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  • So I looked at the ending votes for both lynches. If we are going to vote based on voting record (which isn't a bad idea at this point): Voted for ID and Axius -Shona -HollowmanOfEoL Voted for Axius only -Captain Harrie -Kae -Cody -Foo -The Missing Link -Sólsetur -Nafchacho -blackbird Voted for ID only -boxes -DLR -Kay Faraday -Allanon Avalon That leaves: -Linkle -Shayface -Malon As those who were not part of major scum lynches. Linkle Day 1 abstained Day 2 voted Foo (stated that she was away fo…

  • @Malon Just what you think everyone's alignments are

  • Well I'm back. A few questions: @Foo Are you sure that going after people that didn't provide a lie detectable statement is the right course of action? I would think that Mafia members would simply submit instead of refusing. @The Missing Link How do you think the Town should proceed? And who is on your personal scum list? @Malon Could you provide us with a readlist at least? Kay Faraday wrote: Quote from Kay Faraday: “I'd like to mention that everyone that's been turned vanilla so far made an e…

  • On mobile right now. Will be home in a few hours to properly check in.

  • Well that's all she wrote for me until EOD. [Vote]Kay Faraday[/Vote] You seem to be following Harrie around like a lost dog. I have a feeling you're a trigger happy Mafioso searching for a wagon. Just my thoughts. I may be back for like 5 minutes at EOD but we'll see. Cheers. (P.S. @Kay Faraday This is almost as annoying as that time you used fake daykill tags to "kill" me)

  • Quote from Kay Faraday: “I'm not satisfied with that answer VOTEY VOTEY ” I'm not satisfied with your reasons for voting

  • I did what I did because I did it. Thats really all there is to say, I don't know what you want from me. I also don't understand why unvoting him is such a big deal. If I was Mafia, why would i vote for him unless i was bussing him (in which case I would have stuck with my vote)?

  • Quote from Captain Harrie: “goood morning everyone, gonna respond to stuff from last night but then I got Morning Stuff to do i'll be back for real soon! -- Quote from Shayface: “I chose ID because I know he is a strong player and I wanted to see some activity from him. The rest is history I guess. ” Alright, and why did you unvote so quickly? ” Ahhh, scrambling to get a post out before I have to leave for work. I stated before i voted for ID that I planned solely to vote for him in order to get…

  • Quote from Linkle: “@Shayface What's your current readlist? ” Everyone really has the same standing in my eyes, I don't have any burning suspicion. Its also pretty hard to read the people not posting a lot and the people that are newer. Quote from Captain Harrie: “oh my god why do i always ask questions after people leave stop leaving me guys @ axius wanna answer my question from yesterday? also @Shayface any particular reason you chose ID yesterday? ” I chose ID because I know he is a strong pl…

  • Okay, I'm up and at 'em. Firstly, congratulations to all on a Day 1 with a good outcome. Firstly, usurper talk. Like Cody said, there was a rather small pool of people that voted for ID. Due to this I think the likelihood of the usurper is low. I would also tend to think that the mafia did not bus him, and that we just ended up getting lucky. Now, nothing today that I have read has made much sense (to anyone really), and the only thing I got out of it is that Kae was either redirected, or her ta…

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “Quote from Shayface: “In the interest of getting my vote off no lynch, I'm gonna go with my gut here. [Vote]DLR[/Vote] ” Any particular reason? I've stated I am town. I will put forth too that any investigative roles that want to confirm my status, by all means feel free. I have absolutely no reason to fear investigations (I bring this up because I see Kay has brought cop investigations into the mix, this is not some rambling post simply because Shay voted for me). …

  • In the interest of getting my vote off no lynch, I'm gonna go with my gut here. [Vote]DLR[/Vote]

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “I am a townie. I am not mafia. I am not third party. ” Thats not how it works lol On the subject of boxes, I think pushing for the roleclaim was awkward and for the most part useless. But I am rather surprised the claim came so soon. The pressure was on I guess. I wouldn't damn her for following Foo, i've done it many times (including Discworld where i got myself killed because of it). He's a strong player and I'm willing to trust him in most cases. I personally "ju…

  • [Unvote]interestingdrug[/Unvote] I guess I'll pass the baton to you then. As you said, "LYNCH THE BORE, STIFLE THE SNORE"

  • Oh shoot, I got ninja'd and didn't notice I am a townie I am not a townie (I'm making a list) (I'm checking it twice) (I'm gonna find out who's naughty or nice) I find it hard to place a vote in someone that i distrust at this point. There are a lot of people that have not checked in yet. But i will vote to push for some activity [Vote]interestingdrug[/Vote]

  • Quote from boxes: “@Foo, correct me if I'm wrong. Foo wants to see a more aggressive town on Day 1, actively wagoning/pursuing lynch options early in the day. This is, I think, to prevent a mad scramble at the end of the day with respect to voting and lynching. It is also to give plenty of time to set up good lynch options for the day vig, if they choose to act on Foo's proposal. He started off by choosing you, so the plan is to form a wagon on you. Once you satisfy his conditions (read his post…

  • Quote from boxes: “I'm fine following Foo on this plan. At least, the aggressive early wagoning was suggested by him as town in S4 (so I think it's a Foo plan and not a Scum Foo plan). I'm fighting the bystander effect! VOTEY VOTEY BUT I am only going to continue with this plan IF Shayface or a townie of Shay's choosing chooses the next target. Foo shouldn't be dictating all of the lynch choices. ” Wait, can you explain the plan, I'm hella confused

  • @Sólsetur Oops Who sticks out as someone that seems suspicious? Sorry that was unclear lol

  • So I would tend to think that if we did establish a night vig system, it may prove to be counteractive, as a doctor could easily prevent that kill. I propose that we suggest targets, but ultimately I think the choice should be up to the vig. I do agree that the day vig being revealed early is mostly pro-town as it creates an easy doctor target by virtue of nearly confirmed townie. This makes it easier to pressure the mafia and push multiple kills in a day. @English If you were an SK or a Vig, wo…

  • He will be sorely missed

  • Signing up

  • Oda Clan had it on lock the whole game. It was great being a team with you guys My thoughts on the game: I would have to agree with English about the broken nature of the Priest role. It made it really easy to get rid of people for us. And it ensured that when Naf was put on the chopping block, we still came out with a lynch. None of the other "wildcard"/"gamebreaker" roles seemed very potent (at least to me). I liked the itemization in the game (especially the totally fake katana i came up with…

  • I would have to agree with you guys. I was thinking Naf as well. Anyone that is unlynchable is a threat.

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “@Anna Claire - I wasn't trying to imply he didn't have an item - we know he got one - what I was questioning was how his role is fulfilled by a randomly dropped item - I can't imagine the GM's made Shay's win condition based solely on getting this item so that leaves us wondering why he needs to commit seppuku to win (at least I assume by "fulfill his role" he is referring to winning). ” I think you're getting confused. I wasn't referring to winning as what happens …

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “How could he have picked up an item today that would fulfill his role? That doesn't even make sense. ” So my role is fulfilled if i commit sepukku. This item just happens to facilitate that.

  • Quote from Pennington: “If I die, look for whoever isn't voting shay, and you have a nice clan list lined up. ” Right now, it looks like everyone is part of my clan

  • Quote from Pennington: “Anyone who doesn't vote for Shayface has a stake in him having an advantage over the other clans and can be presumed to either be in a team or clan with him. There hasn't been a single negative effect or pointless item up to this point in the game and I doubt they would put one out day 5. ” It's not pointless, and it's negative effect is beneficial, as i assume sepukku is important to a lot of roles as it's been mentioned a number of times. I can kill someone and fulfill …

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “Fair enough Anna - direct, concise, to the point. @Shayface - why do you not trust English? ” Like I said, I have a gut feeling about him, he's been very vocal in the game, much like Jaime, but hasn't been lynched or killed yet. And for all you people wondering, I have a sword, but not THE sword. It is a simple katana. It allows me to nightkill someone, but also has the repercussion of me committing sepukku (which also fulfills my role).

  • I want to place a vote here before i take a short leave. I really haven't trusted English all game. I just have a gut feeling about him. [Vote]English[/Vote] I will be out for a few hours. I hope some conversation can be made while i'm gone.

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “@Shayface - glad to see you contributing a bit more yesterday. Do you think that the Minamoto clan is wiped out? ” Based on my reasoning, I think the clan is wiped out completely. But the fact that ID is very adamant about the fact that he is not in a clan worries me. I know it could be a blatant lie, but there is still a chance that its not. If that is the case, my whole line of reasoning is flawed.


  • It could be an investigative role of some sort? Maybe a role cop?

  • Quote from Ruki: “1) Jamie Lannister Killed Night 2 (The Taira Ninja) 2) Pennington 3) English 4) Sam Nornal Dropped Out Night 4 (Nitta Daimyo) 5) Viral Maze 6) Shayface 7) HollowmanofEoL Orion Killed Night 4 (Minamoto Daimyo) 9) Napstablook/Anna Claire 10) interestingdrug 11) Dark Link Reigns 12) Luma Silver 13) Knight Hawk Lynched Day 2 (The Nitta Ninja) 14) ♬Nafchacho♬ 15) Jehanne 16) Rambo Lynched Day 3 (Ashikaga Doctor) 17) Linkle Killed Night 2 (The Houjou Ninja) 18) Pietro Lynched Day 4 (…

  • So @English. You said you don't know what the heir does right?

  • Okay. It's definitely a mad world. In my opinion, the way Pietro is acting, with the vote hopping and such, he is trying to get the lynch of of Naf. He's encouraging multiple other bandwagons and getting the attention off of him. He even went as far as to suggest that Naf is unlynchable. There is also the fact that they both went after Anna Claire to connect them. I think they're together. [Vote]Pietro[/Vote]

  • A Daimyo by definition is one of the great lords who were vassals of the shogun. So i think we can safely assume that these are like godfathers of the factions.

  • @Rambo I'm still waiting to hear your gameplan. We've got less than an hour now.

  • I'll take that. [Unovte]Kol Gaines[/Unvote] [Vote]Rambo[/Vote] Thank you for the cooperation.

  • Quote from Kol Gaines: “Like what kind of information? How about the hints that I have been dropping in each and every response of mine? Or was that just pointless? ” Well obviously, the hints aren't getting you anywhere, so you might as well come out and say it.