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  • This thread is about 9.5 months old. The rough limit for posting in old threads is 6 months, so I'll lock this one. Feel free to start a new thread on topic if you'd like.

  • Skull Kid being the same character in the three games (even between OoT/MM) is debatable, so I don't think it's fair to say with certainty how many games he's been in. That being said, ALttP Zelda uses a Phantom from PH/ST and spells from OoT -- that even OoT Zelda never used. It isn't like the puppets from TP would be out of place regardless. I can see the appeal of Skull Kid. He's a very distinct character from a very distinct game, and especially with the mask, he has a lot of moveset potenti…

  • Daybreaker is pretty good, though, isn't it? Maybe that and the Scimitar of the Seven together are supposed to add up to the value of a Great Eagle Bow.

  • Star Fox Assault. I really like the direction that game went with the Star Fox series, the slightly darker tone, the rotating cast of characters, the on-foot gameplay, and the extensive multiplayer. A spiritual successor to Star Fox Adventures. I like knowing a planet in Star Fox really well, since we usually just fly through them blowing stuff up. Also, the planet Titania is just begging for an Adventures-style adventure. Xenoblade Chronicles X. Direct sequel. That game has questions that need …

  • I finished a combat shrine with bombs once, after breaking all my weapons. It did work eventually, but for the longest time, I wasn't even sure the guardian's life was going down. In any case, I think it could have worked well to have a way to make weapons unbreakable, eventually. There comes a point in the game where getting high-quality weapons is pretty trivial, so it should be balanced that you get unbreakable weapons at around that time. (Maybe slightly before, to make it seem more valuable…

  • From what little I know of Minecraft, a stage would probably be the way to go. I'm sure there's at least one or two good items to be found there, too. Maybe an assist trophy, but I'd rather have the stage.

  • @Nonoctoro Interesting. It does help to explain the people's belief in WW's backstory that Link would return to save them, if Link has appeared out of nowhere twice now to save the world (three if you count Young Link's exploits). That being said, I have an aversion to inter-timeline travel, so I'll keep it on the CT for my own timeline. Which I suppose I should post here sometime.

  • @Nonoctoro I'm curious how Soulcalibur ended up in the AT. I've had it placed after OoT on the CT for a while now due in part to the appearance of the Great Fairy Sword and Razor Sword.

  • I think the relatively smooth transitions (i.e. You can follow the river from Zora's River into Hyrule Field; the ground becomes less lush closer to Gerudo Valley and the desert) helps mitigate the "stage-select" feel a lot. In SS, you're literally just falling out of the sky into completely different environments.

  • I fully intend to make a Captain N Mii Fighter. That actually feels more appropriate than having him as a real character would.

  • I don't want to turn this into a discussion on TP's merits, especially since G.Cannon is planning to play both anyway, so I'll just say, @G.Cannon, play the game with an open mind and come to your own conclusions.

  • Personally, I've always found it to pretty well designed. It's big enough that when you first step out of the woods, you have this impression of vast rolling plains, but small enough that it doesn't take to travel around on foot. All the locations you actually want to go to early on -- Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Castle, Kakariko Village, Zora's River, and even the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch -- are all clustered on one side, so you see a lot more field that you're actually forced to travel through. The…

  • Wait, Tingle does it for free now? @G.Cannon, it sounds like you haven't played the original versions of either game? In that case, I recommend Wind Waker first, because of subtle but spoilery reasons. But I haven't played WWHD myself. Graphical enhancements don't mean much to me, especially in a toony game like that, and from what I've heard, nearly every other change they've made in that version makes it less fun to e (the exception being the fast sail, which is not a bad idea especially for r…

  • Wait, are you sure Malon actually knows the song in Minish Cap? It isn't just background music?

  • That looks unique as MCU movies go. I hope the actual movie maintains that tone.

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Mod Note: A little discussion isn't a bad thing, and I hope everyone involved can now understand each others' perspectives a bit better. But this kind of drawn-out back-and-forth isn't really what the thread is for, and it's gotten pretty off-topic anyway. Let's put an end to it here, and hear some new headcanons.

  • Your favorite water dungeon

    Evran_Speer - - General Zelda


    I'm rather fond of both the Water Temple and Lakebed Temple. The Water Temple is a good challenge; one of the few Temples in which I have to really keep track of where I am and what I've done despite having already been through it several times. Morpha is also a good, challenging boss (as long as you fight fair). So, the Water Temple wins for gameplay. I also like how the shape of the central chamber reflects the shape of the island under which the Temple lies. The scale is all off, of course, b…

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Quote from Setras: “...So Hylia made an incursion into Termina and sealed away one (or more, putting the rest in as-yet unseen locales) of their deities? ...Okay then. ” I'm thinking the deity from the Southern Swamp went to Hyrule and started causing trouble, so Hylia intervened and trapped it in a statue. Quote from PJCLink: “New headcanon: Tetra and Sheik are actually the same alter ego of Zelda. Just that when purposed as Tetra, she serves more of a pirate role than that of a ninja. This is …

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    The Horned Statue (technically the entity inside it) is the lost deity of Termina's Southern Swamp.

  • I find myself strangely underwhelmed by Isabelle. She makes sense, being apparently the second most important character of an important Nintendo franchise, and I don't particularly mind her inclusion, but I just don't particularly care, either.

  • Oh, wait, Guardians can't go before Avengers because The Other is alive in Avengers, but gets killed by Ronan in Guardians. Even if it wasn't a continuity issue, it would ruin the Thanos reveal by having his underling on display the whole time. So much for that plan.

  • Until recently, I somehow missed the way Zelda constructs the phantom piece-by-piece and can attack with it in various states of completion. It may be a little less canon, but it's pretty cool and I think it suits the new Zelda. (TP Zelda would never settle for a half-finished phantom, of course.) And it looks like it'll be a bit more useful now, too, which is always a welcome change. Quote from gamtos: “as if they've ever seen a Fire Emblem character jump. ” It actually happens in a lot of crit…

  • Well yeah, Cawlin's a jerk. It's still sad there's no happy ending for him, especially since the other two bullies get redemption arcs. Though I'll also add that his ending isn't actually that bad. He'll get over it.

  • It doesn't say that there is a causal relationship, but it doesn't say that there isn't one. Just that we can follow a timeline where Link wins or a timeline where Link loses.

  • Quote from Ruki: “Ellipses in creative writing should only be used when a sentence or thought is left incomplete. ” Overusing ellipsis is indeed both tempting and unseemly, but I think this principle is too restrictive, at least if it's followed as a hard rule. A good alternative use is to indicate long pauses where a comma wouldn't be grammatically appropriate, especially when the speaker is dying. For example, some of Demise's dying words: "My hate... never perishes." It's a complete sentence,…

  • Alternatively, the DT/AT split was caused by one of any number of potential time travel events, and we just don't have all the details yet. (The simplest example I've encountered yet is DT Zelda reaching back in time to rejuvenate Link, thus causing a split just before the final battle and explaining the seemingly spontaneously healing we see at that time.)

  • @Takanuva Huh. I kind of like that. So in a way, part of the original Deku Tree is still alive in the Sprout, but part of the Sprout is also newborn. That's like scientifically viable reincarnation.

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Quote from Nonoctoro: “He also stole the Four Sword from the sanctuary and turned the old and dying Vaati into the four Dark Links as a way to weaponize the Hero himself. ” Did he use the Dark Mirror for this? Similar to how it apparently channeled Ganon's own malice and power to create Shadow Link in FSA (according to HH).

  • I was thinking recently that Ebony Maw's pronouncements are somewhat reminiscent of Loki's declarations in the first Avengers movie. But they don't really follow the same theme; Loki is all about ruling -- the peoples' complacency, their leaders' corruption, and what an awesome king he would be -- and even The Other reports to Thanos that humanity "cannot be ruled." If the MCU had been planned out a little more in advance, maybe that movie's villains would have foreshadowed Thanos' ideology. On …

  • She was in Earth's Mightest Heroes, one of my cartoons (may it rest in prematurely-cancelled peace). Aside from that, I've only seen her in passing in a few comics. She seems... okay. Her powers are fairly standard, and her personality from what I've seen is kind of bland. One the other hand, I would have said Iron Man was kind of bland, too, so I'm sure Marvel can make this work. Her origin ties into the Kree, which should be interesting if they still go that route. Oh. By the pictures, it look…

  • The Hylian Afterlife

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Quote from Jedi Master Sagan: “TL;DRW ” - Someone who dies without fulfilling an important mission in their life returns as a spirit (BotW Champions, Darmani). - They vanish when their purpose is complete. - They're all good and help Link - poes are reanimated by their own hatred toward the world of the living. My interpretation: they seem to be an evil version of spirits. - stalfos, redeads, gibdos, and other undead enemies are reanimated by external magic. - No permanent afterlife has really b…

  • @Jedi Master Sagan What's your stance on the Royal Guard Set: canon or no? (Sorry if you've said this before; I didn't bother looking back to see.)

  • Quote from misisme33: “1. He can teleport on his own 2. He can eat food 3. I can't say that blins, mini bosses, or even the yiga folk can see him because he can attack them but doesn't become a target 4. Guardians will target link to attack him 5. Wolf Link can track items anyone want to add anything else to the list? ” I've noticed animals running away from him while I'm still out of sight, so they seem to see him. I'm pretty sure I've seen bokoblins or lizalfos go chasing after him, too, but I…

  • Boring but true.

  • I sort of like the Phantom Ganon set, but the cape always clips through my weapons (especially spears) which I find really annoying. I tend to use it with no weapons equipped and then just equip them whenever I get into a fight.

  • If it helps, Hyrule Historia has OoS happen first, then OoA.

  • I think the Thunder Helm undermines the Rubber Set a bit, though, by giving you lightning immunity from just headgear. I haven't looked at any numbers, so I don't know if you can make up for the loss of defense, but you can get, say, attack bonuses while retaining the lightning immunity.

  • Quote from MORPHRELINK: “I'll be honest I had forgotten about that. Though I still see no evidence that any other being in Hyrule could have interacted with the golden form outside of Link himself. It only leads me to believe that the golden wolf is merely a manifestation of Link's psyche in the vain of something akin to an imaginary friend. But since I can't confirm this I'll have to agree there's a possibility. ” Yeah, I could see it going either way, external ghost or internal vision. Quote f…

  • That's interesting. I wonder why it's on a globe, when the Great Sea is essentially flat enough to be depicted on a map (like Link's) and, obviously, doesn't loop around to itself like a planet would. Maybe someone hit upon the idea of a (roughly) spherical planet but severely overestimated the size (and hence presumed importance) of their own homeland? It's too bad that isn't the World of the Ocean King, or Koholint Island, or another world thought to smaller than Hyrule.

  • Zelda Geography

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    I mean in BotW specifically. It's mentioned in one of the loading screen tips. "Wolf Link: Wolf Link is summoned from another plane of existence and can't be seen by other people in this world."