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  • You got it Foo [Unvote]HeyBlinkin[/Unvote] [Vote]Fluttershy[/Vote]

  • Whoa whoa whoa what? @HeyBlinkin Is that a roleclaim?

  • Quote from Silver: “Current vote count: HeyBlinkin (3) - Foo, English, Shayface, JP the Neurotic ” Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

  • I'm not necessarily going to keep my vote on HeyBlinkin, I was more trying to get them to show up to at least say something to show some signs of life.

  • Lets push for some activity here near the end of the day. [Vote]HeyBlinkin[/Vote] @HeyBlinkin Come join us friend, we need some activity.

  • Quote from Scribe of Spirit: “[Vote]Malon[/Vote] Yeah I'm down with a Ty or Malon lynch. If Foo goes Ty I'll switch if I log on later.” Quote from Malon: “Ah, sorry. It took me abit to catch up on everything and I didn't realize we decided not to vote for him. I just thought he was going to attempt to kill me and in doing so not only not kill a townie like he did, but also prove my roleclaim is genuine. So who are we voting for then?” You too seem to do an awful lot of following votes instead of…

  • Signing out for now, will be back in roughly 9 hours.

  • Well, I guess for now we're waiting on the cop to out Blackbird as mafia or keep their mouth shut, confirming an innocent result. Going on, I think English's suggestion of looking at those who initially voted for him after his claim is valid. Though it would include Masons as well (at least by the assumption that the Masons believed they had the only doctor), there is a good chance that a mafia member may have jumped on the bandwagon for an opportunity to lynch the town's doctor. Who were those …

  • Malon, HeyBlinkin, Scribe of Spirit- Rather inactive in my opinion (something I'm guilty of too often). Not much to go off of so i really can't say much either way. JP the Neurotic- Impressive to be a newbie to ZU Mafia and be the kind of thinker and talker like this one. Pretty solid town vibe. Seems very earnest in the way he approaches the game. Kae/Luma- Though there is a substantial amount of content to go off of, I really can't read you one way or the other. But if I were forced to choose,…

  • @Luma If a read list is what you want, I'll give it to ya, just gimme a couple minutes.

  • Okey dokey. Well losing three townies in one night is a huge bummer. That is now a loss of five townies to a loss of only two mafia. This is not a big problem right now, as we still outnumber the Mafia, but if this keeps up, the Mafia and any third party killing roles will become a very real threat and worry. Additionally, over the last couple of nights we have lost a tracker and a jack of all trades, which may not be the strongest roles, but are still bad to lose. The good part i guess about th…

  • Quote from Luma: “Claims- English claimed doctor - Fluttershy claimed Forensic something or other meaning she can request records on a player to see everyone they visited from all nights past - Blackbird claimed one shot strongman (town) Bandwagons- Initially on LuckyDan from a majority of players - Now on Sam Normal "General" Concencus- To allow Blackbird to stay alive to use her one shot for the town - To kill Sam, Malon, or Dan Some players are straying- Jaime is suspicious of me - Demon Fox …

  • Just got home from school. Can someone give me the TLDR version of the last 8 hours or so?

  • Quote from Foo: “In general, good night last night! Looking forward to a prodctive day.” Forgetting a u in productive, is this more cypher play??!! kappa

  • Two townie deaths is not a good thing to wake up to. I think we should really be looking at the wagons yesterday for Scribe and Ruki to come up with potential lynch candidates. @English I see where you're coming from on the blackbird/Doctor argument. I'll keep that in the back of my mind for later in the day if nothing else surfaces. That's quite an interesting statement for someone to make about a doctor that has roleclaimed.

  • I'm inclined to vote Scribe today. Even if he can't play on weekends, he had enough time to vote. He could've took the couple seconds more it would take to give a reason for his vote or to say he might not be back before the day ends. I'm withholding my vote for now, but if it comes down to the end of the day and there isn't a better lynch, I'm voting Scribe.

  • It might not mean so much at the start of the day, when votes are kind of for fun, but serious votes, not matter who they are for should be looked at with scrutiny. Hiding behind the vote for a townie could be one or more mafia members. It's very easy for the mafia to keep bussing people if votes are not looked at closely.

  • Really, Day 1 is a good day to kind of test the waters and see where people stand a little bit. At this point, no one has been lynched or killed and nothing really major has happened. At this point, there is no reason to suspect someone except for the things they say. But Day 1 can also be really boring and unproductive if there is no conversation going on.

  • Let's make this a good one everyone

  • Mafia XXII: Tales of Mafia Hub

    Shayface - - Mafia Archive


    Count me in!

  • Yeah, just end it. I'll vote first. [Vote]Kay Faraday[/Vote]

  • Quote from Kay Faraday: “You know, you called me inactive. I don't know if you've realized, but that's made me not care anymore whether you're red or green. I want you dead, you made it personal.” Okay?

  • I'll see you on the other side boys and girls.

  • Well when i flip green, then you guys should take out Kay next.

  • @Jehanne So this is who we have left: Boxes Cody Kay Faraday Jehanne Interestingdrug Shayface Boxes is the confirmed town Innocent Child, ID is a mason, and I assume you are part of the masonry as well (unless the masonry wants to confirm something different). So that leaves me, Kay, and Cody. Now, Cody has tried to pin the Godfather role on me, so I'm rather wary of him, but I really think that Kay is the Godfather. She has contributed very little the last few days, and generally, she is just k…

  • Well lynching me will stain your spotless victory. But if that is your choice, so be it. I know I'm not a confirmed townie or anything, so it makes sense to lynch me.

  • Hmm, some fingers turning to point to me now. I do not see any apparent flaws in Cody's logic following the SK and I don't think I can be vouched for by anybody. But also, like Cody mentioned, Jaime mentioned more then me on his list of suspicious people. I think that knowing I had come back innocent from the cop gave him enough of a reason to vote me. With the possibility of me being the Godfather, doubt invades minds. I think Jaime was trying to push everyone to the same conclusion he came to,…

  • Quote from Jehanne: “Shay, how could there be 3 mafia remaining? We already lynched one.” I swear I'm taking Calculus. I fudged my math up sorry

  • This is where we are right now in terms of straight-up knowledge. This is a list of the remaining players and what we know (which is albeit very little) about their alignment. Boxes- Innocent Child Cody- Investigated and came back as Town (but could still be Godfather) Kay Faraday Double A Jehanne Leo_ Interestingdrug Shayface- Investigated and came back as Town (but could still be Godfather) As it stands, there is still a masonry out there somewhere (hopefully getting stronger), 2 (possibly 3 b…

  • Well that was bound to happen sooner or later. Quite a bummer that we lost our investigative role. So how do we move forward from here folks?

  • Usually, if you are recruited into the masonry, you won't be notified until the night phase after your recruitment.

  • @Jaime Lannister While I am aware you still have your vote on me, I'd like to inquire as to who else you see as suspicious and/or worthy of a lynch.

  • Well, quite interesting indeed. I am of the camp that is willing to trust that our cop is a cop. There is quite a conflict here. In any case, there is only a small chance that I will be able to actually post again before the end of the day. I will be following the thread however. Before I leave, [VOTE]Jaime Lannister[/VOTE]

  • So, by this new information, if Cody shows up and confirms Fluttershy's claim, we will then have Fluttz along with Cody and I as confirmed townies (as there is no way that we could all be in cahoots in the set-up of the game based on the amount of Mafia still left). Us three, combined with our Innocent Child, would give a strong townie base of four people. If we still had our doctor, I would suggest a follow the cop strategy. But as it stands, I believe that Fluttz should keep investigating as t…

  • Quote from Leo_: “ @Shayface: when somebody gets cop-confirmed I'd like to see them be a bit more active and open. You should be playing like an Innocent Child but I feel like you're playing like a Godfather. Im going to hold off on voting for now because I'm waiting for one of you to step up and play like a Townie so I can vote for the other, but you two are my two prime suspects right now.” Sorry about the relative inactivity, I've been at drumline practice since the thread opened and have jus…

  • For solidarity: [VOTE]Scribe[/VOTE]

  • I would likewise want the number of scenarios to dwindle, but because our cop and doctor have claimed, it is becoming ever more likely that I am either a vanilla townie or just a goon being covered up by Fluttz. I know it doesn't mean much, but i believe Fluttz is our cop, because i am town-aligned (though even if i was mafia i would say that :/ so theres really not much to go off of until Fluttz investigates someone else).

  • Quote from Fluttershy: “ So my investigation of Shayface yielded green, and we can trust her more now. ACCORDING TO MY CALCULATIONS, her odds of being scum went from 19.44% to 8.33% and this is significant. But we can’t use my power to confirm anyone as 100% town until we take out the Godfather. ” Well this is quite lovely, but i do wish to point out that i am a male. Additionally, the role claiming seems to be random and in a way meant to save oneself from a vote (even if they may not be in ver…

  • Just woke up and reading through the thread right now!

  • Oh shoot, I meant to vote [VOTE]No Lynch[/VOTE]