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  • Some interesting stuff this season already. Just started watching Dororo and it's very promising so far.

  • Good game everyone. A bit quiet and nobody really pushed anyone for roles or anything like that, so we were able to coast by fairly smoothly.

  • Was the day not over 40 minutes ago? When’s end of day today?

  • Speaking of which, did we have a number in mind for tonight? lol

  • Everyone should get their votes in, hard to move on otherwise

  • Based on voting records and such I'm still iffy on [vote]GuardianFIN[/vote] If I'm alone on that by end of day I'll move to something more viable.

  • Just woke up, will read through

  • Here's a list of remaining players: 1. RealmWings 4. zoraluigi 6. Sabbo 7. GuardianFin 9. DLR 11. Gazooks 12. Cody 13. unabletable 14. Gregarious DLR (Biggles) is the biggest mystery to me but has had mitigating circumstances as far as activity. A few others feel like they're coasting also, but I'll give them the chance to post during the upcoming American prime time period while I sleep, and then be back for the last couple of hours as usual.

  • I could probably benefit from showing my working more often, as my maths teachers always used to say, but basically, I switched my vote to Monika quickly because moving the vote away from a Doctor claim is a no-brainer for me. Doctor is such a regularly-seen role that if it's being faked there should be a doctor elsewhere who can counterclaim, or die later in the game and reveal the fake. It's never 100% without GM confirmation, and it's true that Gazooks was 100% going to die that day without a…

  • As far as having a bodyguard and a doctor in the same game setup it's relatively common, since a bodyguard is only like 1/3rd as useful as a doctor, due to only being useful in some situations. Most of the time you're trading one town life for another town life, leading to a net gain of 0 for the town. It mostly comes in handy when e.g. the cop's already claimed and the doctor's dead and they need to stall for time to make the cop to live as long as possible. A setup where a bodyguard is the onl…

  • Table you're not going to get the information about korokpeach's inspiration because korokpeach is dead

  • It's always tough to find good information from the vote when we haven't voted out a Mafia yet - the closest thing we have to good information is anyone who Mordred voted for at end of day, or anyone who voted for Mordred at end of day (though even that's still flimsy, but it increases our chances of a hit). Based on that info, Mordred voted for Dr.Gazooks on Day 1, and Monika on Day 2, though obviously Day 2 only had two voting options and everyone picked Monika unanimously.

  • Well it might just be flavour text, but according to the death post, korokpeach was the one who killed Mordred. Modkills generally get mentioned explicitly. Edit: No I misread the post, it doesn't actually say it, my mistake. I read this part wrong: "You go to find the person who killed this fiend and congratulate them.. only to find another dead as well."

  • To be honest I wasn't paying attention and selected 19 again lol, well all works out I guess

  • Average age stats based on the forums as a whole would be skewed because the forums have been around for 15 years, but not sure in terms of currently active users.

  • [unvote]dr.gazooks[/unvote] [vote]monika[/vote] Don't have anything in particular against Monika, but that was a Doctor claim so not going to chase Gazooks for now.

  • Quiet day, but at this point there are only two voting options for the day, so get your votes in if you haven’t.

  • Activity low today as mentioned in the hub. I realise gerudoyoshi only gave us a revelation with like 10 minutes to go and most people didn't get a chance to react, but letting a lynch go through after a tracker claim is still poor town play, so I agree with pressuring the people who remained on the wagon if we don't have somewhere better to spend our time. I believe Dr.Gazooks is the last one of those three to not give a response so far, hence my vote. [vote]Dr.Gazooks[/vote]

  • It's my birthday today so I've been mostly unavailable. Should still have some time to post near the end of the day.

  • Morning all. Any new information to work from today?

  • Half an hour left, if you feel like your current lynch suggestion isn't likely to go anywhere today I'd suggest finding a new home for your vote. I feel like I've gotten an adequate response from GuardianFIN, and RealmWings has also shown up to make a new contribution and vote, so I'm on the fence about if there's a good place to move at the moment.

  • Notwithstanding any non-voters that I missed, the votes should currently look like this gerudoyoshi (3): Zoraluigi, Fin, Dr.Gazooks Realmwings (2): Sabbo, GregariousTree unabletable (2): Monika, gerudoyoshi Fin (2): Cody, korok Gazooks (1): Mordred GregariousTree (1): Realmwings Monika (1): Big Daddy Biggles No Lynch (1): theunabletable

  • @RealmWings @theunabletable @GuardianFIN @Dr.Gazooks @gerudoyoshi You're all on the voting list right now, what are your thoughts? Why shouldn't we vote for you? Where do you think we should be heading instead in this last hour of the day?

  • I think Sir Table has put in the most effort so far and he has made a nice reference list for us so I'm currently less inclined to see him lynched today. The most useful thing we can do today, just from a meta-game standpoint, is probably to find someone who's just been skating along and push people to participate harder.

  • The reason for the 5/5 rating of the game, for reference: Quote from goronmario: “*I plan on introducing some weird mechanics to this game that might bump it to a 5/5. Actual roles will probably be more in line with a 3/5 game but with the allowance of items and some degree of random events”

  • So we should be about... an hour and a half out from end of day, so let's get into the next stage of the process. @Mordred @Romano-British Medli @Dr.Gazooks time to vote. Also for the reference unabletable as of recent years the standard for voting here has become that a non-vote is a self-vote, which I assume is still the case in this game since it hasn't been mentioned otherwise. (A No Lynch is still a No Lynch, it's specifically non-votes that count as self-votes, so the three that I mentione…

  • Also maybe some kind of reference sheet of which player has which character, if anyone's been keeping track.

  • Are we still missing anyone who hasn't shown up yet? Also can we get an official vote count?

  • Acting in the “voice” of your character is something people should be encouraged to do, but in moderation. As we tend to find in other character-based Mafia games, full-on fanfiction where nobody mentions voting or the game will stunt the game. In other words I plan to be my character Sasha with the understanding that she understands the rules of the game, the same way it works when we do an anon game. If we were playing an Ace Attorney Mafia I would be Godot trying to find the killer, not Godot…

  • [vote]GuardianFIN[/vote] Sorry it’s been a busy day so far so I haven’t have much time to kickstart things. My general opinion is always that it’s hard for the game to start on the first day when we don’t have everyone voting yet. The interesting part of the day comes when the initial round of votes are in and the people under pressure start negotiating for the game to go elsewhere. So, people should vote! I plan to be back before end of day.

  • Hi I'm Sasha Here is a selfie: 2sbXLRL.png

  • Good morning everyone Or should I say good morrow

  • I remember ZU when...

    Cody - - General Chit-Chat


    Some positive news. As most of you would know, forum activity has consistently been on its way down every year since 2011. That's not unique to us but has been what's happened to every 2000s internet forum, because of the global trends in social media becoming more important and message boards becoming less important (plus we also had a large data crash in 2014 when vBulletin caved in on itself) so we thought that the forums might just inevitably keep trending downwards every year forever, but w…

  • I am ready to adventure, mister GM!

  • Hey ID, your performance in Discworld Mafia was unforgettable Yeah it’s been quieter here lately but Mafia games are still going. A lot of the Mafia players from back then are still around but not actively playing

  • I remember ZU when...

    Cody - - General Chit-Chat


    The sig shops were fun, I started as the moderator for that area. I got all my signatures over the years from @Yami, @musical zombie. and @Malia.

  • If the front page is slow then the problem is unrelated to the forums. That doesn’t use a forum software, it uses Wordpress. The problem seems to be about accessing all of the Zelda Universe website.

  • Forum layouts look similar everywhere, ZD use Xenforo for the record. But that should be unrelated to whether an individual person is having loading troubles. I doubt it's anything to do with our forums - when the forum software is acting up, it will do it for everyone who visits.

  • Is it doing the same on the front page?

  • I remember ZU when...

    Cody - - General Chit-Chat


    I haven’t been able to successfully lure Fox McCloud over yet but we’ll see