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  • Quote from Orion: “Were they? ” Fi_resized_full_4810.png

  • Quote from Orion: “How would you know about the telescope's results. ” I've covered this. Perhaps the results were broadcasted as they would be in a Mafia PM.

  • Quote from Orion: “Zachie. As much as those one liners about Cody and Ruki being scum make me laugh, they aren't helping with any discussion. ” Look dude. I don't know how many more ways I can say this, and there's a high chance I will be lynched tonight anyway. I implore you to switch over to Ruki & things will become a lot clearer once they flip.

  • Quote from Cody: “I've covered this like twelve times. Without knowledge of the setup, knowing both that no Franky (a major character) and no Jailkeeper could be counterclaimed is impossible. i'd be risking it all on a 5% shot. ” I mean.. this can go both ways. It supports my theory as much, if not more, as it does yours.

  • Quote from Ruki: “You should try it sometime. It's good fun. ” I am trying by trying to lynch you.

  • Quote from Orion: “COOL YOU'RE AN AGENT I'M A PENGUIN THE SKY SOMETIMES HAS CLOUDS sigh Just. Chloro. We need to lynch at least one of you to know who is on the right side or not. ” Alternatively, you lynch Ruki which is much more likely of hitting scum & not getting a townie.

  • Quote from Ruki: “No need for a plan. He's scum. ” But what if he isn't? I find it interesting that you're avoiding answering this.

  • Quote from Cody: “Let's be clear here - the people with a good vote record are dead. The Mafia killed them in the night. By my count only three out of the ten living players have ever end-of-day voted for a member of the Mafia. ” It's interesting that you note this.. almost like you had insider information and were implicit in the seeking out and targeting of these players. I have a question for you, mr Cody.. how do we know your role is legit? And yes, I know what you're going to say "nobody cc…

  • Quote from Ruki: “Might as well consolidate votes. We can take care of Zachie tomorrow I suppose. Both are scum, so it doesn't matter the order which they die. ” I'm curious what your plan is when Chloro flips town? Serious question. I want an answer.

  • Quote from Cody: “Vote record!? You're talking to me about vote record, Chloroform? Neither you or your buddy Zachariah Blade have ever voted for a Mafia member. ” Not true. I've voted for you many times.

  • Quote from kodachrome: “Reading what they've said I'm assuming they can't claim it otherwise they'll be mod killed for some reason. ” Quote from Mordred: “That was a thing in Ultimate Werewolf but it's pretty cruel to include it in a game of mafia where *everything is already so confusing* ” @Orion

  • Quote from Orion: “I have never heard of a role or situation that would lead to a mod kill outside of quoting pms from th GM. ” didn't someone literally point out a similar situation a couple hours ago?

  • Quote from Pavlova: “Also, @Zachie why are you so keen on keeping Chloro safe. Your head's finally out of the chopping block yet you still keep going. ” Because I don't want another townie lynched. @Cody keep going, mine or Chloroform's lynches will prove that we're telling the truth lol.

  • Quote from Cody: “Not only is the concept of you having HH's personal item results dodgy in the first place as Orion said (that's not how it works), but you have just admitting to claiming an extra investigative action on Ruki that never existed through a fake role claim. ” You're trying really hard to protect your scumbuddy here, aren't you? Why don't you act pro-town and vote scum for once this game?

  • When did we say that we "just wanted Ruki dead"? Please stop twisting our words.

  • Quote from Zachie: “all will be revealed in due time ” Did Khao perhaps write your role? Quote from Cody: “ ”

  • Quote from Cody: “What you're saying now, Zachie, is that the role you were given is an Amnesiac Mason 1-Shot Role Cop on Day 4 Specifically But Who It Turns Out Isn't Actually A Role Cop But I Do Have An Investigative Action Honest. ” all will be revealed in due time

  • Quote from Sabbo: “Can you give details? I don't mind who made the action, I just want to know what type of action it was, and what the result was. ” Telescope item, returned Ruki as scum.

  • Quote from Sabbo: “Is this actual knowledge, gleaned from an investigate action, or is it just a strong scumread? We need to know where you stand. ” An investigative action.

  • Quote from Sabbo: “I'm actually curious about the rolecop claim. I know it was a BS claim, but was there any more reason to it other than to pressure Ruki, who most of the town seems to have a scumread for? ” The information is correct, needed a way to bs it out there. I stand by the fact that Ruki is a mafia.

  • Quote from Cody: “Yeah, on the question of intentional modkilling, as Foo is pointedly hinting at in the hub thread, there's a section in our Mafia rules like this: ” You'll note that I explicitly said I would not let myself be modkilled.

  • Quote from Pavlova: “I don't see how it could help us atm Why so keen on dying? ” Just answering your questions.

  • Quote from Pavlova: “Well nothing makes sense at the moment regarding Zachie and his role claim. I think that if he was willing to die for us my thoughts on him may change ” If you guys agree that my flip would help (which it 100% would), then I'd be prepared to do that.

  • Quote from kodachrome: “Would you be prepared to die on behalf of the town if it came down to it being the only way for the town to win? ” I'd be prepared to be lynched/nightkilled but I don't want to get a bad name by being modkilled XD

  • Quote from kodachrome: “@Zachie can you confirm that if you revealed your role you would be mod killed? ” Yes.

  • Quote from Mordred: “I was under the impression that that was how amnesiac works, >.> ” My role works as follows: I start off as an ITP & I was told to survive until my true role was revealed.

  • Quote from Cody: “It's a contradiction caused by your Town of Salem fake role claim that doesn't add up. ” By the way, here's a variation of my role from MafiaUniverse. It isn't the exact one that I have in this game, but here is proof that it exists outside of Town of Salem.

  • Quote from Cody: “And yet you said you were a role cop. You have claimed both her faction and her role. It's a contradiction caused by your Town of Salem fake role claim that doesn't add up. ” I can't wait until this game is over so you can see that Amnesiac isn't a fake role claim.

  • Quote from Cody: “That's what Orion and DLR are saying, If he got PMed his result at the end of the night (which is when results happen) there would be no opportunity for him to share it with the chat. He would signal it in some way in the day thread probably except he is, as you can see, dead. ” Perhaps it's similar to a mafia group PM where results are all shared internally.

  • Alright.. so.. let's see what I can do to explain this.. Some roles, as stated, have to meet certain conditions of revealing information or else bad things will happen to them.. perhaps they want to tell you things but can't bc of the risk of those bad things. I will reiterate.. I have not lied about being an Amnesiac, and I have not lied about knowing that Ruki is scum. It's a bit odd that Cody has so far been defending everyone that has turned up scum so far, though, right? Chloroform is town,…

  • It's okay guys, I will happily accept your apologies when all the info is released. I fear I am not long for this world tho. Also Cody, just bc you don't know about it doesn't mean it exists.

  • Quote from Orion: “If you aren't scum, I will complete every single ending in Shadow the Hedgehog. No joke. I may be tired but I will uphold this promise. ” Start practicing.

  • Quote from Orion: “Stop beating around this burning bush of a town and give us a reason for how you would be able to use the item ” Perhaps he's one of them and HH used it before he died & he got the result?

  • Quote from Ruki: “Yup. Essentially I was given a list of roles which may or may not be in the game. Essentially I pick a role and if the person is town and the role, I get a positive result. Otherwise nothing. So while technically an information role, it has been fucking useless. Then again, I could have chosen a role which isn't even in the game, so there's that too. ” It seems awfully convenient that you have no results to show for this late in the game. Can you share this list of potential ro…

  • Hello I just woke up! Let me catch up on things but for now I assure you that I have not lied about Ruki's alignment, or my being an Amnesiac. You don't need to look so far into things Cody, and my flip would prove both things if I was to be lynched in Ruki's place. To further my Amnesiac claim, my sole purpose was to survive until my true role activated.. which it did. The role I received back for Ruki was that of a "Mafia Redirector" Mordred said: Not joining this wagon because I can't make se…

  • Hey hi hello. My name is Zachie! But in this game I'm.. Dot the Disguise Gal! I started off as an Amnesiac, and last night I remembered that I was a 1x Rolecop.. super exciting stuff for me. Do you wanna know what's even more exciting though? I decided to use my 1x rolecop ability to check out a hunch I've been having.. and I struck gold. I have a positive scum ID on none other than Ruki! *gasp* [vote]Ruki[/vote]

  • I'll play Cat Mafia but only if the Mafia are dogs

  • Quote from kodachrome: “@Zachie ” #TeamJustice

  • Lol

  • It's not too late to switch to a Cody wagon, just putting that out there.