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  • Brexit: The Setting Sun

    Bowsette - - Serious Discussion


    Did the Conservatives rule out another Scottish referendum (which they shouldn't since the circumstances since 2014 have changed)? Though with oil prices so low there may not be the majority support within Scotland for leaving the UK, but I could be wrong.

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “What if someone with real progressive bonafides attempts a run? Someone like Barbara Lee? I doubt most people know her outside of California or neighbouring states, similar to a certain socialist Jew once upon a time, but what if the extensive crowd of candidates leads to people we really should want to see in positions of power elbowed out before they even have a chance? This is not an unrealistic possibility. Though part of me wants there to be about a dozen centrist…

  • The more entrants in the primary the better. Get the media attention on the democratic side for once, which may work itself out since the RNC appears to be taking the path the DNC chose in 2016 by anointing Trump.

  • The point I was making in that quote was not about policy issues but rather tactics - Republicans when in power never made rules changes that made it more difficult to pass their tax cuts, they did the opposite and bypassed statutory PAYGO law put in place by the Obama administration (which would have triggered automatic sequestration for entitlement programs if they hadn't).

  • Here's a very recent example of Democrats crippling themselves needlessly: The worst part is that only two progressive representatives (Ocasio-Cortez and Ro Khanna) have explicitly said they will oppose PAYGO, the other members in the progressive caucus have indicated they will vote in favor of the rules change, which will institute austerity and pre-emptively destroy progressive policy proposals for the forseeable future. Austerity economics…

  • Missouri, like many other red states that lost centrist democratic seats, had progressive ballot initiatives that won clear majorities. Democrats don't need to run to the right or embrace gradualism, the US electorate is largely center-left and is in favor of progressive policy proposals. The same logic you're using to justify Kamala Harris is the same that the democratic establishment used to justify Clinton over Sanders, which led us to Trump - you can argue that we can't know for sure that a …

  • I wouldn't count on it, I expect this shutdown to last for weeks. Unless senators, representatives, and the president have their paychecks and assets frozen while federal workers go without pay they won't be in any rush.

  • I don't fully get the mainstream media's current critique of the three leaders in the democratic primary polling (Biden, Sanders, and O'Rourke) as not being diverse. They are all indeed white men but one is clearly different from the others and is actually a minority, yet no one seems to acknowledge this. It's definitely a good thing to have a woman or person of color representing the party, but in the case of Bernie Sanders doesn't being jewish also count for this as well? Especially with the r…

  • Hoping to see it this weekend, I've heard it's good! Haven't seen any teasers or trailers, just the synopsis and I plan to keep it that way going in haha.

  • Mod Note: I deleted and edited some posts that were too personal for SD - we do observe some leeway in users calling things as they are, but it ends when it fully derails the discussion into one of a personal nature. As a side note, I'd like to request that we not use the term "illegal/illegals" in reference to undocumented immigrants - I consider it derogatory and if it's used later on infractions will be issued.

  • DC residents overwhelmingly oppose retrocession into Virginia/Maryland and are clearly in favor of statehood, I'm not at all in favor of retrocession - DC residents should have the right of self-determination and not have their status predicated on whatever appeases Republicans. They should be entitled to two senators as they have more people within their district than in all of Wyoming or Vermont. I'm not against the idea of establishing term limits on SCOTUS appointees, but stacking the suprem…

  •…ht-dirty-david-faris.html I just finished reading this the other night, it details what actions Democrats should undertake if they successfully retake all branches of government in 2020 or 2022, such as granting statehood to DC, PR, in addition to splitting California into several constituent states to gain more representation in the Senate; adding seats to the supreme court to blunt the current conservative majority; and adding seats to the House to make it more r…

  •…son-of-sexual-misconduct/ I didn't even know about the initial accusation (the article linked to in Red Dingo's post is from early Nov) but two more women have come forward. I don't agree with the sentiment that you shouldn't have heroes, but if true it's indeed extremely disappointing - I don't have many personal heroes but Tyson had long been one of them, and after the MeToo movement went viral I feared at some point that someone I truly looked up to would disapp…

  • Even if you have another citizenship renouncing US citizenship can be an expensive process, in response to increasing numbers of expats renouncing citizenship the government recently increased the price to over $2000 just to file for renounciation. You also have to pay any taxes from previous years including an exit tax, and many 'accidental americans' (dual citizens with few or no ties to the US) find they owe a lot after learning they were supposed to file in previous years. Someone like Boris…

  • For most millennials the only option for them if they want to retire will be to move to a developing country, it's just not feasible in the US. Though moving to another country is easier said than done because US citizens in particular also have to wrestle with double taxation for the rest of their lives: no matter where in the world you live you're always subject to US taxes because the US has a citizenship-based taxation system (the only other country that does this is Eritrea). You can usuall…

  • Looks like we're getting a Devil May Cry series, interesting

  • The producer for the Castlevania Netflix series has a big announcement for presumably a new show based on a popular video game series - he posted earlier on that he was working on a project for an "iconic" Japanese company and it's been rumored recently that it is specifically a Legend of Zelda Netflix series (there were similar rumors a few years back but Nintendo at the time denied a Zelda TV series was in the hopper) Guess we'll find…

  • Nancy Pelosi should not be Speaker of the House, there are far better experienced candidates to choose from and in my opinion it should be Maxine Waters. She's not the most progressive representative (leagues better than Pelosi and most Democrats though) but if you want someone who is experienced and a fighter then she's the one best suited for the job. The most important thing the Democrats can do is to offer a party platform of single payer health care, free college/debt forgiveness, a living …

  • If you want to talk about what the safe option is as far as electability goes, then you want a progressive. It would be an enormous risk not to nominate a strong progressive, it isn't the other way around. Voters who lean progressive (e.g. young people) do not turnout in high numbers if the field is uninspiring and doesn't stand for bold progressive ideas. Republicans never fail to turnout because they just vote whenever there's an election, whereas young people only vote when there's a reason f…

  • US 2020 Elections and Electability This discussion for the past 15 or so posts was going beyond midterm talk so I moved it over the thread above, fyi

  • My E3 prediction for this year was a bundle that includes WWHD, TPHD, and then SS remastered for the Switch. Since SS is the latest Zelda not to get the remaster treatment it seems likely that's coming sooner rather than later, and the Switch doesn't have backwards compatibility so re-releasing the other two isn't out of the realm of possibility. I don't think a port of TPHD and WWHD would be at full price on their own, they're remasters to begin with and weren't released all that long ago.

  • Mod Note: Enough with the insults, I'll be sending infractions later today and will increase the points if it happens again after this post Let's get back to strictly reactions on the midterm results and keep the personal beef with other ZUers out of the thread

  • Quote from logicalpencils: “I'll take the trade in the House for a stronger Senate any day. Pelosi is detestable but she isn't going to be stopping judicial appointments anytime soon. ” At some point the Democrats will control the Senate and Presidency again, and Trump/Republicans can replace retiring judges with crazies in meantime but there's always the nuclear option of Democrats adding seats to the SC if Republicans continue their two-faced hypocrisy when it comes to the court. Be very caref…

  • On the national level the polls appear to have been accurate, but similar to 2016 there were misses on the state level. Florida though.. words can't express my disappointment. We did get a major victory with Prop 4, however I wouldn't put it past the FL legislature and governor-elect to veto it like Gov LePage in Maine did with his own state's voter initiatives, if that's possible in FL.

  • Was expected, but Ocasio-Cortez has been officially called as the winner in her district

  • Virginia Foxx is down by 13 points in NC 5th district at 2% reporting Whisper of a dream..

  • Okay, Seminole County is currently going for Gillum which is becoming more encouraging, it's a swing county like Monroe Very positive news: though it is at 3% reporting Amendment 4 (measure to automatically restore voting rights to felons who have served their time) is currently leading 62% to 38%

  • I'm a little concerned when I see Monroe County currently going for Nelson, but not Gillum Still early on though

  • Down by a little more now, but it may not include Lexington which I'm sure will sway it heavily toward McGrath never mind, back to McGrath again by two points haha

  • Indiana results are coming in now, Donnelly is losing by 25 points with 1% reporting (but none of Indianapolis is in and these are all rural counties, so take that as you will) 1 precinct in western Indiana has 48% Donelly, 40% for the libertarian candidate (Lucy Brenton), and 11% for Braun lmao - less than 200 votes total so it may not mean anything, but it is interesting

  • 2018 US Midterm Elections

    Bowsette - - Serious Discussion


    I voted a couple weeks ago by mail in ballot (Florida). Two pages front and back so it took a little time to fill out properly, especially with all the amendments since there were 12 of them. A lot of the measures related to enshrining tax cuts in the state constitution and removing power from local governments, but the most important one by far is the one to restore voting rights to felons who have served their time. Really excited in particular to vote for Andrew Gillum as governor since he's …

  • Congress can pass laws to specify criminal/civil penalties for election rigging, but yeah they can't arrest people (I don't think anyone was suggesting that however): that order has to come from a judge.

  • Something that has been on my mind since the midterms are Tuesday: the penalties for voter impersonation or double voting are very steep, in most states it's a felony. There's no reason that the same penalty can't be applied to elected/appointed officials who purge the voter rolls to gain an advantage for their own political party. If it's a felony for me to vote twice, why should it not be a felony for Brian Kemp to direct a massive voter purge? Lock him up and throw away the key, there has to …

  • Mod Note Not a big deal, but if you have discussion on the US midterm elections then post in this thread: 2018 US Midterm Elections I moved 3 recent posts to there if anyone's wondering where they went

  •…owing-pittsburgh-shooting Paypal has finally taken action against Pepe Twitter as a result of the synagogue terrorist attack

  • Mod Note: Thread split from the War Room. Keep it clean please, while I expect this to be a very heated thread I also expect everyone to know where to draw the line.

  • Mod note: Split the discussion on the radicalization of the right into its own thread

  • Radicalization of the right

    Bowsette - - Serious Discussion


    Quote from Great White North: “It's not helpful to assume that alt-right instantly translates to support for National Socialist ideology, because in doing so you're painting with broad strokes. A neocameralist doesn't instantly transform into a Hitlerite simply because they both share nativist ideals, but insisting they are the same does run the risk of radicalizing the former. ” Well you did proclaim in another SD post you could easily be pushed into supporting genocide (and used Jews specifica…

  • Quote from Great White North: “…5b0c7f7997e10829ded639cbe Quote from Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak: “With the way things are going in America, I'd say everyone's fucked to a certain extent. ” I'm just waiting for the political violence to start again. It really feels like we're living in the 1920s again. ” Quote from Bowsette: “Mod Note Incitements to physical violence/execution/etc (even if it's not specific ZUers or a marginalized group) are not permitted and if I see it…

  • Damn this is satisfying. He's nothing but damaged goods, I don't think he has a future in politics once he leaves the Senate.