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  • Seems like this has been fixed with Burning Board 4.1, as expected. We'll keep watching, but for now I'm marking this as fixed!

  • Incorrect Post Count

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    We've finally corrected this! So I'm marking this thread as released.

  • We now have this feature! So I've marked this thread as released

  • Things should be fixed now! Let us know if it starts acting up again in a separate thread

  • @Topaz Mutiny That was actually a bug! It's fixed now

  • Quote from KingOfHeart: “Why is the forum so slow? ” Looks like one of the servers in our cluster crashed, slowing everything down; we're just waiting for @AndroidOS to restart it!

  • Nothing was archived, the old counts were just wrong. We've recounted everything from scratch; all the numbers are correct now.

  • We did it! Welcome to Burning Board 4.1, everyone, our first major Burning Board software update. Burning Board 4.1 is packed with new features. We've also taken the opportunity to improve the Temple skin in a number of ways both to take advantage of these new features and to incorporate your feedback. What's new in Burning Board 4.1 There's a lot, so I won't go over everything. If you want the full list of changes in BB 4.1, head over to Woltlab. An all-new WYSIWYG text editor Redactor is our n…

  • Hey look, we're back! The upgrade is all done, folks. Welcome to Burning Board 4.1! I'll make a thread detailing all the new features shortly. Until then, feel free to explore! There's tons of new stuff to see.

  • As you may know, we're upgrading to Burning Board 4.1 starting this Saturday, May 14th. We previously delayed our upgrade in order to investigate ways to perform the upgrade with minimal downtime. The good news: We've figured it out! Our solution is to perform the upgrade offsite, meaning we will not need to take down the forums to do the upgrade. The upgrade itself can take up to a week, and during this time period no posts made or accounts registered will transfer over to the upgraded forums. …

  • Today, Nintendo released their E3 2016 site, which naturally has nothing but Zelda UNX content. Notably, there's this symbol, with the filename "sheikah.png": preloader.png The symbol has opened up a ton of speculation that, as the sole non-gameplay graphic on the E3 page, the Sheikah will play a major role in Zelda UNX. The Sheikah have been a mystery since their introduction, so this could be pretty huge for Zelda lore. I've heard a few ideas floating around: that this could be yet another pre…

  • No problem! As for recycling responsibly, Apple works with PowerOn to recycle all sorts of electronics safely. I highly recommend using their recycling program; they are very diligent about making sure that no waste ends up in electronics graveyards. Here's a link to Apple's recycling page with all the info you need: Renew and Recycling - Apple

  • This likely isn't a feature of your laptop. Some Mac desktops have a "target display" mode where they can take video in and act as a dumb display, but I've never seen this done on Windows, especially with such an old machine. And MacBooks don't have this feature because people don't use their laptops as external displays (people like it the other way around, where their smaller device connects to a larger display). Also, taking a magnet to the laptop, or even wiping the hard drive, will almost c…

  • Zelda U Delayed till 2017.

    GoldenChaos - - Modern Zelda


    Quote from Iroas: “You guys knew jack, like the rest of us. It's ok to be dissapointed when stuff like this happens, you know? Instead of telling others they're stupid for having hope and reasonable expectations, just be honest and admit you're just as dissapointed.” Oh, I'm definitely disappointed. Just not surprised! Also, I know slightly more than jack. I don't have insider info on Zelda U specifically, but I know Nintendo pretty well - enough to be reasonably confident that their March 2017 …

  • Zelda U Delayed till 2017.

    GoldenChaos - - Modern Zelda


    Anyone who thought that it was *actually* going to release in 2015 or 2016 needs to have a solid look at Nintendo's development history with major Zelda releases. I'm pretty sure anyone who was with me when they first announced Zelda U and its 2015 release date remembers the "yeah, right" look on my face, haha. Oh, and there's no way the NX is coming out March 2017 sight unseen. Nintendo does not do well at the under promise and over deliver game.

  • Due to the news Nintendo announced early this morning - that the new Zelda title would launch in 2017 and would also be on the NX console - we have decided to postpone our upgrade to Burning Board 4.1 until May 7th. This will also give us time to run several test upgrades and see if we can make the process go faster. With E3 hype upon us, we don't want any downtime! As always, we'll keep you updated on the status of the May 7th upgrade. Cheers! - The ZU Team UPDATE: Good news! We've been able to…

  • I'm still going through my depression, which was caused by a concussion I got last August (itself caused by, and you can't make this up, the shock wave from a cannon firing). Depression doesn't really care if you're successful, timid, ambitious, rich, or poor. It's a physical injury (like breaking a leg), and it should be treated that way. If you haven't seen a doctor, you should. At first, my doctor recommended antidepressants. I'd never been on any medication before, so I was really wary, and …

  • Hello, all! This is a friendly notice to inform you that we'll be taking the forums down this Saturday for a major upgrade to Burning Board 4.1. We expect the downtime to be approximately five hours, starting at 3:30am EST. We will also be attempting to update the counters across the forums, correcting peoples' post counts and point counts. This is a time-intensive process, which is why we've avoided it up till now, so there is a chance we will still be unable to get the counters updated. If we …

  • Do you have JavaScript enabled? What browser/version are you using?

  • Quote from Undyne: “I am assuming that isn't the finished product. The original temple layout was okay. Not great, but okay imo. The first BB temple layout was bad, but this looks insane. lol” It is indeed the finished product! At least, the first release of that product. We're updating the skin every two weeks - we've got a pretty major one coming out this Saturday that addresses a lot of issues. We'll also be opening up a general feedback thread shortly so people can help us improve the interf…

  • Quote from Demon Fox: “Hi all, I am finally back on desktop by using our head officer's PC, but there's a problem: I can't click on the Conversation link as shown in this attachment: hQuKX.jpg” Looks like you're either using an unsupported browser, or have JavaScript turned off. Are either of those true? We don't support IE versions earlier than 11.

  • Marked this as upcoming since it's being released in next week's update!

  • Quote from Arizora: “Is there a way to get notifications on mobile? (Ex. every time someone makes a post on a thread you follow?)” I wish! Unfortunately there's no way for a website to do push notifications to mobile devices (except via email, which we do support if that counts). So if you're cool with email notifications, you can find those preferences under Settings > Notifications.

  • Quote from HollowmanOfEoL: “IPad uses mobile, right? I have the check mark... Or is phone and tablet getting different stuff?” Phones and tablets get different layouts - for Throwback, tablets get the desktop layout, which includes the "mark as read" control. I actually don't like that Throwback is forced on tablets, but there isn't an option in the plugin we use to detect mobile devices to exclude tablets. However, once we have Temple Mobile, I'll disable that plugin so people can choose what m…

  • Quote from Nelsyv: “Is there a way to mark forums as read on mobile? I don't see the little ✅ (check mark) that is on the desktop site.” Nope, and it doesn't look like there's a way for me to add the feature easily however, I've added it to our internal list of features we want to get to in the future.

  • If Burning Board 4.1 doesn't fix the issue, then we will absolutely launch an investigation into possible alternative causes. To be sure, @AndroidOS from our server team has already been looking into this issue for weeks to make sure it's not a server issue, which would be the other explanation, but none of his potential fixes have made a difference. (It could still be a server issue, which is why we continue to tweak our server settings, but it's looking pretty unlikely at this point.) Given th…

  • You're free to switch to Throwback, but that won't fix the bug that happened, which was a caching bug in Burning Board. This one truly is a system-level issue, folks. It also expresses itself whenever you see buttons or interface elements displaying the wrong text, like "wcf.thread.submit" and the like. The issue is that Burning Board creates a cache for increased performance, and occasionally regenerates that cache to keep things up to date. When it does, it seems to randomly leave certain thin…

  • I would *love* to do this. Burning Board doesn't provide a way to know when the quick reply box is open, but maybe I can go back and try to figure out a way. I've marked this as "upcoming" since I really want to do this.

  • Unfortunately, this seems to be a system function of Burning Board on mobile, so we can't do anything about it

  • Behold! A signature divider, it appears.

  • I'm guessing you mean how the editor doesn't like removing text for some reason, making it hard to edit text once you've typed it? We've got a fix coming in the next update, so less than two weeks!

  • Formatting Issues

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    Hmm, alright, unmarking this thread then since it's an intermittent issue. Burning Board 4.1 does include an all-new text editor, so it's quite possible that it will be fixed when we upgrade.

  • Formatting Issues

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    Cool, marking this as solved then

  • Formatting Issues

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    I haven't seen this issue myself. Looks like it works fine. What browser are you using?

  • Quote from interestingdrug: “You don't have any intention of accepting feedback, do you? It's quite obvious. It's fine if you drop the pretence.” There's no pretense; I've already made a number of changes to the design based on peoples' feedback, which you can see already. I've also posted a mockup of one of my experiments with the margins, so I don't see where you'd ever get the idea that I'm not accepting feedback. Just because the results of past experiments with margins have disagreed with y…

  • Quote from sierra: “From what I'm hearing, people do have an issue with the huge margins.” Part of design is looking past what people say and understanding what they mean. All of those comments relate to how margins affect the alignment of content. The margin is becoming the scapegoat for a potentially deeper issue of readability. That's not to say the margins aren't involved in the issue, but they're a symptom, not a cause. That said, all of this could be moot since people are simply not used t…

  • So, I've decided to start experimenting with possible improvements to the orientation swap. Again, this won't happen immediately - I'll be giving this a few weeks to see where people settle in. From what I'm hearing, the issue isn't even that the margins are huge or that posts aren't wide enough, but the fact that posts become jarringly misaligned when the sidebar swaps orientation, which draws attention to the margins and makes posts feel cramped. That's just my hunch, though. I wondered if I c…

  • These issues will probably resolve themselves when we upgrade to Burning Board 4.1, which has a new text editor, in two weeks - but I'll check beforehand to make sure.

  • This is something that I think takes a little bit to get used to. When I first added it to the design, when it was under development, it was pretty jarring, and I considered removing it right away. After a few days, though, I couldn't imagine not having it. We'll see how people feel about this feature after a few weeks! I've marked this thread as "under consideration" as a reminder to see how folks feel about this feature in the coming weeks.