mordred had to realize that "Stump summon" meant that Gregarious would be revived as a Mafia player. Quite a few factors involved and it's not something that's feasible until at least Night 3. Whereas the Revive was usable immediately and could have been used Night 1 to revive your Tracker as a confirmed townie.

  • I viewed the second Maf kill as a deterrent to the town having two protections, two investigation roles and an oracle, a revive/rolecop/lie detect, along with a kill of it's own; add to that you have an Ascetic who also functions as a role that gains information about the setup every night they are targeted. Because of how the game played out basically none of this became relevant, but I'd argue that a better day game would have shifted things greatly in the favor of the town. I do think that it…

  • @‘Sabbo’ definitely could’ve used a bit more tweaking but I figure that everything worked out mostly okay. If a revive had been used you would’ve been sitting 4-3 with a confirmed red zora from your cop, and I had other things in play that may have helped out town. Mafia just ended things fast with that kill. I might have changed the kill to a poisoner, maybe, but I really liked having a role that was able to do something besides it’s x-shot. If it was a 2-shot then it 100% doesn’t get a roleblo…

  • Going to keep this short. More post game stuff will follow later tonight or tomorrow. @Sabbo and @Dr.Gazooks were both #shot by and #killed. They were the Cleric and Bard. Cleric acted identically to a Doctor. Bard was your standard Motivator. This puts the game at 3-3, and I'm gonna call it. Mafia win. Congrats to @Cody @Mordred @zoraluigi and @RealmWings .…nuqTLzCs/edit?usp=sharing This is everything that happened except some stuff I may have forgotten to put in.…

  • You look at one of your group members and then you have to stop and think for a second. "Who the hell brought a table with us??? Who's been CARRYING it?!" Nobody knew. They all just left it there. (Hidden Content)

  • I forgot to close it :V

  • You get to the wizard's tower. "Give us the crystal or die, wizard!" One of you says. The wizard ponders for a moment. Should she give the crystal? Roll to find out! Send in your rolls by the end of N3

  • Table: Fin, Biggles, zora, Realm, Hated Zora: Sabbo, Hated Greg: Realm, Hated Fin: Cody, Hated if i missed anyone's vote lmk. forty mins.


  • Starting things a tad early~

  • You wake up in the morning to find one of your friends dead, their head severed and sitting on a stick in the middle of camp. A note, in blood, reads, "I found a rat!" It was @Mordred. (Hidden Content) You go to find the person who killed this fiend and congratulate them.. only to find another dead as well. Riddled with fifty thousand knives. (Hidden Content) Day 3 Begins

  • @korokpeach has become Inspired.

  • My role was: 18. The range falls between 16-20. Everybody failed except for @Cody. The Kobolds collectively beat the shit out of your group and kicked you out of the cave, forcing you to set up camp in the open right as it began to pour rain. It was not a fun night. Everybody except for Cody will have the following debuff: You're all Hated and will have an extra vote tacked on to your total for the day. This vote cannot be removed.

  • i made sure to get a pun for @Monika in here

  • Once the game is over you're all welcome to post your characters in here =)

  • You all look at Monika who just said "KILL ME OR HIM, ONLY US, IT IS A CHALLENGE!" Someone says "wtf." And then Monika is kicked out of the party! Hopefully they can get to the nearest town before they're murdered by some random monster. (They were murdered by Orcs.) (Hidden Content)

  • Monika: Gadzooks, Cody, Sabbo, Mordread, zoraluigi, Greg, Fin, tableunable, Korok Gadzooks: Monika lol

  • Apology’s for the delay I was cooking and lost track of time, gonna do it now!

  • You’re getting ready to set up camp for the night when you spy a cave. “Hey, wouldn’t it nice to sleep not out in the open for once?” One of you looks at the cave and then looks at the sky - cloudy, clearly about to pour down rain for the entire night - and decides to head in and check it out. Everything looks good. You start setting up camp when all of a sudden you notice that there are about fifty Kobolds deeper outside of the cave now. Maybe this was their home? Probably shouldn’t have ignore…

  • The only people who can be lynched today are Dr.Gazooks and Monika.

  • Zoraluigi has been mod killed

  • did i unlock the thread

  • You wake up to a blood-curdling scream and run to the tent of @Romano-British Medli - the source of said scream. You find six thousand arrows littering his body, and a note. "The wizard king totally did this! I know your coming! It was definitely nobody in this camp! Trust me!" A quick check with the night's patrols confirm that nobody came in. It had to be someone in the camp. But who? Also, @Monika woke up with something neat on their pillow. (Hidden Content) Day 2 Begins

  • I rolled 12, making the range 10-14. Only two people passed. "Hey, we aren't paying you guys squat! Fight us - I mean, look at how many of us there are! You'll never win!" But little did you know they were all level 14 with AC scores of 22. They wiped the floor with your group, and while you were all left alive, they robbed you of valuable things like food! And all of your money. Broke and food-less, you'll now have to spend some time recovering. All players except for @zoraluigi and @korokpeach…

  • Three things: A) If you haven't sent me a number, do so before the end of N1. B) Inspiration will be given out at the END of Night One. C) JP is a turtle.

  • Oh, I guess I should post the vote count too. gerudoyoshi (4): Zoraluigi, Fin, Dr.Gazooks, Romano Realmwings (2): Sabbo, GregariousTree unabletable (2): Monika, gerudoyoshi Fin (2): Cody, korok Gazooks (1): Mordred GregariousTree (1): Realmwings Monika (1): Big Daddy Biggles No Lynch (1): theunabletable

  • "You think that you can get away with this?!" Someone in the group grabs Kutter, and turns them around to face the party. "This is the one who killed our friend - I know it to be true!" The group tied Kutter up, then when they made camp that night they used Kutter as firewood. It wasn't the brightest of ideas, but eh, they got rid of the person they thought killed their friend! (Hidden Content)

  • gerudoyoshi (3): Zoraluigi, Fin, Dr.Gazooks Realmwings (2): Sabbo, GregariousTree unabletable (2): Monika, gerudoyoshi Fin (2): Cody, korok Gazooks (1): Mordred GregariousTree (1): Realmwings Monika (1): Big Daddy Biggles No Lynch (1): theunabletable roughly 40 mins

  • As you walk on the road, you're suddenly stopped by bandits! They demand a hundred gold each or they will kill you all. Please send me a number between 1-20 in PM before the end of N1.

  • Realm: Sabbo, Realm, gerudo unabletable: Gregarious, Biggles, Monika Fin: Cody, korok Gazooks: Mordred, Gazooks gerudo: Zoraluigi, Fin No lynch: Unabletable

  • DnD Mafia: Day 1 - A quest!

  • GM Note: All characters, personalities, alignments, etc. have been created by you (the players) and have no correlation with the roles or teams I have assigned. Anything that lines up roles and characters together is a byproduct of what you chose to create, and not anything I did when setting the game up.

  • "Good evening, I've summoned you because I required a small party of adventur-" the man who had been brought out before your group stopped and his eyes went wide. "Fourteen of you? ...Seriously? Dammit I can't afford this.. No matter!" "I need you guys to travel across the continent and steal a magical crystal from an evil wizard, then travel to a different part of the continent to steal a magic sword, and then go to yet another corner of this large continent and kill a dragon using the items yo…

  • Tbh I think NBA2K is the best sports game. Been playing 19. The mycareer mode is the best I’ve played, haha.!

  • PMs out. If you have questions between now and the game starting, lmk in the role PMs. Game will begin at 6PM CT tomorrow (if you need to start an hour earlier or an hour later, let me know and we can do that). Please have your character information in to me before the game begins. If you don't have it it's not a big deal, it just means you won't be a candidate for my Inspiration item unless you do something crazy.