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  • If there was, I wasn't aware of it! Then again, I left for 2006 and the first half of 2007, so as far as I knew ZU never went away

  • This E3 is gonna be super weird because the industry is in a transition not seen since we moved from 2D to 3D. A lot of companies are trying not to go out of business right now. Oddly, the only exciting non-Zelda thing that seems to be happening is VR stuff. Not a good sign for the old guard :p

  • Back in my day, we accessed ZU with punch cards and wires held together with laffy taffy.

  • Quote from Ameera Mae Laramie: “I don't know if any of my old PMs were saved, although I deleted majority of them to save room or something like that. Not that I needed at the time, my PM box rarely got more then ten full in a given week. Course it probably doesn't matter now, with the forum changes I doubt I'd be able to get them up. ” Whoa, hi there! Is it just me, or are a ton of people from my day popping back in recently? Are we doing a reunion or something? Because nobody told me so I didn…

  • A Wild Arcana Appears!

    GoldenChaos - - Newbie Central


    Welcome back

  • Both are correct - one is our iPhone/iPad home screen icon (the green one with the shield), the other is our standard favicon. Browsers shouldn't pull the former, but I can understand why Chrome might mix them up, being on an iPad.

  • As a heads-up, I've fixed the issues with reCaptcha and re-enabled it across the site. Let me know if it starts acting up again!

  • Should I Play TWW or TP

    GoldenChaos - - General Zelda


    Wind Waker. It's just got so much more soul than Twilight Princess. The Zelda team weren't too proud of Twilight Princess from what I've heard - it was one of those things where the decision to make it look like Call of Duty came from the top to "meet fan expectations" who were crying out for a more realistic Zelda. Who would've thought that fans would be motivated by nostalgia and not the drive to make innovative design decisions?

  • Quote from Captain Cornflake: “I see you're actually using nginx. You try out Varnish yet? I've had that running on my nginx boxes and it's definitely been a huge help in reducing server overhead. ” Yeah, we've been using Varnish sinice 2012 I believe - back when Scott ran the servers. We've done test rigs without Varnish and the site would barely even run. It seems like like this particular incident was caused by production running a nearly EOL'd version of PHP. As soon as we updated it to the …

  • I drew Midna~

    GoldenChaos - - Creative Corner


    That's gorgeous! Fantastic job

  • We made some tweaks to the server last night; I haven't noticed any slowness today, so thanks for your reports everyone! This has helped a lot. In fact, it was so helpful that we're going to keep this thread up permanently. So make sure to keep coming here whenever you see the site being slow

  • Site is pretty slow as of this posting. What I was doing: trying to load this thread to see if anyone was reporting the slowness. (Edit: and of course the site speeds up as soon as I post.)

  • A thread where the only thing you need to do is complain about the site being slow! Sometimes ZU runs slow, and we don't always know why. You know what that means: We need your help! So if you love letting us know that the site is running slow (and you do), please post in this thread whenever you notice unreasonably long load times. HOW TO REPORT SLOWNESS 1. Be impatient. 2. If you notice that ZU is taking longer than 20 seconds to load a page, post here with:1. The exact time of the slowness (+…

  • Just to respond to @tallgeese 's comment about being able to build a more powerful computer for $1099: he's right and wrong. For sure, you could find more powerful parts, but there's no way that would include such a high-quality large display, and it definitely wouldn't have the small footprint of the iMac. If you're out to save one or two hundred bucks, then it might be worth it to buy a similarly-priced tower (do companies even still make those? I haven't seen one in almost a decade). To me, t…

  • Nowadays, building your own computer is not as cost-effective against buying a new one. Ten years ago it was no contest, but since mobile devices took over OEM's have gotten really, really good at integrating components. It's now more expensive to produce and purchase these components standalone. Your budget comes out to around $950 USD, which is the price of a decent laptop or all-in-one desktop with much better specs. Are you looking to build a computer because you like building computers, or …

  • Quote from Lucretia: “hey zu upgrade team, when it comes to estimates for upgrades: underpromise, overdeliver not the other way around sugar ” We're working on it! We're getting better and better in this case the upgrade was taking more than double the time of our most conservative estimate, but that just means we need to change how we do estimates.

  • @Galedeep that definitely shouldn't be happening! Splitting this off into its own thread so we can handle it separately. @AndroidOS this seems like your wheelhouse. Know what's up?

  • Got it. I'm traveling this weekend, so I'll have a deeper look into this when I'm back on Monday afternoon.

  • I'm not seeing this issue on Firefox. I know this sounds base-level, but have you tried clearing your cache? I could easily see this being a caching issue if you've been switching back and forth between skins.

  • What browser are you using? I'm not able to reproduce the issue.

  • I'm not sure how the cause could be Temple, since the two skins don't interact at all. I'll be at my desktop shortly and will look into this!

  • These are ridiculously great.

  • Quote from HollowmanOfEoL: “Quote from Jason: “Quote from Sylentmana: “-When you seriously consider purchasing a $1600 reproduction of the Master Sword and a $200 concrete base to go with it, then try to justify spending that many rupees ” it's worth it. ” A bit bias, but I agree. :3(If bought responsibly, I mean... Where would you put your new sword, if you are living on the streets?) ” i think the question is, if I were living on the streets where WOULDN'T I put it? Nobody's pots would be safe…

  • Quote from Sylentmana: “-When you seriously consider purchasing a $1600 reproduction of the Master Sword and a $200 concrete base to go with it, then try to justify spending that many rupees ” it's worth it.

  • @Topaz Mutiny Should be fixed now, let me know. Also, next time please make a dedicated bug thread so I can mark it as fixed for other people to see!

  • Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    GoldenChaos - - General Gaming


    I think Ocarina of Time is boring. Edit: #post800

  • Quote from Midoro: “Why even have the images to begin with then if they're just going to be blurred and barely able to make out? =P Especially if they were using more data. You may as well just use a solid color. I mean it makes no difference to me since I use throwback, but legit question. ” The images are used at the top of every board, and represent the board. Many of the mastheads were chosen by the board's mod to represent that board, so from a community standpoint they're important. From a…

  • Today we're continuing our recent string of regular updates with an all-new forum index design. Lots of people told us that they thought the existing design was cluttered and difficult to navigate, so this update is all about fixing that up! Check it out: Screen%20Shot%202016-05-25%20at%201.42.11%20PM.png This update addresses a number of issues with the old design: - We've moved to a two-column layout, which makes it much easier to find the board you're looking for. - We've blurred background i…

  • As a heads-up, we've disabled auto-merging double posts due to posts being merged incorrectly. If the developer ever fixes these bugs, we'll add the feature back and let you all know about it!

  • I can still feel the pang of how srry I was. A puncture wound in my heart that has lasted to this day. On the upside, I'm a consistent blood donor now thanks to this puncture wound I got in my heart.

  • I can neither confirm nor deny the correctness of Mercedes's statement @tallgeese run for it

  • It's the whole server - we're aware of the issues and I've put up a notice. As of right now, we haven't been able to identify the root of the slowness. We know that it's related to PHP, but that's about it. We've been investigating for a few days now. Once we find and eliminate the slowness, we'll take down the notice!

  • (On topic: this is working as expected. If you don't want someone to see you online, just unfollow them!)

  • IMG_0317.JPG If you check out the main site on your phone today, you might notice something new: It's completely mobile-friendly. We've been working on ZU Mobile for a long time, even longer than our major Burning Board redesign, and the layout was designed by our very own Connor Strickland aka @CobaltEmperor. As you can imagine, reformatting all of our news, guides, and features to be mobile-friendly was no simple feat, and I'm incredibly proud of Connor and the dev team for the work they've do…

  • There is no such setting, unfortunately

  • I've gone ahead and fixed a number of style issues with Throwback, such as the appearance of quotes, menus, and the text editor. Seems like a few things weren't compatible, so I'll be spending the next day updating all the little things around Throwback that need special styling.

  • Gonna close this thread since the update is complete, and so it falls off the top threads, haha. Cheers guys

  • Quote from Clank: “What's up with the favicon? It looks, odd... WqLkTPs.png ” Looks fine to me! Got a screenshot? Edit: I see there was a screenshot there, haha. Yeah, what @Silver said below!

  • With Burning Board 4.1's all-new editor, writing posts on mobile is now awesome. Marking this as fixed!

  • I figured it out! Marking this as released