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  • Quote from Shayface: “Quote from The Missing Link: “@Shayface, I saw what you were up to last night. Did things go well? ” Oh yeah, things went just swell seeing as though I have no night action. Did you get a result that says otherwise? ” Just making sure. For science's sake.

  • Quote from Allanon Avalon: “'s a gut feeling. I mean...I'm not for sure? But I just think that, in light of the play style...I think they are good. ” Work with me here, Allanon. Show me, show us, that you're following along. If you believe Sólsetur is good, then who isn't good. Who do you find more suspicious? I'm inviting you, asking you, emploring you, to write more than me.

  • Quote from Captain Harrie: “honestly @The Missing Link i think the most likely scenario is that Leo was our cop. ” Herp derp herpdederp yes I concur.

  • Also, Naf, for your second question, it could be that the Vanillaiser took the kill last night, thus Vanillaising no one. Quote from Allanon Avalon: “TML, I'd say the lists are accurate, but I'd like to believe that Sol is a good person. ” Why?

  • Quote from ♬Nafchacho♬: “Wait if Foo was the Role Cop, I motivated him last night... That means he knew more about our town roles than we do. Obviously they would want to look for the doctor, so who did Foo look into, did he leave any clues, hints, about what he did or how he felt about certain people, who was he going for before linkle? I doubt Foo became vanillized because he is mafia and all, did someone else get vannilized then? Or maybe this is a limited shot role? ” Naf, no, that's not how…

  • Also of note is that we have yet to find a standard Cop as well. Which, naturally, us curious given that one of the Mafia members is a Godfather. In fact, there may not be a standard Cop. I could see that if: 1. The Godfather were bulletproof instead of investigation-immune. That would only defend him from Kay, the Day Vig, however, since it appears that there is no Night Vig. 2. The Godfather has an alternate sense of investigation-immunity, in the sense that he could not be Lie Detected by Eng…

  • ^ That's also significant because it adds more possibilities to what happened: The Mafia wouldn't have tried to not kill someone last night. They're too badly off in numbers (well, especially now) to not go with that. So if that's the case: 1. We have a Doctor, and the Doctor managed to pick the kill target 2. The Mafia targeted you, Captain Harrie. 3. Sólsetur is Town, and she blocked Shona from making the kill. These aren't the only possibilities, naturally. (See the Mafia not making a kill.) …

  • Ah yes, I remember quickly reading all of those, but I've been scatterbrained with many people at my desk asking questions, so I haven't even attempted to really get a cogent understanding of All The Things And the Way They Are™. I might pop in here and there before lunchtime, but I'm going to need to do some personal homework before I feel good about ing my way forward. I have thoughts, but these are just naïve speculation without any logical basis yet.

  • @Sólsetur, you've claimed Roleblocker. Who did you target last night?

  • @boxes, I know that ZU's Mafia games adhere fairly strongly to the MafiaScum paradigm. However, I could invent several modifications to the role that would make it a Mafia role. Such as all of the items not working and/or giving false results. However, generally, it's generally a Town-aligned role should it exist. We should still chase up on it. I remember that Kae sent something to Linkle (via Foo) on N1. That's not a comfirmably Town action on its own. What happened on N2, I don't remember. I …

  • Quote from Captain Harrie: “Quote from Sólsetur: “If Shayface is what I'm assuming Shayface is, and is the reason why TML didn't want to put out the information he gained, then I don't want a claim from them :p ” OH i forgot TML followed shayface - I take it @The Missing Link shayface was not the motivator then lmao? ” To the best of my knowledge, Shayface is not the Motivator.

  • Quote from Sólsetur: “If Shayface is what I'm assuming Shayface is, and is the reason why TML didn't want to put out the information he gained, then I don't want a claim from them :p ” My ability is akin to a role cop, which is one of the reasons why my claim of being a Follower was tested. I effectively reveal hints about people's roles. Let us pretend a hypothetical: If I target you and discover that you performed a protective ability at night, you might be the Doctor. If I say this publicly, …

  • @Captain Harrie, can't tell if still confused or just egging me on, but I'll be brief, and forgive me if I'm insulting your intelligence. X) I always bargain between 25% and 33% Mafia (or 1/4 to 1/3). Anything too low or too high becomes imbalanced. 1/4 of 21 is just above 5. 1/3 of 21 is 7 exact. So it's likely between 5 and 7 with lesser bets on 5. So we're probably looking for 6, maybe 7 Mafia. Or rather, we're looking for 2 or 3 more.

  • Good-bye Green Mario. We hardly knew thee.

  • You were right the first time. Six plus or minus one. Which means somewhere between 6-1 and 6+1, or 5 and 7 for those who still were shrieking because of the plus sign.

  • Bets are on 6±1 scum.

  • Just got into work, but I want to ask one thing: @Cody, are you satisfied? Red Mage needs to read the end of D3 and re-read D4 closer badly.

  • Hollowman can't be the vanniliser. He took no action N2. Unless he's immune to my ability.

  • I will now accept your petitions to grovel at my feet.

  • [VOTE]Foo[/VOTE] Should have followed my gut all the way through yesterday, I should have.

  • Naf, I still believe you're town. But I want to know what the hell yesterday was about. You said you targeted Foo N1. And because of that, you think I'm lying and vote for me. After Foo reminds you that he was likely the Nexus N1 and that there's a perfectly good explanation, you then renege in that and say you targeted English N1, still justifying a vote for me. Then later, you start to deny that you want me dead and want to lynch Linkle workout any obvious change of heart about me. To the poin…

  • I targeted Shayface last night. I'm only going to reveal the result if the Town feels it necessary because the likes of my information does give a bit too much to the Mafia than I like. At any rate, my results are annoying inconclusive. As for why I targeted Shay, the forums were down between 9:15 and 11:30pm local time last night, so I pretty much made my choice blind (without the luxury of rereading the thread), and Shay was on my N2 list of possible suspects. Will be on mobile as I train into…

  • Here's all I can say: - The Mafia may attempt to janitor me tonight. If that happens, you can assume I'm Town. - The Mafia may Vannilise me tonight. Half expecting this. BUt that would confirm me, so choice is on them. - Or they may leave me be since I'm hella unconfirmed. If that's the case, I will try to choose someone fun tonight.

  • Quote from Captain Harrie: “you know what, this isn't that I don't trust your claim TML but I think your flip is the one that will give the most clarity at the moment /votes me Namely, it'll clarify Hollowman and Foo, and I'm not sure what to make of Naf being so against your lynch yet ” No offence taken, Harrie.

  • Or rather to set up the tie. It's 5-5 v Abstain.

  • Fine. Allow me to break the tie. [UNVOTE]Allanon Avalon[/UNVOTE] [VOTE]Linkle[/VOTE]

  • ^ If required I will vote for Linkle. But there has to be another vote on there to topple Abstain.

  • Quote from Allanon Avalon: “Quote from The Missing Link: “Meanwhile, everyone in the Spectator chat is probably laughing their buttholes out. VOTE I'll follow Foo. Even if he's lying out his butt hole, I'd rather have a vote cast. Will gladly move my vote just about anywhere. ” If I have to I will role claim tomorrow and even have someone confirm it. ” In fairness, I'm not really gunning for you. My vote is merely is on you as placeholder. Given how I'm a source of confusion, I'm keeping my vote…

  • Meanwhile, everyone in the Spectator chat is probably laughing their buttholes out. [VOTE]Allanon Avalon[/VOTE] I'll follow Foo. Even if he's lying out his butt hole, I'd rather have a vote cast. Will gladly move my vote just about anywhere.

  • Quote from ♬Nafchacho♬: “Oh, I almost forgot, before the days ends, I always pick three people that I think are mafia scum with no proof. (Don't worry children, this is a gambling guess that means nothing) -Shona -TML -Linkle It means nothing, its tradition. ” Here's Naf's post for context, spoiler removed. Linkle is on her List of Three. So am I.

  • I don't feel comfortable with a Naf lynch at this time. He jumped on the Axius wagon early, though admittedly it was left after the Axius claim. I think that shows an amount of insight. Even if Naf is being rather je ne sais quoi at the moment. All I see right now is that we have about 7 Abstains (counting mine), which will override any plurality lynch vote right now. I'm not voting unless a wagon forms that turns that tide. I will vote against myself if I have to if that's what the Town wants.

  • Quote from Cody: “So if you're going to wait for Foo's proof tomorrow, who's your lynch choice @The Missing Link ” Admittedly, I don't have one at the moment. I spent my energy at Foo and haven't had time to retread the day. I'd rather you lynch me than No Lynch. I'd rather lynch Linkle than me for obvious reasons. At this point, I'm content to be the hammer vote based upon the collective stance. I'd vote Shay, but I'd rather complicate matters with a wholly separate bandwagon.

  • Quote from ♬Nafchacho♬: “It would make sense that TML is a rolecop. Either way, TML, you aren't on my list of three, however Linkle is on my list, that will boost my pride. ” It's not a lie of importance, but that's not true. see post 785

  • Quote from Captain Harrie: “I was a little concerned TML might be a rolecop or something ” Admittedly, for a long time, I had the word oracle-like vision that someone would assume that.

  • And so help me, if you're manipulating the facts just because I'm on your List of Three and you want to be proven doubt, well, something something about pride and a fall. Just saying.

  • One thing I realised when talking my notes is that my possible Mafia list was a little noisy. Members on it felt like they wouldn't be Mafia members together. If I remember correctly, I felt something weird about having Linkle and Foo on the same scum team because of something, but I didn't jot that into my notes, so I'm finding it difficult to resurrect the idea without retreading all of D2 for an answer. I'd support a Linkle lynch, but at this point, I'm leaving my vote in the town's hands to …

  • @Cody, if you think my life is worth taking for the sake of sanity for the game, that's fine. Today is the one free shot where I won't protest it. And no, that's not secret voodoo TML code for "I'm a Jester that can only win up until Day 3 or something." I wouldn't lie about the motivation; that's too crazy for even me. English I technically could have fabricated, and I only have my arguments and my vote on BB to justify it as truth. Probably the wisest thing would have been to wait a few days i…

  • Okay, [UNVOTE] Foo [/UNVOTE] I'll figure things out in a bit during brekkie.

  • Well, that explains why I was motivated? Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

  • For heavens sake, guys, I'm here. Currently on mobile standing under a heater because it's bloody cold. I will have to get ready for work at some point, but dang it I am co-operating to the best of my capacity. I'm not outside traipsing through the fields for Pokémon (yet).