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  • This is actually why I continue to replay Ocarina of Time. I find it interesting and enjoyable to mix up the order of completing the dungeons and temples. As we all know it goes like this: Inside the Great Deku Tree Dodongo's Cavern Inside Lord Jabu Jabu Forest Temple Fire Temple Ice Cavern Water Temple Bottom of the Well Shadow Temple Spirit Temple, Part 1 (Child) Spirit Temple, Part 2 (Adult) The last time I played OoT 3D, I went in this order Typical order for the Spiritual Stones Ice Cavern …

  • Majora's Mask 3 day challenge

    Chocoroko - - Classic Zelda


    I always thought to myself "could it ever be possible to play this game three days through?" And I said to myself, "yes. I think it can be done." Of course, I never tried it. I always get caught up in the side quests, or get upgrades to my items. But if I were to make an attempt to this, it would have to be quick and decisive. EVERY second counts. That's deep stuff.

  • I honestly wouldn't hate him if it weren't for the many, MANY ruppees I had to repetively give to him in Wind Waker. Not only that; he'd also steal Force Shards from you in FSA. As well as openly invite you to Tingle Island when you don't want to. He gets in the way, a lot. But to be honest, I don't exactly hate him. I just get tired of how "in your face" he can get.

  • Down the road, I would believe that an incarnation of Link would end up breaking the long living curse that Demise placed in the history of the Hero and Goddess. And perhaps, bringing all time lines together as one?

  • I know this must be pretty obvious, but I'm just gonna share my thoughts. Back when I played this game as a kid, I thought that was a Pikachu mask. Knowing how iconic and popular Pikachu is these days, it only made sense for me to think that Pokemon inspired Zelda at one point in production. But any who, another thing I thought about. What if Keaton were extinct in Hyrule? They ought to be a legend, which is why kids must love them. Hear stories about them? Seen pictures of them? They're obvious…

  • That's really weird. I never noticed those arrows/pointy things at the side before. I just looked at my copy of the game, and it has those as well. Huh. Never could imagine I look pass detail on one of my favorite games.

  • For someone who played both all the way through, as I personally favor Phantom Hourglass overall, it's worth trying. It does feel different to play compared to the other entries in the series. I'm not a big fan of the graphics, and neither am I in love with the game play mechanics. But overall, it's something to try for yourself to see if you like it or not. One big difference you'll find with the game is how there aren't any pieces of heart. Only Heart Containers.

  • Just recently I played through Majora's Mask on my Nintendo 64 (got the classic feel to it there), and 100% it to the end. It's great. It's colorful. It's mysterious. The game really pushes the 64 to the limit, even further than OoT did. Heck, you even require the Expansion Pack to play the game. Yet it was still a slow framed game, but I won't grudge against that. The story and heart of the game are what captured my love for Majora's Mask. It doesn't follow the normality that Zelda typically fo…

  • Zelda Pet Peeves

    Chocoroko - - General Zelda


    I mean, Link can back flip jump. But I know what you mean though. If anything, it would almost be like Mario if that were the case. Link is capable of jumping, just not in the way we normally expect it. Yet, I do find that a peeve myself when I'm just casually playing the game. Another pet peeve of mine is the hit box for just about anything. When you think you hit something, like a boss for example, and it doesn't make contact! That can really grind my gears.

  • I got my strange souvenir as well. Thinking that'll be needed for something in the future, of course.

  • Quote from Sakume: “I bought the clock for you. Come and get it whenever.” Thank you so much! I'll need to get your FC added in, and we can arrange a meet up sometime. I can message you my FC as well. Do you want anything back in return?

  • To kill somebody, on a generality? I would never consider going through with such an act. If it were somebody who breaks into your house and tries to threaten somebody in said household? Then, yeah, defend your home and the people you love. Killing would be a desperate last resort, but if there were another definite way to stop somebody, then I would do that first.

  • I'm missing the following items in the Gorgeous series. If anyone has the Emporium, would anyone be willing to help me out? I'll be sure to make a fair trade in return. gorgeous chest (90,000) gorgeous wall clock (350,000)

  • I could have sworn we talked about this in Aquatic Science class in my senior year of high school. (just 2 years ag0) Of all things, it's unfortunate that this is still happening. I think the same applied to whales as well. Dolphins are indeed pretty intelligent creatures. Sometimes, I get the feeling people would never understand them fully to their potential. Stuff gets real when Dolphins experience self awareness. Ever since I watched this documentary of them, I couldn't visualize places like…

  • It has it's good and bad moments. Last season was... something. I like Harry, Jennifer and Keith as judges. They seem to flow better all together as judges. Not like Randy, Paula and Simon, but I'm willing to give these 3 a try. The show's not too bad so far this season. Haven't been able to catch much, but it's looking to be neat!

  • As much as I would like to see something different, it's usually been the same thing over and over. Due to how everything started with SS origins. Maybe another female villain? (Hidden Content) Vera and Twinrova were also decent female villains. Let's get some more bad girls in the games!

  • OoT Dark Link Is SS Link?

    Chocoroko - - Theorizing


    Just after I discovered Dark Link shares the amount of hearts you have on hand, I would say he's more OoT Link than SS Link... Not to mention, it deals more with the fact that everybody has a dark side, even the Hero?

  • I just realized some other tiny references to Majora's Mask game play and features that are influenced in ALBW. I'm sure somebody else has mentioned this, so feel free to skip this if you already know. The fact that weather vanes in ABLW play a similar role to the owl statues in Majora's Mask. They're used for save states, and to travel to them via Irene and her broomstick. (Almost like the song of Soaring) And since people seem to love ABLW, overall, I can imagine this could be a partially good…

  • (Not sure what happened to the thread I originally made, but remaking now!) Well guys, it's that time of the year again. American Idol! This season, we have a fresh new look to the judges. We have: Keith Urban (returning from Season 12) Jennifer Lopez (returning from Seasons 10-11) Henry Connick Jr. (new!) Ryan Seacrest as the Host (who didn't see this coming?) No Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj or Randy Jackson this time. Keith was a very well constructed judge from last season, and I enjoy J-Lo for …

  • Caption! This Screenshot!

    Chocoroko - - General Gaming


    You do NOT touch me. You hear me? I'm Miley Cyrus. But you can call me, "Cyrus", THIEF.

  • You know, I never really thought about what Zelda Wii U would be. So far, it just hasn't rang any bells to what it will unveil. But for a Majora's Mask sequel? Sounds like a stretch, but it would be a neat surprise to wake up to. With so many Majora's Mask references in the last few years, no doubt Nintendo has something in store.

  • If they did, I would really play them. Especially if they improve on a lot of the game's features.

  • Will Navi Make a Comeback?

    Chocoroko - - Future Zelda


    Yup. Fi was one of reasons why I stopped playing SS. Haven't touched it since 2011. Navi though, has place in my heart, due to that ending. I'm afraid I don't see sign of her appearing again. Although there was that Zelda Wii U trailer, which a fairly like Navi appeared with Link. Probably doesn't mean anything though. At least she's your motion symbol for TP. Ciela, I enjoyed as well. At least she said final words to Link, and she wasn't as overbearing during the adventure. She cared for Link, …

  • Hero of Time To Return?

    Chocoroko - - Future Zelda


    Huh, here I was about to mention Twilight Princess, but now I see a much clearer vision for this third game. It sounds like a good idea. And just before TP? I think so. It can be done. They did make ALBW, which revisits the land from ALTTP, and the game was a smashing hit. I keep forgetting that people who get lost in the woods turn to Stalfo if they're an adult. Non-Kokiri children would turn into Skull Kids. I guess that would make sense for the HoT link. But who knows how long they have til t…

  • Argh, I ought to have bought this shirt during the holiday. Next holiday, hopefully I can get one like this!

  • That's awfully cute. I'd use one if it were more than a pouch though.

  • Where can I track this guy to make one for me?! Then again, I ought to be happy with the Zelda 3DS XL I already have... Still, he did an excellent job.

  • CAPTION! That Screenshot! II

    Chocoroko - - General Zelda


    Link: Well gurl, do you ever LOOK into the mirror?

  • I'm currently making my way through A Link to the Past, and I'm in the Dark World. Currently around the 3rd temple, and I... just can't get a grip with it. I feel like I'm almost done, but I just can't bring myself to get through the temple. At least without help from the internet. Sometimes it doesn't help me. The first time I played Majora's Mask, I did everything to get the Ocarina of Time back. Then I reset time, and started my way to the Swamp area. The minute I walked into Termina Field, t…

  • No Love for Minish Cap??

    Chocoroko - - Classic Zelda


    Yeah no kidding. 2005 was very late in the GBA's lifespan. But it's worth noting that it's still playable to this day. Yet at the time, the DS was starting off. Frankly, I don't recall early DS hype, but I remember getting one near late 2005. At least Minish Cap could be played on the DS back then. There's definitely room for people to buy it and play it on either the GBA/SP or DS.

  • Dragon Ball Z Fan Club

    Chocoroko - - Entertainment


    I have mainly seen the Dragon Ball Z Kai version on Nicktoons. Granted, it was my first time watching the series at its fullest. Wasn't too bad, and I enjoyed it personally. Most people don't like the Nicktoons version because of the cuts and changes, and that seems fair. But I couldn't care any less. I still enjoyed the show for what it was. Sucks that they stopped after the Cell games and skipped right onto GT.

  • That is awesome and adorable! I wish I had one for myself. xD

  • Gracie came to my town today, and I passed her fourth and final Fashion Check! Woohoo! I can't wait for the Emporium!

  • Quote from keyaki: “I need a Chimchar! In fact, I need all four! And I'm online now!” Quote from FoxHound: “I can breed you one, jut give me about 15 min” I will gladly trade with both of y'all. My FC is 4227 2292 8239.

  • :O Rattata, Koffing and Baltoy? Would you happen to need a Chimchar, Piplup, Totodile or a Feebas? I'm currently breeding those four.

  • Quote from FoxHound: “I'm breeding the Treeckos now, should be ready in a minute or 10. I'll be going to bed in half an hour or so, so if I'm offline, it'll be for tomorrow evening (CET).” Could I get one too? I'm breeding Chimchar, Piplup and Totodile atm. If you wanted one.

  • To be honest, when I played the first GCN game, I thought there was gonna be some sort of story to await. The first thing I'm told is that I'm living on my own now, and I have a house for my own. Story wise, I had assume my parents would come to visit me. Then it involves some sort of event where I have to get their approval to stay or something, depending on my house's condition. But that would be a bit complicated, and take away from the game itself, which I now know more about. It's definitel…

  • Frozen

    Chocoroko - - Entertainment


    I thought the movie was really charming, and the music was a nice touch. Wasn't expecting a musical, but it worked. Let It Go was my favorite track from the music. I seriously wasn't expecting that twist near the end, but I had a feeling there needed to be some conflict in the movie. Man was I blown away. The effects and CGI of the ice was so pretty. Normally Ice is a theme used for the antagonist or looked at in a villainous way. But Elsa made the ice look charming and magnificent. Of course Ol…

  • The 3DS remake is good enough for Ocarina of Time. Not saying a WiiU/HD remake would be good, but I would rather see another Zelda title remade in HD. I know Wind Waker HD is already out, but I think a good amount of us were expecting something else.

  • I had an experience with Spirit Tracks. I was going into the final part of the tower, and there was just so much darkness and puzzles. It confused me, and I didn't want to do it. So I never got to the final part of the game to beat it. But I eventually picked it back up, 3 years later, and followed a walk through on YouTube. Beat the game, finally.