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  • Gerudo town children (BoTW)

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Apparently, Master Works says that that tradition ended after OoT. Fal Cie posted this picture in the old timeline thread not too long ago: YkgaFq8.jpg I still wouldn't be too surprised if the tradition survived in the form of marrying the male child into the Gerudo Royal Family, but more as a prince consort than a king, without the political power and near-godlike status that Ganondorf had in OoT, but there's no way to know for sure.

  • Gerudo town children (BoTW)

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Quote from Navi lifts: “who are the women getting with to have these kids ” You already answered this question, but yeah, Hylians. Quote from Navi lifts: “what do they do with the male kids? ” I know some people think that the male children are either killed or left to die, but unless the Gerudo are being unnecessarily cryptic, it's just very rare for them to have a male child at all. What do they do with them? There's really no way to know, since we don't see one. The least interesting answer I…

  • Zelda Headcanons

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    I was looking at Hebra Peak recently. The hole in the middle looks like it might have been blasted out by the sort of laser cannon that the Divine Beasts use. None of them could hit it quite right from their current positions, so I thought it might be an errant shot from the battle 10,000 years ago, which thus may not have been as clean as it sounds in the legends. But maybe it was actually the attack that destroyed the Ancient Sheikah.

  • Thank you muchly. So it's like starting out with a mushroom, and it wears off after the same amount of time? Eh, that's not ideal, but it's still pretty cool. That just means I have to end the battles quickly.

  • I still say Marth should be like Bowser Jr, with each alternate 'costume' actually being a different swordsman/lord from the series. Also, while I don't have the game yet, I watched a recent GameXplain video about some of the spirit battles, and giant green Alph being Charlie from Pikmin is fantastic and I love it. As long as you don't get a good view of his face, it really looks like Charlie. I'm not sure if there's a spirit that can make you giant, but if there is, I plan to make good use of i…

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Quote from Nonoctoro: “The Goddess of the Desert which Navi referred as "Jashin" ” Wait, is that a word or a name?

  • Quote from gamtos: “I think at this point I can rename the thread "gamtos vs. Youtube". ” Hey, you forget my brutal takedown of the hookshot theory. Anyway, here's a request. I'd like to see your take on this one. I have mixed feelings about it.

  • Zelda said that her power was gone at the end of the game, though. I suspect that was largely psychological and it would come back if she really needed it again, but she probably won't spend her time traveling the land, blasting monsters and healing civilians. With experience and some training, perhaps she could learn to call it upon more easily, and in smaller doses, but she doesn't seem to want that power any more than she wants to be a ruler.

  • I think the Ice Climbers one is pretty clever.

  • Well... Even if they didn't see Link and Zelda specifically, Hylians must have seen the Divine Beasts shooting lasers at Hyrule Castle, followed by Calamity Ganon taking on more solid form in Hyrule Field and then disappearing in a giant blast of light. Most of that wouldn't be seen from Hateno -- maybe just the laser from Vah Ruta, but I'm not sure -- but there are enough Hylians traveling throughout the distance, and news of something like this would spread quickly. If the Hatenoans know what …

  • Wait, I may have missed something. It seems that Ganondorf I in OoT is the Gerudo King. Ganondorf II in FSA is only described as the Gerudo "Guardian." And now we're told that there hasn't been a Gerudo King since Ganondorf I. The only way there's a contradiction is if you assume that "guardian" is just another word for "king," but... it isn't. All that tells me is that after one of them tried to take over the world, Gerudo males were demoted from automatic king to automatic great warrior. It do…

  • Quote from gamtos: “Even then he'd have to keep the Sheikah Slate despite it being rightfully Zelda's. ” Why would he have to keep the slate? I don't recall anyone in Hateno recognizing it. Aside from Purah and Symin, but Purah would recognize Zelda anyway. As for the Zoras and Sheikah vouching for her, I do agree that they'd be willing to and it would probably work. But since I'm probably the only who remembers this, I'll mention it anyway. Thadd, the guard who stands at the gate of Hateno Vill…

  • Come to think of it, the people of Hateno wouldn't have a lot of reason to take Link's word for such a dramatic claim, anyway. The most notable thing he did there is buy a house. Traveling Hylians might recognize him as a skilled warrior, but it's only the other races that will recognize him as a Champion or 'descendant' of a Champion.

  • I think there's a lot of untapped potential in the video format. In principle, it should be great. Get a decent narrator, and you can present images and video as evidence without interrupting the flow of the theory. Even if it's strictly aesthetic, it can be a really nice touch. Take this recent video by Zeltik: He uses the map to highlight certain areas, the range of Akalla Citadel's cannons, and the movements of hypothetical attackers from the east, and the Hyli…

  • This thread is a bit old for posting in -- the upper limit is about six months, and the last post in this thread was nearly 11 months ago -- so I'll go ahead and lock it.

  • I posted this in the BotW timeline discussion not long ago. Quote from Evran_Speer: “There are three dragons in SS – Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru – and three in BotW – Faron, Dinraal, and Naydra. In both cases, they are named in conjunction with the Goddesses, watch over specific lands, and serve the Goddess Hylia. But BotW also hints at a different set of dragons. The Spring of Courage features a depiction of a dragon not yet seen in either game. Dragon's Exile deep in Gerudo Desert hints at the h…

  • Well, the epilogue makes it clear that Zelda intends to go to Zora's Domain, so that's probably a good place to start. The Zoras will recognize her, at least. Zelda is more responsible for Mipha's death than Link is, so I could see the Zora elders still having a grudge against her, but between Sidon and King Dorephan's kindness, and the younger Zora's not being so concerned with slights of the past, she can probably count them as an ally. I imagine she would want to visit Kakariko, too, to see I…

  • What's "Malice"

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    This thread is too old to revive, so I'll go ahead and lock it.

  • Too long dead. Try not to post in threads that have been inactive for more than 6 months or so. Thanks!

  • The tunic he gets is called the Tunic of the Wild, so Hero of the Wild is a nice fit. I do like Hero of the Calamity for the hero of 10,000 years ago; it has a nice ring to it even though it doesn't quite match the theme. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps the Ancient Hero, to emphasize just how long ago it was.

  • I just realized that TP Link travels through time and into the sky, as well as through Twilight. In fact, "skyward bound" doesn't even make sense as a reference to Skyward Sword, because in that game, Link and the Master (Goddess) Sword start out in the Sky and are Surface-bound. The whole first paragraph could just establishing the new Hero as successor to the Hero of Twilight specifically. (Though from an out-of-universe perspective, I think it's obvious that line was intended to reference SS,…

  • Quote from Cajbaj: “In ALttP it was created after Ganon came to power by mortals. In OoT it's clear that it was around long before Ganon was. In Twilight Princess it's explained that the ancient sages created the Master Sword. Then of course there's Skyward Sword. Also there's that manga at the end of Hyrule Historia, and I know it's not explicitly canon but they put it in Hyrule Historia. Why would they do that. ” Oh, okay. I didn't count OoT because it doesn't give an origin for the Master Swo…

  • Quote from Cajbaj: “the Master Sword has had like 4 origin stories throughout the series, being retconned as recently as 2011? ” What are the other three?

  • Quote from Setras: “As for why putting the Sword in its past pedestal summoned those stairs, if one subscribes to the theory that the dungeon within is the Temple of Light, then perhaps this is the sign that TP Link is worthy to enter. It's quite possible the Hero of Time would have summoned a like staircase if he was old enough to take up the Sword at the time. ” I think the implication is that the Hero of Time did create a magical rainbow staircase when he pulled the Master Sword from it's ped…

  • I'm sure there are mute people in real life who would disagree. Link and Midna had nice non-verbal (and I would argue non-romantic) chemistry going. (Hidden Content) You can tell they're on the same page. I think the bigger issue with BotW is that we hardly see Link and Zelda interact at all, and half of that time is before they're supposed to have any chemistry. If a later story actually spent some time with the two of them, I could see it working.

  • @Canyarion From the ones I've seen, the bosses are nearly all selected from a preexisting set of bosses, which I assume are taken from World of Light. I say "nearly all" because there is one where you fight an actual boss plus another character. But each character's boss battle is chosen to fit that character, so it is more nuanced than one boss for each generation.

  • I actually considered suggesting Minish Cap, as it's one of my favorites. But I think I would hold it off for third or fourth instead. There aren't many Zelda games that don't feature Ganon as the villain, and half of those are direct sequels to games that feature Ganon as a villain. So after you've defeated him a couple times, fighting Vaati in Minish Cap is a good way to keep things fresh.

  • In the absence of any other information, I recommend OoT. It doesn't depend much on the lore established in previous games (I think the only thing you're expected to know going in is the Master Sword), and a lot of other games in the series (MM, WW, TP, ALttP, BotW) make more sense once you know OoT. It introduces all the most important races, and it tells you how the Triforce works. It's fairly low-commitment but still has enough plot that you feel like you're getting a story out of it.

  • Some Light BotW Fanfiction

    Evran_Speer - - Creative Corner


    Wow, it's been a while. Believe it or not, this story didn't die after about a week of writing! I'm glad that this section is lax on necroposting, though. Since it's been a while, here's a quick recap: Meeshy and Totsuna are traveling north from Lakeside Stable to Tanagar Canyon in the hopes of seeing the dragon Dinraal (who they know only as an unnamed fire dragon). They are currently at Ouskirt Stable, where a man called Zyle offered to buy Meeshy's new horse Lyric for 300 rupees. Although tem…

  • @twii Not that it's literally a different timeline, just a different... historical narrative, if you will. It's like reading a history of military warfare, and then reading a history of fishing techniques. They happen side-by-side, but it's hard to know whether tenkara fishing was developed before or after the Soviet T-34 tank. OoT could take place before the SS dragons die or after Zonai civilization is already ruins; we can't pin anything down. I do think BotW takes place on a different timeli…

  • It's much more dramatic that way. Also harder for the cucco to get out to exact its revenge. You get a better head start. In other news, on a whim today I took down some floating platforms at a bridge without boko clubs and a damaged fire rod. Being forced to fight at medium range. rather than long-range with arrows, made it interesting and a lot more challenging. Who doesn't love dodging bomb arrows?

  • In the Classic Mode discussion. Particularly the Ganon battle. (Hidden Content)

  • So, how about placing the backstory? I haven't read the entire thread, but I haven't seen any talk about these points. If the Gerudo Leviathan was killed by a drought, and is now found deep in a desert, it probably died as an effect of the desert forming. The drought that killed the leviathan isn't over yet. That places the death of the Gerudo Leviathan sometime between the past and present of SS. The Gerudo Leviathan is thought by some to be the Wind Fish, in which case it wouldn't have lived i…

  • Small Breath of the Wild theories

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Zelda didn't purge the Divine Beasts, at least not in the way she did the guardians at Fort Hateno, with a short-range blast of light magic. Unless there's a flashback I'm forgetting, I'm under the impression that the Divine Beasts and the rest of the guardians shut down when Zelda confronted Ganon, remained inactive for about 100 years, and then revived shortly before Link did as a result of Ganon breaking free from Zelda's hold on him, at which point they mostly all just went berserk. Another …

  • For what it's worth, the English version has a couple lines that contrast nicely with each other. "The Hylians, descendants of Hylia, lived in Hyrule." "The descendants of the Goddess Hylia, who was reincarnated as Princess Zelda, established the Kingdom of Hyrule and became Hyrule's Royal Family." So all the Hylians were descendants of Hylia, but the Royal Family were descended from her mortal incarnation Zelda specifically. That being said, I'm happy to go with "share roots with" instead.

  • Classic mode. I'm surprised Captain Falcon doesn't fight Galleom. I figured his theme would be fast characters, and then he'd end on Galleom since it at least turns into a vehicle at times, which could fit with a racing theme. Link's seems pretty good. It's funny that Link will be fighting a Ganondorf he's never met alongside a Zelda he's never met, but I guess it works. What's weirder to me is that the Dark Link fight comes between Ganondorf and Ganon. That, and I'm almost disappointed Falco is…

  • The English. I don't think inbreeding is necessarily an issue, though. If one person is a descendant of Hylia, and another is a basic round-eared human, any children those two had would still be descendants of Hylia, no inbreeding necessary. As long as there are a lot of humans to start with, it works out.

  • Classic mode. Was Ganon as a boss confirmed, or is it still just implied? And I'm guessing it's OoT Ganon? That should be pretty epic, and sort of makes up for the lack of a real Zelda newcomer.

  • Here's some wild speculation. (Possible World of Light spoilers, but probably not): (Hidden Content)

  • Zelda Headcanons

    Evran_Speer - - Theorizing


    Mod note: This is a friendly reminder that this thread is for headcanons, not debates. I don't mind a little bit of discussion, and we haven't crossed any lines yet. Just keep in mind, if these conversations are going to get extensive, please move them to new threads.