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  • Group 4 Detroit: Become Human We Happy Few God of War Battlefield V Towards the Pantheon

  • I'm here today guys and will be around for a few hours now. I want to address this: Quote from Sabbo: “Not nearly as much information as I was hoping, but it does shine a positive light on Dr.Gazooks despite them not dying the night after being outed as a doctor. Similarly, it puts shade on @zoraluigi, @GuardianFIN, and @Big Daddy Biggles. GregariousTree, theunabletable, RealmWings, Cody, and I all remain in a relatively unknown state, as far as vote records go. That said, if we write in Dr.Gazo…

  • I never win being randomly picked for anything! I feel so special! (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • I'm sorry guys. As you know, I missed the entirety of Day 2. My father-in-law was taken to the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia. He is 80 so this was pretty serious. My wife was a bit emotional to say the least as she is very, very close with her parents so I had pretty much zero time to get on to participate. He is doing better now and they are just going to keep him in the hospital probably until this afternoon and let him go home (as long as they deem he is doing alright). I should be mu…

  • I'm about to take off. I'm going to let Sir Galagher off for now. I can revisit this at a later time if needed. [unvote]theunabletable[/unvote] [vote]Monika[/vote] You are voting Sir Galagher with no reasoning whatsoever and based on your posting, you seem very eager for him to die. This seems fishy to me - almost as if you have been laying low, posting enough to get by and jumping on the popular wagon with no explanation.

  • Quote from theunabletable: “Quote: “We will just start Day 2 down a member and no further ahead. You may argue that our power roles can give us some info. While not wrong, they also risk exposing themselves early and I do not see how that can help us. ” This is incoherent. They will expose themself when the time is right, and they have information. If we kill them before they can even utilize their role, then we have gained -nothing- by killing them. It would be entirely different if we were not…

  • Sorry for the late response - work got super busy all of a sudden. I thank you Sir Galagher for your response and doing so in such a courteous manner. Rarely do we see that sort of mannerism with people who are on the chopping block. I was highly considering taking my vote off you. Until you decided to vote not to lynch. Regardless of your reasoning, not lynching someone on the first day is not a wise move. We will just start Day 2 down a member and no further ahead. You may argue that our power…

  • I should say, I didn't HATE the divine beasts. It's just there really was no challenge to them. They were very easy to go through. It didn't feel like a dungeon. It felt like the Under the Well section in OoT in which they would have made nice mini-dungeons. If they do more DLC and give us more divine beasts and what not, I'll still likely buy it because I still love this game and any reason to go back into it I will jump on. I do agree that if they are going to make proper dungeons or some new …

  • ImpoliteCoordinatedBluemorphobutterfly-small.gif

  • Quote from GregariousTree: “Quagmire strokes his delicious beard and mutters darkly about kids these days and the damn schools' failures to properly educate them. ” So from this I now know 100% for sure you based your entire character on me, right down to the delicious beard and my hatred for the lack of knowledge today's youth possess.

  • I agree completely. I love BotW.... save for the overuse of the shrines and the lackluster "dungeons". Sure, the first divine beast you enter is new, it's exciting. Once you hit the second one and realize they all follow pretty much the same pattern, your heart sinks. If they are going to expand upon BotW with any sort of DLC, it needs to utilize the massive map of Hyrule and create at least one, massive sprawling dungeon for me to accept DLC instead of a new game.

  • After making my post I realized what you were meaning by FIN being quiet. For the record, dear Tredap, I was not implying you of wrong doing. Merely trying to sort out your line of thought regarding your actions. Thank you for your clarification. I do hope the FIN can return soon to help bring more clarity to these uncertain times.

  • Quote from korokpeach: “You are among those who currently say the least. Plus you are here now for QUESTion(s)! You have already got some answered. That is good. Tell Tredap. You see a few somebodies as suspicious. Who, if pressed... clubbed maybe... do you think deserves your vote at this time? I pass that one to the whole list. ” I am glad to see your input upon helping us catch the person who committed this crime. However, I do have a question for you regarding your vote. You voted for FIN as…

  • Quote from GuardianFIN: “The Table had one good question tho. Do we have any information about the dead member of the band? ” Sadly, this is not a good question. Simply put, it was flavor and nothing more. Trying to tie anyone to the random person (and by random I mean character who isn't actually in the game as a role or player) among us who was killed is a waste of time. I feel a lot of Sir Galagher's bluster comes from his character being a high ranking knight, thus giving himself an inflated…

  • Quote from Guinea: “I figured as much. Thanks, John! I promised DLR a day of utter destruction so I'll have to figure out which one of my friends has the best internet lol ” It'll be nice that you have friends around to watch me destroy you.

  • *A brief RP introduction* "With all this squabbling and noise, it's no wonder one of our own was murdered without anyone noticing." Making his way back to the camp from patrolling the perimeter, a man of impressive stature joins the conversation. "I am Tyranis Thundersack." A slight breeze picked up at the moment, making his vibrant, yet unkempt, blonde hair and beard flow with it for a short time. "Should we continue to bicker like this, yet another of our party shall face the same fate." His p…

  • My God.... I was hoping I would be cold in the ground before another invasion happened. This is a dark day indeed. 26

  • Quote from Emerald Isle: “Maybe we should do a Lucina take over. ” For the love of God, don't give them ideas! Quote from TruEdge67: “Or we could just do a Fire Emblem invasion. ” I'm too late! 24

  • Group 3 [vote] Hitman 2 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit The Banner Saga 3 Monster Hunter World Soul Calibur VI [/vote]

  • I won't be around for EoD/SoD (even if the time is moved back/forward an hour). Heads up right now so you all know in advance.

  • I don't think I saw his name mentioned here but I always laugh at Josh Wolf. He is incredibly crude but the way he delivers his jokes just make it that much better (I already enjoy super crude humor). (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from GuardianFIN: “And now I suppose we keep this up next 2-3 days before some of the mods A) loses nerves and makes a new thread B) loses nerves and changes name of this thread ” I'm surprised you think it will last 2-3 more days like this lol

  • -10 I wish I could go back to high school honestly. You always hear your parents saying "wait until you are on your own and you'll see how good you have it hear" and you think, ya, okay old people. But damn it if they aren't right. I would gladly stay in high school forever if it meant a free ride with no responsibilities outside of school work.

  • I'm in the same boat as Colu. I don't base any life changes or goals around New Years. If I want something to change I try to actively work on it throughout the year. Obviously, I understand that draw of making resolutions on New Years (new year, new you kinda thing).

  • I have been getting a lot more into buying games digitally. But if I want a physical copy I will usually look on my local buy-and-sell site and see what I can find (that's how I found my PS2 and Legend of Dragoon).

  • Mod note: Play nice.

  • Quote from Guinea: “Wow you guys have EB Games? They were the game store around here until Gamestop appeared. Whenever someone mentions Legend of Dragoon I just have to listen to that super chill main menu theme. ” Ya that's our primary gaming store for newer titles and stuff (we have a couple smaller stores in my area that also have retro-gaming stuff). I know, right? I forgot how much I love all the music in this game.

  • Quote from Ty.: “Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “Also got COD: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 (got both of them for $25!) so I'm super stoked to tear into those as well. ” How? ” I thought we established already that I'm simply amazing and I make the impossible possible. But more honestly, they were both half off at EB Games and I had gift cards from Christmas lol.

  • @BackSet-Chan - time to pick a winner.

  • Got myself a PS2 and started playing Legend of Dragoon again. I love this game so I'm really glad I was able to find both for super cheap. I also bought Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD as I've started both of those games but have never finished them. I still need to tear into Persona 5 more. Also got COD: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 (got both of them for $25!) so I'm super stoked to tear into those as well. I've basically got enough games to keep me going for a good long time now.

  • 2018 Reflection

    Big Daddy Biggles - - General Chit-Chat


    This is going to be a tough post to write but I feel like I need to get this all out and leave it all in the past forever. 2018 was a shit parade of a year. The first half was spent dealing with my wife's cocaine/alcohol addictions and dealing with her stealing money to go get it. I also almost lost her to two separate car accidents due to being high and/or drunk. Dealing with that nearly drove me insane and I had no idea what to do with my life. Then on top of that I had to deal with a brain tu…

  • ZU Plays: Oops!

    Big Daddy Biggles - - Creative Corner


    Most excellent to relive our exploits. And I agree - that kill on Kurt in the Club House was everything I hoped it would be.... and more.

  • Quote from TruEdge67: “I just finished watching and I've gotta say you're still doing a great job commentating so far. @Big Daddy Biggles. You've also fixed the uh's you did before so that's good too. Keep up the good work! ” Thanks! I tried to watch that a lot more this time and I feel like I did better on that front. There's a few more things I heard myself doing that I want to work on going forward but glad to know there is some improvement happening!

  • Ya, rewatching I realized the Goron City entrance comes out right where Mido is standing so you definitely need one of those two songs. Lol, I have no excuse for that mess of a block puzzle. That is by far the worst run I've ever had during that race. I also feel like he was just tossing out fire like crazy too. I've always wondered that myself. You pay 20 but end up collecting 25. Clearly Zora's have so much money they literally just toss it away over waterfalls.

  • Thanks for waiting patiently guys! Here is the next video:

  • Quote from Romano-British Medli: “27 Quote from Big Daddy Biggles: “This doesn't mean anything. I'm not saying it's wrong but the mindset of "there is too much evidence to be wrong" is risky business. ” Could you explain your opinion further?I'm a huge fan of Occam's Razor: This theory explains the most amount of evidence with the least number of premises, so it will be considered "true" until we find a better explanation. Also, with the success science has had in the last 500 years in explainin…

  • Break Up Stories

    Big Daddy Biggles - - General Chit-Chat


    Quote from TingleMakesMeTingle: “You two do realize that the idea of alpha and beta males in humans (and dogs and wolves) is, at best, pseudoscience, right?” Ummmm.... no? You do realize there are countless studies showing alpha and betas in wolves and dogs. How exactly do you figure that is pseudoscience?

  • Break Up Stories

    Big Daddy Biggles - - General Chit-Chat


    Quote from Winnie: “Wow I’m at a loss for words. Struggling between agreeing with you but then recognizing that this is a work of pure unadulterated passion. ” You can comprise - you can agree with me that this guy is passionately overcompensating for his shortcomings in life.

  • Break Up Stories

    Big Daddy Biggles - - General Chit-Chat


    Quote from Winnie: “and any type of minivan drivers, they are made for betas. ” Case in point vis-à-vis compensating for something: 13606.jpg

  • Quote from BackSet-Chan: “21 Okay, fine! I just really like the idea of a giant super continent! It sounds so cool! ” 20 Lol, that's fair and again, I'm not saying it's not true but when we start trying to defend things based on how much evidence there is, we become very narrow minded (not saying you are, just a general statement regarding how people debate things like this on a serious level).