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  • Also I'd have to look at the Day 2 and 3 votes more but I get the feeling that Dark Link Reigns has never once voted for Mafia even under some near-unanimous votes so far. [vote]Dark Link Reigns[/vote] I'm providing my working clearly in the thread to help people see how I come to these conclusions, it's basically about regularly going back to cross-reference what's happening now with what's been happening in previous days.

  • We're also seeing some noticable preferences emerging amongst those players. For example, LeoBravo and DarkLinkReigns seem happy to target HarmonicalHero, so they're probably not in the same faction. So if HarmonicalHero wound up to be town, LeoBravo and DLR end up looking suspicious, and on the other hand if Harmonical wound up being Mafia, we can trust LeoBravo and DLR more.

  • Out of the remaining players I'd categorise them: The best: Cody (wizard) ​Contributed something useful to a lynch: Rambo Linkle Mafia voted for them at some point: Don Saltine Mordred (more questionable) The suspicion zone: HarmonicalHero​ Dark Link Reigns​ LeoBravo​ Pennington​

  • Out of 15 starting players, six are dead. The remaining nine players are: Cody​ HarmonicalHero​ Mordred​ Dark Link Reigns​ Don Saltine​ Linkle​ Rambo​ LeoBravo​ Pennington​ There were probably five mafia to start with, possibly four. So worst case scenario there are two mafia left in this group of nine. Meaning at 7-2 we can't mislynch for the next three consecutive days or we'll lose, it's a fairly solid buffer for us but I've seen Mafia win from worse when the Town got careless.

  • Here's the day one votes updated again Vote Count Zachie (3): Cody, Kodachrome, Zachie Harmonical (2): HarmonicalHero, Rambo Silver (2): Mordred, Lady Sunshine Mordred (2): Ruki, LeoBravo Ruki (1): Don Saltine Don Saltine (1): Kaylin Dark Link Reigns (1): Dark Link Reigns Linkle (1): Linkle Pennington (1): Pennington

  • Anyone have anything interesting to note?


    Cody - - Mafia Archive


    It's pretty simple really. Here is the one step process: 1) you can't fight the magic of the magical wizard

  • Feel free to vote how you like. If you have a suspicion it's worth chasing. I'm operating off a read, not a cop claim. At the moment the fact that LadySunshine is holding off on voting is also notable. We've been making a big deal out of chasing up how the Mafia vote so if I were Mafia I might be more hesitant than usual to offer a definite second vote option.

  • Probably they killed Kodachrome because he was a confirmed townie and he was unlikely to be protected last night. He was one of the better options.

  • Nothing particularly "high rating" about it as a role I think, since it doesn't lie to the player or confuse the night results. Since it's 1x I presume it was for one day of their choosing.

  • Lets the Mafia have a day of using the mafia chat during the day.

  • Currently more inclined to trust: Silver, Rambo, Don Saltine (Kaylin was voting for him at the end of day 1) Neutral on: Pennington (don't really recall much from you in this game so far) Actively wary of: Lady Sunshine, Dark Link Reigns

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “Zachie (3): Cody, Kodachrome, Zachie Harmonical (2): HarmonicalHero, Rambo Silver (2): Mordred, Lady Sunshine Mordred (2): Ruki, LeoBravo Ruki (1): Don Saltine Don Saltine (1): Kaylin Dark Link Reigns (1): Dark Link Reigns Linkle (1): Linkle Pennington (1): Pennington ” The day 1 vote with the dead players updated. The day 2 vote never got a final list so I'll have to go back and check that one. EDIT: Updated Pavlova to Silver to make it easier to keep track.

  • Well the Mafia have had some good night actions but it won't help them in the day thread. For reasons I stated yesterday: [vote]Lady Sunshine[/vote]

  • Lost password/recovery email

    Cody - - Help and Feedback


    Sure, I'll go through the process with you through PM.

  • Quote from Linkle: “@Cody If you were a Day Vig, aside from the obvious, who would you shoot at this point? ” When Lady Sunshine responded to my vote for Zachie by starting an alternate vote for Pavlova it looked a bit suspicious looking back at it in context. Then Rambo picked some stuff up about her also and now she's arguing the point about trying to lay some mistrust in our results. She's high up on my list at the moment.

  • The Mafia are fundamentally incapable of accidentally lynching one of their team, because unlike the Town they know who the Mafia are. Only Townies can accidentally lynch Mafia. If me and Kodachrome are Mafia, we did it intentionally knowing that we are sacrificing our main end-game hope as a team by killing someone who wasn't under suspicion in the first place. That's why it's worth considering people who voted for Zachie as safer. Yes, of course anything is possible. Maybe the Mafia have decid…

  • Quote from Dark Link Reigns: “This seems a bit odd - so because you two "randomly" voted for Zachie this is now supposed to be enough to confirm you both as townies? Honestly, I don't think anyone needs a "very good reason" to vote for either of you simply because you were on the Godfather lynch, in which neither of you provided concrete evidence that you knew what you were doing. ” Nobody's claming that we knew what we were doing, but that doesn't matter. An accidental lynch of the Mafia Godfat…

  • Partly just that a lot of these people are from newer minor parties that didn't have the right candidate vetting procedures set up, but also it looks like especially having e.g. a British/Commonwealth parent is a bit of a blind spot. Quote from Parliament House website: “What is Section 44? Section 44 of the Constitution sets out restrictions on who can be a candidate for Federal parliament. 44. Any person who - (i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreig…

  • Stephen Parry: Senate President to resign from Parliament after UK citizenship confirmed If you're wondering how the rolling circus of dual-citizenship MPs is going, we got another one this week.

  • HarmonicalHero is on my "somewhat suspicious but don't have anything in particular against him yet" list. Also happy to look more into Lady Sunshine or Leo.

  • A fake cop claim would make sense if Mafia were closer to winning, but the way we are now it would just be suicidal - a 1 to 1 trade hurts the mafia. Basically I don't see a reason for Silver to fake claim right now.

  • Unsure on Mordred and Linkle but agree about Lady Sunshine As for why yesterday happened: there wasn't a vote count until end of day and self votes can be hard to remember to factor in so it probably slipped through by accident.

  • Quote from Avalanchemike: “Vote Count Zachie (3): Cody, Kodachrome, Zachie Harmonical (2): HarmonicalHero, Rambo Pavlova (2): Mordred, Lady Sunshine Mordred (2): Ruki, LeoBravo Ruki (1): Don Saltine Don Saltine (1): Kaylin Dark Link Reigns (1): Dark Link Reigns Linkle (1): Linkle Pennington (1): Pennington ” Some notable entries on this list: Cody, Kodachrome: This should go without saying but nobody should be going after the players who lynched the Godfather without very good reason. DLR, Linkl…

  • I'm supporting what appears to be some variant of a cop claim. Interested in seeing where it goes.

  • Though actually looking at it I just realised that the open game I have up for consideration is actually a 0/5 and not a 1/5. Only just noticed that a 0 existed.

  • Mafia Information Station ^ For those of you unfamiliar with the rating guidelines. A usurper explicitly warrants a 2.

  • There are no usurpers in this game if Michael is following the rating guidelines. Probably the usual thing happened, which was that Mafia were disorganised or half of them were away for end of day.

  • [vote]Kaylin[/vote]


    Cody - - Mafia Archive


  • Think we have about 20 minutes left. Last chance to make a move.

  • Quote from Ruki: “@Cody did I answer your question then? ” You have provided meaningful commentary. I just hadn't had the chance to change my vote yet because I was asleep for the last 8 hours.

  • I feel like we don't have many votes in yet. If you're lurking and haven't voted yet go vote. Speaking of which: [unvote]Ruki[/unvote] [vote]Zachie[/vote] Hi Zachie come and play some Mafia with us.

  • Quote from LeoBravo: “Cody: for what reason did you choose to vote Ruki? Your stated reason was obviously facetious, but I don’t like people claiming their decisions are “random” either, so please give a reason. Also if this is the level of activity we can expect for the rest of the day, everyone should start voting now. I want analysable votes from everyone but EOD. I agree with Ruki’s assertion that not lynching is an inherently anti-town move. ” My vote wasn't any more random than yours, you …

  • [vote]Ruki[/vote] Are you Mafia? You have a Mafia look in your eyes.

  • Hello everyone. Just noticed Day 1 was open lol


    Cody - - Mafia Archive


    Looks like the game's going to cross over with a convention, so I'll have to pull out for now.

  • Meanwhile in Jacinda Ardern's first week as NZ Prime minister: Homelessness proves capitalism is a 'blatant failure' - Jacinda Ardern


    Cody - - Mafia Archive


    Here we go

  •…ur-jacinda-ardern/9067264 Congratulations to NZ Labour on winning the New Zealand election, the election's been stuck in limbo for about a month waiting for the other party to decide who to support.