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  • Enemy Nicknames

    Chukapi - - General Zelda


    Quote from romanomnomnom: “ Ice Keese - The eff word, but much louder ” = true. Most of the time I try to call them by name (because their names are funny enough as they are. I mean, how can you not laugh at deku BABA. Say it funny and you laugh.), but I'll often just call them by what they look like, often adding a swear, much like romanomnomnom has said. I think the most significant for me is those Miniblin. I call them "stupid devils". Similarly with master hands, I call them, "annoying hand"…

  • The most useless weapon

    Chukapi - - General Zelda


    I'm going to base this on how much I actually use weapons. What I may deem to be useless doesn't necesarily make it useless (e.g. personally, I hate the boomerang in OoT, but it's still very useful for the temple and getting pieces of hearts and paralysing foes). Deku Nuts. Quote: “I hate how so many people think OoT deku nuts are useless. If you do then you just don't know how to use them correctly.” I can go the entire game without even touching those. You don't actually need them. I know how…

  • Schadenfreude

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    Schadenfreude summed up.

  • Lions or tigers?

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    Obviously combine the two: liger.jpg

  • 113,525 Woo. We're making progress.

  • Pet Peeves/Hates

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    Quote from Pani: “ But the only one that comes to mind right now is when people on trains and buses sit on the aisle seat in a chair with two seats, so that no one sits next to them. And if, God forbid, someone asks them to move over so they can sit down, the person rolls their eyes and sighs loudly and makes a huge deal out of moving over.” There is a worse extreme. Me and my friends get on the train quite often and there is always ONE person sat in a SIX SEATER. Because of these people we are …

  • I think we can simultaneously agree that: Pixelated avatar: noob Top cat avatar: awesome

  • I'm extremely odd. I'm not unpopular, neither am I popular, but while you may think "hey, that's not odd", there is something that has caused my social life to be funny -- being homeschooled. I joined secondary school like, half way through, so I didn't know anyone. I did quickly make friends but had to sort of "work my way up" if you know what I mean. Having made friends with some of the wrong people has led others to think of me as a bit of a wierdo. That and my interests are very different t…

  • I'm helping! +1 113223

  • Good japanese bands...

    Chukapi - - Entertainment


    L'Arc-en-Ciel! : D Depends on your prefered style though. Judging by your above post, I'm not sure whether they'd be what you like. Try Asian Kung-Fu. They're...kinda rock. xD I don't know of many bands, just a few singers so I can't really help you with a wide range, hope you give those two a go though!

  • I have had my Wii "chipped", not sure if it's the same, but it's some form of hacking I'm sure. I didn't personally do it and I have no idea how it was done, 'twas my brother who did it for me but I have had no problems with my Wii to date and I get to play games for free! You can't lose : D So like many people have said, as long as the person doing it knows what they're doing, you should be okay. Make sure you have "insurance". When my brother chipped my Wii, he was fully aware that I would ge…

  • I know this is serious discussion and I should probably post a longer post, but I have only one thing to say to this. Makes me feel physically sick to my stomach.

  • ZeldaMMbox.jpg = Marmite%20-%20Yeast%20Extract%20(250g).jpg You either love it or hate it. I love it. :3

  • Do you pick your nose?

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    I think the real question here should be "Do you pick your nose in public?" But to answer the question, however gross it sounds, yes, when it's required. But I try to use tissue most of the time. And NEVER in public.

  • Quote from nintend06: “m0j0, that's a creepy expression... 3dglasses.jpg Say what you want, but you know I look good.:3 (found some old 3D glasses yesterday)” Is it like ZU is almost 3D? :O

  • Quote from fratey: “I'M SO DAMN JEALOUS OF CHUKAPI THAT I'M CONSIDERING TO KILL MYSELF Q_Q I'd marry you just for the manga. ” *evil laugh* Well you wouldn't be getting any manga. : D Go marry amazon. THEY GOTZ A WHOLE STOCK OF 'EM. Quote from Yami: “3307_70192535881_562150881_2209889_6346358_n.jpg have a picture of me i guess (dear god i look terrible.)” I demand to know which area of the UK you live in so I can stalk you. >D Please don't call the police! D;

  • Quote from Sotiris: “NOOOOO! I hate you! Now I ain't gonna marry you. EVER. You are mean. :P” But! But! YOU PROMISED WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL. DDDDDDD: *cries herself to sleep* I have more manga >D

  • Quote from Willy Wonderful: “I love how that wire circles Link. xD” This sound effect comes to mind : D DO DEE DOO DO DOO DO DA DUNNN! Quote from Sotiris: “ And /agree. Chukapi is pretty. But she's mine, so back away, Forte! Mwahahahaha. XD Oh, shut up! I know you're just as pretty in real life. Not that I've seen you, but I'm sure you are. Also, /MAJORJEALOUSY.” manga.jpg

  • Quote from Forte: “I'd mount you like a lion. Both in the sexual manner, and in the literal sense, as if you were my prized possession.” Then I shall take it as a compliment! : D Thank you! ^_^ I would say something equally complimenting for you but I hasn't seen a photo of Forte. Quote from Slur: “'s Julie's sister! You're so pretty x33 ” *blush* Thank you kindly! ^-^ Unfortunately, in real life I look different. Cameras LIE. I'm jealous of your hair though (if I were a boy of course…

  • Would most definitely want to be a part of this -- perhaps even help organise, although I will be extremely busy over the next few months with GCSE stuffz, so I guess that wouldn't be the best idea. xD Since Asia was originally planning the whole UK meetup, is this leaving us short of people to organise UK ones as the main staff who would be organising are mainly in the US?

  • Gerudo Thief or King of Darkness

    Chukapi - - General Zelda


    Honestly, I prefer him as Ganondorf over his pig-nosed beast form. But most definitely it would be wrong to remove either of the forms. He's gotta have both! It makes Ganondorf who he is. It was a really nice change in TP having Ganondorf as the very, very last boss, rather than Ganon. It gave you a feeling that you were a true swordsman, not just randomly striking at his tail, but rather using the many hidden skills Link learns throughout the game (especially back slice, that one's SO importan…

  • Quote from GDKdium Nitrate: “My living space.... S7306274.jpg I wish my house was this nice. D: I think my hair is different. : O lizzzzeh.jpg TP wallscroll FTW!”

  • erez : D

  • Quote from Mattocks: “ crepe.jpg What would breakfast be without finishing it off with a crepe? ” There's only one way to explain my reaction to this photo. homer_drool.gif

  • What is the best song (Music)?

    Chukapi - - General Zelda


    I generally love the whole Zelda soundtrack, but if I had to choose my first option would have to be the Lost Woods and Sacred Grove (basically, Saria's song). For a long time Saria's song has been my favourite and how they adapted it to a more serene track in TP (the Sacred Grove) just enthused my love for it. And you gotta admit the Gerudo valley tune's pretty rockin'

  • Honestly, I think it looks like a fun game. The feeling I get from DS Zeldas is that they encorporate some form of simple humor that even for us avid Zelda fans is enjoyable but believeable. Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck. You've gotta admit his character and the general plot of it all was so cliché, but we LOVED it. I think this train thing looks very humorous and a nice change from the dark Zelda we just had (TP). Also, what are you all getting worked up about? Miyamoto's announced that they're …

  • Love Zelda? Love Writing?

    Chukapi - - Community Archive


    I'd like to apply, actually. I'm not claiming to be the most articulate person on the planet, but I do have a passion for this sort of thing! I would enjoy writing stuff up, critiquing and even the simple tasks such as spell-checking -- if it'll make someone's day then, heck, I'm up for it! PM?

  • I vote 2, 4, 7


  • Quote from Karma: “I still feel like hell today. Does it show?: 105233.jpg” Doesn't show in the slightest ;D The only thing that may cause people to think perhaps you aren't so well is that big frown! : D Smiiile! Also, its funny seeing your eyes not covered by glasses! Look nice both ways!

  • Green = win. Always wearing it. So I pass with ease! ;D Happy St. P's day, everyone.

  • A Twilight Princess Analysis

    Chukapi - - Modern Zelda


    Quote from Rhythm: “Ever wonder why it's there? Why everything is like it is? ” I'm pretty sure it's for the entertainment of all Zelda fans and gamers out there in the world. and for the profit of Nintendo:arch:

  • Quote from GDKdium Nitrate: “I never had eggs.” You haven't lived. eggs-and-eggs.jpg I love any and all eggs. Eggs rock. Eggs are yummy. I fry mine slowly to make sure they don't stick to the pan and that the white is nice and yummeh while the yolk is runny. Typical Brit. for you here! *edit* sorry, just had to eat-some-ok.jpg

  • Quote from Peekay: “hnnnnnrgh. peekay got piercing happy over the weekend. picture001fgergcopy.jpg yay labret piercing and four on my earrrrrrrrr~~” You 'ought to do more of this! 498px-Smile_fasdfdsfoiueire.svg.png You're very pretty, so you ought to be smiling! : D Chewie's upset cause you cut his head off.

  • MM - Worth It?

    Chukapi - - Classic Zelda


    Totally worth it MM = win. I still play it to this day. Anyone who says MM sucks is a failure.

  • Unless it spells out 1337, nothing! I just passed it ;_;

  • Super Mario 64 Bowser. >D He was waaay awesome. I was gonna go for dry bones though; howcome he's not on the list? D:

  • Quote from Laikra: “Photo taken by Zarah Picture003.jpg” I have a Science teacher who looks like you ;D In a good way! Or is it my science teacher...*thinks* ARE YOU MY SCIENCE TEACHER? Link: Your haircut is awesome! Not that I recall your old one, but still! Awesome ;D I actually expected you to be a lot older, considering how long you've been around ZU *really should have realised this earlier*

  • All those people must be amazed by Link! Haha, funny picture ;D

  • When are you usually on ZU?

    Chukapi - - General Chit-Chat


    I am always here, just not always at my computer ;D But seriously...umm, usually when I get home from school I'll tend to browse the latest topics - so 4 till 6. *ticks 3 till 6*