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  • @Colu try Labyrinth. Its story is better than the Dark Crystal's, and David Bowie makes it anything but boring. Not sure if it's on Netflix though. I'm looking forward to the Dark Crystal series myself, provided it's not another Henson production that never sees the light of day.

  • Maybe he's referring to how the Gorons at the Southern Mine hum OoT's Kakariko Village theme during the day? That's an easy song to miss if you don't know what you're looking for.

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Violetlight - - Theorizing


    Quote from Kokiri Kid: “They have scales so I guess they're reptiles? ” Pangolin_brought_to_the_Range_office_KMTR_AJTJ.jpeg This cute little anteater crossed with a pine cone is a Pangolin, a mammal with scales. And the poor things are hunted for them too. Seriously, I think the BotW Dragons are magical, elemental beings that defy any proper biological classification.

  • I have to agree with @'Max N' 's point back from Page 2 about how Calamity Ganon probably would have worked better as a Force of Nature, kind of like what World of Warcraft did with Deathwing in Cataclysm, before that expansion's final patch, how he'd just show up randomly and nuke a zone, and there was absolutely nothing you, as a player, could do about it (except earn the Stood in the Fire achievement). Have the Ganon Storm show up every so often instead of the Blood Moon -- have it rez monste…

  • Might be a good idea to extend the voting peroid on this month's writing contest. With the holidays, maybe people just haven't had the chance to read yet.

  • When an acronym used at work is "TP" and you keep reading it as Twilight Princess

  • Blue Planet II is finally on Netflix, and it's just as amazing as David Attenborough's other series! I love watching his series with my little boy, just like how my grandfather used to watch nature shows with me when I was little. Arden especially likes the baby dolphins and whales, and snuggled up with me to watch. So cute!

  • I know it will probably never happen, but I would love to see Taro Yoko and his Drakengard/NiEr team's take on a Zelda game. Something along the lines of MM or TP, but with Taro's signature dark take. The first NiEr game already borrows a lot of design and gameplay elements from TP (like shadowy enemies, the ability to ride a boar, its overall action RPG feel, even a floating companion character) and one of its dungeons even directly references the Zelda series, complete with their take on the "…

  • Moving this to the Zelda Theory section.

  • @'GregariousTree' You could still have your "fairy tale" with the Hyrule Compendium giving more information. Like I said, that element could have been totally skippable for those who didn't care, but be there for those who did. There was nothing preventing Nintendo from implementing a more detailed version of the compendium than their own narrative laziness. Besides, how many fairy tales have tablet computers as a main feature anyway? And maybe a bonfire happy party might not have been an approp…

  • I did enjoy the story, and the world of BotW is one of the most fun to explore of any Zelda game. My main criticism is with how little detail there is, and how Nintendo seemed to use the open-world gameplay as an excuse, when there was little reason for it to be that way. @EzloSpirit mentioned the Metroid Prime games as allowing you to learn about the world through scanning objects, something that meshed well with the open world adventuring, that was skippable for those who didn't care, but was …

  • Colors Of the Triforce

    Violetlight - - General Zelda


    Zelda Cartoon: Triforce of Wisdom Z Kind of a greeny-bluish colour Triforce of Power cast_power.jpg Red. Except for they being weird tetrahedron-thingies instead of actual flatish triangular prisms like in the games, not too much different from the colour schemes that would be used later on. The cartoons were made pre ALttP. ALttP pendants: Wisdom: Legend%2Bof%2BZelda%252C%2BThe%2B-%2BA%2BLink%2Bto%2Bthe%2BPast%2B%2528U%2529%2B%255B%2521%255D012.png Red Courage: ALttP016.png Green Power: maxresd…

  • When you're running the Slave Pens dungeon in a World of Warcraft Timewalking event (when older dungeons are made level-appropriate, for the non-WoW players out there), and you're dungeon buddy complains there's no way up the giant waterfall in the middle of the place, and you say "yeah, sucks there's no Zora Armour in this game", invoking a few "ikr?" from your groupmates. And whenever you're in the overworld, come to a cliff face and immediately try to climb it before remembering "crap, wrong …

  • Quote from gamtos: “Your argument hinges on Link and Zelda having a falling-out, despite Link's entire character and past revolving around serving the Royal Family. Even then he'd have to keep the Sheikah Slate despite it being rightfully Zelda's. Even then, Zelda wouldn't be believed despite massive lasers shooting the castle from all corners of the land and the absolutely titanic Dark Beast Ganon being slain in an open meadow where she appeared in a blaze of golden light? ” Who exactly would h…

  • Hyrule Conquest

    Violetlight - - Creative Corner


    It's amazing to see Mipha and Ruto together, and I don't care how "impossible" that might be in canon!

  • Subbing. I love these randomizer runs! I forget, did you randomize the Skulltula tokens as well? Can't believe you got the Hookshot in the second box! You lucky bugger! Just a warning, there will be plenty of Blupees in your future.

  • One thing I a lot of people are forgetting: Does this incarnation of Zelda want to be a Princess, now that she doesn't have to? I was a little vague in my answer before, but basically I'm writing a fan fic (and yes, I'm technically still writing it, slowly but surely), where Zelda and Link have a falling out after the ending cutscene. So Link would not be accompanying Zelda, neither in her visits to Kakariko and Hateno, nor in her later travels through Hyrule. A lot of other posters have stated …

  • Looks like a kind of cool, if unpolished, fan remake. A word of advice, @'Typho20', you might want to add in some player commentary, and not skip through dialogue so quickly. Not many people want to just watch someone else playing, especially with a ... unique game like this.

  • Click the link in my signature to see my take on what happens after BotW

  • I know it probably won't happen, but I'd love to see a Pokemon Conquest II. It was one of the better Pokemon spin offs, and I'd love to see a sequel. Super Mario RPG 2 also goes without saying, and with Nintendo and Square Enix playing nice lately, it's not as completely impossible as it used to be. I'd also like to see a Super Princess Peach 2. The first was actually a really fun little platformer, and it's awesome whenever I get to see Peach as a playable character. Maybe in a sequel they coul…

  • Quote from Castigear: “That’s a good point about the 100 years bit. it sort of feels like if you were to play only the second half of final fantasy vi. ” This is perhaps the perfect description of BotW. Imagine Final Fantasy VI without the World of Balance. No ghost train ride, no quest to discover Terra's family line, no fall of Doma, no Opera house scene, heck, no "son of a submariner!" pretty much none of the moments that made you care about its world, care about its characters. The whole the…

  • Going to lock up this thread, since the last post before the immediate previous was 10 months ago. *Pushes ReDead thread back down into the grave where it belongs*

  • Moved from Small Breath of the Wild Theories. The subsequent discussion became much more than "small".

  • Come to think of it, the ceremony is a bit confusing in that all we know for sure BotW Link had achieved up to that point was drawing the sword. So saying he had "shown unflinching bravery and skill in the face of darkness and adversity" leads to questions. What has he done to show such skill besides pulling a sword out of a pedestal? Did he have to conquer 3 dungeons before being able to draw the sword like almost every Link before him? If so, why did no one ever mention it? It's like Nintendo …

  • I personally don't see BotW Link and Zelda ending up together at all, for the same reasons as other posters - that they have no chemistry. They don't even seem to particularly like each other as friends, never mind anything else. Now Zelda's diaries and statements from Kass in-game indicate that Zelda may have had a thing for Link, but that seemed entirely one-sided. BotW Link doesn't seem to get excited or emotional over anything other than food, so it's honestly hard to see what his emotional …

  • The Parenting Thread

    Violetlight - - General Chit-Chat


    So Arden has finally discovered that one kids' show that Mommy can't stand. I knew it was only a matter of time. He likes Teletubbies. Honestly, the purple one having a purse that everyone had a fit over in the 90s is the least weird thing about that show! Not sure if it should even count as a "children's" show, since some kind of drug was obviously involved in getting it out there. At least he still likes Sesame Street and Octonauts more than Teletubbies, so I can ease him away from the weird/a…

  • I think "Whimsy" was just too vague a term for November's contest. It's hard to define, let alone write about. That's what prevented me from participating (that and I kind of forgot :P). I had an idea I ran by @Ruki, but I didn't think it really counted as "whimsical". But yeah, a more specific prompt might work better. It's worth a try at any rate.

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  • @Vulpes If you want Brooklyn Accents in a fantasy game, may I direct you to Azeroth's Goblins? WoW also features Trolls with Jamaican accents, Russian Space Goat people (Draenei), and British werewolves. Not giving High Mountain Tauren (Minotaurs with Moose antlers instead of horns) stereotypical Canadian accents was a lost opportunity, IMO. Personally, I liked Zelda's semi-British accent. I just with they had a bit of consistency and had given King Rhoan a Britis…

  • So the new She-Ra series is out now, and I'm loving it so far! I was wary at first, since I'm a fan of the orignal and I didn't want it to be yet another screwed up remake. However, I actually think this series has done most things better than the original 80s 20 minute toy commercial. I'm about 6 episodes in so far, and here's what I think of it. (Hidden Content) Honestly, as much as I love the original and always will, the only thing it did better than the new series was the delightfully 80s s…

  • Detective Pikachu

    Violetlight - - Entertainment

    Post I couldn't believe this was a real movie when my husband showed it to me ... Can't wait to see it! I feel like a kid again!!!

  • According to ZU's own Wiki, the Gerudo text on all the Heroine statues (the main Seven, and the Eighth) all say "Seven Sages" on them.…lations#East_Gerudo_Ruins If that's not a clear indication that the Heroines are Gerudo-ized representations of at least one group of Sages, I don't know what is. It may not have been the OoT Sages in particular, but it does reference the legend of the Sages in general.

  • If they haven't directly stated they are making new DLC for BotW, I'm not getting my hopes up. It would be one thing if DLC was just console language for "expansion", which for PC games genuinely means a whole new experience and driving the game forward. Look at World of Warcraft - it will be celebrating its 14th anniversary in a few weeks. 14 years! How many other games have lasted so long?! BotW is an amazing scaffolding, and I totally think its world could be expanded upon greatly if Nintendo…

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  • I was just thinking that, @BackSet-Chan. Goku is a terrible father, but Piccolo makes up for it. In Dragonball Super, guess who Gohan and Videl's go-to babysitter is for Pan? I guess in fictionland you can have crappy parents, but as long as you have a good parental figure in your life, you'll be okay.

  • @lord-of-shadow I was 3, the same age my son is now. What can I say? Toddlers think of weird things. I think just the fluttering motion of butterflies freaked me out. They are kind of chaotic.

  • I did like seeing the Hero's Shade in TP, and thought an older incaranation of Link teaching a newer one was an interesting plot point. However, I have to agree with @PurpleandRed in that I feel bad that the Hero of Time died with regrets. He saved two worlds, one of which doesn't remember his deeds, and the other he had to leave. Is it too much to ask that his older self in the CT to have found some joy in life after his adventures? The Hero of Time is my favourite incarnation of Link. He was t…

  • I'm treating any rumour of a Zelda Netflix series the same way I'm treating the on-again, off-again news of a Dark Crystal series. Until I actually see it in my Recommended For Me list, I'm not getting my hopes up. What I'm waiting for is Blue Planet II to be released on Netflix, and the new She-Ra series.

  • When I was a kid, I was terrified of butterflies, and thought flowers were butterflies that weren't moving, and could come alive at any minute and flutter away on you. I was the flower girl at my Mom's wedding and refused to carry the flowers because of that. Now my son loves butterflies so much, he dressed up as one for Halloween. Ironic.