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  • Super Mario Odyssey

    GoldenChaos - - General Gaming


    Ah, yes. It's nice to see Mario get onboard the vaporwave uncanny valley 1998 hype train. Theme of 2017 seems to be "make it as weird as you can".

  • Getting the Switch day one. Two, in fact - one grey, one neon. I've hated the Wii U since it was introduced and nothing has changed since; I won't miss it taking up space. The Switch is what the Wii U should've been four years ago.

  • Quote from Z-MAN7: “Quote from Jason: “Finally not the name of some freaking item, that's what it is. ” Watch them title drop it into the plot. Zelda: "Well Link it looks like the Breath of the Wild has awoken within you!" ” If that happens I will literally eat my Switch.

  • Your budget is way higher than I thought, have you checked out any of the Surfaces? They're really nice, I know a few folks with Surface Books and Surface Pro 4's, both are great machines and within your budget range (Surface Pro 4 on the low end, Surface Book on the high end). I've also used Surfaces frequently and owned a Surface Pro 2; Microsoft has done some near-Apple-level work, and the touch and type covers are just cool, with nicer-than-you'd-think trackpads. More info from Microsoft!

  • Quote from Mercedes: “^ I'd definitely not recommend spending that much money fixing that Mac. Absolutely no way, very bad advice imo. It's old, out-dated, and doesn't have/can't do some of the features you say you want from a new laptop. Better to try and sell it and put that money towards a new laptop fund. Macs retain their price better than Windows laptops, you might get a decent amount. ” If restoring your laptop isn't your thing @Topaz Mutiny, my recommendation is the baseline 13" MacBook …

  • It seems like it would be more affordable to have your laptop serviced than it would be to buy a new one. Apple has an incredible flat-rate repair service for their laptops that nobody knows about. It will only cost you about $300, which is definitely less than any laptop you'd be buying - just bring it to an Apple Store near you, they'll send it off for repair, and any components that do not meet factory specifications are replaced with brand new components. I've done this with a few of my MacB…

  • Quote from Axius27: “Right. Email Notifications. Why do they seem to only work 0.01% of the time? ” They should have started working properly last week. I noticed someone had turned off a lot of repeating forum scripts while I was investigating a forum stats bug; one of these scripts that had been turned off was the mailer. So I turned all the scripts back on and everything appeared to be working properly again. That said, we've had issues with our server mailers dating back to our vBulletin day…

  • Finally not the name of some freaking item, that's what it is.

  • I'm waiting for the Oculus Rift version.

  • Quote from Double R: “Please put a longer server limit, if possible, @Jason? Thank you in advance. ” I'm not even sure if it would be possible (I was guessing about the server limit thing, it's likely not so simple). I'll put it on our internal feedback list, though!

  • Quote from Double R: “It helps better if we are being reminded how many recipients are allowed at one time of Conversation blast, thank you in advance. ” I'm not sure that there's an actual limit in place, you may have just timed out the server haha. Maybe I should look into putting a limit in...

  • And now it's fixed for real! For those wondering, the issue was a change to the way Chrome renders flex-box elements beginning with Chrome 54. We use flex-box to make posts stretch to the height of the post's sidebar if the post is too short. It took us all this time to figure out the one line of code that needed to be added to make things work again.

  • You beat me at rap battle, now I am coming for revenge.

  • Quote from Canyarion: “Yay! But I didn't mean ZU was broken om Chrome. Chrome in general did weird things when I tried it. ” oh well, you're welcome for the highlight anyway

  • Quote from Jotari: “Okay, I figure this is the best place to ask the question rather than making a threat that's almost certainly been made before, but what in the world is up with the display glitch on this site? It's difficult to read half the posts and impossible to read the other half because everything else like signatures and profile pics are just spilling out. I know it's a non issue since I saw it when it was first brought up. I assume it would be fixed relatively quickly but it's been m…

  • We've pushed a temporary fix for this since this has gone on for too long - it's not the prettiest, but it'll work till we get everything fixed proper. A side effect of this hot fix is that posts will no longer minimally be the height of the sidebar on desktop. A small price to pay to get this bug out of the way though! Thanks for being so patient, everyone! We'll be back with a full fix in the coming days.

  • Like Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker, and Majora's Mask before it, Breath of the Wild looks poised to be a divisive take on what it means to be a Zelda game. One thing everyone will agree on is that the Zelda team is not afraid to be bold.

  • Oh hai!

    GoldenChaos - - Newbie Central


    h0i!!!!!!! I have nothing constructive to offer have a good time! raw

  • VM issues

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    @AndroidOS this seems like a backend issue. Think you could help diagnose?

  • Quote from Silver: “Quote from Ty.: “Who played Kirby Air Ride and thought it was awesome? ” City Trial with friends fucking ruled. They need to remake it. ” Dude, when you finally got the Dragoon and could fly around the city? They could've made a whole game out of flying with the Dragoon, I'd have bought it. It just felt great to control.

  • Hmm, looks like Eurogamer independently confirmed. Now I gotta find out why we haven't reported on it, haha.

  • I don't know were the rumors that BotW is delayed are coming from. Our team has looked into it and we can't find a credible source. We're still very confident it will be released in March - though not necessarily as a launch title (which Nintendo never said it would be anyway).

  • Right now we don't think this was an intentional change by Chrome. We think this because every fix we try breaks other standards-compliant browsers. We are keeping a close eye on Chrome beta and canary builds and will update this thread with any new developments.

  • Several swastikas have been spotted less than 20 blocks from where I live in Philly. Yesterday, a group of students at UPenn were calling for daily lynchings. This is not okay.

  • The tadtone quest SS?

    GoldenChaos - - Classic Zelda


    I thought I was the only person alive who liked that section @Setras

  • Weird I'm not sure why this is happening. Time to call PayPal!

  • Quote from Topaz Mutiny: “I would say turning a phone on its side makes ZU go into "pseudo desktop" mode, as it looks like desktop except some features of true desktop (like the Mark As buttons) are still missing... And it's rather unwieldy to navigate since landscape ZU doesn't constrain itself to the size of the phone so you're constantly needing to scale everything down so you can see whole posts and stop accidentally scrolling left and right and certain visual features are messed up like nam…

  • Unfortunately, the fix I used for chrome broke the site for folks using other browsers. I will continue to look for ways around this! We're also looking to see if this is a reported bug in Chrome or if it is an intentional change.

  • Trying to fix a display issue that my other fix caused - let me know if things look normal now.

  • Quote from Please Understand: “Still broken, going back to Blue. ” Try now?

  • I *think* I fixed it. Can someone experiencing the issue let me know if it's fixed?

  • Quote from LittleGamerGal: “thanks. I mean it isn't much. I have just been trying to send 100$ with every other paycheck but like I said it's not going through ” Alright, I think I've finally fixed it! Let me know if your donation goes through now

  • Working on a fix, seems to be chrome-only.

  • The Nintendo Switch

    GoldenChaos - - General Gaming


    I like it.

  • Quote from LittleGamerGal: “ive been trying to send money via PayPal and it says ZU can't receive money at this time??? ” huh, that's really strange. I'll look into it and report back shortly.

  • Font size changing

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    Can anyone confirm whether or not this happens on the desktop?

  • Font size changing

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    If it happens on the blue skin, then it's unlikely we can fix it. The blue skin uses an unmodified version of that text editor, meaning that changes we make could be overwritten by updates from Woltlab in the future. That said, I'm looking into it!

  • Font size changing

    GoldenChaos - - Help and Feedback


    What skin are you using? This makes a huge difference in our ability to fix the issue.

  • Awky Situations

    GoldenChaos - - General Chit-Chat


    I create awkward situations to diffuse tension caused by my previous awkward situations. I'm like the Donald Trump of awkwardness.