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  • Words you find funny

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    My brother is a connoisseur of funny words, and I find a lot of words funny that he does. I think his favorite is "lugubrious," which is ironic because it actually means "sad or dismal." Other good ones are "crusty," "walrus," "moist," "gazebo," and "shoehorn." My favorite word in German is Eichhörnchen, which means "squirrel." I find most of German hilarious, but this word is delightfully difficult to say. The Hebrew word for "fish" is dag (pronounced like "dog"). The Yiddish word for "lima bea…

  • The October Writing Contest is now live! Entries are due Sunday, the 21st.

  • Zelda Universe's October 2018 Writing Contest: "Guilt" 'Hoy, there! Feels like it's been ages, doesn't it? Well, we were off for September! I decided to put the Writing Contests on hold for a month for a couple reasons: we got so few votes last time and I thought I could build up interest again by making people wait longer (lol), AND I was kinda busy producing the first new episode in 5+ years of a certain ZU audio show that you've probably been hearing a little about. But this isn't about the p…

  • I've been really ADD about gaming lately, playing several games in shortish spurts. Let's see: - Borderlands (1) - The Sims 3 - NES on Nintendo Switch Online (especially Gradius, Baseball, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda, and Ice Climber) - Garry's Mod - Ōkami HD - Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - Super Mario Odyssey Quite a hodgepodge lol.

  • Whatcha want *right now*

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    I want cuddles. Either human, cat, or Togepi.

  • Please give the Creative Corner board some feedback! Also, writers, mark your calendars: the October Writing Contest opens on Monday!

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    I'm sporting my support for the dawn of Gen. VIII of Pokeymans with a Meltan theme! In case you missed it, Meltan is a new Mythical Pokémon who first appeared in Pokémon GO as part of a thinly veiled viral marketing campaign. It's pure Steel-type, classified as the Hex Nut Pokémon, shorter than Togepi (because that's my reference point), and wildly adorable. It will debut in the unnecessary Yellow Version remakes for Switch, Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee! in November, but those aren't par…

  • ^Having never seen that movie, I'm very confused and very frightened. On a less confusing and frightening note, I'm going to be posting a thread here in the near future with the purpose of getting feedback from you folks as to what you would like for the Creative Corner. So please start thinking about what is good about, bad about, and/or missing from the board!

  • We have a new "Collaboration" label under Meta that you can use for collaborative creations. It's a long-overdue label!

  • ZU Podcast Rebirth

    EzloSpirit - - Creative Corner


    screen_shot_2018-09-23_at_308pmsunday_september_23_2018.png Soon… Image courtesy of @RealmWings

  • screen_shot_2018-09-23_at_308pmsunday_september_23_2018.png Soon… Image courtesy of @RealmWings

  • Cross-posted on my blog: Quote from EzloSpirit: “So I first came out as androphilic in 2010, questioned my sexual orientation throughout my first relationship, then settled with the androphilic again after that ended. I also came out as nonbinary in 2017. And I changed my pronouns policy from "whatever" to "neuter only" exactly a year after that. This post isn't exactly a "full" coming-out. I just read about a more specific label that pretty much describes exactly how I feel about my nonbinary g…

  • How Are You Saving Money?

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    I'm literally saving money by adding about 50% of each paycheck to a savings account. I realize that's not going to be sustainable once I'm financially independent, but it's a good system for me now. Especially since my higher education fund is about to run dry and I still have grad school left. More practically, I've stopped impulse-buying games on Steam, even during major sales. I have a wishlist of ~12 games, and I only buy games on that, and only when they're at least 50% off. (I already hav…

  • Congratulations on completing this, @MissKatrinaLynne! I'm going to check it out soon. I prefer to read finished fanfics.

  • Anybody like Okami?

    EzloSpirit - - General Gaming


    I would love it if they released the soundtrack overseas. It's so beautiful. Also, Issun is new best Zelda companion.

  • I'm writing my short story "Now and Then" again. I'd love to finish it before the month's end. Hold me accountable, people! :D I recently finished (for now) writing up IMDb-style plot blurbs for all of the episodes I've made up for the TV series concept upon which "Now and Then" is based. I'll probably share it after I publish the short story, even though the story really only borrows ideas from the first two episodes of the series concept, which already has over 70 episodes.

  • The Zelda Universe Writing Contest, August 2018: RESULTS! As summer comes to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter in the Southern, so does the August 2018 Writing Contest. Turnout was good for this one, which had a Loss theme, at least as far as entries go; we got four good ones. However, turnout as far as votes was severely lacking this month, totaling a mere two, each for a different entry. As such, we have two winners this time around. The first winner (in order of original entry su…

  • I'll be posting the contest results either tomorrow or Tuesday. There will not be a contest this month, but we'll have another one in October.

  • Voting ends in under 5 hours. We've gotten one more since the extension, so please cast your votes so we have more than two!

  • Voting for the August Writing Contest now ends at midnight EDT on Saturday. That's an extra 24 hours! Please vote!

  • Voting is supposed to end in just over an hour. But I didn't broadcast any reminders, and we still have just one vote. So I'm extending this 24 hours. Please get your votes in!

  • That's a Litwick! Litwick are cute and terrifying. And that is an adorable, not-crappy thing, @Oracle between Worlds!

  • Quote from Guinea: “^^ I was just thinking: I bet I could write a fanfic where one character is in first person and the other is in third. And it would work. It really depends on the feel of the story. That's all. ” I actually did exactly this in my Armed with Wings fanfic. I'm sure it was jarring to some at first, but I think I made it work to good effect. I should get back to that sometime.

  • In case you missed it, voting is now on for the August Writing Contest! Pick your top one or two from the four powerful entries in play this month! Voting will remain open through the end of Thursday next week. And here's one last appeal for applicants for our new podcast team! We're in particular need of one or two more General Hosts from the forums at this point. If you are interested, please email podcast[at]zeldauniverse[dot]net with a brief introduction of yourself and what you could bring …

  • Quote from Guinea: “What is it with me and these writing contests? I just... ugh, it's weird. When someone gives me a topic like "a mysterious train appears at night when nobody is around" BOOM! I got a story. But when it's just one word like "music" or "loss"... I got nothin'. Stupid brain. I'm even having trouble with Epic's contest too. I'm just not contest material. ” Some people just need a little more inspiration! When you want to enter a contest with a one-word theme, how about searching …

  • The Zelda Universe Writing Contest, August 2018: Voting! Are you in the mood for a good short story? Are you also feeling democratic? Well, you're in luck because the voting phase of the August Writing Contest has arrived, in which you can find both good reads and the opportunity to voice your opinions! This time around, four of ZU's finest writers have crafted tales of Loss. Some of them will make you think, while others will break your heart. But only one of them can be crowned the best! (...U…

  • Submissions are now closed; thanks to all who entered!

  • ^My mother honestly tries to do what she thinks is best for me, and usually she does a pretty good job, but this is one of those areas where she's deficient. She tries to understand my gender identity by asking questions, but my answers never really seem to sink in for her. It's especially sad since she's a psychologist, and one would think she'd be more read up on these things, but unfortunately, she got her PhD 35+ years ago and mostly focuses on her area of expertise, which involves workplace…

  • So as I've mentioned here before, I get dysphoria from any hair that's not on top of my head. So I finally bothered to shave my arms today after about a month since the last time, and I was very happy about it. And when my mom found out, she called it "unnatural." ;_; She means well, but she doesn't do well lol.

  • There is a character limit on the caption you can give an expandable spoiler. The contents of the spoiler itself can be any length, I believe.

  • Submissions close in 14.75 hours!

  • Submissions for the August Writing Contest close in about 14.75 hours, so please get them in ASAP! I have two now, so the show will go on, but it's so much more fun with more entries!

  • Quote from BackSet: “Interestingly enough, to avoid using the word Says, which sounds awkward to me, I'm indicating dialogue using colors. If the dialogue is one color it's this person. If it's another it's this one. ” That's an interesting idea from a literary/artistic standpoint. Be aware, however, that some readers may be colorblind and could thus have a hard time following your dialogue. If "says" doesn't sit well with you, try using other words for expressing spoken dialogue, like "replies"…

  • I've done first-person present tense on several occasions. Usually because the character dies at the end and couldn't tell it from the past without ghosts being involved, but it does add to the suspense because you get the sense that it's all happening in real time and that anything can still happen.

  • Speaking of competitions, our main writing contest is still accepting entries! Please submit them by 11 PM EDT on Wednesday! I've still only received one entry so far.

  • What are you trying to upload the audio file to? I recommend Vocaroo, which also has an upload feature in addition to its popular audio recorder.

  • I am extremely partial to "Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection" (the final battle theme from Story Mode). One of the best final battle themes in the series, apart from 02's.

  • Who’s Your Avatar?

    EzloSpirit - - General Chit-Chat


    My avatar is Hestu. Hestu is bestu. Shakala! You...are... NEKKID! Nekky nokky nakey!

  • Reminder to our writers that the deadline for the current writing contest is one week from today.

  • Quote from Guinea: “@EzloSpirit If I may, how long did it take to download Okami? I know the states never got a physical copy, so Okami will probably be the only game I'll have installed directly to the system. ” It's about 9 GB, but the time really depends on your Internet speed. I'd say it took my Switch about 30-60 minutes to download and install the game.