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  • Soul Train

    GoldenChaos - - General Fabulosity


    That's a funkytastic, funkalicious slice of funk there Bubble Gum Tate!

  • Quote from 8bit: “I just downloaded this. Instead of running something every week, I run this everyday, but I never have to run anything else, and theres far more of a performance improvement from this than from CCleaner runs, or frequent defragments. There are hundreds of different versions, and many give an even bigger performance boost, however, this is just one of the easier ones to use.” Don't play that game. Telling somebody to wipe out their system because you're some OS zealot who swears…

  • Quote from Aniday: “Shush, Jason! You should have already gotten your two referrals!” I haven't, I've only gotten one of them! Lars is being stupid and not buying the bundle :< I really want MacPilot though, so buy using MY link everybody! It makes Jason happy when you don't use Aniday's link :3nod... and yes 25% goes to charity, so you're not just giving Jason his second referral when you buy, you're also being a good Samaritan for once in your rotten life.

  • Ah, MacHeist. Software for mac people for really, really, really really cheap. Macheist got me into the mac game by selling me a crapload of amazing software for only fifty bucks. That was over a year ago - I use every single one of those apps that I bought in that old bundle still today. Well, the MacHeist guys took their time, but they've come out with another bundle! :D... 14 amazing mac apps for $40. I've already gone and bought a bundle, and the offer lasts 11 more days from this post. Ther…

  • New puns for the new game!

    GoldenChaos - - Future Zelda


    All aboard the Spirit Train! First stop: adventure! flapjack-01.jpg

  • No, there will not be a counter. I don't want to code it, Scott doesn't want to code it, and it doesn't already exist. Just write down the date you changed your name and add 180 to it.

  • Quote from UB2R-B0T: “On the forums index there's a section called "Users Currently in the Chatroom" which I spend so much time generating the data for but it's currently empty. Why??” Because your data breaks the site too often, like right now.

  • Quote from Snow_Storm: “I hope there's a scene where Gannondorf ties Zelda onto a set of train tracks and Link gotta save Zelda from a speeding train.” You, sir, win the internet. I'd buy it just for that.

  • Nah, serves me right for not searching

  • Grammar nazi

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    Oh ****, I made a typo! Nobody ever does that.

  • Nintendo has unveiled a very, very casual Zelda at it's GDC 2009 keynote. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is all about Link... but on a train! Hellz yeah. Don't worry, you're not on a train all the time. Read our post on the front page, and then digg us to spread the word!

  • Quote from squall24: “Jason is the webmaster, I think he's cool with this debate >_<” Heh, no, the guy is right, I'm done here That was entertaining I do agree that many programs on Mac are treated like second-class citizens, and this is by the developers that work to make big, cross-platform programs. Up until before Skype 4.0 for Windows, I had thought that the Mac version was insanely better - but clearly Skype got their brains together and made an absolutely beautiful Windows program. And I'…

  • posts per page?

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    Yep, still being fixed. The vBSEO guys are slow as hell.

  • Heya, folks. Today I come to talk about a very important topic: Digg. Digg is a social news site that allows members to vote on or "Digg" articles. The articles with the highest number of diggs get to the front page - and articles on the front page generate tens of thousands of hits in a single day. Digg is an incredibly powerful tool for getting the word out about a site or article. On ZU, I often put digg buttons on articles I feel are of a quality high enough to be featured. However, although…

  • Quote from Zien: “But... that's impossible. The Fatal Error is immortal.” And now it's gone Thanks Scoots for fixing it!

  • The server guys did a bunch of investigating and finally found the source of the XML error: The rotating ad banners at the top, and the scrolling game menu on the main site. They read XML files to grab the locations of the pictures in the menus. Although we can't find any errors in the XML, Scotty and I will be looking into alternate ways to work around the problem.

  • Quote from F3: “Screw the iPod, screw the Zune... Get a good alternative (There are plenty) and put the savings towards more music and good headphones.” Ah, someone with some good sense about him shows up. For a bawlin' pair of headphones, check out Shure's stuff. I have a pair of Sure E210's, an upgrade from my E2c's that broke a while ago. Still the most incredible pair of earbuds I've ever owned - they beat out my Bose cans in sound quality, and naturally in portablility... I would be loathe …

  • Quote from fratey: “Guess iTunes is a ripoff of every media player out there, except that it has less functionality. Safari is a cheap rip off of Firefox and IE. iWork is a ripoff of OpenOffice and Microsoft Office. GarageBand is a ripoff of Cubase. Parallels Desktop is a ripoff of VMware. Anything else you want to know?” Technically, Parallels came way before VMWare. VMware is relatively new. beating all of them out is VirutalBox. Safari is just a frontend to the screamingly-fast and totally st…

  • Quote from fratey: “They also cost three times more than PC equivalents.” I swear this was what my post addressed! And no they don't - I got my iMac, which is a gazillion times more powerful than my Windows computer, for the same price. Okay, that's an exaggeration - but it wasn't as expensive as you're making it out to be, and the performance is top-notch. Quote: “ Coda seems like Notepad++ ++. It's like saying my signatures wouldn't be achievable on GIMP. :/” GIMP is a pile of crap with a terr…

  • Quote from Nathanial Rumphol-Janc: “Not just the latest and greatest. 8800 hasn't been top of hte line now for 4 years.” That's funny, because the first 8800 series didn't come out until the end of 2006... about two years ago. Four years ago - heck, even less than that - I was buying the top-of-the-line 7800GTX. It was the most incredible graphics card there was. It still runs all the newest games - perhaps not with DX10, and perhaps not with the best framerate. But it runs Bioshock and Prince o…

  • Quote from Mr. Wonderful: “Only get a laptop if you have to (for portability), not because you want to be trendy or want a new toy to play with.” I do serious heavy-duty work and I know I would only be willing to do this in an OS X environment - desktop or laptop. My school has a building full of eight-core Mac Pros, which is heaven on earth for me. These machines are not "toys", by a wide margin. The developing I do for ZU is only possible on a Mac - there are web development suites I use, such…

  • Quote from HeroOfTime5: “Let me get this straight. If chose not to have this facebook thing for my account will this hurt me in any way?” No. Nothing changes. After experimenting with it all day yesterday and some of today, I'm very turned off by what it is versus what I thought it was. I may get rid of it and abandon the experiment all together - it's already off the main site in favor of OpenID.

  • Quote from GKANG: “As for me, I still don't really get what the point of this is. Surely you log onto Facebook when you're on Facebook, and vice versa, correct?” Well, if you're logged onto Facebook the javascript thingy that loads when you go to ZU will detect that you're logged into Facebook and log you into ZU. It doesn't actually have you logged into both sites simultaneously unless you're on both sites simultaneously.

  • Yeah. We just need to get Scott or somebody good at coding onto the case so that the whole Facebook Connect interface and stuff fits into the site and works properly. Right now it's all broken-looking, all over everywhere. So I'll be trying to reach Scott and Derek and find out if they'd be willing to make this all look nice and not like Facebook barf.

  • Quote from GKANG: “Oh well, then I'm all for having this feature implemented. I'm sure a lot of people on ZU have Facebook, though I don't use it myself. When are you going to upgrade from this 'trial' version?” There's no upgrade - if people don't mind it and it gets a lot of use, I just won't uninstall it.

  • Yeah, you have to explicitly click the "Login with Facebook" button to use the service.

  • Alright - Facebook Connect is now operational on all parts of the site. It's not pretty - yet. So that we're all clear on this, this is a trial run of Facebook Connect. If everyone seems to like it and it gets high usage, we'll keep it around. If you want to link your forum account to your Facebook account, simply sign out and then sign back in with the big "Connect to Facebook" button. Click the "Want to use your existing username?" link and then fill out the login form. Boom! Your ZU login is …

  • Quote from Triforce of the Gods: “The only reason I said no was because I have a Myspace, not a Facebook. I want to use ZU's OpenID in the future like I do on ZW, but if this is what we get instead, I don't personally want to make a Facebook just for this.” You have no idea how much I agree with you, but OpenID just isn't coming to vBulletin. If it was, you can bet your ass I'd already have it installed and running like on so that you could login to the ZU main site, forums, and al…

  • Quote from Nictel: “Google: Facebook Connect slow Still gives too many hits in my opinion, it seems that the facebook server will effect the satellite website as well. Jason, you seem pretty sure you want this. So why don't you just install it and give it a month test period. If it causes problems you can still take it off again.” It's not that I want it. People who know me well know that if I really want to install something I'll just do it. I'm very on the fence about Facebook Connect, but eve…

  • Quote from Jehanne: “Jason, have you seen any other large forums do this?” Yep, the Facebook Connect plugin I intend to use, if the vote goes to using Facebook Connect, is currently about to win Mod of the Month on (award for the most popular and technologically impressive forum plugin). This means it actively developed and highly used. EDIT: That OpenID directory is sparsely updated; I submitted Zelda to that directory and they still haven't added us. In addition, an Open…

  • Quote from Saber: “ And you just described for everyone how such a thing that I explained can happen. You enter information into ZU, right? So why would ZU be any different from e-bay when they both have information fields that you type in and have your information hosted on it's site? I never said that it magically sucked the information from the site, just that information can be passed from one site to the next if you're using the same computer.” This is absolutely true, but it's not Facebook…

  • Quote from Forte: “I'm gonna assume mine is legitimate. I can honestly see it happening.” It is, but only if you release the information, which would mean you're purposefully enabling it to happen - so yeah, it's a legitimate concern, but there's no chance it's going to happen unless you let it. I can have a business card and be worried that somebody is going to come to my address, but nobody's going to come unless I give out the business card. Until I give out the business card, my fears are un…

  • Quote from Saber: “I oppose it because I do care either way. I think that it would overall be a bad idea which I am really uncomfortable with being added to ZU. It goes along with the whole security thing that I've been pushing. Even though you don't make the connection of ZU to facebook yourself doesn't mean that some information can't be leaked. I know that with DD123 her mum had gotten something on e-bay, bought tickets online, and things like that. At that time DD123 was not logged into face…

  • Quote from Bakunin Brigade: “I say no. I don't understand what would even be the point of this. It offers no real functionality, and the utility of such a thing is negligible. Above all, facebook is stupid as hell.” The "functionality" would be technically adding everybody on Facebook as a potential user on the forums, since they would no longer need to explicitly register to login to the forums or main site. This is huge in terms of spreading the word about ZU, but I can see why it would make p…

  • Quote from Jehanne: “Jason, the thread is now working properly; I don't know if you fixed it or if Cody did, but somehow that thread's not a problem anymore. Aside from the content. But we don't need to go there.” Yeah, I don't really think there's a bug. Aeffles complained about it, but I was able to load the thread, post in it, and make fun of him. Three birds with one stone.

  • Quote from Jehanne: “Jason, if you go to the Bizzaro thread, you'll see that the last page won't load.” This is most likely the same problem as the post linking problem - a problem with vBSEO, the plugin that creates the special URL's on the boards. I have a service rep on the boards now investigating any and all vBSEO problems; there are quite a few. Also, I would (and currently am) putting the Facebook Connect stuff through its paces before I'd make it live. I just installed it onto my blog - …

  • Quote from Tiroth: “I'm gonna say "no" to this. Personally, I think we should be concentrating on fixing the current bugs over adding new gimmicks.” What bugs besides the fatal XML error and the post linking problem, both I which I have support tickets open for and have 3rd parties actively investigating?

  • Yes, everything should be fixed. Thread locked.

  • Huzzah! The connector has died a quick and painless death. Maybe this will even get rid of that fatal XML error. At any rate, all database errors and post thingies are gone - things are smooth again.

  • I reinstalled the connector, which got rid of the database issues. However, it should not be installed. I'm going to try properly uninstalling it now.