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  • Quote from BackSet: “Oh, hi there. Hello. I've got a bit of LGBT+ news for y'all. I'm gonna be brief in my "as you know" part. There's a show on netflix and it's called Voltron: Legendary Defender which, as the name implies, is a reboot of voltron. Long story short, it's been revealed that one of the main characters is gay.…-a-male-significant-other Let's hope they don't mess it up. So far, though, they've been pretty good at doing everything else in the show so I …

  • Does your computer sit around doing nothing while you are AFK? Do you wish you could contribute to scientific studies on topics like extraterrestrial life, diseases, astrophysics, and genetics? Well, you can! BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a platform that several distributed computing projects use to crowdsource data crunching from normies like us. It works like this: it downloads programs (workunits) for any projects you have "attached" to your BOINC client, and w…

  • ^Sure! Happy you liked it!

  • Writing Contest entries are due Sunday night at 11:59 PM EDT. I haven't gotten any yet. In other news, when I was getting ready to leave this morning, I started singing a ditty about Togepi—as I am wont to do—and it became an actual four-line poem in which all lines rhyme. So naturally I wrote it down because I was so blown away by myself. Quote: “There is an Eggy, and his name is Pi He is so cute and so cuddly Seeing his smile always fills me with glee For he is such a cutesy Togepi” You're wel…

  • I personally like more specific threads. It keeps discussions organized and much easier to follow than giant, all-encompassing threads. I'm not even a fan of the chat threads in the Clans, which are chaotic and incredibly difficult to sort through. It makes sense for something like the Community Announcements thread in CC because there aren't going to be any major backs-and-forths in that context. But providing a dedicated space for a specific topic of discussion just makes much more sense to me…

  • I started Fallout: New Vegas a couple weeks ago, but the plot didn't capture my interest as immediately as Fallout 3's—I just love the Vault concept—and I quickly discovered that Obsidian made the game mechanics more complicated compared to those of 3, like different quality levels of ammo (and the addition of ammo parts that are more common than complete ammo) and the inclusion of skill magazines (as opposed to just books). Plus, reputation is separated by faction rather than there being just o…

  • Skyward Sword HD (Switch)

    EzloSpirit - - Future Zelda


    I don't see how they could make the motion controls optional and still preserve the combat style of the game, which requires sword strikes to be executed in specific directions. (Okay, maybe they could figure it out lol.) I, for one, loved the motion controls. It was the most immersed I've ever felt in a Zelda game. Playing BotW, which had extremely limited motion controls (just for aiming, pretty much), was a less immersive experience; I actually felt strangely distanced from the game because o…

  • Probably Trogdor. I appreciated some viral videos like that and Charlie the Unicorn with their impressive animation and absurdist humor. (Also sign me up for "Rejected" and "The Demented Cartoon Movie.") I also liked "All your base..." and "The cake is a lie" because derp. I started getting tired of memes around the time Rickrolling became a thing. Memes became primarily secondary-sourced. Those viral videos were original creations by talented humorists and deserved the attention they got. And t…

  • Quote from Lucretia: “can i suggest that this thread be a safe space for queer people and that challenges/critical inquiries into trans issues be left in SD? ” I third this lol. I came to this thread originally as a safe space, and as it opened up to other people, the atmosphere became less safe. I've been kind of afraid to check this thread since an incident I was involved in a few weeks ago. (That's taken care of, though. :))

  • On top of continuing the Fallout 3 DLC, I've gotten back into OpenTTD, which I first got in like 2012. It's an open-source version of the old Transport Tycoon Deluxe, which was developed by Chris Sawyer, who made Rollercoaster Tycoon a few years later. This game is more business-y and less launching-peeps-off-coasters fun, but it's pretty engaging and way ahead of its time. Like RCT and The Sims games, I play this like a sandbox game by cheating because it's too complicated and stressful otherwi…

  • Friendly reminder to creators of all kinds: please hold off on posting "placeholder" threads in here; only create a new thread when you are ready to post content within it. Placeholder threads clutter up our relatively busy space with potential energy. Let's turn that potential into something beautiful! (This post sort of died as I was typing it.)

  • Waluigi Appreciation Thread.

    EzloSpirit - - General Gaming


    Like I said in Nayru, I have no solid opinion of Waluigi. He doesn't really appear in any of the mainline Mario titles, and the only spinoff I have is Mario Kart. So I don't have much exposure to him. I do think that "Waluigi" is a really lazy name lol.

  • There's one more week left in which to submit to the July Writing Contest!

  • Happy to help! Let's discuss logistics via PM, then. Tomorrow, though; I'm going to sleep now. (-.-)

  • I started a series in Community Central! Check it out! There are some decent websites, so a search should prove helpful. I could probably tutor you individually, too. For free! It would help me practice, too.

  • ZU's Gallery of Pets

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    (Hidden Content) The kitty is cuddling with me and he never does this and this is a dream come true and I never want to move again and he is so fluffy and yayz and I'm so happy right now.

  • I was on a Zelda-related podcast from 2009 through 2012. Good times.

  • I went to Israel for ten days with a group from my synagogue when I was 12. (That was less than 2 months before I joined ZU, actually.) There were about 30 of us. It was really hectic because the tour company packed way too much into the ten days. But we got to see a lot of cool (and really, really old) things, like the Western Wall and the Dead Sea Scrolls and the actual Dead Sea. I also had Israeli McDonald's, and it's so much better than it is in America because they locally source potatoes f…

  • Whatcha want *right now*

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    I want cuddles

  • World Anvil is a pretty comprehensive world-building tool. You don't have to get too in-depth, but it does give you room to define pretty much every aspect of your world.

  • When Zelda (or any character) breaks down in tears, I see her as more human because of it. Stoicism is a legitimate character trait, but I can't relate to stoic characters because I am such an emotional person. So seeing Zelda in BotW have genuine emotional reactions to things that I would have such reactions to was absolutely delightful. Like @lord-of-shadow brought up, her whole character arc is beautiful: it's up and it's down, all in the right places. SS Zelda was kind of a Mary Sue. Sure, h…

  • If it's a fantasy, you could just throw together some syllables that sound interesting together. That's what I do lol. That's how I have characters named "Halukannasi" and "Phophoscus." Fun fact: that's also how Bionicle characters and terms got their names. I once asked that question of the author of the books.

  • ^ +∞ for Togepi.

  • "Cryberry" is classic.

  • WE LOVE YOU LIAH In all seriousness, I've always looked up to you on here and on Facebook. You're so cool and talented, and it was an honor—er, "honour"—having you as Head Podcat and then Lead Admin. It's weird around here with you lurking as opposed to being at the center of everything, but it's comforting to know that you still pop in. Gotta have a modicum of normalcy around here, you know?

  • Your Zelda Beginning

    EzloSpirit - - Classic Zelda


    My first exposure to the series was through SSB64. My brother explained to me that Link was from a series called "Zelda" that didn't center around Zelda, and I found that (and still find it) absolutely mind-boggling. I got ALttP for the GBA in 2002, but I wasn't much into it because I was only seven, and I found the game too difficult thanks to how quickly the enemies moved. I was more interested in watching my brother play through bits and pieces of WW, partially because I loved the art style—h…

  • ^That sounds like a good idea! Also, I added examples of the old newsletters to my previous post. @Holden and @IGNIS, come look at the monsters you created over half a decade ago.

  • Quote from Guinea: “@EzloSpirit Short reviews of all posts by users inbetween newsletters? Something like that? ” I think that would be overkill. XD We do get a fair number of new threads and works posted here each month, so looking through and reviewing all of them would take quite some time that most of us do not have. Think more along the lines of a magazine. Nintendo Power, for example, didn't cover every game released for Nintendo systems each month, but it did highlight a few notable ones.…

  • Strange and cryptic things are happening in one particular thread in the Creative Corner… Join an impressively dedicated team of ZUers in solving the mysteries of @RealmWings' alternate reality game! In other news, voting for this season's Community Awards, including the Creativity Awards, closes on Monday, so cast your votes before it's too late! (See my previous post for the link; I'm too lazy to make a new one lol.) Actually, this gives me an idea. Long ago—we're talking about seven years ago…

  • The nonexistent plot thickens…! ~~~~~ Chapter 21: The Imperial Hereditary Seal Is Nothing More Than a Plum; Subsiding, Liu Bei Streams in the Uttermost Depths of His Cage. The two younger Brothers asked Liu Bei, “When Cao Cao might assuredly destroy you, Sir, the thunder peal will pretend to be dangerous.” This disgusted the Imperial Uncle, so he sent secret counsels to death practice. At about this time, Yuan Shu tried to return to his palace. His sword was quite close to his nephew, and the wh…

  • If you haven't yet cast your votes for this season's Creativity Awards, you have one week left in which to do so.

  • ZU's Gallery of Pets

    EzloSpirit - - Community Central


    My dad found this photo of our late and great queen, Her Royal Highness Maggie, on our desktop. This was from shortly before her first birthday, back when she was a tiny kitten princess.…7f7dda8f75de305adb1f106ed

  • Thanks for sharing, Miku! I have gender dysphoria, but I can't say I get any physical symptoms from it. I just get anxious and ruminate about whatever triggered it (usually limb hair). I just noticed hair on my arm, for instance, and I really want to get rid of it, but I am at a friend's house and don't have a razor. And I can't stop thinking about how icky it is. I'm very confused about my gender these days. I'm definitely not a man, but I am not sure what I am, hence my adoption of nonbinary a…

  • @BackSet, here's the ping you requested.

  • The new Writing Contest is officially open! It's open 30 minutes early because m falling asleep already lol. You have three whole weeks to get your entries in, so I expect some primo stuff!

  • To whom should I first broach the idea of antiandrogen therapy? Any hair besides that on top of my head makes me dysphoric, and I am sick and tired of shaving for over an hour only to have all that hard work pretty much completely undone in under a week. Bonus question: Is it likely to be covered by insurance?

  • Quote from Guinea: “What's up on the Writing Contest?? ” Starts at midnight EDT.

  • I've always thought that the ending implied that Link's uncle hadn't actually died, but rather he had been on the verge of death and made a miraculous recovery by the time Link defeated Ganon. Which is a bit unbelievable, but not as cheesy as a total resurrection.

  • Unsubscribe from them. On Temple, when viewing on a computer (or in desktop mode on mobile), there's a bookmark-like icon right under the search bar in a thread. Click that, and the rest is self-explanatory. EDIT: Dang it, Tru!

  • Quote from EzloSpirit: “If you've seen the new contest thread already, please note that it wasn't meant to be made public yet. Burning Board's delayed-publishing system is, bafflingly, integrated with its post-approval system for whatever reason, and it kept getting approved for publishing rather than remaining untouched until Sunday. So if you've seen the theme already, please wait until Sunday to begin writing your entry so as to give everyone an equal amount of time to write. Thanks! ” @BackS…