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  • Will do, once I get my system set up.

  • Guys, I'm a Switch owner. Got it at MSRP and it came with a 125$ store gift card. Also got a Walmart Exclusive Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle set that comes with the figure, the game and the season pass for 30$. (Hidden Content) All ready for Smash!

  • The next 2 years in the House for the Democrats should be about making the progressive case going into the 2020 election. We already know that nothing progressive that the Democrats pass in the House will pass the Senate, we're not stupid. But the next 2 years should be about getting the Republicans on record as being against certain policies and the Democrats for certain policies. (just as the Republicans did when they had the House and the Democrats had the Senate a few years back.) - Pass med…

  •…x-one-launching-next-year This could definitely be true, its essentially what the XBox One was supposed to be from the initial reveal. No disk drive, digital only and now with Game Pass I can see this as an excellent value option.

  • Somehow society has allowed the Republicans to make counting all the votes be controversial in some circles.

  • I doubt this is Sony permanently stepping away from E3 and more that they have nothing to actually reveal (last year was already thin and they were criticized for it.) Having a bad E3 presentation is worse than having no E3 presentation. They'll likely wait until 2020 E3 to reveal the PS5. E3 is good for the gaming industry as it gets everyone's eyes on gaming, not only gamers. Nintendo may have Nintendo direct which reaches their fans, but TV news, non gaming news sites and newspapers don't rep…

  • Telltale is being liquidated, the new owners of these games will likely put them right back up for sale. In any case I have all the Telltale games I want already

  • @Cajbaj The Tony Hawk music . It was just so integral to the experience, if they ever do a good remake of the games they need to get all this music back. That was another one I always remember.

  • Whatcha want *right now*

    Pietro - - General Chit-Chat

    Post So yes, I want a rock.

  •…trump-endorsement-losers/ The best...

  • I get how what he said could be understood as new DLC, but I think a bit is lost in translation, the main message of that quote is that they want these games to continue to sell alongside the Switch and want them to still be seen as the must haves for people who buy the Switch in 2 years. They want these titles to continue to sell at the original MSRP years down the line by adding "add on content and other factors", which could mean DLC, but also extras included in the package like these, which …

  • (Hidden Content) I identify Tony Hawk's Pro Skater with this song and I just thought of this song. It made me smile remembering simpler times of playing this with my brother.

  • Congrats Cody

  • Quote from john_marston: “Not a fan of Microsoft's (desperate) attempt to gain 'exclusives' by throwing money at well-established third party developers/franchises. They're just paying millions to take away third party games from the PS4. Same with the timed exclusive nonsense. It's not really adding anything of value to the industry, it mainly just takes away value from the PS4. ” inXile and Obsidian not having to resort to going to kickstarter for almost every game they make is of great value …

  • Nice, I'm actually pretty happy that Microsoft is opening the wallet and also getting inXile now, it makes the console market more competitive which is only good for the consumer. It seems they want their identity to be RPG heavy.

  • With all that being said, I don't want the field to be cleared to let a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren win. Everyone who wants to run should be encouraged to run because more debates and discussion of who will be the candidate means more news coverage and more of a chance for Americans to become acquainted with the eventual candidate. The limiting of the debates by the Democrats last primary was a huge mistake that shouldn't be repeated. Let them fight it out and let the candidate who is bes…

  • My issue with picking the "most electable candidate" is that people treat that as shorthand for centrist. This is an unwarranted assumption. Donald Trump was considered among the "least electable candidates" yet he's president, he didn't win the presidency by courting democrats, he won by energizing his base. Donald Trump identified that his base was white evangelicals and he got 81% of them to vote for him…reliminary-2016-analysis/ Democrats should identify their …

  • There was a similar fight going on in Canada as to whether Netflix should be taxed. At least in the case of Canada it wasn't an extra tax on Netflix, it was applying current sales tax to the service, which wasn't collected before because legislation always lags behind technology. I understand that people don't want to pay taxes, but just think about it, locally based companies are already in bad shape and closing down, do we want to keep local companies at a competitive disadvantage by in effect…

  • 2018 wasn't an aberration in regards to red states voting for left wing measures at the ballot box. Looking back to the last midterm election in 2014 (where there was a red wave and the Republicans won 9 senate seats and some in the house as well.) Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota voted for a minimum wage increase. And Alaska also voted for marijuana decriminalization and protecting salmon from mining projects In 2016 Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota voted for medical marij…

  • Thread Split from 2018 US Midterms thread Also notice how almost all the left wing ballot measures listed that passed were in deeply red or purple states (Utah, Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Arkansas, Missouri.) , Mass and Washington are blue. Given the popularity of these measures, maybe the Democrats should run on them in these states rather than running as Republican lite. Nah, running campaigns based on what people want (and what your party claims to support n…

  • Excellent news! Will hopefully help to weaken organized crime and lower violent crime.

  • If the results hold in Arizona with Sinema winning and the Democrats manage to flip Florida back. Then a net loss of 1 senate seat isn't actually that bad and gives the Democrats a better chance of winning the senate in 2020 when the map is in their favor.

  • My issue isn't primarily Pelosi's unpopularity among Republicans or Independents, its her unpopularity among Democrats. When only half the people in your party have a positive opinion of you, you shouldn't be the leader.…ay-nancy-pelosi-should-be

  • Tony Clement is a complete dumbass. He sexts a woman and someone tries to buy the communications from the woman he sent it to, so he reports it to the Ontario Provincial Police. Later he sexts another woman and ends up being extorted by a foreign actor for 75,000$, both these things happened this year all since this summer.

  • Trump wants Pelosi to be speaker, I'm sure that Trump wants a strong Democrat in the position and not a pushover.

  •…eader-nancy-pelosi-speaks I love that their first priority is campaign finance reform legislation, as both the left and right agree that money has a corrupting influence on politics and the Republicans will look like shit when they vote against it. See, this is politics. (The legislation wouldn't go far enough, but it won't pass anyway. This isn't about the legislation, but the message it sends to voters about the Democratic priorities heading into 2020.) But I hat…

  •…0-jobs-q-series-1.4896753 lol How's that saving jobs through corporate welfare going?

  • Please get back to the discussion at hand.

  • Now they will attempt to end the Russia investigation. The denouement of this whole affair is upon us and now we'll find out how it ends sooner rather than later.

  • Quote from logicalpencils: “Where are you getting this idea that I'm calling MLK a "moderate"? The very letter I'm quoting has him state he's radical, in that his approach and his principles are radically different from those of the two forces he's describing -- the "white moderates" and the "force of bitterness and hatred". ” You were implying that MLK was a moderate and would be against those who fight for equality today who according to the republicans are "violent mobs" (basically equating c…

  • (Hidden Content)

  • If there's one particular bright spot for this election its on the state level for the Democrats. Before the election: Republicans had 26 states with both the governorship and 2 state houses Democrats had 6 states 18 were split control After the election as the results stand: Republicans have 21 states Democrats have 14 states 15 are split That is an important shift before the 2020 redistricting. This election wasn't what I was hoping for, but also not 2016.

  • I'm very into politics, I'm the nerd who will go into the state house and senate races to see if any flipped. For instance after the disgrace that was the IDC, which stole New Yorkers of the Democratic state senate that they voted for, the Democrats have finally taken back control of the New York senate and convincingly so.

  • Wow, after Walker and Evers spent the past couple of hours trading places within a thousand votes now Evers is running away with it ahead by about 30,000 votes. A nice end to the night.

  • The Wisconsin Governor's race is insanely close. I thought it was done because Brown County still had a lot of precincts to report, but now those are all done and Tony Evers is ahead by 122 votes at 98% reporting.

  • Quote from GregariousTree: “So Democratic hopes now rest with Arizona and Nevada just to mitigate losses to 1 net Republican flip in the Senate, is that correct? It's difficult to keep track of things at work, but it seems like Florida is a wash ” For the senate yeah, its about limiting the loss. For the house the Democrats already won.

  • Based on which districts have already come in, it looks like Sinema will actually win, but sadly it looks like Walker won.

  • Quote from lord-of-shadow: “If the republicans gain too much ground it will make the 2020 senate battle very difficult for Democrats. ” Indeed, hopefully Sinema and Rosen can pull off wins so that they only have a net 1 seat loss this election season.

  • Wow, Kansas now has a Democratic governor!

  • Looks like Kevin de Leon has a chance against Dianne Feinstein. Which is a plus, even though they're both Democrats, de Leon is a lot more progressive.