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  • Too bad there isn't a Kickstarter equivalent of an online petition. I would totally throw money at Nintendo to tell me more about a game I want to throw money at. xD

  • Just beat Tales of Zestiria and consequently reblogged a whole ton of Sormik art lol Still working through FEA as well, going into chapter 13. (I play it largely when I'm traveling/away from home, so I'm not going through it as fast.) And I play on starting The Evil Within either tonight or tomorrow.

  • Zelda Riddles 4.0 - The Riddling

    Draug - - General Zelda



  • Quote from Unagi: “Quote from Draug: “Peeps are saying there's evidence that this is made using 3D printing, so have hope.” I'm holding out hope, but remember that prototype dev kits are often 3D printed to save costs. This controller would make no sense at all on a home console. Touchscreen buttons make sense on mobiles since a) they're compromised devices for gaming in the first place and b) you're constantly looking at the screen anyway. On a home console, where you are looking at your TV, th…

  • Peeps are saying there's evidence that this is made using 3D printing, so have hope.

  • What sort of longevity does a screen with these morphing buttons have? I keep remembering how scratched up my DS got from games like PH/ST, Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, and etc.. And from having a job that involves touchscreen computers, I know it doesn't take long for wear to show from repeated presses in the same spot. I guess it depends on the type of screen. Cellphones hold up well, after all.

  • It also doesn't explain why some of them are on Ganondorf when there are countless ties to previous Link's in TPHD--like, you know, his house.

  • lmao they've figured out the image was taken at Massive Entertainment thanks to the Swedish keyboard and a reflection of a tree. xDDDD Too bad they didn't put MS Paint black boxes over those parts! xDDDD Seriously though my heart goes out to the leaker who likely has just sealed their fate in the video game industry. Seriously seriously Nintendo needs to show this console already before someone else hops on the morphing screens and such.

  • It would be great if LM3 launched in the same window as SMG3, Zwoonix, maybe a Metroid, BGE2...

  • zomg?!?!??? Has someone checked it against the previous versions to see what was there? This is fascinating. Ganondorf usually wears armor and clothes that harken back to his Gerudo roots. Why would he wear something like this, unless it continues around him as a mosaic and maybe the hero is defeated? The bird could be anything from the Helmaroc King to a kargoroc kr maybe even a Loftwing. Maybe the hero turned to the evil side one time...

  • Ooooooooo I had a cool Zwoonix dream!!! In it, Link could command a huge flock of shadow birds (a Sheikan trick??) with a whistle that he tossed up into the air repeatedly on a long string, like a cross between a yo-yo and the bug whistle from Naussica. He was doing all these fancy tricks with it, and each time the thing peaked shadow birds flew out of it in each direction to scout the area. Additionally, he could whistle and call down an enormous amount of them to lift structures up, like a flo…

  • If true, this sounds really cool. The original LM was supposed to support 3D on the GameCube, and the 3DS version actually did it. I would love to see what they can do with the game on improved hardware. If anything can show off the NX's capabilities, it would be a spooky mansion with cool lighting effects and transparent ghosts.

  • Quote from Arizora: “Do you guys remember when Eiji said that ZUs cutscenes will rival Hyrule Warriors? Im trying to find the source. ..” Aonuma determined for Zelda Wii U to have cutscenes on par with Hyrule Warriors - Zelda Universe

  • I'm curious about the woman in those panels. (The one Zeltik surmised might be Link's mom.) Like the man, she's shown in her own panel, this time with a vase or urn in her hands. Could it be some reference to similar goddesses in mythology? I think there's one about the creation of the world involving a goddess pouring something out of a vase. It might also be a funeral urn--perhaps suggesting she died? This is all based on if those panels aren't nonsense, of course...

  • Quote from Bill: “I've had that idea forever. The way they did it in Skyward Sword was super underwhelming. Maybe they can do a better job with better hardware and better overall vision. I could definitely see returning to Sky Loft at some point. It could be one of the game's big plot twist moments. My vision of it is that you're returning to a dormant city and then you start activating time shift stones to bring it back to life. And then maybe you find the Ancient Hero's old Loftwing, which all…

  • This gives me hope that we really will get a sky area above that huge overworld. >:3

  • I know for me personally it's hard to take these carvings seriously/canon because of how Tantalus graffitied in Hylian. However, Zeltik's theory raises some intriguing points and I can definitely see some of this being potentially true. (The sky cannon theme, for one, wasn't something I noticed until now.)

  • Would any of you like to see Wii U-exclusive content? Nothing that affects story or progression, but something along the lines of the Cave of Shadows in TPHD? (Perhaps a bit more robust, though.) That would be a nice way to appease Wii U owners who have waited for the game. Also, I had an insane idea that ZWU would allow players to choose their companions from past ones in the series. xD I would go with Tatl, to be honest. Being able to name not only your horse but also your companion would be n…

  • There's the adoption rate to consider, too. I know I wasn't the only one who bought their first PS4 this past holiday when there were great deals on bundles on top of the price slash the system got in the last year. Does Sony really expect those people to hop on an upgraded console so soon? One could argue more people bought a PS4 earlier in the console's cycle, but would those people want to buy an upgraded version after the VR only launches this holiday? I personally don't expect to see the PS…

  • Quote from Please Understand: “Quote from Draug: “I'm still not sure if I believe Nintendo will wait until E3. I mean, that will be the big NX blowout and if Zwoonix is a thing then why would they overshadow the Wii U version when they've repeatedly reassured fans it was coming to the system? Unless Wii U owners are getting the game significantly earlier... (Say, September for Wii U and November-January for NX.)” I don't quite understand your logic here. If anything, Nintendo would want to prese…

  • Quote from Zeldaisthebest!: “Quote from john_marston: “So with the Xbox One-32X and PS4K (joke titles) upgraded systems being pretty much confirmed, it's looking pretty bad for the NX. Bad for everyone tbh. The PS4.5 will perhaps already launch with the PS VR at the end of this year, with Xbox doing something similar as always. ​So suddenly the NX went from 'being able to ride out with the current gen with Xbone specs' to probably being outdated fairly fast. I'm calling it now: the NX (with Xbon…

  • gdi gamtos Had another ZWU dream. Nothing spectacular, but I was at an event where ZWU was rumored to show and... it didn't. I'm still not sure if I believe Nintendo will wait until E3. I mean, that will be the big NX blowout and if Zwoonix is a thing then why would they overshadow the Wii U version when they've repeatedly reassured fans it was coming to the system? Unless Wii U owners are getting the game significantly earlier... (Say, September for Wii U and November-January for NX.)

  • Quote from gamtos: “Interestingly enough the title is not seen on any cover of any Zelda game I can think of. The way the bevel is rendered is slightly different, as well as the colors used for the gradient. Odd how both the render and the emblem behind Link are strongly reminiscent of Ocarina of Time. I wish we had more ZWU to discuss ;-;” I know I've seen them use that red logo before though, probably in other advertisements. I can't remember... I'm trying to figure out what the squiggly part …

  • A new shot of that new Link render!!!! (from a GameStop display) Cd63U_eVAAE2YZv.jpg Everyone's thinking it so I'll just say it. Damn, Link. lol Seriously though as much as I love what I've seen of ZWU I wouldn't mind a game looking like this hngh.

  • I was hoping for a Zelda Direct before HWL released, at least for NA, but then the details for the games' new season passes was revealed yesterday so there goes my dream. We still have the second half of April, post-SFZ, and all of May to hope...

  • Yeah that's the thing. Someone on GN remarked how eerily similar the pictured controller looks to the patent, which almost never happens for more than one reason. Maybe this is another school project? Remember that "leaked" video of a Nintendo meeting with the Wii U on display? That was proven to be a college assignment for students to rack up so many hits on a YT video. This could be something similar, or someone looking to have fun with peeps' hype.

  • It doesn't have to be a merger, but it can be a game that draws on all three timelines through time-travel. And in doing so, we get conclusions to those three timelines while progressing through the main game, and a fresh branch of the timeline can be started (which will probably split into five of its own branches bahaha).

  • This looks hella fake. I hope it is hella fake. It just looks cheap--it doesn't look like Nintendo quality at all.

  • Quote from Canyarion: “Quote from Draug: “The Age of Unity. ” You and I should flesh this out a bit more. Maybe I'll turn it into a fun video one day. At first Ganon tries to stop Link, as he’ll do anything to waylay the goddesses. But when he sees his efforts are futile, he instead starts to travel between timelines to awaken his alternate versions in the two other timelines. You like fighting Ganon? How about three Ganons working together to take you down?” In turn, Link can jump into the time…

  • Quote from Canyarion: “Quote from Mango The Magician: “How does a timeline merger even happen? What's the history of the new universe?” It's Din, Nayru and Farore who aren't happy with the different timelines. As goddesses and creators, they are above time and space; they saw the timesplits happen. They waited, biding their time to see how the worlds would develop. But they made the world as one, not to be cut up into three. In the end there has to be one timeline again. It is time. Link and Zel…

  • Quote from Okami Takahashi: “<p>Now that's just a silly analogy. They're SEA Zoras, remember? Not RIVER Zoras. River Zoras can only live in fresh water. Sea Zoras seem to be able to live in either quite well. Although oddly River Zoras do seem to exist in the adult timeline, albeit in the form of the idiotically named &quot;Geozards&quot;. They're clearly River Zora Warriors. They can even breathe fire!” Last I recall, the Zora in OoT lived on a freshwater river. But anyway, one could argue the …

  • Quote from Okami Takahashi: “I don't think of Rito as really having directly evolved from Zoras. I mean, come on. There's def food in the great sea if there's sharks swimming around in it, and Manfish. It'd be a perfect environment for Zoras. I think of the Rito as being more of a failed crossbreed between Zora and another race. I know the Wattara from the OoT manga are non-canon but they are the only bird-like race in the Adult Timeline before the Rito. I can't really explain why Rito need a dr…

  • I've been staring at that initial shot of Hyrule Field we saw when the game was revealed, and thinking on what little we've seen since then, and I'm wondering if the theories about Hyrule being in the middle of a conflict are truer than we might think. In that first shot and in the gameplay, we've seen lookout towers. There's also some sort of fence/wall in the field, to the northeast of the light green foliage that's to Epona's left, that reminds me of a checkpoint, or the wall that could surro…

  • Quote from KingOfHeart: “Here's a better idea! How about an evil brother. You start the game off by choosing a Blond Hair Link, or a Brown Hair Link. The one you did not choose gets the back story of hearing the parents talk about how the other Link has the bloodline of the chosen hero. The parents die like always. Then on the day there's a tragic event from some great evil, the chosen Link sets off on his adventure. The other Link, gets angry, and wants to proven that he's the stronger brother!…

  • Just finished the water trial in Tales of Zestiria and oh gods those eyes. How I hated them.

  • Zelda Riddles 4.0 - The Riddling

    Draug - - General Zelda


    Quote from Miss Mojo: “3x no my amigos! here's the hint: it's not an item you can acquire. also can someone do the "wrong guesses" "hint" and "riddle" things, I'm on my phone and don't have time to fix all the spoiler stuff, I'm sorry lol” (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Zelda Riddles 4.0 - The Riddling

    Draug - - General Zelda



  • Zelda Riddles 4.0 - The Riddling

    Draug - - General Zelda



  • But you have only eight characters for the title.

  • Saw a shooting star on my way out to my car this morning. Well, I think it was a shooting star. It could have been a piece of plastic catching the glow of a streetlight. Regardless, I wished for ZWU news. I mean, we have GDC next week (which Nintendo isn't attending) and both Playstation VR and FFXV are going to draw attention this month. Surely Nintendo will want to remind people they exist, right? Right? D: