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  • Most Wanted Smash Characters

    Chukapi - - General Gaming


    Quote from Godot: “God, I would love to see Phoenix Wright in a Smash game. ” Quoted for agreement. I'm fairly satisfied with all the characters they have in Brawl, and the only character I would ask that they add in would be Knuckles (I have thousands I could request, actually, but since they're not Nintendo, they'd never get added in, but since Sonic's already in, there's some hope that perhaps they'll add Knuckles next). : D

  • Umi, Ja-kun, Hyrule

  • Quote from uǝzoɹɟ: “By popular request of Nathan: jg2l9i.jpg” You should wear a tophat! Quote from Pani: “I cut the front of my hair. ;3 Didn't screw it up too bad at all. bangs01.jpg” Your hair is nice, and I'm jealous. D; Quote from The Arbitrator: “Photo-0013.jpg” SMARMY. : D (google that shiz xD) Quote from Lieutenant Lollipop: “Timothy has been playing Uno with his younger brothers... 01010058.jpg” Look out, that guy's cheating!

  • What's your best feature?

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    I think the best part of me would have to be my eyes. I think for most people, the eyes say so much about your person and I believe mine definitely say more about me than the rest of me. ;D If that makes any sense. xD

  • ZU is Board of the Month!

    Chukapi - - Help and Feedback


    *claps* Hurrah! ZU deserves it too.

  • I often complain about my homework and how I get too much, but I know there are people who genuinely are given excessive amounts of homework and the amount I get is nothing compared to them. So, I guess it's a matter of oppinion. Generally, I am not given that much homework, but because I'm working towards A* in practically everything, the standard of my work is much higher, so it might as well equal out to the large amount some people get.

  • Tingle = Jesus

    Chukapi - - Theorizing


    I find this extremely offensive.

  • God's spelled with a capital G, all the time. : D

  • Quote from Radkin_Blade: “Kemata, Chukapi: PROOF! o:” That doesn't back up your point at all! xD If anything, that just shows us that you are, in fact, very good looking. =D Quote from Kemata: “YES. It was so freaking weird!! >__< That would be the use of contacts for freaky eye-changes. o: I took a picture of my eye today, but PSP8 hates me and won't let me crop it. Today, they're more blue than green, which I personally like more. :3” When people use contacts, it's just not right. It ruins the…

  • Quote from Kemata: “I couldn't see your's or Tywar's faces for that random three-minute span that you were showing me a box of mac 'n' cheese, so I wouldn't actually know. o:” SO THEY SHOWED YOU THAT, TOO? xDD Quote from Kemata: “They aren't crazy changes, mind you. Some days my eyes are more blue and others more green. I don't know why that is, but my dad and mom have blue and green eyes respectively, so at least it makes some genetic-sense, I suppose.” Ah, yes that does make a lot of sense. I …

  • I used to be able to touch my nose. D: What happened, dammit?! Bet everyone who enters this topic will try to touch their nose. xD

  • IT'S AN ANAGRAM OF PIKACHU. : D (somewhat, rather just the syllables rearranged; Pi ka chu, reversed to make chu ka pi.)

  • How often do you curse

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    Much like Kemata said, when you're around friends you try to cut back in the swearing but when you're around other friends who swear more frequently, it's very influential. I used to be worse when it came to swearing (say, a few years back) and now it's very rare when I swear. I won't use swear words in random sentences, e.g. "that was effing awesome!" I'll use it in such sentences, e.g. "that film was shiit." Swear words are filthy, and should only be used in such contexts. They are also very …

  • Rad: =o Not true! You are a very good looking lad. ;D I have yet to see you properly though (you're always on and off the cam so all I see is like the side of your face xD). Kemata: You're one of those people whose eyes change?! Wow, I'm so jealous! xD It's amazing how people's eye colour can change. I wonder how it does that. Rewrew (nice name change by the way XD): Had a look at your pictures. Vereh nice! xD I swear, I always think of obi wan now, though. (And that's a good thing, trust me. ;…

  • Depends on the kids. xD No, this is actually true. I get along with specific personalities, and if that were the case of my kids then yes I would be a very good parent. But if my kid had a very strong personality I probably would struggle. People may say that kids often directly reflect their parents, but environment, time of birth, kids and teachers at school, etc etc also contributes to how a child turns out and it is very complicated. So, yes I actually believe that it depends. I could be a …

  • Quote from Radkin_Blade: “Perhaps. But like I said: At least you didn't Photoshop 'em like Yorkie did. XD” LE-GASP. xD I know plenty of people who are dying to get contacts for half the brightness of my eyes in some of the photos of me. I feel so special! XDD But I think people should keep their eyes the way they are, it says a lot about them. Whenever I look at a photo, I'm immediately drawn to their eyes (not sure whether that's because of makeup or because I'm genuinely like that xD). Quote f…

  • Quote from Radkin_Blade: “Have you? Bet it's not a surprise by now. =P” Exactly! XD But come to think of it, it's only been over the internet and perhaps once or twice in real life (ironically, by people with different coloured eyes who are clearly jealous(?). xP I guess the camera really does enhance stuff.

  • Quote from Radkin_Blade: “Just as I said before: Cute. Love the eyes too. X3” Aww, thanks. ;D I've been complimented on my eyes quite a lot. They don't look so bright in real life though, neither do I wear contacts. So, dunno. xD *thanks the almighty* Quote from Rew: “You have very pretty hair, BTW.” Really? xD Wow, thanks. I'm against straighteners, dye and that sort of stuff, so I guess it keeps healthy. Luckily, it's naturally straight. Woo! XD Quote from Slur: “Chukapi: You are quite a lovel…

  • Do You Smoke?

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    (**image may disturb some people. Open at your own risk**) compared to If you smoke, that's probably what your lungs look like.

  • Ah. Can't hurt. ;D SV105765.jpg

  • Scariest Zelda Enemy?

    Chukapi - - General Zelda


    I find re-deads cute when they're not dancing. ReDead.jpg That, on the other hand, is just plain scary.

  • I remember when I spelled "embarrassing" as "emberassing". ;D

  • Mr. Tabbles, Umi, Yami.

  • I hope they don't make another sequel. PH was great, but it didn't fulfil the expectations of the WW fans (me being one of them). People can DEFINITELY argue this point, but I just don't want to see another sequel when they could be making a new Zelda game. If they are going to make a sequel, make one of TP. People definitely want a TP sequel more than a PH one.

  • Why do you not like MM?

    Chukapi - - Classic Zelda


    People say that they hate the game mainly because it didn't fulfil their desires, especially for a Zelda game (and I saw someone commenting on the bosses being a step back from OoT, which I completely disagree with) and I do value these oppinions, because it really depends on what you like. I was very happy to see a change in the typical Zelda line. It was nice and different and appealed to people who were looking for something like this. (The masks was a very original thing and even though MM …

  • I absolutely love Majora's Mask and it is definitely up there in my top ten favourite games, but I have to say that compared to the other Zelda's and games that Nintendo have, it wasn't as popular as they may have hoped and they are most likely working on putting up games that were bigger hits than Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask was unfortunately a game that people either loved or hated so it was difficult to sell as there was only a small majority of the gaming population who would buy and enjoy…

  • It depends how much you want them. You really shouldn't be asking others this question unless you are really purely undecided. They are definitely worth having if you are a hardcore Zelda fan (it really does help when you say you have all Zelda games when claiming to be hardcore Zelda fan) but the old ones are very difficult to play unless you started with those (in the way that they are tedious and I hate to admit, sometimes very boring).

  • Ranil, Asci and man_with_thooo

  • Your Top 5 Brawlers?

    Chukapi - - General Gaming


    I think it's very unfair that people call Marth and Meta-Knight "cheap" characters because they have tons of downsides and are only effective against certain characters. The only reason people don't like him is because they can't take losing against weak characters. (Then again, the only reason I may be defending them is because I use them. xD But personally I think Meta Knight is an incredibly weak character and takes a lot of patience especially against stronger characters like Ike. Also, som…

  • All the WW figurines!!!

    Chukapi - - Modern Zelda


    Quote from Liquid Fire: “Quote from Jalam: “Yup, straight from the strategy guide.” Took the words right out of my mouth.” Using the strategy guide isn't a bad thing, if that's what you're implying. Thanks for the guide, smallville boy. I may use this in the near future. ;D

  • ~.Dream Graphics.~

    Chukapi - - Creative Corner


    Good luck with your shop. ^_^ Hope you receive many requests.

  • Me? Yelling at Mario Kart? Mmm...yeah, might have been me =_=. xD.

  • Quote from Rheks: “and pssh, you said you weren't getting a fringe. ._. Changed your mind, I see?” I'm still deciding whether I should or not. It's probably my laziness interfering. ;D TOWN IS SO FAR. Quote from Fox McCloud: “It seems that taking photos from that angle runs in your family, Chukapi!” Is that so? xD Odd indeed. Quote from Laikra: “Rheks has a sister? :O (hi)” Hello. ;] Seems people are finding it odd that Rheks has a sister.

  • This topic is certainly helping mods catch up a bit. ;D (I'm kidding!)

  • Extremely camera shy/conscious. D: But I believe this photo won't completely strip me of my dignity. Lizzy.png I'm going to get a fringe, so shush!

  • Okay, so it's Thursday. I'm bored. xD My sister (Rheks) says I should post here, so hallo then! ;D

  • WORMS. (The CLASSIC ones.)

  • Has anyone beaten Rollgoal

    Chukapi - - Modern Zelda


    When you finish levels 8-8, Hena fills up your wallet to the max (depending on which wallet size you have it may be 300, 600 or 1,000) and you are granted the ability to play Rollgoal with more time. As you may have already guessed, most stuff like that just reward you with unlimited money. xD

  • Wat scared you In MM?

    Chukapi - - Modern Zelda