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  • Mod note: We have made a separate thread for online matchmaking. Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Matchmaking Thread People who were around during the Brawl days will probably recognize it, but in short; this thread will continue to be used for Smash-related discussion and opinion-sharing while the matchmaking thread will be used for, well, matchmaking. As such, it will have a looser standard for posting in order to allow for quicker set-ups of matches.

  • Hello everyone. Welcome to the official Zelda Universe matchmaking thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online. Here's how this thread will work; as we did back when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the go-to game for online smashing, we'll be making use of this thread to set up online matches between people. We'll use this thread instead of the other one in order to allow Smash-related discussion to continue there, while this thread will have looser standards for posting. Quick, short posts are enc…

  • aBFODBEQOGFBVJDVWs.,nqlbobgvdbolvqo World of Light spoilers within (Hidden Content)

  • Got all characters now. Really didn't feel like it was much of a chore to unlock them, but then I did most of the unlocking through the adventure mode, where the challenger fights are not nearly as difficult and you can find new fighters spread all around the map(s). Those of you who've unlocked all characters; which was the last one you got? For me it was Palutena.

  • @Mirren Yeah, I definitely remember those days. Good times. Ike is one of the characters I'll be playing a lot in this game, I feel. I still need to unlock Chrom and see how he fares in comparison. I tried my hand at Cloud in Smash 4, but I think I'll have to give him another go again, just to get a good feel for him. I don't have many people added to my Switch friend list yet (only four people, ha) so if you've got Smash Ultimate and you're wanting to play online, go ahead and add me: Friend co…

  • Actually I didn't screw it up. It just seems to not be working as it should. Oh well, if you happened to see the spoiler, I'm sorry to have unwittingly sullied it for you. But it really is a cool map though. Edit: Oh wait, now it works again. That was weird.

  • Had the game since Friday, been playing it on and off for several hours at a time. Here are some impressions: 1. Starting with a roster of 8 fighters was really refreshing. It reminds me a bit of Breath of the Wild actually, in how everyone starts at the same point but then it's pretty much up to each individual player how you proceed from there. The challengers being randomized also means that everyone's likely to have different experiences of when and how they unlock the characters. 2. I absol…

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    Mod note: We have a thread for Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you're looking to discuss the game, kindly use that.

  • The Nintendo Switch

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    Whatever is shown, I imagine it will be cool and exciting. But as always, I keep my expectations checked.

  • Quote from Dark Miku Reigns: “I disagree completely. If people want to be hyped, they choose that. It doesn't just happen because. ” Hype isn't necessarily a matter of choice. It's natural to feel hype towards something new and exciting that looks and sounds cool. Not to mention that this harkens to the comparison I made to microtransactions and lootboxes earlier. Those are also rationalized as being a choice, but the problem is that their very presence is a detriment to the games they are imple…

  • Seeing as I made no statement in my original post to the effect of "is this the beginning of a trend?", it seems rather pointless to be laboring the point. Whether it's the first developer or the hundredth to do so, announcing an announcement ahead of time is still a silly thing to do. And it only adds to the unhealthy hype culture that modern gaming has been mired in for years. It's not enough to get hyped at the event itself anymore, now you have to get pre-hyped.

  • Quote from Castigear: “To be fair we didn’t hear what new game is going to be announced in this case either. Announcements of announcements have become pretty commonplace these days. ” Let's not be too fair; it's known to be a new RPG from a couple of the co-creators of the original Fallout. And while announcements of announcements have become more of a thing in recent times, as you point out, the same can be said for microtransactions and lootboxes in fully-priced AAA titles. It becoming more c…

  • I would be very happy to see the return of the Battle for Middle-Earth, though it's highly unlikely at this point. I would also like to see Fire Emblem Warriors receive a sequel, if only because it's the only way we'll see fan-favorites like Ike and Hector get added to the roster. Hyrule Warriors getting a sequel as well doesn't sound too shabby either, what with its healthy cast of characters and several maps to build off of.

  • In this case, the Nintendo Direct are analogous to the Game Awards, i.e. the context in which announcements are made. You don't often hear in advance what new games are going to be announced during the Nintendo Direct, do you?

  • Are we really getting announcements of upcoming announcements?

  • Let’s have a winner declared @JP the Neurotic

  • Young Link is the closest thing you're going to have to a classic Link at this point though, what with Toon Link's floatier moveset and BotW Link changing to remote bombs and losing his hookshot. So if you mained Link in previous games, I think he's frankly just as viable for you as BotW Link. But that's just me.

  • I'm likely to stick with Link as my main, while continuing to dabble with Ike as well. Ganondorf seems like a far more viable fighter now too, and I'm probably gonna pick up Young Link as well (ZeRo has a video on him that really sold me on how good he is).

  • Quote from Lucretia: “you know scientists aren't paid off because you run their experiments again and confirm the data, in other words: you do science ” Furthermore, the burden is not on you to prove that scientists are not paid off by any sort of special interests. Rather it's the person making the claim who has to back that statement up. Now, it's unlikely that they'll be persuaded by the (perfectly sensible) argument that science is proven through the scientific method, i.e. testing, observat…

  •…l-they-need-to-read-this/ It's fascinating how a conservative who styles himself as "highly educated" and someone who "loathes Trump and the anti-intellectualism that has overtaken the Republican party" can still be so laughably wrong on a matter like climate change. Because of course, after noting that he is "extremely open" to the idea that the climate is changing and that humans may have had a hand to play in that, this guy proceeds to go through the Greatest Hi…

  • Heavy spoilers for World of Light within, proceed at your own risk! EDIT: More info added! (Hidden Content)

  • Double post, as I'm back with more spoiler-tastic info about Classic mode. In fact, just assume that all my spoilers from here on will be about Classic mode, unless specified otherwise: (Hidden Content)

  • More Classic mode spoilers: (Hidden Content) EDIT: And another one: (Hidden Content)

  • Spoilers for Classic mode: (Hidden Content)

  • Mod note: Apparently there's at least one early copy of the game currently out in the wild. As such, new info about the game might pop up at any point between now and the game's release in two weeks. Any spoilers pertaining to the game's adventure mode, World of Light, must be put in spoiler brackets. Any that aren't, will be deleted outright. The same goes for information about unannounced content. I expect everyone to be mindful of those of us who wish to be surprised as much as possible when …

  • Quote from gamtos: “Regarding classic mode: (Hidden Content) I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, I know. Worst case scenario: Bosses are divided by series. Giga Bowser for the original 12, Master Hand for Melee newcomers, Galleom for Brawl and Rathalos for Smash 4, with likely Dracula for Ultimate ” There's much in here that I agree with. (Hidden Content)

  • So having played Let's Go Pikachu for a bit (just about to get onto the S.S. Anne) I have some thoughts: 1. The motion controls are fine, but did not need to be made mandatory. Playing the game in handheld lets you throw the Poké Ball with just the press of a button, which could have been implemented into TV mode very easily. Hell, if people want to avoid motion controls altogether, give them that option. 2. It's a very different experience from how I remember playing Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow. Th…

  • Quote from JP the Neurotic: “Bar owner : how are you today ? Customer : feeling a bit light headed ” 4b8.gif

  • I saw Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald today. Put as shortly as I can; having just seen it, I have no idea what the fuck happened. I can't even begin to recall any specific plot details, it's all just a blur. The pacing was completely out of whack, there were way too many things to keep track of and absolutely none of the story threads had any sort of satisfying conclusion - not a one. Exposition was atrociously handled too, with entire scenes grinding to a complete and utter halt so a ch…

  • Makes a lot of sense. With Sony skipping the Playstation Experience event this year as well, it seems they've decided to change the way they go about announcing and showcasing new games. Can't say I feel particularly miffed about them skipping a press conference for next year's E3 either, as the past few years have been overly focused on style over substance in my view. I'm actually hopeful that this decision means Sony will be less about putting on a good show and more about direct engagement a…

  • Skyrim-Headless-Glitch.jpg Aaaaaaand GO!

  • It took a while, but C-3PO finally found a practical use for all the lightsaber crystals that were laying around. EDIT: I put in a link in case there's anyone here who isn't a big Star Wars nerd. HA. As if.

  • Quote from gamtos: “Quote from Kokiri Kid: “It doesn't really fit it at all. I mean, it's not painfully ill-fitting or anything, but nothing about this song works particularly well in tandem with this trailer. ” "shooting star" is right before Kirby.Everybody jumps right at "gravity" "Lady Godiva" right at Isabelle, Peach and Zelda. "There's no stopping me" right as Pit pushes Ridley for a long while. "Burning through the sky" just as Charizard gets summoned. "Travelling at the speed of light" j…

  • It's amazing how well this song fits the trailer. Also I can't help but wonder if they deliberately decided to make the trailer without music because they anticipated this reaction where people just put music over it and post it on social media. It'd be a stroke of genius if that was the case.

  • Moved from General Gaming, figured it was better suited for the Creative Corner board.

  • Quote from Abyss Master: “Mod note: And that's where I draw the line on this one. I'll be going back and deleting some stuff now that has been nothing but a detriment to the discussion in this thread, which - I shall remind you all - will deal with Super Smash Bros. only. Feel free to discuss representation within the series, but if you want to branch out and talk about the issue more generally, that's gonna have to be someplace else. ” This topic is not about sexualization in video games (or in…

  • I don't think anyone here is advocating for trying to take Trump seriously. In fact, not taking him seriously is kinda what I was getting at - who he sets his sights on doesn't really matter in the end, because he'll just lie and make shit up to suit his needs as he sees fit. What the Democrats need isn't someone who won't be ridiculed by Trump - because no such person exists. Trump will ridicule anyone for anything.

  • Trump had been calling Warren Pocahontas for AGES before she even attempted to take him on over the matter. It's not going to matter one fucking bit. If he can't find something to ridicule, he'll make it up. He'll spin bullshit yarn if he has to.

  • Quote from Sólsetur: “Trump wants someone that is easy for him to ridicule. If Hillary Clinton were in the senate he'd be clammoring for her to be the speaker ” Trump will just make shit up if he feels like it, so I frankly don't think it would make much of a difference. He's been calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas non-stop for I don't even know how long, I don't think he'd need much time or effort to come up with some bullshit for a new Democrat if he had to.