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  • Hey guys. So I just realized how far past due the current timelines thread is (usually close a thread at 8000 and it is currently sitting just over 13,000 lol). Soooooo figured it was time to refresh the thread and start anew! Couple of quick things before we get this party started: 1) This thread will be full of spoilers so if you haven't played much of the game, be careful reading forward. 2) This thread can get a bit heated with back and forth discussion which is fine, but please remain civil…

  • -48 I don't believe so.

  • Quote from Monika: “Until I break Daddy's heart. ” -48 Every game of mafia I play is a bittersweet reminder of the betrayal I suffered that day.

  • Closing this thread. Check out the new one here: Zelda Riddles VII - Not Dead Yet

  • The last riddles thread kind of just fizzled out and I figured it was time to revive and it get back to all the riddle goodness! First, we need to go over some ground rules: Rules! 1. The answer to the riddle can be any object, item, character, location, et cetera, but it MUST be from a CANON Zelda game (this excludes games like Hyrule Warriors, Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land, the blasphemous CD-i games, etc.). You can choose to specify the game or category (character or location or whatever) that th…

  • -46 Mafia is a good time for sure.

  • Quote from Khao: “Gotta say, the more I play World of Light, the more I like it. I expected it to feel repetitive as fuck and for it to only be enjoyable in short sessions. But every time I open it, I stay there for hours, and so far I've actually spent more time with it than I have with regular multiplayer battles. I do wish it had a few cinematics, but the thing is a ton of fun to play. I always look forward to the next character unlock, and there's something about just clearing every spirit o…

  • Oh, I know and I know that you guys understand as well. I also need some down time as well and being able to distract myself with this project is as good a way as any!

  • Rocky Road. Self explanatory.

  • Quote from TruEdge67: “I feel robbed that his profile doesn't say "used to be called Dark Miku Reigns". That was the last name he had so why does it say Dark Link Reigns still? ” Because even though Burning Boards does almost everything wrong with it's life, it knows that Dark Miku Reigns was a blight on humanity and has thusly wiped it from existence. Also, I'm so sorry guys! I had every intention to record the next episode over the weekend but things got a lot more hectic then I was expecting …

  • When you are on the internet and come across someone who is clearly wrong about something and you have to correct them but you know that you should just move on. The struggle is real.

  • If you could be any fruit, which one would you want to be? Do you think ants feel love? If you could choose any inanimate object and make it able to speak, what would you choose and why? If you had the chance to travel to the deepest, darkest part of the ocean, would you go? What would you name your own country? Do you think space has an odor?

  • I've taken it upon myself to invent colors because I've always thought that there are just an absurd amount of colors out there so why not start making my own?!

  • Quote from Linkle: “Also can we just talk about how Big Daddy was the Big (God) Daddy (Father) of the Mafia? Lmao ” I knew there was some outside force guiding me to change my username. Now I know what it was trying to prepare me for.

  • Reposting the stuff from my deleted post that is acceptable: Quote from Sabbo: “Just because you look pretty doesn't mean people like you. ” This description couldn't be anymore spot on. I feel like Sabbo just gets me. Excellent game everyone! I didn't live long but I certainly enjoyed playing while I could! I said this in the spectator chat but thanks again @Sabbo for hosting this game - you are the bestest.

  • So there is a good chance I'm getting lynched and I won't be back around for EOD (I'll be awake but I will be at the hospital not looking at my phone). I understand completely where the votes are coming from (well, from Ruki I do - Froyo and Guardian I don't actually see any real proper logic there). All I can say is that whoever the cop is, they are free to investigate me. I know I will come up town. And before you guys get all "But Biggles, what if you are the Godfather and you're just saying …

  • Didn't have time to post this before I left work (running late to go to the hospital) I dont have time to read the replies before this but: [Unvote]Linkle[/unvote] You handled yourself as I hoped you would to pressure. Just running in to the hospital now. I will read what was posted before this when I can tonight and reply if necessary. I will post a vote in a bit.

  • Quote from FroyoDragon: “Actually [Unvote]Romano-British Medli[/unvote] [Vote]BigDaddyBiggles[/vote] Whether you flip Town or Mafia, we'll be adding a lot of discussion into this whole Linkle/Medli/Ruki (indirectly) affair, all without killing a newbie and before dinnertime! What could possibly go wrong? ” I mean you are free to vote as you see fit but on what grounds exactly are you voting for me besides "might as well to get some info"?

  • @Linkle - "Barring Medli bc new, I’d probably just go with my gut and vote Froyo, I guess." is not the same as saying you would never vote for him today. Just to clear that up. I also don't feel that it is extreme to say you are helping push people towards a lynch of Medli. I may have worded it wrong and implied you are solely pushing the lynch which I didn't mean but you are certainly contributing to people hopping on the lynch.

  • Quote from Linkle: “Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “Right now I think Linkle is the most suspicious for pushing this vote and really anyone who is jumping on it is suspicious in my eyes. @Mordred - God no - I would never willingly try to get a newbie to stoke the fires that is Ruki's no lynch rage. That is just cruel. [unvote]Mordred[/unvote] [vote]Linkle[/vote] ” I already thought you were voting for me before. Lmao Only just realized you weren’t. Also I...literally haven’t pushed for the vote? …

  • @FroyoDragon - I honestly don't see why people are voting for Medli. They are a newbie. I know the thing Linkle pointed out as suspicious but I don't honestly think that was mafia slipping up. At worst I'm guessing it was one of the town power roles slipping up. Right now I think Linkle is the most suspicious for pushing this vote and really anyone who is jumping on it is suspicious in my eyes. @Mordred - God no - I would never willingly try to get a newbie to stoke the fires that is Ruki's no l…

  • I know where a couple are in the field but I know there are some that I won't remember lol

  • I'm not sure what the push on Medli is. From what I gather it was just a confused newbie just trying to make heads of what was going on in the game. I don't see any reason to vote them (right now at least). @Ruki If I was placing my final vote for the day right now I would probably be placing it on Linkle (sorry love). More a gut feeling then anything but her criticism of a newbie who is fairly confused seems a bit odd to me.

  • Quote from TruEdge67: “So when's part 2? I need more! ” Lol, I should have time to record some this weekend! Quote from Monika: “Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “One of the many reasons I love him so. ” I'll be your second head with this game. :3 ” That works for me. It's been soooo long since I've actually went looking for all the chests and secret places that I'm sure I'll miss something obvious lol

  • Quote from TingleMakesMeTingle: “You could just save and reset if you get stuck in that room. Or you could just reset and return with the slingshot or boomerang if you think that's more legitimate. ” Oh I know, but I mean that chest could contain something I need (like the slingshot or boomerang) so worst case scenario I get stuck in that room and just save a reset. Quote from Lady Sunshine: “Wooow Monika what a nerdddddd ” One of the many reasons I love him so.

  • @Romano-British Medli - yes EOD is End of Day and SOD is Start of Day. For new players we do generally give them the first day and night cycles for a chance to play the game and get a feel for it (assuming someone doesn't straight up show they are mafia then there is only one course of action). This game is pretty straight forward as far as game mechanics go. During the day there will only be discussion. At night there will be three actions - the mafia night kill, the doctor protection, and the …

  • Lol, that's hilarious as, and this is no word of a lie, I literally woke up like 2 or 3 days after posting the video and remembering I forgot that chest. It's actually going to be a pit stop in my next video. I'm fairly certain the platform doesn't respawn though so we will see how that goes lol.

  • @Linkle - right now I would say I trust Ruki. I am fairly certain I understand what she is trying to do with her question. As for who I don't trust... that's tough. There really isn't much to go off as most of the posters right now are pretty new so they aren't sure exactly what is going on. None of them have really gave me a vibe that they are scum. Speaking of which: [unvote]Violotheshiekahboy[/unvote] [vote]@Mordred[/vote] I'm sure you are sleeping or busy but we haven't heard from you for a …

  • @Embalistico - in this game they can't kill us during the day. The only kill action they have is at night. But yes, it is fairly dumb not to vote someone during Day 1. It gives us at least some info to work with going forward.

  • Quote from Violothesheikahboy: “I feel like this day will be a strugle, like most day 1's. Just due to lack of info. We have no idea what's going on. ” Quote from Embalistico: “Was about to say the exact same thing. How should I know who to vote when we know nothing! ” This is exactly why pressuring people and asking questions - even if you don't know what to ask - is very important. Day 1 relies a lot on people talking and asking questions and seeing what kind of info they can get out of others…

  • Quote from Ruki: “The question is less in an advocate for voting blocs themselves but to see who people would feel comfortable allying themselves on Day 1. Unfortunately perhaps I could have used better wording for my intentions since everyone is getting hung up on the words and less of the meaning behind the question. ” More focus on this though versus the voting block aspect.

  • You can just do something simple like I did where you just pick a person and start up a conversation with them. Speaking of which - what is your response to Ruki's question?

  • Quote from Embalistico: “Howdy! I totally didn't forget this whole game! As this is just my second game and the last one was so short, I still suck and have no idea how to play well, so don't expect much from me... Seems like since the game started just 5 hours ago, there isn't any good proof for me to vote anybody, so I won't vote yet. Don't expect me to show up anytime soon too. ” While you are here though, it is probably a good idea to ask questions of people and try to gain some info that yo…

  • Ya it wouldn't make much sense for the cop not to act during the night.

  • Don't get me wrong Ruki, I understand why you asked it. That is not escaping me. Pre-edit: Was typing up a response and as I was typing it up I realized exactly what you were going for. Carry on.

  • Quote from Ruki: “The question is less in an advocate for voting blocs themselves but to see who people would feel comfortable allying themselves on Day 1. Unfortunately perhaps I could have used better wording for my intentions since everyone is getting hung up on the words and less of the meaning behind the question. ” Your question was asked fairly early in the day with barely anyone checking in. Even for vets, how are we supposed to answer at this point who we would feel comfortable allying …

  • Quote from Violothesheikahboy: “Sorry guys, I've been unforseeably busy. Voting block? Can you explain what that means :/ I agree on your mentality, everyone needs to be questioned, especially this early on. ” Certainly. Voting blocks are when people band together to vote for someone, usually on the premise of "if you vote this way with me today then tomorrow I will vote where you want to vote". In my opinion, it is an easy way to not be held accountable for your vote which does not look very go…

  • Quote from FroyoDragon: “Hey loves~ It's nice to be back. First things I'd like to address... Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “Let's get this started! [vote]@FroyoDragon[/vote] - been a long time buddy. What's the good word today? ” Yooo! So I won't hold it against you for first voting for me lul. Ftr I recognize voting as a good strat to get information out of ppl sooo... Currently not much in the way of deep thoughts. I think this *should* be a relatively straightforward game regardless of where…

  • I have no leads on anyone yet. Only a handful of people have posted and I'm one of them. I mostly just placed a vote for Froyo to get him in here and talking. Once more people have come to check in I will likely be moving my vote elsewhere (barring Froyo revealing his scummy side).

  • If I find a reason to trust someone I may vote in the same realm as them but my vote will not be tied to them in anyway.